Senior PHP Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Backend development. Leading the team. Design and maintain complex highload systems. Splitting monolith to microservices. Integration with 3rd party services and implement own API. Unit and functional testing. Performance optimization. Refactoring of legacy code. Communication with testing, support teams.

Test Driven Development, DDD, Design Patterns, Git, Highload, Memcached, Microservices, MongoDB, MySQL, OOP/OOD, PHP, RabbitMQ, SQL, REST API, Docker, vagrant, Redis


UX Designer 

odessa, Ukraine · $1800 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I'm proficient in: - Writing specifications (logic, flows); - Conducting user testing sessions (wireframes, prototyping, on live project); - Doing surveys; - Artifacts such as Personas, Use Cases, JTBD, Value Proposition Canvas e.t.c; - User stories and acceptance criteria; - I was working with clients from USA, UK, Netherlands, Worldwide; - Familiar with such platforms as Web responsive, iOS, Android, Smart TV; Tools: - Sketch (preferably), Zeplin, Abstract; - InVision, Marvel app, Balsamiq, Principle; - Jira/Redmine/Confluence; - Hotjar; - Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS3 (to understand restrictions).

Sketch, mobile design, Modular Grids, User Experience (UX), User personas, User Scenarios, Usability testing, Wireframes, Responsive Design, Prototyping

Top rated articles on IT media, lectures, mentorship, workshops

I would appreciate if you will not propose me UI/UX position. I do want to build relationships between customers and a business throughout the product. It works perfectly with UX Design. I also would like to do UX audit for your product. Some small changes can fix big issues of an interface and save time of a Customer Service team.


Senior Android Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Technology: Android SDK, Java SE, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Gradle, Android Architecture Components, Android Data Binding Library, Dagger2, Google Maps API, Dagger 2, EventBus, Retrofit, RxJava, Mockito, Espresso Java EE, EJB, JSTL, JSP, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate JavaScript, Node.js, Sails.js, Ember.js SQLite, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch Git, Ant, Maven, Linux, Firebase, REST, SOAP, WebServices, RabbitMQ, SVN, Jenkins

Android Architecture Components, Android Data Binding Library, Android SDK, Google maps, Gradle, Java SE/EE, material design, Node.js, Oracle SQL, REST API, SQLite, Dagger 2, EventBus, kotlin, Retrofit, Swift, RxJava

I have 7+ years experience in IT industry as a software developer (Android, Java, Node.js). I successfully worked in USA on-site for half a year, worked in distributed teams and have experience of a remote job with english-speaking colleagues. I consider myself as goal-oriented, self-organized person.

I'm looking for long-term remote job as Android developer. Most interested in development of complex native apps.


Программист 🔥

kiev, har'kov, dnepr, odessa · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Я разработчик с/С++/embedded с опытом 5+. Мною, как лидером команды, реализованы проекты: - серия (6 типов устройств) IP телефонов промышленного исполнения для диспетчерской громкоговорящей связи. В основе устройств SIP с использованием библиотек pjsip для Linux, а также обработка звука (эхокомпенсация) на DSP TMS320C55xx. - комплекс позиционирования персонала для угольных шахт. Для реализации проекта применялись радио технологии на основе ZigBee. Имею опыт разработки баз данных MS SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite. Иною реализованы БД для упомянутого комплекса позиционирования, а так же для биллинговой системы УПАТС "Coral". Кроме того, как главный инженер, я не только активно участвовал в разработке, но также отвечал за производство и внедрение этих и других продуктов компании.

C ++ , C , C / C ++ , Embedded , Linux, Visual Studio, Multithreading

В последнее время много работаю с: - SIP устройства на основе одноплатных PC: OrangePI, RaspberryPI. - Обработка звука на DSP типа 320C5535. - Трансиверы точного определения расстояний DW1000.


