Киев, Одесса · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

State Enterprise "National Information Systems" CEO (about 4 years, 2016-2019) Change management: several stages of reorganization of structure and staffing. Reduction of administrative expenses, increase of income (in particular - establishment and increase of alternative income). Increase of efficiency of work, quality of services, material and technical base, work organization and remuneration. In particular - creation of market conditions of remuneration, including employees of IT specialties, almost unique example in the public sector of economy in Ukraine. Creating a trade union, providing additional social guarantees for employees. Hunting and hiring reputable, highly qualified specialists (in particular - IT specialties). Implementation of successful information projects in many areas, including Automated System of Enforcement Proceedings, Unified Register of Convicted and Remanded Prisoners, etc. Virtualization of server infrastructure and restructuring it on the principles of Fault Tolerance and Catastrophe-Preparedness (using two independent TIER-III level data centers). Implementing advanced authentication methods (Mobile-ID and compatible with Google-ID crypto ID), and more. IT Ukraine Association GR-manager (about 1/2 of year, 2015-2016) Communication and cooperation with state authorities. Different State authorities Deputy Director of the Department (about 5 years, 2010-2015) Performing the duties of the director of the department, organizing the work of the department. Participation in development and implementation of state policy in economic and entrepreunership regulation fields. Development of regulatory acts (in particular - laws that included systematic changes in state policy). Development deregulation changes to the legal acts developed by other State authorities. Providing clarifications of law.

English, Team management, People management, Communication, Business development, Analysis, Project Management, Human Resources, Communication Skills, Business Strategy


Business analyst/Systems Architect/Project manager

Одесса · $1200 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Client interaction, Business processes analysis, Requirements Gathering, Requirements Analysis, System Analysis, Business processes optimization, Systems Architecture Development, System Approach - EXPERT level, Project Management

Business Analysis, Confluence, Jira, Agile, Waterfall

Systems Architect+Team Leader+Manager of 20-34 people for 20+ years. Two main our great accomplishments but not all: * Bank Information System - usage period 1995 – 2015, distributed (18 participants), 24/7, 400 000 payment transactions per day, over 600 users, over 100 000 000 payment records in the database, complexity is estimated about 400 man-years. Responsible for client interaction, optimization business processes, requirements gathering and analysis, building system architecture, project execution. * State Monitoring System of user applications/automated processes - usage period 2012 – 2015, gather errors/warnings/data information from about 1 000 user applications and automated processes, about 1 000 000 events per day. Web oriented solution. Responsible for idea, building system architecture, project execution. This system has been allowed to reduce run-time error detection.

6 апреля

Project Manager, Product owner

Киев, Львов, Одесса, Ивано-Франковск · $3500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I am all about Project/ Success management & Leadership to get the best possible business result/ IT product/ people working on the peak and within available resources. All you NEED in SDLC (agile, scr, knb, wtf), and engineering practices. N.B.: skilled/experienced crisis management (team and budget), incl. troubleshooting. I like to make a team to get better solution via understanding some more important abstractions than just a code, technology capabilities/ limitations. Also I like to tell business - Not all at once, as I have a better solution for you; and decompose big wishes of business to small clear programming steps. * multitasking * problem and crisis solving * coaching, inspiring and motivation. Broad experience in - ecommerce/ logistics products, smart home solutions, B2B within Europe, U.S., other world, big infrastructure/ cloud management projects, image recognition, manufacturing automation.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Team management, Jira, Risk management, Kanban, Communication, project planning, English, Waterfall, People management, Business Analysis, SDLC, Requirements analysis, Confluence, Product Roadmap, trello, Presentation skills, Pre-sales, Leadership

The previous 3 years of my life and a lot of projects within. I 'd say something in details, but not here; Nda you know. Most of all I am always proud of our teams and their achievements, as from youth years I used to play as playing coach and captain ) Complex and broad vision and deep aproach to Projecs and details.

