JavaScript Developer

Odesa · $3200 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Main stack: Angular, TypeScript, RxJS, SCSS Familiar with: REST, OOP, SQL Testing: Karma, Mocha, Jest, Cypress Used from small commercial projects to pet projects: React, Redux, Node.js, Docker, MongoDB, Vue.js, VueX Used to work with: Chrome extensions, PHP, PostgreSQL, different templates engines (Twig, Ejs, Jade), socials APIs integration, d3.js, complex SVG animations Tools: WebStorm on MacOS

JavaScript, Angular, Git, TypeScript, OOP, rxjs, SQL, REST API, HTML5, CSS3, React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Docker

Worked on different kind of projects - from SPA, Chrome extensions, back-end(PHP, Node.js) to IoT. Supported sites, do care about optimizations & rendering. I appreciate good UX and user needs.

I want to strengthen my knowledge of Vue/React and/or Node.js. I would not mind switching from SPA to IoT, Web VR, Three.js. Don`t want to support legacy code.

20 January

Front-end Developer

Odesa · $900 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

Independent creation of websites for internal use in the company (test management of ad units, content management system). Have been working in the large e-commerce site in Ukraine, project based on the Vue+Nuxt.js. My duties were to implement new features, update the design, support old features and optimize performance. Have experience in outsourcing company with stack React/Redux and Next.js. Worked with such technologies: 1.Vue (Nuxt), 2.CSS preprocessors(SCSS,Stylus), 3.JS libraries( Date-fns,Ramda), 4.React state managers and etc.(Redux-saga,Redux-thunk, Mobx, Mobx State Tree)

NPM, CSS3, HTML5, SCSS, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, Linux, OOP, Node.js, MongoDB, REST API, Jira, Next.js, ES6+, Gulp, TypeScript, GitLab, STYLUS, React, Vue, Webpack

I expect a team of professionals to exchange experiences and gain new knowledge and challenges, the presence of tasks for growing in the frontend, and also interested in Node.js development. Interested projects with all or one of the next technologies: Typescript, TDD.

20 January

Backend / Node.js developer

Odesa · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

HighLoad Worked in a "programmatic" sphere. Used the OpenRTB protocol. DMP - a system for collecting and processing information about users and the use of this information in targeted advertising. My responsibilities: Development and implementation of a new future. NodeJs docker Aerospike, MySQL, mongodb git, Jira JAVA, AndroidStudio

Node.js, Aerospike, Linux, Git, Docker, MongoDB, MySQL, TypeScript

20 January

Frontend Developer 🔥

Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I'm a frontend developer with more than 3 years of professional experience working with the following technologies: React.js, Typescript, Redux, Mobx, Webpack, CSS-In-JS (styled-components), various CSS preprocessors (stylus, sass, less), Server-Side Rendering using Next.js framework.

React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Mobx, Redux, HTML5/CSS3, React router, SASS/SCSS, PostCSS, STYLUS, styled-components

I'm looking for a React.js (with Typescript in the technology stack) position with an opportunity to work remotely. Open to relocation to one of the cities listed in the profile. Currently based in Kyiv. Not interested in gambling/online gaming industry.

19 January

Team Leader javascript developer

udalenno ili Odessa · $4800 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have a range of different experience with bunch of technologies. I used to use java, GWT, android java and was writing a lot php for web development. At the moment I'm working with javascript, and have no issues switching between frontend and backend. I'm responsible for delivering product with high standards and most of the time I have to guide and lead groups of developers.

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, ReactJS, SASS, Mobx, Symfony 2, Linux, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Android, Java, Ruby, MongoDB, Docker, NodeJS, React, Express.js

I've participated in quite big amount of projects, and I'm proud to say that I have been involved in building strong development culture for most of them. As a team leader I always seek in finding gold middle between technical excellence and business goals. And success of my teams and my clients is a proof. My latest achievement as developer was a web tool for designers who use figma editor. My initial goal was to help with UI which was built using ReactJS, but eventually end up with improving architecture though all the app, which includes API endpoints which are based on express.js and java workers. All connections between them are handled by Hazelcast and Datastore is used as main store. I successfully finished all tasks and the product released in time.

Good communication level within company. Challenges and professional growth.