Digital Marketing, SMM/ASO/SEO/PPC Specialist

dnepr, kiev, odessa, har'kov, l'vov · $1800 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

— Комплексное SMM; — Разработка контент-плана, формирование стратегии продвижения; — Работа с лидерами мнений, видеоблогерами, закупка тематических постов, статей, анализ трафика; — Техническая и визуальная оптимизация страниц приложений в App Store, Google Play Store; — Запуск рекламных кампаний в Instagram, myTarget, Facebook, Google Adwords, Yandex Direct; — Работа с метриками; — Разработка landing pages, лидогенерация, создание PPC -кампаний. SMM, SEO, PPC, ASO, Adobe Photoshop, A/B Testing, PR Content, E-mail Marketing, Web - development (CRM systems), Landing Page optimization, Targeting, Jira/Trello, UI/ UX optimization, Project planning and delivery, Team Building and Facilitation, User testing optimization for lead generation

Digital marketing, SMM, Targeting, User testing, optimization for lead gene, A/B testing, aso, Digital Analytics, Google Analytics, Jira/Trello, Landing page optimization, PPC, Project planning and delivery, UI/ UX optimization, E-mail marketing, HTML, SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing, google adwords, Web Analytics, PR, Marketing Budget Planning, Targeted advertising

More than 7 years in the positions of Digital Marketing Specialist in IT-companies. Создал wap - сайт с ежедневным трафиком в 75 000 уникальных посетителей и 2 000 000 хостов, а также банерообменую сеть с 2 000 000 показов внутри сети, которые успешно продал более чем за $100 000.

Открыт для интересных и масштабных проектов.


PHP Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Hello, I'm full stack developer with 6+ years of experience. Worked with CMS(Modx, Wordpress, Joomla) and frameworks(Yii, Laravel, Symfony). On the client side worked with Vue.js. Worked on a variety of projects, corporate sites, news portals, ecommerce, crm, b2b systems. Engaged in integration with crm and various api-services.

Docker, Git, CI/CD, REST API, SOAP, SQL, NoSQL, Yii2, Symfony, Laravel, Vue.js, JavaScript, PHP, Linux, OOP, Redis, MVC, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Nginx, Doctrine, RabbitMQ, Apache, Solid / dry / kiss, Redmine, Twig, PHPUnit, Design Patterns, Golang

- Development of websites using Modx, Yii, Laravel, Symfony and Vue.js. - Integration with CRM and Api-services. - Writing cross-browser HTML and CSS. - Providing technical support for websites.

Work on interesting projects, improving skills. Always opened for new frontiers and horizons. Working as a team with experienced developers. I'm not interested in working with Wordpress, Modx, Magento and other CMS.


C/C++ Linux

kiev, odessa, l'vov. · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Solid experience in different kind of projects: embedded, telecom, virtualisation, HFT. Main working environment: Linux; Main working languages: C/Python; Time to time: C++, bash, Go Tools: make, cmake, gdb, VirtualBox, Docker, QEMU, Vagrant; Performed tasks: - Development for user and kernel space - Porting software on different platforms; - Tailoring open source software for customer needs; - Bringing up embedded devices;

Embedded, Linux, Networking, TCP/IP, C++, Python, bash

Achieved success in risky R&D projects with unclear requirements and tight schedule. If you need a someone who ready to solve complex technical tasks and ready to take risks you are in right place.

!!! NO OUTSTAFFING !!! Recruiters of Luxoft, SoftServe, Global Logic, EPAM, Lohika please don't waste our time. Product companies and project-based outsource welcomed.


