6 апреля

IT Recruiter / HR

Одесса · $700 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

Have 4+ year experience in human research. 1,8 years of experience in IT. Fast learning and self-educating person and I’m ready for new challenge and interesting tasks. • searching and selecting candidates; • CV screening; • primary communication with candidates via e-mail, Skype, LinkedIn etc. • preparing different reports; • analyzing and monitoring job market; • taking part in external events for presentation the company as employer. Recruiting field – Java, Scala, С++, Embedded Engineer, RoR, .NET, PHP, Python, JS (Angular.js, React.js, Node.js, etc.), iOS, Android developers, QA engineers, AQA engineers, DevOps, DBA PMs, Sales Managers.

IT Recruitment, Research, Communication, Boolean Search, Jira, Organisation skills, CV Screening, X-Ray, Human Resources, Recruiting, Interviewing, Sourcing, Screening Resumes

6 апреля

IT Recruiter

Киев, Одесса, (фул-тайм\парт-тайм\ремоут\офис) · $2500 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

Recruiter with 6 years of experience, 4 of those in IT area, big outsource company and small product. Have some leading experience too. - Recruiting; - Boolean-search; - Screening; - Interviewing; - Negotiation and hard communications skills; - Improving communications between employees and clients; - On-boarding; - Event management; - Public speaking; - Leadership skills; - Career coaching; - English and french intermediate speaker.

boolean-search, career coaching, event managment, Interviewing, Leadership, Negotiation, On-boarding, Public Speaking, Recruiting, Screaning, IT Recruitment, Linkedin, Communication, CV Screening, Research, Sourcing

- Successful closing of tech niche middle to senior positions, about 2-4 per month (java, QA, FE react, BigData Hadoop and other, DS\ML, e-com (Hybris, sfcc), support engineers, C\C++ developers); - The department of affiliate marketing was formed (30 employees: media-buyers, designers); - The editorial structure of the digital-media project was formed, the total number is more than 30 employees (copywriters, content editors, editors, SMM-specialists); - Systematization of databases and export to Zoho-CRM; - Updating and systematization of the materials of the course of career skills; - More than 30 graduates were employed;

Challenging tasks, various tech (or mixed with non-tech) positions in work, friendly result-oriented team, possibilities for grows.

2 апреля

IT Recruiter / HR generalist

Киев, Одесса, Днепр · $1700 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Overall 10-years background in Recruiting and HR, 8-years in the IT-sphere. Successful experience in full-cycle recruitment and HR. International companies (outsourcing / IT-product company / IT-recruiting agency). Sourcing & Recruiting Testing, Interviewing & Selection HR Policies & Program Development Performance management Compensation & Benefits HR branding HR Information Systems (HRIS) Training & Development Relations & Conflict solving Events, Team Building HR Planning & Budgeting HR reports & Analytics

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Human Resources, Recruiting, HR, Onboarding, Executive Search, X-ray search, Team Building, Employee Relations, Training skills, Analytics, customer relations, Assessment, candidate search, LinkedIn Search, CV Screening, Communication, English, Boolean Search, Linkedin, Organisation skills, Sourcing, Screening Resumes, headhunting, Talent acquisition, Community Management, event management, Knowledge of onboarding and off-boarding processes

Closing vacancy during 40 hours as the brightest case.

Interesting project, interesting tasks.

2 апреля

Senior Training and Development Consultant, HRD/ Head of HR

Киев, Харьков, Львов, Одесса · $2000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I was responsible for creating Ukrainian and Polish branches of German IT service company. Both branches have been operating successfully. Currently, I am in charge of hiring, training and development of their employees. My experience includes 9 years in Education and 5 years in IT (Project Manager, Head of Operations and Managing Director). Strong knowledge of Education domain (both formal and informal). Practical experience of organising and conducting training, workshops and other educational activities. PhD in Finance. Worked at a startup. Experience in EdTech and FinTech projects. Worked with foreign customers (EU, USA), including business trips and working on-site. Managing teams up to 50 members What I can offer: - consultation on a new branch creation (including finance, operations and HR) - building a T&D process from scratch - auditing and improving a corporate education process - designing and setting up training and e-learning programs - assisting with creating a center for excellence - developing HR policies and procedures

Human Resources, Training & Development, People management, Education, Team Building, Operations, Management, Internal communications, Team management, Project Management

Building from scratch Ukrainian branch of German IT-company. The branch has been successfully operating for more than 2 years so far. The firm has a very low turnover rate.

I am interested in short-term projects and serving as an external consultant.

2 апреля

IT Recruiter

Запорожье, Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса · $1200 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

- experience in closing vacancies at various levels (Junior, Middle, Senior); - experience in closing vacancies of different specializations ( Developers, Marketing, Managers, SEO, Sales, Recruiter, QA); - leading a candidate through all stages of recruiting; - onboarding and offboarding; - selection using "assessment center"; - training new recruiters; - building a talent base.

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Research, Human Resources, Recruiting, LinkedIn Search, CV Screening, Communication, Boolean Search, Onboarding, Interviews, Talent acquisition, Recruitment

With my major in Enterprise and Organizational psychology, I am trained to understand the specific needs of an organization. I am lucky to have my passion as my job.

30 марта

HR manager

Одесса · $1200 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Hello, I have 3+ years of experience in IT recruiting and 1 year of HR experience, working both for the agency and the product company. I'm a proactive person who is always motivated to reach better results and get better at what I do. My HR experience is in a startup environment and all procedures and policies were developed from scratch.  Responsibilities: — development and management of the onboarding process, the adaptation of new employees;   — the launching of a new performance review process, the introduction of the grading system; — 1&1 meetings; — organization of knowledge sharing sessions; — EVP development&launch of corporate social networks;— organization of corporate events; — training of our Team Leads ensuring that they are inspiring and coaching their teams;   — participation in the processes of budgeting personnel costs; — exit interviews; — measurement of employee satisfaction and identification of areas that require improvements.  Recruiting experience: I feel extremely lucky to have such a diverse and successful experience working with a big amount of different companies and projects. I was responsible for full-cycle recruitment, closing technical positions of different levels, from Juniors to Seniors and CTO. I was in charge of developing a recruiting strategy and mentorship of junior specialists.

