Middle QA Engineer ( web apps , remote/freelance only ) 

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Hardworking QA Engineer offering 2 years’ experience and expertise necessary to take on dynamic and complex software web systems. Strong background in manual web testing and basic experience in automation testing. Desire to bring abilities to new role with room for advancement at your Company. Proven skills in completing black and grey box tests. Capable of writing and implementing test cases, developing project documentation and identifying use cases. Currently working on 4 projects, in 2 of them participated in testing from the beginning to release. Work experience: • Testing web-based application with REST services, performing cross –browser & cross-platform, API, SRS, UI/UX, Functional, Regression,Smoke, Sanity, Black/Grey-Box testing and etc. • Created automated test scripts using Python and Selenium. • Mentoring of junior QA and knowledge transfer to new dev. members • Proposed improvements to development and testing processes to positively impact usability, function and performance. • Worked with internal and external stakeholders and team members on quality assurance efforts. • Demonstrated new product features and functionality to clients, managers and team members. • Produced and maintained consistent technical documentation. • Gathered data on integration issues and vulnerabilities and reported all findings to Project Manager with improvement recommendations. Tech skills: • API - Curl, Postman, Requests.lib • Autotests - Python + Selenium • VCS - TortoiseSVN/Git • Web technologies - HTML,CSS,XML,JSON,Xpath • Running projects on localhost ( openserver + composer ) • IDE - pyCharm, phpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA • Test Management Tools - Testrail, Testlink • Bug Tracking software/documentation - Jira ,Confluence, Redmine • Encrypting/Decrypting sha1,md5, AEC-256-CBC signatures • MySQL - basic queries • Other tools: Fiddler, Charles, FireBug, Crawlers, etc

Jira, Manual Testing, Regression Testing, Scrum, HTML, Agile, Postman, Git, Confluence, REST API, Web Testing, Functional testing, TestRail, Jenkins, JSON, Базовые знания HTML, Selenium, Chrome Dev Tools, Quality Assurance, CSS, Selenium WebDriver, Manual Testing , Redmine, XML, Fiddler, Usability testing, API testing, Check list, English, Ad Hoc testing, IntelliJ IDEA, Composer , OpenServer, TortoiseSVN, SVN, phpmyadmin , Cross-browser testing, Python, Test Design, Bug Reporting, PyCharm, phpStorm, Automated Testing, MySQL, Test documentation creation, Smoke Testing, SDLC

QA TL :)

Hardworking QA Engineer offering 2 years’ experience and expertise necessary to take on dynamic and complex software web systems. Strong background in manual web testing and basic experience in automation testing. Desire to bring abilities to new role with room for advancement at your Company.


Frontend Developer

USA, Canada, EU, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Odesa · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Developed scripts with JavaScript for webpages and web apps with React.

JavaScript, HTML5, React, Git, REST API, Redux, CSS3, TypeScript, ES6+, JSON, Node.js, SCSS, OOP, Bootstrap

I developed a face recognition web app with React.

Interesting tasks and challenges.


3d artist

Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, EU, USA, Canada · $500 · Intermediate

I was creating building models, some small tablestuff and like creating car models because of difficult thing of this type of work like hard surface modelling and high attention for details. Searching for any type of job where I can improv my skills and test acquired skills too.

3d modeling, Blender

It is hard to define exact thing I've been proud of. The most valuable for me seeing the progress of my creations (better topology etc)

I need good mentor teamlead who can direct my skills into сorrect way.


Graphic designer

Odesa · $350 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт работы: • Designer (1 год ) в компании “ShitoKrito”. В обязанности входило: разработка всей полиграфической продукции, подготовка к печати, работа с различными видами макетов. • Lead 2D Artist ( 1 год ) в игровой студии Ad Aspera над проектом "FallenCore". В обязанности входило : разработка и ведение игрового арт стиля, разработка спрайтов и графического оформления, разработка персонажей. Образование: Одесское художественное училище им. М. Б. Грекова, Одесса — младший специалист; Южноукраинский национальный педагогический университет К.Д. Ушинского, Одесса — бакалавр; Одесский технологический университет Шаг, Одесса — специализированный профессиональный курс.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesing, Graphic Design, 3d Max, AutoCad

Полностью проработанная графика для игрового проекта в Steam, Play Market:

Работа в области графического дизайна над такими вещами как: фирменный стиль, проработка полиграфической продукции, рекламный дизайн, web иллюстрации, допечатная подготовка.


Junior Project Manager

Odesa · $2500 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Product Owner (Internship) Main responsibilities: - Description and detail of tasks for the development and QA teams; - Development of exception criteria for development and QA teams; - Interaction with the designer during the development of layouts; - Risk analysis, risk management and maintaining a risk management plan; - Work planning, estimation, assessment; - Assessment of team performance. Head of IT department - Development and implementation of IT infrastructure strategy of the company's, in accordance with the company's goals and values. - Goals setting, forming KPI, control of their achievement and evaluating the result - IT teams work organizations (forming, motivation, management) - Collaboration with other business units - Operations management of the IT department - Development of corporate policies, IT regulations, and standards. - Construction and optimization of IT processes. - Organizations full lifecycle of an IT infrastructure of a large geographically distributed company (400+ points of presence): assessment, planning, architecture development, technology selection, design, implementation, implementation, maintenance, monitoring, development, and documentation - Participation in providing information security of the company; Achievements: - A restart of IT infrastructure administration functions of the company - IT audit infrastructure and services - Modernization of IT infrastructure of the company - Implementation of capacity management and incident management processes. - Develop a strategy of IT infrastructure development of the company - Planing and managing hybrid internal-cloud infrastructure see less

