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23 сентября 2018

Front-end Developer 

Одесса, Киев · $1800 · 2,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Main: HTML5 CSS Bootstrap Preprocessors (.scss) BEM methodology JavaScript (with ES6 standard) Angular (current version) React (+ Redux) Typescript VCS (GitHub, GitLab) Secondary (basic level skills): NodeJS Docker WordPress OOP C++ MongoDB Magento 2

I’ve started my developer career as frontend developer for Wordpress projects, mainly CSS and simple logic. After that I’ve moved to more advanced things like whole-cycle WP and JS-apps development. After my first Angular project I realised, that I want to build a career of javascript developer. I participated in creating of big and complex admin-panel with advanced user-management system based on Angular and also several little ReactJS projects. I had experience of implementing BEM-like CSS methodology to couple of projects. After that I had a chance to try a simple backend-development (REST API’s) with NodeJS. At my last job I had wide experience with legacy-code, refactoring and app optimizing. Currently I’m searching for a job position that will meet my desire to be a part of a big project, and where I can implement all of my skills and knowledge. I want to work with advance business logic and continue to develop and deepen my JS skills. I’m confident that being a part of a team is a key to deliver great projects and solutions, so I’m not the ‘lone warrior’ and more team-oriented person. I’m trying not only to keep my knowledge level up-to-date but also to improve it, and in my opinion the best way to do this is to take online-courses, like Udemy and Coursera.

17 сентября 2018

Senior Front-End Developer 🔥 

Одесса · $4000 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Doing front-end development for 7+ years. Did front-end for startups, participated in development of complicated VoIP UI/UX and rich single page applications. Most experience with: Backbone.js, SASS, Twitter Bootstrap, node.js Express, MongoDB, git, bash, linux. Also did: Meteor, PHP, Word-press, PostgreSQL, SVN. In my free time: React, Angular, Java.

Was a part of the team on a complex client-size application with a massive codebase, developed new features, refactored and redesigned old ones under constant pressure of tight deadlines and multiple teams coordination. Designed and implemented a number of smaller client applications.

I want to join a small or medium team with fast decision making.

24 сентября 2018

senior fullstack developer 

Одесса · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

10+ years experienced full-stack web developer with deep linux knowledge, want to architect, build and deploy heterogeneous distributed systems with external interfaces (http human/rest, imap, irc, apn, rpc etc.) and internal storage (mysql, postgres, redis, mongo) based on centos/debian/ubuntu linux. Nodejs, erlang/otp, php-fpm, ruby with or without rails, go and even bash as a service/microservice technology. Able to interview and mentor juniors. Do not like html'ing and iptables tuning. In love with DRY, KISS, SOLID, unit/functional tests, debugging, log analizing with grep/awk/R.

- full-stack backend for the communications mobile app for ~1M active users

genius colleagues and friendly management working hard (and relaxing sometimes :) together on unusual tasks (not only CRUD) using different suitable technologies (and less suitable sometimes as a mistake), earning lot of money for company and making clients / customers happy

21 сентября 2018

Ruby Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $4000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Ruby VueJS Ruby on Rails Rack Microservices API Development RabbitMQ ElasticSearch Postgresql MongoDB Redis Sidekiq HTML5 CSS JavaScript Git

Team Lead / Ruby developer - Nevermind (Odessa) (Internet) July 2016 — till present time Preparing daily workloads for staff & co-ordinating the daily allocation of work. Handling new front-end enquiries and acting as the face of the back-end team. Dealing and resolving arising problems and issues. Mentoring junior developers. Participating in weekly meetings, focussing on targets & achievements. Interviewing new staff. Involved in all development stages. Ruby developer - Akazoo (IT-software Manufacturing) July 2015 — July 2016 Back-end development with Ruby on Rails, elasticsearch, mongoid, beanstalkd. Splitting large project to microservices Creating Web APIs, using Rack, Grape frameworks, with mongoid as database.

Perspective, amazing job, highly experienced team.

17 сентября 2018

Technical Product Manager

Одесса · $3000 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Technical product manager with a background in QA(manual, performance, automation). Last four years I was working on project in financial business sector. My main responsibilities is: - Driving the instrumentation of applications for analytic performance and usage statistics - Backlog filling, maintaining and refinement - Acting as a proxy between stakeholders and delivery team For detailed information about my experience, please refer to my CV.

My last accomplishments: - Dashboards of product usage and performance metrics (Kibana, App dynamics) - Digital adoption and analytic tools integration and comparison (Pendo, WalkMe, Google Analytics) - Video Course completed: Better User Stories by Mike Cohn

I am looking for new opportunities where I can be fully engaged in process of delivering a quality product for customers. It could be not just manager position, I am not hesitate doing some technical stuff.

