14 January

Data Scientist

Kyiv, Lviv, Vinnitsia, Ternopil, Odesa · $1400 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Developing production system for high load online Neural Machine Translation system using the latest architecture based on self-attention. - Developing an interactive NMT system, word alignment system. - Deploying services - Data mining, cleaning, processing

Data Science, Python, NLP, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Git, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, aiohttp, sanic, Docker, AWS, RabbitMQ

- Developing high load online Neural Machine Translation system using the latest architecture based on self-attention from zero to production - Gold medal, top 1% on Kaggle Recursion Cellular Image Classification

11 January

Machine Learning Engineer

Odesa · $700 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

Computer Skills: OS: Windows, Linux Programming: C, Python (GraphLab, Pandas, Numpy .....), R Clouds: AWS EC2 RDBMS: MySQL VCS: GitHub LMS: Moodle Microcontrollers: Atmel, STM32, Arduino, RPi

Electrical engineering, Electronics, Moodle, numerical methods, Probability theory, Discriminant analysis, Dispersion analysis, GraphLab, Python, Regression analysis, Deep Learnng, C++, R lang, Data Science, Pandas, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Machine Learning

PhD Польский, жестовый языки 5 учебных пособий по прикладной математике Сертификаты семинаров Microsoft, Luxoft, PM 2013-2017 гг. Онлайн-курсы Прометеус, Stepik Организация и сопровождение ресурса Дистанционного образования вуза (15+) Организация семинаров, конференций в сфере образования (20+)

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Дружелюбный, командный коллектив. Возможность научной работы и участия в конференциях. Современная техника.

11 January

Data Scientist 🔥

Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Algorithms, topology, knowledge mining, predictive analytics, ML/DL, time series analysis, anomaly detection; rapid learning, state-of-art projects, storytelling, entrepreneurship, expectation management, high presenting skills, pitching, building research team, mentoring, hiring&leading international dense high loaded team

Git, SQL, Algorithms, Linux, Math, Machine Learning, Jupyter Notebook, Data Science, Python

Age 5 - Space Invaders 9,990 high score. Time series analysis for EEG [for ASD/ADHD] Lead in interdisciplinary team. Anomaly detection (HTM) Time series analysis for binary trading [algorithmic trading]. GAN/CNN/LSTM Economic lead at Aerospace Science Lab Knowledge mining ESA/NASA/JPL Oracle Advanced Analytics implementation for the phytosanitary provisions and systems of the European Union (EU) Cross Border Cooperation Programme Engineering experience in ecologic project www.lucidproject.com with BCI AR/VR underwater photography and virtual reality

Neuroscience. Fintech. E-commerce.

11 January

data scientist\ machine learning engineer

Kyiv, Odesa, Canada, Lviv · $1000 · 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Worked in different fields with product companies and know how to get interesting insights that will bring business value to your company!

Python, Machine Learning, SQL, Data Science, pandas, numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, NumPy, Deep Learning

Find insights for business from data, build predictive models and recommendation systems. I mostly worked with FinTech but I’ve decided to try something else too Always ready to learn something new in a short terms if needed

11 January

Data Scientist/ machine learning

Odesa, Kyiv · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Company: Mevics Position: junior Android developer Period: (December 2016 - October 2017) Company: Tapcore Position: Android developer Period: (March 2018 - June 2019) Company: Tapcore Position: junior data scientist Period: (July 2019 - December 2019) Company: UpWork Position: junior data scientist Period: (December 2019 - now) Project on data scientist position: 1. Gender detection (predict users gender using random forest) input data: installed apps output data: gender 2. Filling missed data (fill missed users data, using KNN) input data: latitude/longitude output data: carrier name (service that provides the Internet) 3.Data exporter (upload data to aws for selling using python) 4.Detect users interests (ad targeting) input data:installed apps output: iab categories 5. Finding contours (using Sobel filter and Knn to reduce number of colors) input: cartoon screenshot output: coloring book 6. Finding similar topic (detect if two sentences related to the similar topic) input data: two sentences output data: true/false (similar or not) technologies: universal sentence encoder / count distance as cosine of angle

Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, Tensorflow, Flask, NLP, NumPy, Pandas, Data Visualization, scikit-learn, Natural Language Processing

I want to improve my skills and update knowledge with experienced and friendly team.

10 January

Python Developer, Machine Learning Engineer

Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Chernigiv, Zaporizhzhya · $500 · Intermediate

Participated in AI&CV summer camp 2019 in one of Ukrainian IT-companies; worked on project, that combined both straight-forward (classical) and deep learning computer vision approach

Python, Machine Learning, C++, scikit-learn, pandas, Deep Learning, Git, Data Science, NumPy, English, Linux, Pandas, PyTorch, Jupyter Notebook, SQL, OpenCV, Computer Vision, Github, Matplotlib

Friendly colleagues with good sense of humor

3 January

Senior Analyst

Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv · $2600 · 5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНІЕ НАВЫКИ И ЗНАНИЯ - MSSQLSERVER, Oracle, PostgreSQL - Transact SQL (in MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle), ETL, DWH - TCP/IP - SAP R/3, SAP BPM, SAP BO (BusinessObjects) - OLAP - Cognos, Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Nielsen Software - Сильные навыки MS Office + VBA (Excel: формулы, Pivot Tables, Power Query, Power Pivot, визуализация), Power Point - Tableau, Power BI - Аналитика - Сбор и консолидация учетных данных - Оценка эффективности работы департамента - Автоматизация бизнес-процессов, автоматизация и внедрение отчетности - Подготовка презентаций, проведение срочных отчетов и расчетов - Data Mining, ETL, DWH

