8 мая

Software Engineer

Одесса · $4300 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

.NET, Scrum, OOP, C#, SQL, Design Patterns, Software Design, ASP.NET, UML, Algorithms, Data Structures, Multithreading, Requirements Analysis, REST, Architectures, HTML, Web Applications, TDD, ASP.NET MVC / WebAPI

Design Patterns, .NET, C#, JSON, LINQ, Scrum, UML, Visual Studio, ADO.NET, Algorithms, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Multithreading, RUP, SQL, TDD, TFS, XML, Silverlight, T-SQL, Subversion

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13 апреля


Одесса · $4000 · 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Since 2018: Software Company Position: Software developer Responsibility: Re-designing old Windows Forms desktop application UI to WPF with adding new features and MVVM approach which work with local DB and server REST API by WCF. Support of DB synchronization application which replicates the server DB to local for keeping offline operation. Technologies: WPF, MVVM Light, WCF, MS SQL Platform: Windows 10 Since 2017: Software Company Position: Software developer Responsibility: Front End Secondary Skills educational program. The goal of program was to develop a simple social network Web application using ReactJS, server REST API using Node.JS and server DB using MS SQL Express. Server was deployed to Linux environment. Technologies: JS, ReactJS, Node.JS, HTML, CSS, WebPack Platform: Linux Since 2016: Software Company Position: Software developer Responsibility: Automation of software remote update process. The goal was to develop a system which monitors software updates, downloads and installs them automatically without user involvement for a product it is configured for. System consisted from .Net micro service, remote administration site. local windows service process on client’s machine. Technologies: .NET Micro services, Windows Services, ASP.NET MVC, JS, Bootstrap, MS SQL Express, WIX installer Platform: Windows Since 2012: Software Company, customer Hewlett Packard Enterprise Position: Software developer Responsibility: Support and develop a unified functional testing standalone desktop application. Main feature is ability to catch and simulate user activity on different technology applications. Moving Legacy Windows Forms application to WPF and #Develop platform. Adding integration with CI/CD Bamboo and Jenkins. Integration with version control systems SVN, Git. Technologies: .NET, WPF, #Develop 4 Platform: Windows Since 2009: Software Company, customer Hewlett Packard Enterprise Position: Software developer Responsibility: Support and develop two applications for load testing solution. First application is a standalone desktop tool for data visualization and analysis. Main features: collect text and binary data into DB, normalize and aggregate to let it be flexible in producing visualization, visualize it in tool UI (with filtering, grouping, aggregating, zooming in and out features), make adjustable visual reporting to let user represent the analytic results.

C#, LINQ, SQL, OOP, WPF, jQuery, CSS, Entity Framework, .NET, Git, JavaScript, asp.net mvc, Design Patterns, HTML, REST API, MVC, WCF, AJAX, Bootstrap, XML, SOLID, Continuous Integration, CRM, TDD, DATABASE DESIGN, NUnit, Jira

Participation in developing of system for remote software update automation on customer environment. The system was scalable and was designed for slightly reduce human labor.

28 марта

Senior .Net Developer

Одесса, Львов · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

C#, Entity Framework, JavaScript, .NET, SOLID, TypeScript, REST API, Design Patterns, LINQ, HTML

I worked as a senior .net specialist, team lead, project architect.

I want to work on an interesting project, which uses the latest technology. For me interesting agile and scrum as project management technologies.

25 марта

.NET Developer

$3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have over 10 years’ experience in commercial software development and during this term, I have completed about 10 projects with different technologies, different team size and using different methodology. It was the small projects (one developer and couple of months long) and big projects (5-6 developers team and about 7 years long). I have solid experience both in desktop and web development, in web services, in MS SQL Server database. I have deep understanding in OOP, OOD, SOLID principles. And, of course, I know how to use it in practice. On my projects I used a lot of different .NET technologies (ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF, WCF, LINQ, ADO.NET), also I worked with MS SQL server, so I know T-SQL and SSRS and have experience with DevExpress control library. So I can say that I am experienced software developer who loves and knows how to create efficient applications based on .Net framework. I love working with other people, especially in international team and have an appropriate experience. I love my profession and try to do my best in any task I have to do.

.NET, ADO.NET, C#, LINQ, OOP, WinForms, WPF, T-SQL, ASP.NET, asp.net mvc, WCF, Entity Framework, JavaScript, C++, .NET Core, Git, REST API

I'm looking for a job in Western Europe. I prefer .net desktop development and have appropriate experience. But I am also OK with backend or fullstack. For me does not matter is it a legacy or cutting edge project.

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