23 сентября 2018

CTO\Technical Project Manager\PHP Team Lead 

Львов Одесса Киев · $4000 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

More than 8 years in IT and software development. I started my career as a software developer then worked in different roles as a Team/Tech Lead, PM, Scrum Master, Product Owner, CTO. A year ago I founded an outsourcing company. I found a client, built company and business processes from the zero. Over this time, I conducted over 300 interviews. Has selected more than 70 candidates. Created a team of 20 people. I built the processes of development, hiring, management. I had experience in contracting and successful sales. Moreover, I conducted a retrospective of our work, found and fixed bottlenecks. I have a profound and hands-on experience with: ✔ Software development management; ✔ Operational and Project management; ✔ General management ✔ Design of business logic and architecture ✔ Managed team size up to 20 people ✔ Methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, XP ✔ Hiring, staffing, mentoring and coaching ✔ Planning, executing, controlling and closing projects. ✔ Setup of transparent analytics and metrics systems, manageable by numbers, not emotions ✔ Customer communications skills ✔ Hardcore presales experience preparing proposals and handling presentations ✔ High self-motivation, proactive approach, and ability to persuade and motivate others ✔ Extensive hands-on technical background, deep understanding of delivery excellence, best practices, architectural and product design

✔ Found a client and signed a contract for more than $ 50,000 ✔ At CTO position I analyzed the development processes, make a retrospective on previous projects. Based on the data obtained, I increased the productivity of teams by more than 40% ✔ During my work, I conducted more than 300 interviews, selected more than 70 candidates, created a self-sufficient team of 20 people. ✔ Analyzed the scope of sales, created 'primary assessment tables' for rapid evaluation of projects with typical functionality. This increased the accuracy of the primary assessment and also allowed the sales team to conduct a preliminary evaluation and minimize time spent by technical specialists. ✔ Managed team size up to 20 people ✔ Improved / Implement new processes (planning, execution efficiency, CI, CD, auto code review).

C-Level position with the high level of responsibility and decision-making authority. International scale. Challenging assignments (online banking, cryptocurrencies, automatic trading using neural networks, AI, ML projects). Access to decision-makers/investors I like to set up and drive challenging innovative R&D projects, motivate people with inspiration and creativity. The more innovation, research, science - the better. I am not interested in local market projects, simple websites, copy cut projects, legacy/old projects reengineering, gaming platforms.

21 сентября 2018

Project Manager

Одесса · $650 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Participated in development of more than 11 projects in outsource. Have experience in managing projects from different subject areas. Have experienced in managing fixed-price and Time & Material projects. Good knowledge of popular business and technical tools for managing various aspects of a project, for instance like Jira, Confluence, SonarQube, MS Project. Used Agile approach to improve projects' processes. Have experience of managing distributed teams. Was responsible for team communication, motivation and conflicts solving. Have good technical skills. Also have profile education and wide experience of working with constantly changing requirements and with high level of uncertainty on a project.

Created a learning presentation and hold a meetup for the colleagues with selected topic. Have a great experience in self-learning and handling with different subject areas in a quick time.

Seeking for the interesting and challenging projects where my personal and professional skills could be used on their full potential. Being flexible, open-minded, polite and responsible I can help to achieve success to the team, project and a company.

18 сентября 2018

Project Manager 🔥

Одесса, Киев, Львов, Харьков · $1500 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

- Ведение долгосрочных проектов с этапа разработки до глобального запуска - Интернет-маркетинг (UX / UI для desktop и mob apps (iOS)) - Владение аналитическими инструментами: GA, ЯМ - Базовый background и white-box testing - Сильные коммуникативные навыки

Привет) Меня зовут Алиса, я интернет-маркетолог, product/project менеджер. За всё время своей работы научилась самому важному в проф. деятельности: спасать неспасаемое; выполнять невыполнимое; справляться с дедлайнами "на вчера"; тушить пожары любой сложности :) Буду рада сотрудничеству

20 сентября 2018

QA engineer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2000 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Personal achievements: ISTQB® Certified Tester Professional skills: Strong experience in Mobile (IOS, Android) and Web testing. Strong experience in Functional, Regression and Usability testing. Strong skills of UI design and Ad Hoc. Strong skills of project documentation analysis, existing solution analysis, requirements analysis. Strong in preparation test documentations and bug reports. Good skills of test performance planning, strong in Estimation. Work with costumers, interview, meetings, business correspondence. Good in SQL

Test Manager, 2017 Test Manager School, Quality Lab ISTQB FL, 2018 International Software Quality Institute Performance Testing, 2018 Software-testing.ru SQL Fundamentals, 2017 Sololearn Lab IT Project Management Course, 2015 Attract Group, Odessa, Ukraine

Сложные задачи, грамотный менеджмент

18 сентября 2018

Head of Marketing and Advertising, HR-marketing

Одесса · $1000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Preparation, coordination and implementation of promotional and marketing activities aimed at promoting the brand; Budget planning and control; Increase of brand recognition among potential customers; Coordination and control of the development of the company's website; Development and implementation of digital strategy (SEO, SMM); Coordination of processes and preparation of materials for placement in specialized printed and electronic resources; Development of internal documents and rules for the use of the trademark and brand elements of the trademark; Interaction with contractors and partners; Interaction with specialized departments of the company in the framework of marketing strategy implementation; Development and implementation of the company's communication strategy (including intercorporate); Writing scripts for incoming and outgoing calls / letters; Formation of commercial offers; Preparation of tender documents and participation in tenders; Analysis of the advertising campaigns and promotional events. Managing of team up to 10 people.

Planned and executed PR and promo campaigns which enhanced recognition of the brand; Developed connections with bloggers, opinion leaders, journalists and editors of online media; Managed all aspects of participation and sponsorship of more over 20 events.

Interested in longterm cooperation mainly with IT companies, projects and start-ups that work on the global market.

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