Dynamic and motivated environment. You appreciate fast and True feedback. You believe in Agile and magic of great people, team work and cooperation. Your processes do not sag, because you constantly improve and automate them. You love to learn, create and improve constantly. Dynamic and motivated environment (SME) or Systematic and educating environment (for large enterprise)

6 апреля

Project Manager

Киев, Харьков, Одесса · $1200 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Руководил несколькими удалёнными командами во время работы с московскими диджитал комапниями Pichesky, Aprill, R&I и частными клиентами. Занимался поддержкой и реализацией проектов «под ключ», например, интерфейс для программ лояльности клиентов и их управления. Работал с Абрау Дюрсо, торговыми марками сигарет Максим Классический и Maxim Premium (British American Tobacco Russia). Разработал визуальный стиль для Academy of Visual Art (Харьков), рестайлинг и визуальный стиль бренда одежды Party Hard, фирменный стиль для сетевой компании GNETWORK. Также был менеджером по рекламе в банке «Финансы и Кредит» (Харьков), занимался продвижением нескольких брендов автомобильных запчастей по Украине в комапнии «Омега-Автопоставка», работал управляющим проектами в студии IDweb. Умею планировать, систематизировать и выстраивать работу с клиентами и командой. Сдавать проекты в срок, не в ущерб качеству. Люблю, когда все материалы по проекту разложены по полочкам и систематизированы. Кайфую от реализации и запуска проектов выполняющих поставленные задачи. Интересуюсь редактрованием текстов, современными дизайнерскими решениями, брендингом и разработкой визуальных стилей.

Project Management, project planning, Communication, User Experience, Risk management, Team management, People management, Analytic and diagnostic skills, Jira & Confluence, MS Project, Customer communication, CRM, Microsoft Office, Product management

Горжусь умением выстраивать и налаживать процесс работы в команде. В связи с чем, проекты сдаются качественными и в положенный срок. Большинство реализованных проектов повышали конверсию и привлекали больше уникальных пользователей и клиентов.

Хочу помогать клиентам создавать новые и улучшать существующие продукты и услуги, которым требуется название, логотип, визуализация, интерфейс, сайт, упаковка, реклама. Хочу руководить всем этим вместе, чтобы клиент получал цельную систему.

6 апреля

Project Manager

Одесса · $3500 · 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Luxoft Ltd. Odessa Project Manager (11/18 – present) Manage development and customer delivery processes, responsible for achieving the project values in general GTK Antey Odessa Agile consultant/Scrum master (05/17 – 08/17) EIS Group Ltd Odessa NOC Project Manager (04/15 – 01/17) Ltd. «Raiffeisen Bank Aval» Kiev - Odessa Project manager (08/10 – 03/12) Ltd. «HELIOS IT-SOLUTIONS» Moscow Head of services projects department (08/08 – 08/09)

Project Management, Jira, Risk management, Confluence, SDLC, Waterfall, Team management, People management, Microsoft Office, MS Project, project planning, Trello, GitHub, Risk Management, Communication, Agile/Scrum/Kanban

- Successful building teams and processes from scratch - Successful management of distributed teams with 30+ people

Challenging tasks with interesting people!

6 апреля

Project Manager

Николаев, Киев, Одесса, Харьков, Херсон, Винница, Львов · $750 · 2 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Опыт работы: Project Manager с 07.2019 по наст. время (7 месяцев) Secret Place, Николаев (Mobile & Web development) Project Manager с 05.2018 по 07.2019 (1 год 2 месяца) ADS Group, Николаев (Николаевская обл.) (Web Development) Project Manager с 01.2018 по 05.2018 (4 месяца) Filancy Marketing, Николаев (Николаевская обл.) (Web Development) Образование: - НУК им. адмирала Макарова, Программное обеспечение автоматизированных систем, Магистр, с 01.09.2017 по 31.12.2019 - НУК им. адмирала Макарова, Программное обеспечение автоматизированных систем, Бакалавр, с 01.09.2015 по 01.06.2017 (1 год 9 месяцев) - Колледж ННУ им. В.А. Сухомлинского, Прикладная математика, Младший специалист, с 09.2011 по 06.2015 (3 года 9 месяцев)

Jira, Planfix, Agile, Project Management, Photoshop, Scrum, Team management, Waterfall, Redmine, project planning, Communication, Web Development, Trello

