Графический дизайнер

Odesa · $500 · Intermediate

Начинающий дизайнер. Закончила курсы "Графический дизайн. Основы" в школе Projector Одесса. На курсе изучали верстку журналов, разработку логотипов и фирменного стиля, визитки, постеры, баннеры, познакомились с ретушью.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic design

Хотела бы работать под руководством главного дизайнера. Чтобы была возможность совершенствовать свои навыки


Junior QA Engineer

Odesa · $400 · Upper Intermediate

• Good knowledge and understanding of testing theory: Test Documentation, Testing Methodologies, Manual Testing, Test Design, Test Cases • Types of testing: Manual testing, Black/WhiteBox testing, Load testing • Agile & Scrum - basic knowledge • Basic knowledge of SDLC • Bug life cycle • Experience in creating easy to reproduce bugreport • Network basics (OSI, TCP/IP, HTTP) • Basic knowledge of SQL • Version Control System GIT • Bug Tracking system JIRA • MS SQL Server • Pairwise testing tool PICT • Working in different OS: win, mac, linux • Postman, Soap UI • Selenium IDE, Blazemeter • IntelliJ IDEA • Selenium WebDriver • Apache Jmeter • self-education and quick learning • good communication • working with a large amount of information • teamwork • training and managing new personal • working with documentation March 2018 - September 2019 Cashier in the DUTY-FREE Shop of the vessel Princess Anastasia 2001 - 2017 Accountant

Jira, Manual Testing, Scrum, Agile, Web Testing, HTML, Postman, SQL, Git, API testing, JSON, Selenium WebDriver, Linux, SDLC, Black Box testing, Windows, Test documentation creation, REST API, Defect/Bug tracking


QA engineer

Odesa · $500 · Intermediate

Працював Qa протягом 1 місяцю(октябрь2019) на сайті Протестував його. Також приймав участь у бетта тестуванні. Базове знання SQL HTML

Jira, SQL, HTML, Testing, Quality Assurance

21 February

UX/UI Designer

Odesa, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv · $600 · Upper Intermediate

So far, my experience was linked to Ironhack Bootcamp various school projects. I've been given assignments to develop a web and mobile product related to environmental wellness, traveling, delivery, publication, public transportation, social network, etc. The last project gave me the opportunity to work with a real startup in Spain - Olyseum, where we worked on improving the existing Blockchain-based social sports news app. Role: UX/UI designer Goal: Improve UX and user retention. I've started with UX, to get to know the users, their needs, goals, limitations, and expectations. I used tools like interviews, research the company and competitors, develop user personas, identify task flow, creating affinity diagrams and mind maps, user stories and so on to get to the core of the problem. Then I started prototyping - first I sketch screens on paper using crazy 8's approach, after that, I use Sketch to develop a high-fidelity prototype, going through all these stages I test all prototypes to make sure we are on the right way. In the end, to make it more attractive and increase user retention, using Principle app, we created several animations and tested the product again to make sure that we delivering a great product that makes sense for our end-user and clients.

User Interface, User Experience, Figma, Sketch, UI/UX, Adobe XD, InVision, CSS, HTML, mobile design, English, Prototyping, Wireframes, Product Design, Marvel App

At this stage in my career, I’m ready to work in a company with a strong and creative team to share and obtain all the knowledge and passion to build meaningful products that will influence people’s lives.

21 February

Game designer

Kyiv, Chernivtsi, Odesa, Lviv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hello, I will send CV in case of need. About myself: I love games, I play for over 10 years, I study game design in Kiev at Games Academy, I read professional literature (The art of game design and others), I have a good knowing about KPI, experience in writing a scripts,dialogs, copywriting experience ,started writing of my own creation , learning making 2d games in Unity, c # scripting, English at intermediate / upperintermediate level, and generally speak several foreign languages. I develop myself and plan to continue this in both in technical and game design directions, now I'm working at developing multiplayer runner project as a remote GD, balancing levels, thinking through them, introducing mechanics and testing it all. If you are looking for young GD, who are not afraid of code or anything else, can operate extremely limited resources and make a great game with 3 stones and bottle of water, want to make not only cool but profitable games, I will wait for contact. I prefer development for mobile devices, good know FTP projects essence and monetization types. Have already fulfilled test tasks for a similar position, which successfully passed the selection stages, but were not tied to the final relationships. (Mostly due to relocation issues or disinformation about project) I am interested in remote job, preferably, but relocation is possible too, even pretty fast. Might consider partly relationship to make both sides sure of fitment and than make them deeper.

game designer

21 February

Junior .NET Developer

Odesa · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have no commercial experience, but during a year I was developing desktop application for staff evaluation as part of a students project. Technologies I used: .NET Framework, WPF, LINQ, PgSQL; I work on AR application for Android as my pet-project.