HR, Talent acquisition, Employee adaptation/onboarding, Performance review, Communication with foreign customers, 1:1 meetings, IT Recruitment, English, Employee Engagement

I´m eager to contribute to the company that creates an environment of trust between its employees and the feeling of pride for the product they are working on.

30 марта

Content & smm manager, Junior HR Recruting

Одесса · $600 · 4 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

4 года в it компании , в разных должностях ( content manager, smm , pr , feedback manager)

Social Media Marketing, Project Management, SMM, Marketing, PR, Team management, Content marketing, Реклама с соц. сетях, marketing, English, Recruiting

Достижения: -Организовала работу службы поддержки, делала рассылку для запроса обратной связи у довольных клиентов, в следствие чего за период в 5 месяцев был поднят рейтинг компании: 1) на Google c 2,9 до 4,2*; 2) на Trustpilot в среднем рейтинг страниц был поднят с 1-2* до 4-4,5* Полученные навыки: -работа с бизнес-кабинетами Facebook, Google Buisness, Trustpilot -работа с программами отложенного постинга (Facebook, Onlypult) -постановка ТЗ дизайнерам на оформление графической части контента -графическое оформление контента, баннеров для соцсетей и сайта в Photoshop -успешная работа с отзывами, в том числе и с негативом -организация и курирование командной работы -опыт работы с европейским рынком

Интересный проект , с хорошими условиями и зарплатой .

28 марта


Одесса · $2000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Старт-ап запуск проектов по открытию Супермаркетов. Рейтинговая оценка филиалов компании с полным аудитом. Ведение бюджета отдела. Ведение переговоров.

Java , SQL , Spring

Стабильностью в достижениях положительных результатов и постоянным развитием!

Мудрые руководители, Интересные задачи, Саморазвитие, Результативность, Возможность влиять на уровень мотивации

27 марта

Начальник отдела обучения, Бизнес-тренер (HR)

Одесса, Киев · $1000 · 7 лет опыта · Intermediate

C 2011 года в HR. Участвовала в проектах: -построение отдела обучения с 0, -запуск стандартов обслуживания, -программа "Лицо компании", -HR Business Partner, -"Наставничество" в разных компаниях, -внедрение KPI, -изменение структуры компании, -Assessment center, -Talent pool, -замер удовлетворенности внутреннего и внешнего Клиента, -замер вовлеченности персонала и т.д. Проекты реализовывались в банковской, телекоммуникационной и IT сферах.

Human Resources, HR, Communication, Team Building, Employee Relations, adaptation, Coaching, Onboarding of new specialists, Adaptation and motivation, Negotiating

-Построением системы корпоративного обучения Департамента по работе с партнерами в компании "Интертелеком" ( в том числе дистанционного обучения). -Самостоятельная разработка упражнения для Ассессмента для оценки компетенций: Управление изменениями и Гибкость при введении новых данных. -Проведение NPS

Мне важно работать в Компании, в которой на уровне ценностей( пусть даже не регламентированных) стоит прозрачность взаимоотношений внутреннего и внешнего Клиента с компанией, с коллегами, постоянное стремление к профессиональному развитию и соответствию самым неожиданным причудам Клиента. Это может быть даже маленькая компания, и при этом с ясным пониманием уникальной миссии, которую она выполняет в истории планеты Земля.

27 марта

Expert in HR systems development, trainer and consultant in people management

$1500 · 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

10 years in HR starting from HR manager to Head of HR. Areas: consulting company, IT, HoReCa, NGO. Development and realization of the company’s HRM strategy, implementation of practical tools and improvement of business processes: - 10+ projects in KPI development and integration to increase sales, level of service and quality of product. -Developed the whole HRM system for 10+ projects: integrated the competency map, implemented the programs of recruiting, adaptation, annual evaluation 360 degrees and a bonus motivation system. -Organizing 20+ development programs for staff, design and managing of training and seminars, including for soft skills, developed and managed the annual corporate “Summer School” for interns and young employees. -Developing and implementing “Program on Effective Mentoring and Feedback” for company’s teams. -Developed “Young Talents Progress” program – organizing internships for students and design of their career in the company. -Design and held trainings and webinars on HRM, principles of HR-system development, effective recruiting, methods of financial and non-financial motivation and other HRM tools implementation in the company. In frames of external projects used to train on the platforms of USAID, EBA, SUP, AHK etc. Studied management in Germany and Austria. STRONG POINTS: - Strategic view and creativity skills - good at setting goals and thinking out of the box - Leadership skills – successfully managing diverse teams - Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills –easily find common language with different - people - Systematic thinking, organizational skills and driven to meet deadlines - Effective visualization of data and its presentation to an audience and in reporting

Recruiting strategy, Communication, English, Talent acquisition, People Management, PeoplePartner, Mentoring, Training & Development

-Recruited 70% of the staff of the company (consulting company) -10+ projects of successful KPI development for sales, service, production -10+ projects on the whole HRM system development - Organizing of 20+ development program for staff, design and managing of trainings and seminars, including for soft skills - Designed and held training and webinars for businesspeople on HRM, principles of HR-system development in frames of USAID program.

I search for project work as trainer, manager or consultant in the sphere of people management, HR. Will help companies find right people, involve them, train, evaluate, motivate and help them grow.

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