Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

I work as a copywriter since February 2016. In several different companies, I was writing essays, term papers and dissertations, texts for online stores, blogs, services, and informational websites.

HTML, Digital marketing, SEO, English, Digital Marketing

As a hard-working employee, I was often receiving bonuses for excellent work and over fulfillment.


Event|PR|Creative manager

Одесса · $1000 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

Adobe Photoshop, Upper-Intermediate, External and internal PR, Event organization, Coordination and management, SMM, Copywriting, creating

Coordination and management, copywriting, Event organization, External and internal PR, Upper-Intermediate, SMM, Adobe Photoshop

Могу найти общий язык с любым человеком и предметом, координирую группы до 50 человек с энтузиазмом, мотивацией и смешными шутками, работаю с дизайном полиграфии (особенно эффективно в ночь перед дедлайном), имею опыт работы в самых странных проектах (организация еврейских шоу, конкурсов красоты среди работниц сети ресторанов "Пузата Хата" и т. д.), могу сохранять спокойствие при работе с заказчиками, которые хотят говорящего енота для завтрашнего корпоратива, могу придумывать что-то эдакое и креативное или совсем чуть-чуть немножко полностью простое и удобное. Порядок – мое второе имя, которое мне пришлось поменять, потому что звучало странно.

Адекватный менеджмент. Сложные задачи. Возможность удаленной работы. Неформальная обстановка.



Киев, Одесса · $7500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

12 years of marketing experience, 9 in IT sphere, 8 years of middle and top managerial experience, 7 years of product management experience. I have worked in 5 SaaSes and 5 marketplaces, 3 different advertising agencies, a media, an event and an outsource companies.

I have built and automated workflow for different departments (Product Management, Marketing, Design, QA, Coding, HR, Finance, etc). I have launched products from scratch. I have knowledge in marketplaces distributed in the different markets of the world from the USA to Asia, in SAASes in Europe.

I'm looking for a challenging position of CEO/COO/GMamager on an international project where I could have the opportunity to apply my management and professional skills.

17 октября

Delivery Manager/Delivery Director

Киев, Одесса · $7000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

•14 years in software engineering including 7 years in management; •Performing daily, monthly management activities (including financial, infrastructure); •People management; •Planning development process; •High level management development teams and processes; •Leading engagements with customers from: USA, Europe, Israel and India; •Performing HR activities (including recruiting); •Interviewing developers, team leads, PMs; •Preparing technical and management project documentation; •Participating in setting up development and testing environment; •Ensuring development and infrastructure needs.

17 октября

Разработчик Delphi, Системный администратор

Одесса · $2000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Delphi, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP(без фреймворков), Node.js, Firebird, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql. Системное администрирование.

Firebird, HTML, CSS, Delphi, MS SQL Server, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP(без фреймворков), Java начальный уровень, PostgreSQL, Node.js

Хочу повысить свой профессиональный уровень. Изучать новые технологии.

15 октября

QA engineer QA lead Defect Manager

Киев, Одесса, EU · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

Project - Navigation system for Automotive Responsibilities: • Creating test cases • Creating bug reports in customer’s bug tracking system • Sanity testing, smoke testing • Reproduction of issues and report of reproduction result (verification) • Ticket processing, prioritization and ticket pre-analyzing, updating ticket statuses • Collecting ticket status reports and productivity ticket statistics (inflow/outflow), monitoring of fix bugs in time • Support of the build servers (Windows, Linux), Jenkins. Work with a Python scripts for automation builds. • Writing knowledge transfer articles for test team in Confluence • Support of style tasks (work with design and style configurations using internal tool ) Working in Agile team as a Scrum Master.

Jira, Manual Testing, Regression Testing, HTML, Scrum, Agile, SQL, Quality Assurance, CSS, Functional testing, Git, Confluence, Windows, TestRail, Linux, Jenkins, XML, Python, Wordpress, Use cases creation, Page Object, Test estimation, Photoshop, Quality Assurance , Smoke Testing, Web Testing, Microsoft Office, Knowledge of the life cycle of a bug, Waterfall, Non functional testing, Acceptance Testing, Automated Testing, Grey-box testing, Bug Investigation, SVN, GIT

