Junior Front-end Developer

Odesa · $1200 · 2 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

1.5 лет занимался разработкой Ftront End части промо сайтов, лендинг страниц. Работал со стеком технологий VueJS, SCSS, HTML 6 месяцев занимался Back End разработкой на NodeJS(ES6) микросервисов: сбор, стандартизация и сохранение данных. Работал со стеком технологий ExpressJS, Socket (WS), LodashJS. Дальше хочу развиваться в сторону JavaScript, NodeJS разработчика

AJAX, CSS, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, Node.js, SCSS, vuejs, Web Socket, Element, Git, Jira, webpack, Gulp, Linux, Photoshop, Angular 2+

Самостоятельно изучил JavaScript, VueJS(Vuex, Route), UX Element for VueJS, Angular 6, NodeJS, ExpressJS, AngularJS Активно участвовал в разработке от идеи до выпуска на продакшен в пяти сайтах

Максимальная свобода. Веселая команда энтузиастов. Сложные интересные задачи. Не хочу заниматься одной веткой сайтов. Мне интересно заниматься бизнес логикой.


Full Stack Web Developer

Odesa, Kyiv · $1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

2,5 года в веб разработке, коммерческий опыт - 1,5 года. Проекты: 1. Landing pages, spa используя HTML5, Css3, JS, Vue. 2. Многостраничные сайты с админкой Vue, Nuxt, Node, Koa, MongoDB. 3. Поддержка CRM проекта на Php + JS. 4. Создание интернет магазинов на Php, Laravel, MySQL, JS.

JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, MVC, AJAX, MongoDB, JSON, XML, Git

Горжусь проектом на Nuxt, Vue + Koa + MongoDB, сайт 99/100 по GooglePageSpeed. Горжусь интернет магазинами, которые вступили в работу, после разных правок, добавление новых модулей, редизайнов.

Прежде всего - здоровый коллектив, где разработчики развиваются, стараются на работе и не филонят, не относятся равнодушно к работе. По проектам - ожидаю, что будет разные проекты, маленькие и большие, которые нужно поддерживать, создавать с 0. Ещё хотелось бы проекты на Laravel, Node, Vue.

15 November

Node.js developer

Odesa, udalenno · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Developing of RESTful highly-loaded backend APIs in NodeJS / Express stack for travel industry mobile apps using TDD/BDD approach. Technologies used: AWS Elasticache Redis as a cache and a pub/sub messaging system. AWS RDS MySQL as a static data storage and logging system. SignalR browser client in node.js (using JSDOM to run jQuery client in node.js). Google Maps API.

English, Jira, MySQL, SQL, Git, Linux, JavaScript, JSON, Redis, Docker, Express.js, Node.js, AWS, MongoDB, RESTful API, TDD, Performance optimization

Developed backend for travel industry app from scratch. Found out a way to communicate with SignalR server using jQuery only client in Node.js application using JSDOM library.

Backend only. No frontend.

14 November

CTO/Chief Architect/VP of Engineering/Engineering Director/Head of R&D

Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Dnipro · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

* 17+ years of commercial experience in software development along with 5+ years of managerial experience; * Proven experience in crisis management, technical strategy development, software architecture, quality assurance, highload, security, design solutions, implementation of best engineering practices and methodologies. Full cycle of product development; * Relationship creator with investors, business owners, clients, customers, users and development team members; * Experience bringing up the product development process from zero through POC and MVP to scaled up product level; * Track record running a 1000+ person software engineering and operations organisation; * Experience managing at sales, customer support, quality assurance, design, cross functional(onsite/distributed/remote) teams, R&D teams etc; * International working experience with clients and partners from US, UK, Western/Eastern Europe, Nordics, Asia; * Able to build result focused highly motivated teams from scratch; CORE QUALIFICATIONS As a problem solving person and a crisis manager, I can help to enhance a variety of opportunities for businesses from technical and management sides. I am skillful to understand actual business needs, develop IT technical solutions from scratch till getting real money. * Create robust architecture of a project to improve its stability and performance, achieve higher level of security; * Launch and scale-up startups; * Establish business and technical strategy; * Find/hire right people and define their functional roles to create productive collaboration along business needs; * Re/build engineering team to perform at the peak of the productivity; * Grow up a dream team via boosting skills and mentoring; * Specify company structure and its changing on each level of growth; * Open and manage remote offices for foreign companies; DOMAINS I've been working with a variety of domains such as: HealthCare, Finance, FantasySports, Government, Socials, GameDev, Telecom, Blockchain/Crypto, Edu, Fintech, Marketing, Advertisement, Payments, GasOil, eCommerce, Entertainment, Travel etc;

MVC, REST, Web Optimisation, AJAX, Angular.js, Bootstrap, CSS, CSS3, Design Patterns, es6, Flutter, Git, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, JSON, MongoDB, Node.js, NodeJS, Project Management, React, React Native, TDD, TypeScript, Agile, AngularJS, Aurelia, CI, DDD, ExpressJs, JS, KrackenJS, MySQL, OOP, Redis, Redux, Ruby on Rails, SocketsIO, Underscore.js, Android, Automated Testing (QA), Backbone.js, BDD, BlockChain, Cordova, Docker, Highload, Jira, Kanban, Linux, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Quality Assurance (QA), Scrum, Security, Security testing, Selenium WebDriver, SmartContracts, SOAP, C#, ExtJS, Kafka, Mesos, MS SQL Server, Nginx, Python, RabbitMQ, SVN, Unity3D, Htt

