iOS Developer

Odesa · $500 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

• Knowledge of OOP; • MVC; • UIKit; • Swifty JSON; • Alamofire; • HTML Parse; • Push notifications; • In-App Purchases; • Core Animation; • Autolayout; • CocoaPods; • Statistics - Google Analytics, Flurry, Mixpanel • Submitting to AppStore; • Create UI only by code without StoryBoard;

Design Patterns, Xcode, CSS, JSON, Swift, Third part frameworks, Multithreading, UIKit, User Experience (UX)

My App - Personal qualities: • Able to study very fast, especially in a team of experienced people • Want to work and get new professional skills • Want to work with the team • Analytical and logical thinking. • Want to develop and learn new programming every day Knowledges in Xcode, Swift, iOS SDK 
• Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning
 • Knowledge of other web technologies and UI/UX standards
 • Understanding of Apple's design principles and interface guidelines 
 • Version control system (GIT)
 • Personal skills: analytical thinking, wish to learn and develop, good communication skills

I want to get a great experience in working with the team, I'm ready to learn new libraries and I want to get the maximum of practice.

7 December

iOS Developer

Odesa · $3800 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Passionate iOS/macOS engineer who is striving to be en expert in building, testing, releasing, and maintaining applications in either Swift or Objective-C. 15+ successfully release apps on App Store that I can show you. Excited by the potential of mobile technology.

Swift, RxSwift, Objective-C, Test driven development , Continuous Integration, iOS, macOS, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, AppStore submission, Design Patterns, REST API, VIPER

One of my personal apps reached rating #1 in the category on the App Store in 73 countries

Interesting projects, striving to do the best apps on the market. Preference for remote work

4 December

Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer

remote, Odesa, Lviv · $5000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

More than 10 years in commercial web development on Ruby/Rails/PHP on the back-end side and React/Angular/Vue on front-end. I have vast experience working on start-ups, developing applications from scratch and working in small teams, remote work. I participated in the development of mobile applications on Swift and ReactNative.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, ReactJS, Vue.js, AngularJS, RSpec, Capybara, Rubocop, OOP, DDD, CQRS, Microservices, React Native, Swift, Git, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, REST API, Redis, Linux

Have success experience work remotely (about 6+ years). I took part in Silicon Valley’s project. Ported applications from other languages and frameworks to Ruby on Rails (PHP, NodeJS). Experienced in project design, teamwork, task definition, junior members mentoring, code review, project managing. Developed projects from scratch, refactored legacy code. Experienced in writing clean, maintainable, effective code using TDD, BDD, Rubocop. Can do backend/API part or full-stack development. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Projects with strong test coverage or with a desire for increasing test coverage. A product company is preferable. I’d prefer to work for a remote-first company.

1 December

iOS Developer (Swift, Objective-C)

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have a great background in the development of various applications for Apple platforms. Nine years of development for iOS gave me a lot of experience in software architecture and design. I am also strong in Swift, multithreading and iOS SDK. Besides that, I am keen on learning new technologies, languages, and frameworks.

iOS, Objective-C, OOP/OOD, Swift, Patterns, Cocos2d, Jira, Java, UIKit, Xcode, Git, CoreData, CocoaPods, Multithreading, GCD, MVVM, SOLID, MVC, REST API, OOP, JSON, CoreLocation, REST, Design Patterns, InAppPurchase, Autolayout, Cocoa Touch, Foundation, MapKit, VIPER, Networking, Agile, Scrum, ARKit, SVN

Implemented (or took part at) around 30 projects.

Интересует полностью удаленная работа, желательно только на swift (или переписывание с Objective-C на swift) и в небольшой команде на долгий срок.

29 November

Senior iOS Developer

Odesa · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

For now I am iOS Team Lead in outsource company. I'm responsible for new technologies integration, new architecture solutions and teammates code review.

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, Objective-C, CoreData, UIKit, REST API, MVC, OOP, CocoaPods, Cocoa Touch, MVVM, Push Notifications, realm, Autolayout, Objective C, firebase, MapKit, CoreLocation, ios, Multithreading, Jira, OOP/OOD, RxSwift, REST, xcode Instruments, JSON, RxCocoa

29 November

iOS Developer

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Люблю интересные задачи, всегда рад полученному новому опыту, настроен на результат. Нравиться писать мобильные приложения под iOS, так как мобильные телефоны неотъемлемый помощник каждого современного человека. Приятно сделать что-то полезное для общества.

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, UIKit, CoreData, Objective-C, REST API, MVVM, MVC, CocoaPods, OOP, JSON, Autolayout, Jira, SOLID, Push Notifications, Firebase, Alamofire, autotesting

Опыт, интересные проекты, прокачка скиллов.