VMware, Zabbix, MySQL, AWS, Nginx, Git, Storage


UI/UX DESIGNER, Product Designer

Odesa, Remote · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Portfolio: behance: timurworkout dribbble: timurworkout Focus on FinTech projects: Banking, Credits, Crypto Design Education: - Google Design Sprint by Apollo Design Center (Kiev, 2019) - Product Design by Apollo Design Center (Kiev, 2019) - Visual Design for UX by Apollo Design Center (Kiev, 2019) - UX/UI Design by Mobios School (Online Course, 2018) I'm proficient in: - Prototyping (Figma, Protopie) - Use Atomic Design System Principles - Planing (Sprint Map, Product Roadmap, Time Estimation) - Writing Specifications (Job Stories, User Flows); - Conducting User Testing sessions (with functional Prototypes); - Creating artefacts such as Competitors Analysis, CJM, Personas, Value Proposition Canvas e.t.c; - Familiar with Apple Guidelines and Google Material Design My favorite Design Tools: - Figma, Overflow, Protopie, Tilda, Webflow No problem if your team is using: Sketch, AdobeXD, inVision, Principle

Figma, Product Design, Interaction Design, Interactive prototyping, User Flows, User Testing, Prototyping, Wireframes, UI/UX, Sketch, InVision, User Experience, Usability expertise, sitemaps, Mobile

High qualified Design team (or Dev team) Mobile Applications Design or Redesign (is favorite for me) Paid courses and conferences (ability to learn from professionals) Sport and Medical Package (will be great plus)


Project Manager, Development Manager

Odesa · $4600 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project and product manager with 6+ years of experience in local and international IT companies; Close interactions with QA, security, DevOps teams, product managers, stakeholders. Ensuring compliance with budget specifications, critical timeframes, and quality assurance standards, people management, risk management. Former Ruby-on-Rails engineer, DevOps engineer.

Project Management, Product management, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Jira & Confluence, AWS, AGILE/SCRUM, Docker, Kubernetes, Kanban, People management, Team management, Customer Relations, DevOps

- Challenging projects - Adequate management


Project Manager

Canada, EU, USA, Lviv, Odesa, London · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

An experienced project manager with 6 years of experience focused on developing new business ideas and leading high-impact projects side-by-side with senior teams. A successful delivery rate in budget(up to $10M) and in time(up to 2 years), which impacts more than 1M people, is 89%. Looking forward to apply my knowledge and experience in project management in development of high-load and highly-complicated projects that involves at least 1M+ users.

Jira, Technical Understanding, User Experience (UX), Agile, Project Management, data analysis, JavaScript, Product management, Risk management, Business Analysis, SDLC, Microsoft Office, Leadership, Business Analytics, Team Building, Project Management, Team management, Communication, Product management, Waterfall, Confluence, Requirements analysis, People management, Web Analytics, PMBOK, Sprint Planing

A successful delivery rate in budget(up to $10M) and in time(up to 2 years), which impacts more than 1M people, is 89%.

Big product company


Digital Marketing Manager

Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Полный рабочий день (офис/удаленно), +24/7 при форсмажорных обстоятельствах. Оплата: Офис: 2000$ Удаленно: по договоренности Данное резюме сформировано по функциональному типу, т.к за последние годы проекты были от "мы сделали сайт и он не приносит заказы" и "мы потратили кучу денег на интернет-маркетинг впустую" до "у нас все работает и нужно возглавить команду". Соответственно функции везде были сходными и нет смысла повторять одно и то же для каждого проекта. Вертикали: азартные игры, товарка, мелкий e-commerce, обычный бизнес. Что делал для каждого проекта: - выяснение "хотелок" заказчика; - аудит ресурса в соответствии с "хотелками"; - на основании аудита выявление каналов для цепочки Aquisition — Activation — Retention — Referral — Revenue; - внедрение "хотелок"; - оптимизация каналов; - получение прибыли. Какие каналы использовал: - SEO; - контекстная реклама; - реклама в социальных сетях; - ремаркетинг; - нативная и тизерная реклама; - вбросы на форумы и блоги; - автоворонки и e-mail рассылки; - контентный маркетинг; - партнерский маркетинг; - видеореклама... Инструменты: - аналитика классическая (Google, Яндекс, Piwik); - аналитика сквозная (Roistat); - персонализации для интернет магазинов (Retail Rocket); - сервисы e-mail рассылок (UniSender, eSputnik, MailChimp); - программы для управления проектами (Trello, Jira, Redmine); - CRM от самописных до коробочных; - методология Scrum. Команда: - от 1 человека (меня); - до 10-12 человек (контекстологи, дизайнеры, SMM, копирайтеры); - либо управление подрядчиками через таски. Полное резюме - по запросу (не вмещается тут).

SEO, Agile

Результат: - приведение в порядок всех каналов работы с клиентом; - уменьшение затрат на рекламу; - уменьшение стоимости привлечения клиента; - увеличение LTV; - на последнем месте работы сделано 5 500 000 грн. вала при спаде спроса.

В первую очередь интересны геблинг-офферы, затем услуги и потом товарный бизнес.


Junior Front-end Developer

Odesa, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv · $300 · 1.5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Изучаю веб разработку на протяжении 1.5 лет Участвовал в обслуживании сайтов. А так же имею небольшой опыт в фрилансе. Ищу работу для начала карьеры front-end разработчика, что умею: HTML, CSS3, Gulp, SASS. JavaScript - ES5+ Vue.js - основы, работа с компонентами. Node.js - работал с созданием сервера, делал легкого бота, а ещё работал с mongoDB PHP - работа с БД, использовал библиотеку redbean. React.js - умею открывать проекты и работать с JSX.

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, Git

Развиваться в своей сфере, и работать в ней.

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