Head of SEO

kiev, har'kov, dnepr, odessa · $1500 · 8 years of experience · No English

Head of SEO: As Team Lead: - Project management - Strategic planning - Executive management - Marketing strategy - Product marketing - Creating department - Training company staff - Team Building - Staff recruitment As Digital Marketing Expert: - Identifying and segmenting a target audience of company/brand; - Preparing a psychological profile of a client: discovering values, concerns and criteria for decision-making on purchase; - Composing empathy map for every profile; - Describing brand’s philosophy; - Competitors analysis; - Development of brand/company positioning strategies; - Defining the emotional component of company/brand; - Brainstorming and developing ideas for creative marketing campaigns; As Head of SEO department: - Managing the team of seo-specialits, copywriters; - Collaboration with web-developers; - Giving tasks to programmers and copyrighters As Senior SEO Specialist: - Development of site structure; - Performing on and off page technical SEO audits; - Competitors analysis; As Middle SEO Specialist: - Moving sites to the top of Google, Yandex search results; - On-page optimization; - Using web analytics; - Composing the semantic core of the site and defining relevant pages; - Work with blog networks; - Building anchor lists and effective link strategies; - Monitoring SEO indicators of project and analysis of implemented improvements efficiency; - Working on several projects at the same time; - Taking part in development of automated systems for search optimization

Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, SEO, Google Analytics, Project Management, Digital Marketing, PPC, Brand Marketing, Marketing, Product management, PPC/Mediabuying, Google Ads, PR

Полный рабочий день, либо удаленное сотрудничество.


System administrator

odessa, Ukraine · $700 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Инсталляция и настройка операционных систем класса Windows (XP, 7, 8,10, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016), Инсталляция и настройка операционных систем Linux дистрибутивы Debian 9,Centos 7 и т.п. Cредние знания Docker и навыки сборки контейнеров Навыки работы с системой тикетов GLPI и Jira Навыки программирование на языке Java Инсталляция и настройка программного обеспечения для ОС Windows Ремонт, обслуживание, сборка, апгрейд ПК и ноутбуков Настройка и обслуживание сети LAN и Wi-fi,коммутаторов L2, L3,настройка маршрутизации. Администрирование AD, антивирусных систем, резервное копирование Veeam Навыки работы в программах виртуализации VirtualBox и VMWare на базе vSphere Знаком с программой доступа по SSH PuTTY Ориентирование в основных видах тестирования, применение начальных навыков ручного тестирования на практике, правильно описание дефектов. Составление текстовой документации, составление Чек-листов, Тест-кейсов, Тест-планов Могу провести тестирование WEB-проекта, мобильных приложений, а так же тестирование игр Так же могу взяться администрировать ваш офис на не полную занятость (настройка ПК, Принтеры, ноутбуки , Wi-fi) Небольшие знания nginx, Apache, Zabbix, Bind 9, Iptables

Linux, Windows, VMware, TCP/IP, Networking, VirtualBox

Карьерный рост, получение новых навыков и знаний


Sales Manager

kiev, odessa, berlin, amsterdam, eu, usa, canada · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Extensive experience in devising effective ICT solutions sales and Channel Development strategies to develop business by boosting sales and revenue growth √ Recognized for propelling corporate growth through inventive customer-centric solutions; skilled in executing novel drives for new Solutions and services development while discovering fresh routes to the market & exploiting them to increase revenues √ Skilled in conducting intelligent market research and executing creative business expansion strategies, to acquire ‘the target consumer’, utilizing creative intellect, strategic insight and sharp planning skills √ Extensive knowledge of Saudi Arabian market, coupled with expertise in coordinating and working with multi-cultural work force with consummate ease √ Skilled in identifying and networking with financially strong and reliable channel partners, resulting in deeper market penetration and reach √ Outstanding ability to interact with clients, understand their requirements and accordingly devising customized solutions, thereby maintaining complete client satisfaction and creating opportunities for repeat business √ Visionary leader with excellent organization, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills; capable of resolving multiple and complex issues and motivating staff to peak performance

Sales, Business development, International sales, It sales, Presentation skills, Linkedin, Team management, Project Management, Key Account management, Product management, sales pipeline and forecasting, Team player, English, Communication Skills, B2B, Negotiations, Lead generation, Sales Management, Management, Sales Development, Sales Strategy, fluent English

 10M $ project with Aramco for Lenovo High performance computing solutions  200 Lenovo server’s solutions for Aramco  More than 30 midsize solutions projects including SAP, Visualization and Converged/Hyper converged solutions sold to SMB customers.  More than 100 BP’s enabled and signed as Lenovo BP.

Looking for finding a job with Multinational company based in Ukraine like HP , Dell , Cisco , Oracle , SAP

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