28 November

Junior iOS Developer

Odesa · $500 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Обо мне: опыт разработки программ на C# более 1 года, C++ более 1 года, iOS разработки более 2-х лет, как веб-разработчик опыт около 2-х лет, умею проектировать программный продукт, понимаю жизненный цикл приложения, понимаю принципы UI/UX дизайна. Обожаю новый фреймворк SwiftUI и все, что с ним связано! Личные качества: умение качественно работать. Добросовестность и ответственность в работе. Лёгкое общение с коллективом, высокая обучаемость, стрессоустойчивость, пунктуальность, ответственность. Умение и желание быстро освоить новый программный продукт, технологию. Обладание творческими способностями.

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, User Interface, User Experience, Figma, Prototype, mobile design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Responsive Design, UI Design, UXUI, Graphic design, Design Patterns, WEB DESIGN, веб-дизайн, UX analysis, iOS, Swift, MacOS

27 November

Senior Mobile Engineer (iOS) 

Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa · $5000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Excellent communication skills. I'm a team player and wanna be involved in something great. Expert in Swift (4 years) and Objective-C (7 years), architecture and object oriented design. I've worked with Rx (3 years), VIPER, MVVM, unit and integration tests, complex multithreading problems, low level programming with C/C++. I was a team and technical leader for last 2 years. I've worked in Europe from 2016, so my spoken English is fluent / advanced.

Swift, iOS, Xcode, Git, UIKit, CoreData, REST API, OOP, JSON, CocoaPods, Objective-C, GCD, MVVM, CoreLocation, Foundation, Jira, SOLID, Autolayout, MapKit, Alamofire, Design Patterns, Push Notifications, REST, VIPER, Storyboard, Fastlane, Core* frameworks, OpenGL, Navigation, CoreAnimation, JavaScript, Facebook SDK, CI/CD, AVFoundation, GIT, Codable, SizeClasses, Swift/iOS, Algorithms, Multithreading, MVC, Cocoa Touch, Unit Testing, XCTest, ARC, Memory Management, MVP

4000 stars on My apps were top charted in UA / UK / US app stores.

Engineering only or part time manager role. Comfortable chair and nice office. Product company or startup.

25 November

Senior iOS Developer

Odesa · $4500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

8+ years of commercial experience of business mobile apps development for iOS devices. More than 35 apps I worked on. More than 15 apps published to AppStore. Mobile team leading experience. Cross-platform app (streaming musical client) development experience (Xamarin). Swift, Objective C and C#. Some examples of the projects: Currently I am Senior iOS developer in a product company working on a streaming musical client app (iPhone/iPad). With extensive use of AVFoundation for audio playback. iPad app for showing of customer's numeric data in the graphics form with flexible options for customization of the graphs appearance. iPad/iPhone app for smart home appliances control. Low level custom implementation of socket connection following C-Bus protocol specification. iPhone/iPad/AppleWatch client app for tracking status of data center server nodes for a large IT customer.

Swift, iOS, Xcode, REST API, UIKit, CoreData, MVC, MVVM, Multithreading, GCD, Foundation, MapKit, Cocoa Touch, Autolayout, Push Notifications, REST, URL Session, Git, CoreLocation, Design Patterns, Objective C, SOLID, CocoaPods, OOP, JSON, C#, AVFoundation, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Location

On a current place of work: Implemented many new features of mobile musical client such as followed shows, playlists, casting to Chromecast bundle, iPad version of the app and others. Improved testing process and the process of documenting feature development. Improved communication within the team. From previous experience: Worked on more than 35 apps with more than 15 in AppStore. Successfully managed a team of 4 mobile developers. Helped to grow the Company I worked for more than 2 times. Defended PhD thesis. Helped to organize several large international conferences. Delivered lectures, organized practical lessons and lab works on Engineering Electromagnetics all in English. Education: PhD degree. Master of Radio Engineering. Specialist in Economy of Enterprise.

I am looking for a challenging position with a good portion of responsibility. I am primarily interested in a Team/Tech Lead position and also in a Senior iOS developer position. I would prioritize native apps development. Less preferable are projects dealing with cross-platform apps development.

21 November

IOS Trainee

Odesa · $500 · Upper Intermediate

Began learning Swift on Udemy course not a long time ago, no experience. I can perform simple tasks with code and/or UI. As well I have a Masters degree diploma with honors in engineering (not related to the software development).

iOS, UIKit, Xcode, Swift

Work schedule flexibility and permission for probable distant working.

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