Extra Education (additional degree(s), professional trainings, courses, etc.): Hillel IT School - Manual QA engineer DataArt IT School Time management Upgrade your Emotional Intelligence - Level 1 Stress Management Python Basics Agile for Enterprise SAFe Overview Scrum Master Certification Personal and professional skills • Good organizational skills, self-motivating; • Flexibility, easily adapting to changes, able to work in a very dynamic environment; • Ability to quickly learn new information, new product and technology; • Ability to work with large volumes of information; • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; • Easily find common language with absolutely different people; • Good understanding of IT industry; • Attention to details; • Active life position and the ability to achieve goals. • Good knowledge of test types and bug lifecycle • Good understanding of software development lifecycle • Good knowledge of bug tracking system Jira, Confluence • Basic knowledge of SQL, Python, Shell, Git • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS • Professional user of Windows 7, Mac OS; • Excellent command of Microsoft Office, particularly in Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point • Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

14 октября

System administrator

Одесса · $500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

# Setting local-area network based on structured cabling system (SCS); # Understanding of Hardware Technology: WAN, LAN (IP-routing, VLSM, TCP/IP, VLAN, trunk, VPN); # Experience working with configuration and maintenance of network equipment layer 2 and layer 3 (Cisco, D-link, ZyXel); # Experience in: Hyper-V, Windows 2008 R2/2012 R2, Active Directory, TCP/IP; # Experience in users of workstations Windows XP, Seven, 8, 10 across the entire spectrum of services telecommunications company; # Installation of mini ATS - setting telephone stations; # Anti-virus software and firewalls(WatchGuard, ASDM(Cisco)); # Program languages: C/C#(basic), Java Core, Python (basic); # Formatting languages: HTML, CSS, XML.

IP-routing, Networking, SCS (structured cabling system), TCP/IP, VLSM, Windows Server, Windows Workstation, Firewalls, mini ATS - telephone stations, Cisco, CSS, HTML, Java, Linux, Git, OOP, C/C++/C#, Python

Quick problem solving; technical support including remote control;

Career prospects, good workflow..

13 октября

Project Manager (PMP), Site manager, Director, Operations manager, COO

Одесса, Киев, USA, Canada, Australia · $4000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Over 7 years of experience in management and administrative roles. PMP certified, people oriented, accomplished leader, capable of motivating staff to its full potential. Experience in starting up and leading multiple projects in short and long terms. Proven ability to communicate complex information clearly to individuals at all levels. Great experience in administrative and management functions, PR, relations with government, building from ground of IT offshore office and establishing further cooperation with head office. Program and project management expertise (contracts, pricing, scheduling, resourcing, risk management, etc.)

Business development, Change Management, Delivery management, IT Outsourcing, IT Strategy, Leadership, PMP, Project Management, Project management professional, project planning, Quality Assurance (QA), Risk management, Jira, Team management, Java

PMP certification

11 октября

web designer

Одесса · $900 · 4 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, CorelDraw, Autocad, Работал в рекламной компании около года, после перешёл на web проработав год в IT Allmark biz с 01.11.2017 работаю в компании Цитрус web дизайнером behance_net/bochevar-ruslan

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, WEB DESIGN

Опыт работы в разработке лендингов, корпоративных сайтов, интернет магазинов, грамонтый UI. ознакомлен со всеми стадиями разработки интернет продуктов. Создание креативных банеров, Email рассылок. Понимание гайдлайнов material design. Программы: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Corel Draw.Активный, быстро обучаюсь , пунктуальный, честный , исполнительный,ответственный, коммуникабельный. Четкая работа по Deadline(у)

Не развиты навыки motion design, слабо развит опыт работы с анимациями, а также в разработке пользовательских интерфейсов чистый UX.

9 октября

PR manager

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I am engaged in the marketing and PR promotion of IT products and brands. Coordinating all public relations and business events activities • Preparing monthly market reviews • Attraction new clients from thematic events • Development a marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, budget and tactics • Development a media relations strategy, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media • Drafting speeches for company executives, and arrange interviews and other forms of contact for them. • Produce films and other video products, regulate their distribution, and operate film library. • Maintaining our social media presence across all digital channels • Source and negotiate with vendors and suppliers • Management of hiring event-personnel • Lead promotional activities for the event Planning, preliminary calculating and scheduling. Coming up with suggestions to enhance the event’s success and preparing final budgets and ensuring adherence for next type of events: ● conferences; ● cultural events; ● exhibitions and fairs; ● fundraising and social events; ● promotions and product launches.

Digital Marketing, copywriting, PR, Content marketing, SMM, English, Social Media Marketing, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Team management, Blockchain, Facebook/Instagram, Building Strong Relationships, Blog posting, linkedin, Twitter, Product management, Brand Marketing, Leadership, Outreach management, CPL/CPA, Product copywriting

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