5 апреля

Sales manager, junior project manager

Одесса · $600 · 2 года опыта · Нет английского

Мой основной опыт работы 4 года предпринимательства. Управлял командой 7 человек, которая специализировалась на разработке фронтенда! Технические навыки: HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, Flexbox Основные функции, поиск проектов на фриланс биржах, а так же по известным Украинским чатам где продают услуги разработчиков на аутстаффинг. Второстепенные: планирование загрузки, организация работы офиса, решение конфликтных ситуаций, если они возникали, работа с финансами, поиск сотрудников. Способен работать в условиях многозадачности и отсутствия необходимости постоянных напоминаний

Business development, Sales, It sales, Lead generation, Account Management, Project Management

Проходил курсы по ИТ продажам в школе Сonformato. Интересуюсь продажами и трендами в ИТ в целом, часто слушаю доклады спикеров Павел Обод, Максим Макаренко, Natan Kous.

Интересно работать в стабильной компании, с налаженными и структурированными процессами, получать опыт от более опытных сотрудников. Нормальное рабочее место. Возможность прохождения дополнительных обучающих курсов, по специализации и английскому.

5 апреля

Project Manager

Киев, Одесса · $1300 · 2,5 года опыта · Intermediate

- Managed a team 5+ (developers) and collaborated across departments with designers, SEO - Delivered on clients' set expectations and engaged in regular updates and negotiations regarding project progress - Tracked and monitored the status progress of the project with the team, as well as re-assess risk and troubleshoot unforeseen obstacles - Developed technical specifications and wireframes based on clients' business needs - Decomposition of the project and project planning - Prioritised and allocated resources across multiple projects

Communication Skills, MindMaps, Moqup, prototypes, Scrum, trello, Agile, Epic, User Stories, Kanban, Public Speaking, Estimation, Jira, Project Management, Team management, SDLC, Product management, Waterfall, Redmine, MS Project

During the work, I have successfully released seven web projects. Currently, I manage the development of three mobile applications. In August, I took over the management (b2b / b2c) of a blockchain-based product and a team of six members. I implemented SAFe in production.

Exciting projects. Ability to work remotely. Good team.

5 апреля

Project Manager 

Вся Украина, Одесса, Киев · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have more than 5 years experience with project management / business analyst. My domain expertise is: - E-commerce - Finance - Highload services - Mobile apps What I can provide from my side: - Experience - Work involvement - Optimization processes - Friendly communication - Complete projects successfully - Smile :)

roadmap, Waterfall, Project Management, мотивация команды, Agile, Product management, Jira, Team management, Scrum, Kanban, Risk management, project planning, Business Analysis, Web Development, problem-solving, Requirements and backlog management

- In total, more than 50 projects have been developed. - Successful teamwork - The projects were successfully completed in the shortest possible time. - Successful launch of the project and work on it as a product manager. - Created a department of managers from scratch and helped optimize the processes in the company.

The most interesting for me is GameDev. I want to work with an experienced and friendly team because I am tired of working with juniors (I had to work with them because the company could not hire more experienced developers). It would also be great to have a gym in the office :)

4 апреля

Junior Media Buyer/Project Manager

Одесса · $500 · 6 лет опыта · Intermediate

I have over 5 years of experience in web and mobile design and 2 years I have been working like project management. During this time, I worked with team of web developers and ui/ux designers with whom I closed 40+ projects. Mostly we make websites. Landings, e-commerce, blogs, corporate websites, medical websites. I love interesting tasks, each project is a challenge for me!

English, UI/UX, Project Management, Trello, Google Analytics, Team management, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, QA

I work in IT for 6 years. During this time, I got useful work skills that help me improve myself, be versatile and see details that others do not notice. I gained good experience as an UX/UI designer, and also manual QA skills. The last 2 years, I work more as a project manager, from time to time I make projects as a designer, so as not to forget my skills at all. As a project manager, I successfully closed more than 40 different projects (websites, widgets, themes, etc.). I hope this experience and skills will help me grow further as a professional.

I want to get new useful experience, interesting tasks, learn a new profession for myself. I do not want to sit idle, I want to be useful.

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