Front-end developer 

Одесса · $350 · Pre-Intermediate

В командных проектах не участвовал. Интересует сфера IT в целом, поэтому пробовал разные языки программирования, технологии, платформы и т.д. Более детальная информация указана в CV.

Python, Django, Git, PostgreSQL, Linux, JavaScript, CSS, OOP, JSON, Bootstrap, HTML5, SQLite, HTML, SQL, Java SE, AngularDart, Golang

6 декабря

Senior C++ Developer 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Linux, C++17, WinApi, STL, Boost, Qt, Mac-Os, TCP/IP, C++ Rest SDK, cocos2d-x, Google Test, Google Mock, CppUnit, C#. Custom compilation of ICU library. Chromium source code experince. Experience in debugging, profiling and optimization. Remote work experience. Experience with Profiling Java applications using JMC ( Java Missions Control)

Algorithms, C++, Multithreading, STL, Visual Studio, Git, Boost, Linux, Python, REST API, Qt, TCP/IP, WinAPI, Xcode, Golang, Java Core, Machine Learning, OOP, C/C++, SQL, Windows, Design Patterns

Long term interesting project.

6 декабря

CTO, Senior C++ developer, Software Architect, Tech lead

Europe, Asia, Россия, Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Львов, Remote · $7000 · 8 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I’m of the opinion that a professional product must meet not only technical specifications but also be user-friendly for core audience. It’s my privilege to participate in developing unique products. Please free to ask any questions about my experience, about me. Summary: Interests:​ ​Blockchain ecosystem, Blockchain development, Frontend development Blockchain: ​Solidity, Web3, Truffle, Remix, Ganache, Drizzle Database servers:​ MySQL, MongoDB Development tools:​ IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, JetBrains WebStorm, Sublime, SVN, GIT, Portainer, Docker Frontend:​ Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Materialize, SASS, LESS, Compass, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, Angular, Vuejs Frameworks & Libraries:​ ExpressJS, Koa, Bluebird, Mongoose, BabyParse, BodyParser, Babel, Angular, ReactJS, SASS, LESS, BEM, JQUERY, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Materialize, Bluebird, Mocha/Chai (TDD/BDD), Moment.js, Redux, Semantic UI, Typescript, Yarn, npm, TEX, Font Awesome, AJAX Version Control System:​ GIT, SVN Others:​ AWS, DigitalOcean, Apache, *ginx, Plesk, htaccess, phpMyAdmin, SSH, Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Redmine, Jira, Gitlab Backend:​ Node.js, Go, PHP, SQL, NoSQL, Python, C++, Rust, Perl, Ruby on Rails Operating Systems:​ Windows, Linux CMS:​ Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Flynax, vBulletin, oSCommerce, IPB, Magento 1, Magento 2, Bitrix Third-party public APIs:​ SMS, Yandex, Google, AmoCRM

JavaScript, Solidity, Blockchain, Ethereum, Node.js, Redux, HTML, React, CSS3, Git, SASS, Bootstrap, webpack, TypeScript, MongoDB, Linux, Angular, OOP, Vue.js, Web Workers, Кроссбраузерная и адаптивная верстка, jQuery, CSS, Golang/Go, MySQL/Postgres, Koa2, Koa, AWS, Frontend, Backend, Back-End, REST API, HTML5, Express.js, NodeJS, JSON, AJAX, SASS/SCSS, Angular 7, MySQL, C/C++, Algorithms, C++, Multithreading, Python, Embedded, Networking, Design Patterns, STL, Qt, Visual Studio, Algorithms and Data structures

Avid Pro Tools

29 ноября

Backend Engineer / Lead

Одесса · $5000 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

- Most of the time worked on high loaded distributed projects written in Go - Have PHP background - Project management and analytics skills - Team leading experience, including remote foreign members

MySQL, Golang, Team management, Project Management, NoSQL, Distributed Systems

Managed to work for an entire week without coffee!

Product company

25 ноября

Golang Developer

Одесса · $1000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

CAREER HISTORY Jun 2019 – Aug 2019 Position Part Time Software Architect Projects NDA Responsibilities - Finding the best tech solution in all possible to solve the existing business issues. - Describing structure, characteristics, behavior, and other aspects of software to project stakeholders. - Defining features, phases, and solution requirements. - Providing specifications according to which the solution is defined, managed, and delivered. Oct 2014 - Apr 2019 Company Provectus, Reinvently, Odessa, Ukraine Position Senior PHP developer Projects NDA Responsibilities - Creating OnDemand platform and supporting - Creating and supporting 8+ projects with longest 1+ year and an average more the half year - 3 projects were created on OnDemand Platform by me and 2 without me - Knowledge sharing with the team - Informal leading and designing projects Sep 2012 - June 2014 Company Comodo , Odessa, Ukraine Position Senior PHP developer Project Comodo Mobile Device Management Environment PHP/PostgreSql/Yii/Protobuf/Git/PHPUnit Responsibilities - Development of the communication protocol of the Backend and Frontend servers. - The development part of the project responsible for the management and administration of device profiles (including Android and iOS devices) - Communication between servers and devices - Develop and design a database Project Comodo Anti Theft Project Description Development of asynchronous, horizontally scalable, multithreaded, highly loaded servers on phpDaemon running on the network using a binary protocol. Environment PHP/mongoDB/phpDaemon/Protobuf/HighLoad Project/SVN Responsibilities - Development of kernel for asynchronous, horizontally scalable, multi-threaded server running on a network using a binary protocol. - Development of load and functional testing systems based on the kernel. - Creating basics for fake users controlled AI (bots). - Writing execution delayed tasks system. - Collect and analysis of geo data with subsequent analysis using for position determination wifi, cell, cdma and ip. - Working with Mongo DB cluster - Designing structures - Data optimization for speeding up queries - Creating requests queue to accelerate queries of different types - Creating systems of parallel querying Oct 2011 - Sep 2012 Company Intersog , Odessa, Ukraine Position Senior PHP developer Project Online Casino Aug 2009 – Aug 2007 Several companies Many small projects

