iOs Swift Developer 

odesa, lviv, kyiv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Expertise: iOs apps development using Swift (UIKit, SpriteKit, WKWebView, EventKit, Cocoapods); Backend development using Python (core, Django, Flask); Natural language processing and linguistic analysis (Python, NLTK); Product and knowledge owning (personal stroke, just can’t hold myself); Team leading. Tech Skills: Swift, XCode - <1 year; Python - 1 year; Perl - 1 year; MySQL, Postgres, SQLite - 3 years; Construct 2, Game Maker - 6 years; XML, YAML, JSON - 5 years; Git, Perforce - 4 years. Soft Skills: Managing teams and projects - 6 years; Project planning - 6 years; Public speaking - 3 years; Coaching, educating - 5 years; Analytics (web, app, projects) - 6 years. Previous work experience: DB integrator @ Luxoft. Achievements/Tasks: * Extending codebase using Perl; * Legacy review, documenting, upgrading and covering with tests; * Automated database integrations; * Team relations management. Game developer @ Toco Studios * Shipped ~8-12 games per year using Construct2 framework; * Had experience in different genres: time managers, hidden objects, match 3, educational, platformers, etc.; * Made games for Nickelodeon, MTV. Project lead @ Nevosoft * Achieved TOP-5 free apps in Apple App Store after release (games was featured by Apple); Formed a smooth-working team of * Managed a team of 3 authors, 2 artists and 2 developers. * Prototyped an intuitive UI\UX design; * Implemented and balanced in-game monetisation system; Project manager @ Amphibius & Oracles club * Pitched, described, managed and successfully released 3 games in 1 year; * Managed fast and productive iterative work of all-remote team; * Exceeded investor's expectations in both ARPU and ARPPU. Head of marketing department @ ARTW * Attracted key clients: Subway, Fujitsu, OZON, MTS; * Implemented new analytical services for clients; * Increased department's gross 3.5 times; * Implemented and followed strategic planning; * Took part in various conferences\meetups\master-classes as a guest speaker.

Jira, Project Management, Agile, Analytics, CSS, Django, HTML, OOP, Python, JSON, Perl, REST API, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite

I am a dedicated creator. As a developer i've started from game development years ago. With the passing of time i gained good understanding of complicated systems and detailed processes. I prefer deep special knowledge, mastering tools and languages, rather than picking the tops and scratching surfaces. Now i am at the "pivot" point, turning into full-time iOs developer and looking for the suiting environment (team, project, time scope) to grind my skills. I have great management background. I was a project manager in software development for years and definitely know how it works. Being a part of a team, keeping people motivated and busy, staying in touch with the client during the day, delivering great projects in tight cooperation - these were most important things for me. I am business-oriented. It is absolutely obvious, that writing code is a tool, not a goal. That is why i am interested in project, business goals and how can I help to achieve them with my skills and responsibilities. I've been a part of remote and on-site teams, worked with Austria, USA, India, Canada, Ireland, Russia and Latvia on projects in different stages. I have seen a lot and I definitely want to see more.

21 May

Data Scientist

odessa, Ukraine · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am a junior completed the bachelor's program in Information Security. After the graduation I've finished additional courses in Python, Machine Learning, Databases and SQL for Data Science. As for ML projects, you can see them on my github page, containing the implementing of: - linear and logistic regression; - neural networks; - support vector machines; - k-means clustering; - anomaly detection; - collaborative filtering to build a recommender system for movies. Python code: - detecting HTML tags, attributes and attribute values; - validating and parsing email addresses, credit cards, phone numbers, HTML. At the university I've also done an internship at Lamoda (one of the largest online clothing store), in the Information Security Department; there I was auditing information systems and business processes of various departments, so I'm also familiar with such techs as Jira and Confluence. I'm seeking for a job in ML or Data Science/Data Engineering field (preferably).

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, SQL, pandas, Git, English, Jupyter Notebook, Algorithms, Jira

LICENSES & CERTIFICATIONS - Databases and SQL for Data Science, Coursera, IBM - Machine Learning, Coursera, Stanford University - Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française, DALF C1 - Molecular Biology and Genetics, Bioinformatics Institute

The core point is the opportunity for growth and professional development.

20 May

Junior Python Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

в компании вел разработку сайтов, интернет магазинов, API продуктов: не все приложения в открытом доступе

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Git, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Linux, Docker, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, SQL

хотелось бы иметь возможность обучаться Английскому языку и заниматься спортом

20 May

Junior / Intern / Trainee Python/Go developer

odessa, moskva · $100 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

MOOC Certificates (sololearn): PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3. Right now I'm studying: Python, jQuery, Go and Solidity. . Developed (full-stack + SEO) my own tiny web-site:

English, SEO, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Windows, Git, go, jQuery, Linux, Patterns, Solidity, SQL

Developed (full-stack + SEO) my own web-site: SEPTEMBER 2018 Web Development css, html, css3, html5, javascript, jquery Short List Editor, jQuery used Certificates here:

Internship is interesting as a way to become Junior Developer, front-end, or back-end. I prefer to be Go or Python Junior. I'm looking for a job or internature in Odessa. Relocation possible, I prefer Moscow.