* 100+ projects in total(mobile/web/gaming/embedded) * 10+ reengineered projects * 20+ projects from "Idea" to "Money" * 4 startups * 8 teams from 0 to "full throttle"(hiring/mentoring and etc) * 22+ consulted companies * 20+ domain market sectors

* Targeting positions: CTO, Director of Engineering, General Manager, Product Owner, Chief Architect etc; * Fully responsible for engineering process and participation in business management/development; * Collaborate both with business owners/stakeholders and development teams; * Partner or Co-Founder relationship are preferred as development driver; * Relocation out of Ukraine will be an advantage;

13 November

Javascript Developer

Odesa · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Working with react projects on front-end, also have some experience with express.js on back-end. I am familliar with plenty technologies and libraries such as typescript, immutable.js, redux-saga, react-native, styled-components, react hooks, redux-reselect etc. Here's my cv file:

JavaScript, webpack, TypeScript, Redux, es6, Git, Node.js, React Native, CSS, HTML, SASS/SCSS, Express.js

Improved few big projects with a big layers of logic and workflow, approved my skills as a javascript developer.

Ideally work with react projects, ready to work with express.js on back-end.

13 November

junior software developer

Odesa · $800 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

- game development (С++, cocos2d-x, OOP, STL) - website SPA (.net core mvc 2.1) - converter, ETL project (C#, ms sql, mysql) - website SPA (node.js, express) - medical web-application (used the following technologies: node.js, express.js, mongodb, es6, jquery, ajax, handlebars.js as a template) - web-application (django, graphql, react, postgresql)

Python / Django, Apollo GraphQL, MySQL/Postgres, MongoDB, EcmaScript6, Node.js, Express, mvc, AWS, HTML/CSS, AJAX, jQuery, Git, C++

12 November

IOS Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv, Odesa · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Overall 3+ years of commercial work experience. Creating applications from scratch to AppStore. I have more than 5 applications in the appstore. Working on the legacy application, changing UI, implementing new modules. Creating custom interfaces of any complexity. • iOS SDK: • User interface: experience in using Storyboard, XIB and creating user interface by code; experience of using Auto Layout; • Basic frameworks: CocoaTouch: Foundation, UIKit, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Keychain, AVFoundation, Core Location, MapKit, CloudKit, ARKit; • Experience in Unit Testing, UI Testing; • Data Bases: knowledge of SQL, experience in using Core Data, Realm, Firebase; • Frameworks: experience in using CocoaPods and creating own pods; experience in using RxSwift, Alamofire, Facebook SDK, oAuthSwift, GoogleMapsSDK. • Experience in RESTful API, Sockets, JSON/XML; • GIT; • Other technologies: JavaScript, Node.js.

Swift, CoreData, Xcode, UIKit, CocoaPods, realm, TestFlight, CoreAnimation, Design Patterns, CloudKit, CoreLocation, RxSwift, SQLite, ARKit, NodeJS, TypeScript, MongoDB, MySQL, MVC, REST API, OOP, GIT, Redis, Cocoa Touch, Alamofire

10 November

Junior Front-end Developer

Odesa · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Работал в команде, писали на Ext.js. Изучаю Реакт! Есть готовые приложение написанные на преакт. Разрабатываю пет-проект на стеке MERN. Как начинающий фронтенд разарботчик не боюсь копать в бекенд

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, REST API, Bootstrap, webpack, SASS, es6, JSON, MongoDB, React.js, Frontend, Redux

Написал : 1. прототип нейросети шашек на js c нуля без фреймворков. 2. библиотеку для работы с канвас на Preact

Ожидание работы в команде, разработка SPA приложений на React

9 November

Fullstack web and mobile developer

Odesa · $500 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Appvesto (Odessa, Ukraine) - July 2019 - Present: Creating flutter apps and backend for them with Firebase and MongoDB. In main use Node.js and learn nestJs framework Also was on "Freelance" - Jun 2018 - 2019 Made sites and programs for friends. Also was participated in the development in others projects. Easy to learn new technologies, refactor code to new structure. Pleasant in communication and responsible in work.

JavaScript, Git, HTML, CSS, OOP, MySQL, Node.js, React, Redux, es6, Flutter, JSON, REST API, Google Firebase, Dart, PostMan, nestJs, MongoDB, Bitbucket

8 November

Node.js developer 🔥

Odesa, Kyiv · $1200 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Freelance since 09.2017 to 07.2018 Singree since 07.2018 to 05.2019 back end development, blockchain integrations, blockchain development HS-Soft since 05.2019 back end development

Node.js, JavaScript, REST API, Express.js, Docker, Linux, JSON, NodeJS, AWS, Express, Redis, Java Script, Back-End, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Serverless, Sequalize

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