MySQL, PHP, Git, OOP, REST API, MVC, JSON, PostgreSQL, Jira, Yii2, MongoDB, Nginx, Yii, REST

Интересно получить практический опыт в Go. Только Одесса.

23 ноября

Software Engineer 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $4500 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Rich experience in building various types of applications - from simple API's to enormous monoliths and distributed services. Good exposure to front-end technologies. Have been designing and implementing applications and components on every day basis. Solid understanding of DevOps processes and practices Limited Tech/Team lead experience

CSS, Git, HTML, Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, Node.js, Redis, Spring, Linux, Docker, Golang, REST API, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Microservices

Would really love to work for a company that builds something of its own.

22 ноября

junior/middle/senior C,Go developer

Одесса · $2000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Last job was at COMODO/NuRD, Senior Developer/TechLead Platforms: Linux (POSIX) Programming languages: C, Golang, Perl , (PHP, JS, HTML, SQL) Developing tools: Vim, Go, GCC, Gdb, Strace, Lsof, Valgrind, Automake, Libtool Versioning systems: GIT, (SVN) Technologies: Threads, Inter Process Communication, Networking, Memory Management, Encryption Network services: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, VPN, DNS, HTTP Proxy, ICAP, LDAP, SSH Databases: PostrgeSQL, SQLite3, BerkeleyDB, Gdbm Virtualization/Cloud: AWS

C (plain), Linux, Perl, TCP/IP, WebServices, PostgreSQL, go, Multithreading, Git, C, Networking

NuSEC Web Site Backup: https://nusec.com/website-backup.php NuSEC Web SiteSecurity: https://nusec.com/website-security.php cWatch Web: https://cwatch.comodo.com/ Comodo WebInspector: https://app.webinspector.com/

18 ноября

iOS Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2500 · 1,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Performed sprint planning. Ensured the quality of code and recommended design ideas, so that we could integrate features into the existing code base without having trouble. Implemented substantial portions of the projects including navigation, persistence, subscriptions, push notications, service layers as well as numerous UI components. Did code reviews and refactored code to improve readability and development process. Key accomplishments: Recommended architectural improvements, design solutions and integration solutions. Improved the quality of the code by code reviews. Lead a team of up to 3 engineers to deliver two projects for iOS from conceptual design to production. Consistently met deadlines and requirements for all production work orders. Designed strategic plan for component development practices to support future projects.

Swift, iOS, Git, UIKit, Xcode, REST API, MVVM, MVC, CocoaPods, Multithreading, OOP, JSON, Autolayout, Jira, SOLID, Alamofire, Design Patterns, Foundation, REST, Scrum, SQLite, GraphQL, Golang, HTTP, User Experience, Carthage, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, GCD

Looking for a product company, that needs an engineer with experience in building iOS apps from ground up as well as an ability to come up with interesting design solutions and desire to learn and improve every day.

18 ноября

Web Developer

Odessa · $4500 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

My expiriance is based on: - freelance - outsoursing company - product highload company I have an expiriance in creating web sites, api's, services, mocroservices on php, js, java, golang - based on needs. I have an expiriance wokign with cms (WP, Joomla, Drupal), frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Yii), self written code. Projects written on php 5.3 and version up to php 7. I was working alone and in a team with svn/git repositories.

MySQL, Git, PHP, JavaScript, OOP, Linux, REST API, Java, Memcached, Golang, Redis, Apache2, Nginx, Microservices, bash, WebSockets, XML, SVN, Symfony

I had not much expiriance with GoLand but in this small anount of time I really love it. I would like to take a part in GoLang apllications.

17 ноября

Golang Developer

Одесса, Львов, Харьков · $1000 · 2 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Golang (entry level) -Gin Web Framework -jinzhu/gorm Java (2 years) -Java SE: Exceptions Handling, Collections, IO/NIO, JDBC, JUnit, Swing -MySQL, PostgreSQL -JSON, XML -UML, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Maven, GIT -Windows

Java, PostgreSQL, Automated Testing, Git, JUnit, Maven, MySQL, Golang, REST API, JHipster, Spring MVC

Ищу позицию Golang Developer entry level. Нравится писать на Go, хотелось бы найти интересный проект желательно Web. Готов к интенсивному изучению Golang в команде профессионалов.

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