9 January

HTML Coder, Trainee/Junior Front-End Developer

Odesa · $350 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I have commercial experience (markup from scratch, working with someone else's markup, making edits, working with the OpenCart platform).

HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, LESS, Bootstrap, SASS, jQuery, Gulp, Adobe Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Git, SCSS, es6, ES6+, Avocode, OpenCart, Figma

Start a career in company as an HTML coder and also develop in parallel as a front-end developer. Get the necessary experience and achieve goals that will help me spend time with maximum benefit for myself and the company. Ready to work more in depth in the field of IT and develop in this direction.

8 January

Fullstack javascript developer

Odesa · $650 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

1+ years of JavaScript development experience 1+ years of experience with NodeJS; 0.5+ year of experience with Flutter; Experience with Express, React, MongoDB, Firebase, Parse server, AWS; Git/GitHub, Bitbucket,Trello, Monday, Toggle; Experience with ES5/6/7;

JavaScript, Git, HTML, CSS, OOP, Node.js, React, Redux, es6, Flutter, JSON, REST API, Google Firebase, Dart, PostMan, nestJs, MongoDB, Bitbucket, NodeJS, Express.js, TypeScript, Mongoose, Mongo, ES5, ES6, Docker

- Creating sites using React and vanilla JavaScript - Creating mobile apps using Flutter - Creating, configure Firebase and AWS, Parse servers. - Creating servers on Linux using NodeJS, NestJS, ExpressJS. - Good knowledge of REST API, creating API’s and working with them as Postman - Know modern standarts of EcmaScript - Experience of working with TypeScript - Know fundamentals of OOP and SOLID

4 January

Разработчик NodeJS

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Имею более пяти лет коммерческого опыта разработки с использованием вышеописанного стека. Постоянно старюсь расти, оптимизировать свои познания. Люблю сложные проекты, работу в команде.

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, Git, REST API, MySQL, Linux, Express.js, Docker, NodeJS, Express, SQL, JSON, OOP, CSS, Redis, HTML, RabbitMQ, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, Mongoose, Jira, bash, ES6-ES8, CI / CD, MVC

Последний проект на котором я работал представлял из себя очень гибкую, масштабируемую систему управления и автоматизации скриптов, так называемых ботов. Использовалась для запуска и управления торговыми ботами.

В идеале хочу найти стартап на долгосрочной основе для того, чтоб раскрыть весь свой потенциал. Хочу создать продукт который будет востребован среди людей. Не люблю заниматься проектами связанными с рекламой и бухгалтерией.

3 January

Smart Сontracts Developer (Solidity) 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4000 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

- Development of the decentralized applications (Dapp) - Development of the server (blockchain explorer on Node.js) - Javascript library development: pyrrha-js (interface to protocol functions) - Development of smart contracts for the pyrrha-consensus protocol​ (mine part: internal economic system) - Development of smart contract of the PAN token

JavaScript, ES6+, Solidity, Node.js, Express.js, Web3.js, Truffle Framework, Mongoose.js, Sequelize.js,, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, HTML, CSS, SCSS, SASS, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Linux, Docker, Travis, Git, test coverage, Mocha.js

- PandoraBoxchain Dapps, APIs, Smart-contracts. - Online booking service for doctors in UK. Booking life-cycle management, account management, online payments, billing, statistics and analytics. Javascript, Angular, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, mongoose.js, online services integration, RESTful APIs.

Looking for a remote role in projects as smart contracts (Solidity) and Dapps developer (intern role is acceptable). Originally I am full-stack JavaScript developer and I want to dive deeper into smart contracts development (Ethereum ecosystem). My main interests are focused on the DeFi area.

2 January

Javascript Developer (React, Node.js)

Odesa · $3000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Worked on various projects utilizing React and React-native, Node.js. Proficient in Javascript including latest standarts (ES8+), React, Redux and surrounding infrastructure. Worked with maps, payment systems, jwt, security, geosearch, data visualization, etc

React, Redux, JavaScript, Git, TypeScript, REST API, Node.js, webpack, CSS3, CSS, HTML5, HTML, es6, JSON, OOP, ES6+, Redux Thunk, NPM, Functional programming, WebSockets, SASS, React-native

Looking for high quality standards in the company, ability to work as a full stack developer, possibility to grow into tech/teamlead in the future

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