SQL, Power BI, Data Visualization, Excel, Agile, Jira, Data Mining, Tableau, MS Office, QlikView, PostgreSQL, Excel/VBA

27 December

Technical support, data analyst, SAS programmer, technical translator, business analyst

Lviv, Kar'kov, Odesa, EU, Kyiv, Russia · $1550 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experience of tech support: Technical support with 3 years of work experience as one-man orchestra. I have experience in pre-installation advice, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and other support duties on Windows and Linux for products of my company. Experience of data programming: I have a general understanding of mainstream programming languages, and I am a SAS / SQL programmer myself, with SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 certification. Experience of tech translation: 5 years 3 months experience since freelance. Translation for initial localization, including EULA and other legal documents, in-app and documentation strings, massive incremental translation and end-user UI inspection in Microsoft Visual Studio (QA). Experience with working with team in US (joint-support; technical affair & communication coordination) Please refer to resume for detailed work experience timeline. Languages: English: C1 Chinese: Native Russian: A2

Support, English, Customer service, customer support, Ability to learn quickly, Good communication skills, Jira, Windows, CRM, Customer care, SQL, Git, Data Labeling, Customer support specialist, SAS, Technical Specification, IT support, Service Desk, Confluence, Microsoft Office, Communication Skills, Technical Support, Customer Support, customer success

Data extraction, standardization, derivative variable generation, external data merge, wide data table combination, dictionary generation with SAS (SAS/SQL, SAS/BASE and other components) Management and distribution for more than 250 builds. Remote and on-site installation and configuration. Compose and update documentation of software specification, installation, operating environment and network configuration for product software based on 3 different software protection and licensing system (Crypkey, CodeMeter, Nalpeiron) Established mythology for issue tracking and review on BitBucket, resolved and all the way recorded more than 20 technical and statistical / machine learning issues from clients of well-known banks, financial services, medicine, earth science, Internet technology company and organizations. Avoided unneeded cost for 20% duplicate issue tracking. Collected diagnosis file and translated technical description to be used for QA and support team in multiple regions. Followed up and offered essential assistance on technical, statistical and lingual aspects for Salford Systems and Minitab Over 20000 lines of incremental translation for machine learning software, SPM 6.6 to 8.0, with version control. Proofreading with team in US and China. User interface glitches fix and adjustment with Microsoft Visual Studio. Propelled training and coordinated Japanese localization team in understanding structural change in resource file and debug UI with Microsoft Visual Studio. About 42000 words full translation and proofreading for machine learning software command line documentation and relevant legal files, including EULA

I would like to find a job as a SAS programmer, data analyst, technical support (L2-3), technical translator or business analyst; or any combination of above. Friendly team, growth for career, flexibility, competitive remuneration

12 December

Data Scientist

Remote work, Ukraine · $1200 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

M.S. in Computer Science 1 year of working with time series and supervised and unsupervised learning at the position of Data Analyst and Data Engineer. 2+ years of software development experience. Key skills and responsibilities: - Data analysis, manipulation and aggregation as well as data visualization. - Analyzing customers' data for specific patterns and trends. - POC data analysis. - Applying different models and prediction algorithms. - Participating in the development of an AI engine. - Creating articles and tutorials on useful DS tools and approaches. - Using both Python and R environment while working. - Developing web scrapers and performing sentiment analysis. - Using Linux environment.

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, scikit-learn, Git, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Matplotlib, Pandas, xgboost, WEB scraping, Analysis and research, Natural Language Processing, Linux, SQL, Math, Keras, Tensorflow, Algorithms, Data Mining, Neural Networks, NLP, Statistcs, AI algorithms, classification, Regression analysis, Statistics, Flask, R lang, Data Analisys, Unsupervised Learning, supervised learning

- Successfully held POCs that brought company three new customers. - Developed modules for time series analysis for AI engine from scratch.

My personal interest lies in the sphere of NLP -> ready to start at the lower position in this area. I prefer a friendly team atmosphere with a strict division of responsibilities. It will be good if your company is kinda entrenched (not a startup with some vague product concept).

7 December

Business Analyst

Kyiv, Odesa · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Разрабатывал и улучшал алгоритмы для более эффективного анализа данных. Финализировал результаты анализа для клиента, показывая ключевые выводы. Хочу больше развиваться в бизнес понимании, для лучшего предоставления продукта клиенту.

Business Analysis, English, Analytical Skills, Accounting, Excel, Data analysis

Участвовал во Всеукраинских олимпиадах по математике; Закончил бакалаврат и магистратуру в University College London; Вместе с Вьетнамской Ассоциацией Студентов в Соединенном Королевстве организовал футбольный турнир для вьетнамских студентов со всех университетов Великобритании; Участвовал в волонтерской программе, где преподавал математику школьникам; Был интерном в банке "Південний";

Надеюсь попасть в дружный коллектив профессионалов, у которых можно учиться. Буду рад поработать с ментором и улучшить свои навыки. Наличие обучающих программ или бонусы на образование - огромный плюс.

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