19 May

Developer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist

odessa, · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Ищу работу связанную с обработкой данных - Data Scientist, Data Engineer. Имею опыт построения пайплайнов для решения задач по типу тех, что предлагает Kaggle.

Python, Git, Linux, Spark, SQL, Tensorflow, PyTorch, Data Science

Получил магистрскую степень по специальности "Прикладная математика" Имею несколько сертификатов связанных с ML и анализом данных на Coursera. Активно участвовал в соревнованиях на Kaggle, впрочем без призовых мест

Не хотелось бы заниматься тупой рутинной работой. Размер команды не столь важен, главное чтобы были люди, способные поделиться релевантным опытом.

19 May

Junior Python Developer

dnepr, kiev, l'vov, har'kov, odessa · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Образование: Высшее Днепропетровский национальный университет им.Олеся Гончара, Компьютерная инженерия, Днепропетровск. Закончил курсы Основы программирования на Python - Погружение в Python - ООП и паттерны проектирования в Python - Опыт программирования на Python как для личных нужд так и использовал при работе Системным администратором английский pre-intermediate English IT Academy Soft Serve - Python Небольшой опыт работы с flask, sqlite, asyncio (создания сервера и клиента для приема метрик), pycontracts, unittest, структурным программированием, модульное тестирование, TDD, UML-диаграммы, ООП, рефакторинг кода, паттернов проектирования, YAML, модуль select, многопоточное программирование, потоки и процессы, асинхронное программирование, работа с сетью, сокеты. Владею основами работы с Git (github) Уверенный пользователь Linux, Windows, MacOS

Python, Git, Linux, Flask, OOP, HTML, Jira, CSS, asyncio, TDD, UnitTest, JSON, Patterns, CSS3, HTML5, XML, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium

сборщик логов для kerio (гибкая настройка), asyncio (создания сервера и клиента для приема метрик), доработка игры в стиле rpg, парсер на selenium + beautifulSoup, selenium.

Профессиональный рост, оценка результата работы, применять свои знания и совершенствовать профессиональные навыки, благоприятная атмосфера в коллективе, хорошая оплата труда.

19 May

QA Automation Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Работал над cloud based solutions для кол центров американской компании Genesys. В обязанности входило мануальное тестирование API microservices и затем написание автоматических тестов, написание тест кейсов, помощь разработчикам в CI.

Python, Git, PostgreSQL, Linux, REST API, Docker, Redis, HTML, Jira, Swagger, OOP

Быстро обучаюсь. В данный момент прохожу курсы full stack разработчика на Puton Djang.

Ищу интересный динамично развивающийся проект. Хотелось бы гибкость графика, но все зависит от временной зоны команды.

17 May

Python Developer 🔥

odessa, Ukraine · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

● Flask, Python 2/3, Django, Jinja2, SQLAlchemy, Celery; ● DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch; ● Jenkins, Docker, Docker-Compose, AWS, K8S; ● SQLite, MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL; ● Linux, Mac OS; ● Git, Jira, Confluence; ● Staff management experience; ● Agile (Scrum, Kanban); ● Pycharm, Visual Studio Code;

Docker, Jira, JSON, OOP, Scrum, Agile, Celery, k8s, Python, Redis, SQL, SQLite, Django, Jenkins, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Selenium

interesting project, in-house project, good team, flexible hours, Odessa based or remote ....

17 May

Python Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1000 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Development and maintenance of the websites (Python + Django). Full-featured job board + service for clients with the provision of their data from the internal database. Optimization and website promotion. Automation of business processes of the company. Development of bots in messengers for both consumers of the company’s service and for employees (remote access to the company’s database). Market monitoring (parsing sites about work in order to identify potential customers). CRM development (Delphi + Firebird) from the formulation of the problem to the implementation and maintenance. The system solves the problems of accounting and organizing negotiations with customers (call accounting, contact assignment, sales funnel ...).

Python, Django, Git, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, Photoshop, Chat-bots, Selenium WebDriver, SQL, CSS3, REST API, MySQL, Celery, Docker, OOP

17 May

Python/Go developer 🔥

odessa, kiev · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3+ years of commercial experience. Keen on optimizing applications, working closely with client and with team.

Automated Testing (QA), Python, React, Aiohttp, Design Patterns, Django, ElasticSearch, Linux, Node.js, JavaScript, REST API, SQL, Tornado, GoLang, Git, OOP, Docker

Friendly and polite person, fun to work with. I always have my own opinion and willing to push to good code. I'm very good at finding bugs and fixing them. Also, I have a little open-source contribution experience.

Preferably python/django projects, friendly atmosphere, code reviews, performance evaluations. Golang projects would be huge plus.

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