I am looking for a job where I can improve my skills and get useful experience.

21 February

QA engineer

Odesa · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

На данный момент имею полугодовой опыт работы manual QA , также была практика отрасли автоматизационного тестирования. Также есть опыт в сфере системного администрирования, разработка планов сети, и настройка сетевого оборудования, установка и настройка серверов. Помимо профилактика, диагностика и ремонт персональных ПК, принтеров и т.д.. В данный момент хочу и дальше развиваться в направлении QA. Очень хотел б поработать в GameDev проекте, и взглянуть на ход разработки подобных проектов изнутри.

Manual Testing, Jira, Regression Testing, Web Testing, Scrum, Functional testing, Git, Agile, TestRail, Windows, Python, Android, Linux, iOS, MySQL, Kanban, Smoke testing, C/C++, Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2016, Mac Os, Unreal Engine, Wordpress, Bugzilla, Redmine, Mantis, BlueStacks, NOX, VirtualBox, TortoiseSVN, HTML, CSS, Postman, selenium standalone server, Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, JMeter, GitLab, Java, IntelliJ IDEA, API Testing

Один из первых на Украине кто помог ввести в эксплуатацию систему Multipoint для улучшения учебного процесса в одном из Одесских ВУЗов. Участвовал в разработке и улучшении сетевой инфраструктуры в ЮНПУ им. К.Д. Ушинского.

20 February

Junior SEO Specialist

Odesa · $300 · Upper Intermediate

• Аудит сайта, поиск ошибок; • Сбор семантического ядра (Навигационные запросы, Информационные запросы, Общие запросыб Транзакционные запросы); • Определение частотности запросов (Высокочастотные, среднечастотные, низкочастотные запросы); • Кластеризация ключевых слов; • Оптимизация страниц под СЯ; • Оптимизация страниц под поведенческие и коммерческие факторы; • Внешнее продвижение (ссылки, соцсигналы и др.); • В процессе обучения на курсах Hillel выполнял задания в Serpstat, Netpeak Spider, Screaming Frog, Rank Tracker, SimilarWeb, Key Collector, Ahrefs; • Работа с Google search console; • Определение наилучших каналов трафика на сайте (Органика, Прямой переход, Рефералы, Соцсети); • Анализ сайтов конкурентов заказчика (Названия категорий сайта, структура сайта, фразы с аналитики); • Оптимизация метатегов (Title, Discription); • Поиск дропов с целью привлечения SEO трафика; • Базовый технический аудит сайта; - Знаком с процессом жизненного цикла ПО, методологии Scrum, Canban, Waterfall; - Дополнительные курсы: Курс Интернет-маркетинг 2020 г.. Курс QA (manual) - 2018 г.; - Английский язык на уровне Upper Intermediate; - Высшее образование;

Sales, Business development, English, Account Management, Lead generation, Team player, Project Management, Linkedin, Communication Skills, International sales, It sales, Upwork platform, E-Marketing, Jira, B2B sales, Sales Management, SEO, SMM

- Открытие и запуск филиала с "0"; - Подбор, обучение персонала; - Увеличение клиентской базы; - Увеличение показателей доходности филиала;

- Стабильная работа и заработок; - Интересные проекты и сложные задачи, которые требуют постоянной мозговой нагрузки; - Дружный коллектив;

20 February

Intern, Junior

Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro, Odesa · $300 · Intermediate

Basic UE4, Blueprints and C++ skills. I really want to craft games. Basic PHP, HTML, CSS, mySQL. [] Intermediate English.

GameDev, Game Development, Adobe Photoshop, English, Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, C++

Готовий з головою поринути у розробку ігор. Люблю працювати у команді.

20 February


Odesa · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

mobile app - step tracker for iOS web site for furniture design landing page for extreme tour landing page medicine online shop for clothes design banner for beauty products I want to find UI/UX Design position

Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, UI/UX, mobile design, WEB DESIGN, Axure, Jira, InVision

UI/UX Design course and second place in the group for design of mobile app iOS QA manual course QA manual in training project for web site

I want to have different projects, because I want grow professionally

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