15 July

Разработчик Swift

Chernivtsi, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Dnipro · $400 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Вивчення мови Swift , 4 курс Чернівецького університету по спіціальності «Прикладна математика» . https://bitbucket.org/ktslyana/swiftprojects.git

Swift, iOS, Xcode, Git, OOP, UIKit, Cocoa Touch


13 July

Middle Front-end Developer 🔥

Lviv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, JavaScript( 1 year commercial experiance ), Backbone.js ( 6 month commercial experiance ), Marionet.js( 6 month commercial experiance ), React.js ( myself experiance ), Angular.js / Angular 2+, HTML, CSS, Scrum, Jira

Angular.js, Angular 2+

12 July

iOS Developer

$3000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have 8 years development experience including .Net, JavaSE, iOS(Objective-C and Swift), Android(Java and Kotlin)

iOS, Xcode, Swift, REST API, Objective-C, CocoaPods, JSON, GCD, Jira, Multithreading, MVVM, CoreLocation, SOLID, UIKit, MVC, CoreData, OOP, Cocoa Touch, Design Patterns, Foundation, Autolayout, MapKit, Scrum, Alamofire, REST, Firebase, Objective C, Push-notifications, Git, CI/CD

I would like to work in a big team there members collaborate each other to create quality and clean code

11 July

Python/Django developer

Remote or Lviv, Kiev · $4000 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Реализовывал проекты: Инструменты для анализа и визуализации данных Микросервисы для биллинга телекоммуникационной компании Сервис для обнаружения паразитов малярии на снимках крови с микроскопа + приложение для iOS

Git, PostgreSQL, Python, MySQL, JavaScript, Mercurial, Swift, Django, Jira, Linux, REST API, Celery

No js!!!

11 July

iOS Engineer 

Lviv · $1500 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Knowledge of Swift and the basics of Objective-C. Experience with these frameworks: UIKit, CoreData, CoreAnimation CoreGraphics, URLSession, GCD. Strong theoretical and practical programming background, including skills in data analysis, AR/VR and backend programming. Familiar and has experience with these tools: Git, JIRA, CocoaPods, Swift Package Manager, AppStoreConnect. English - upper-intermediate. I had experience communicating with a customer, including live demos and features discussions. I know what being responsible is and am ready to tackle challenging tasks.

Algorithms, OOP, UIKit, Design Patterns, Git, Swift, CoreData, Multithreading, Objective-C, MVVM, CoreLocation, CoreAnimation, CocoaPods, Autolayout, REST API, SOLID

I successfully finished a complete redesign of an application. It included the development of complex screens, full of custom elements with a moderate amount of animations and advanced usage of CoreGraphics. As for now, I am maintaining a whole project by myself, in addition to various tasks on the other projects.

I am looking for a job which will not distract me from studying at university but will help me release all my enthusiasm and passion. I would be thrilled to use the latest technology stack and push my expertise towards not only in iOS.

10 July

Android Developer

Lviv · $3200 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Over 4 years of Android Development experience. Developed simple and complex applications from scratch using Java and Kotlin, designed and implemented app architecture, local storage database, caching and sync logic, layers communications (RxJava), unit tests, UI. Worked on refactoring, bug-fixing and UX improvements of existing applications. Implemented communication with REST API using Retrofit, dependency injection using Dagger and Koin, local storage using SQLite and Room (also worked with Realm some time ago), push notifications. Experience with Android Architecture Components, Firebase (realtime DB, firestore, analytics, crashlytics etc.), socials SDK, Google Maps. Experience with iOS development (Swift, Obj c). Upper intermediate level of English. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

Android, Android SDK, Design Patterns, Git, Java, Kotlin, Dagger 2, Gradle, Multithreading, OOP/OOD, REST API, Retrofit, RxJava, Scrum, SQL, SQLite, JSON, MVP, MVVM, Room, Dagger2, Android Architecture Components, Swift, iOS, Jira, Firebase, WebSockets, WebRTC

10 July

iOS Developer

Zaporizhzhya, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk · $800 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Работаю в небольшой аутсерсинговой компании. Делал клиент-серверный приложения. Выполнял задачи по внесению изменений в уже существующие проэкты. Опыт работы в команде. OOP, SOLID. MVC, MVP, VIPER. xCode, Interface Builder, Storyboard, SQLite, CoreData, Foundation, Cocoa Touch, UIKit , GCD, AutoLayout, CocoaPods, FBSDK, Firebase, Google API. In-app purchase, Apple Push Notification service.

Swift, Objective-C, iOS, Git, CoreData, Xcode, UIKit, OOP, REST API, CoreLocation, MapKit, JSON, MVC, Cocoa Touch, Multithreading, GCD, SQLite, firebase, Design Patterns, CocoaPods, Foundation, Cocoa, AppStore connect, OOP/OOD, REST, SOLID, Autolayout, Objective C, Facebook API, VIPER, Jira, Alamofire, Firebase, Push Notifications, iOS SDK, KVC, Scrum, Networking, realm

Сделал два коммерческих проекта. Самостоятельно освоил VIPER.

Хочу возможность перенимать опыт у квалифицированых специалистов. Ожидаю четко поставленных задач от менеджера. Карьерного роста.

9 July

iOS Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 2.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

SKILLS: PushNotifications; UIKit, Foundation, GoogleMaps, Firebase, ARKit; OOP, MVC, MVVM, VIPER; Objective-C, Swift; JSON, ObjectMapper, Alamofire, AFNetworking, Postman; Storyboard, XIB, AutoLayaut; CocoaPods, Bitbucket, SourceTree.

Push Notifications, iOS SDK, JSON, MVVM, Storyboard, Swift, VIPER, Alamofire, MVC, Objective C, OOP/OOD, ARKit, CoreLocation, firebase, SceneKit, GoogleMaps, OpenCV

Participated in the development of 13 application. He worked as a team and independently.

interesting projects; friendly staff; teamwork for experienced iOS developers; family atmosphere; professional growth as a developer.

4 July

iOS Developer

Lviv · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

IOS Developer Best Business (IT-software) December 2018 — till present time • Developing and supporting applications for iOS. Publishing them to App Store. • Developing and supporting an application for IT academy. IOS Developer Levent Project (IT-software) June 2018 — December 2018 • Worked on automatic trading system that provides ability to create custom user strategies using tools as indicators etc. IOS Developer geekApps, (IT-software) June 2018 — December 2018 • Worked on Web-server application for automatically building and uploading apps to App Store and Play Market. IOS Developer Freelance, self-employed (IT-software) March 2017 — January 2018 • Developed a variety of applications for iPhones and iPads, with Swift. Worked on self-education app for Spanish, Fitness App and etc.

Fastlane, OOP/OOD, REST API, Swift, CocoaPods, CoreData, Design Patterns, firebase, GCD, Git, MapKit, Multithreading, MVC, MVP, SOLID, MVVM, SQL, C++, RxSwift, Autolayout, Objective-C

3 July

Senior iOS Developer

Lviv · $3700 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Swift, Objective-C, data bases (CoreData, Realm, SQLite), C/C++ base, MapKit, UIKit, networking, multithreading, autolayout, memory management

iOS, Objective-C, Swift

I have experience with creation of various mobile application, like a: - Social apps - Music players - Online TV - Apps for startups - Apps for emotion recognition - Cloud solution - Statistics app - Cost calculation app If U want to get more information about my projects, pls, ping me ;) I'll give U all answers.

Hey everybody, I'm looking for something new for me: - new places - new challenges - new projects - new awesome teams Where i can apply all my enthusiasm, creativity and passion in work!

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