Junior Strong / Middle DevOps

Lviv · $1550 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

DevOps: - develop and maintain CI/CD pipeline - infrastructure administration - automation scripts Technical Support Engineer - monitoring and support of existing AWS infrastructure - automation of common tasks using bash/Python - implementing, configuring and fine-tuning monitoring solutions L2 Support Engineer: - support of Docker-based application - using bash to automate common tasks

Ansible, Apache, AWS, bash, Docker, Git, Linux, Regex, Zabbix, Python, Kubernetes, Jira, DNS, CI/CD, Jenkins, packer, Helm, REST API, Boto3, Tomcat, Maven, Kafka, Terraform, SQL, Scrum

- Auto-scaling, self-healing infrastructure for a website using CloudFormation - Acquired all 3 AWS Associate level certifications in during a 6 month period - Automated SSL purchase, activation and validation via API calls - Created cost optimization report that allows saving more than $7 000 a month

Looking to join a DevOps team to be able to learn from the best.


System administrator

Lviv · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Windows XP-10, Windows Srv 2008-2016, TCP/IP,VPN, FTP, DNS, DHCP, RDP, NAT, SSH, RAID,AD, GPO, Apache2, MS SQL, L2-L3 switches, WI-FI, Routers, VMWare, VirtualBox, Thunderbirds, TheBat, DVR, IP-cams, ATC, HelpDesk, монтаж інформаційних та силових мереж, дрібний ремонт комп’ютерної та офісної техніки

Windows, Networking, DNS, DHCP, SQL, GPO


Azure Senior DevOps/SRE/System Engineer / IT infrastructure Lead / Team Lead / Tech Lead / ...

Lviv, Praga, Varshava · $6500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Windows, Active Directory, Group Policy, PowerShell, PKI, CS, Networking, Exchange Server, Lync/Skype Server, MS SQL Server, Windows Server, Clustering, Hyper-V, Azure, AWS, DevOps Lead, Tech Lead, IIS, VDI/TS, Virtualization, Docker, SMB/CIFS, DFS, DevOps, System Center, Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Git, Monitoring, Audit, Security, SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange Online, IT Infrastructure, Operation Support, ITIL, MOF, ITSM, Team Lead, LDAP, SMTP, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, Agile, SCRUM, JIRA, SRE, MediaRoom, IPTV/VOD/OTT, Azure DevOps

Visual Basic, Active Directory, Audit, Automation, Certificate Services, DNS, Exchange Online, Exchange Server, Group Policy, Hyper-V, IIS, Messaging, Microsoft Office, Monitoring, office 365, PKI, PowerShell, Scripting, SMB/CIFS/..., SMTP, SRE, System Center, Win32, WinAPI, Windows, Windows Server, wsus, Automated Testing, AutoTask, Azure, clustering, HTML, HTTP, ITIL / ITSM / MOF, Jira, Microsoft SQL Server, MS SQL Server, Networking, OSPF, RBL, SQL, TCP/IP, VDI/TS, Virtualization, .NET, Agile, ASP.NET, AWS, Confluence, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, DevOps, English, Intune, Lync/Skype Server, MediaRoom, prtg, SCCM, Scrum, Security, Unified Messaging, Visual Studio, VMware, VOD/OTT, WMI, Wordpress, C#, Git, IPTV, PHP, Product management, Project Management, SCOM, SharePoint, Team management, TFS, Artifactory, C++, CentOS, Docker, FreeBSD, Jenkins, PCI DSS, REST API, TeamCity, ElasticSearch, SAFE, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure

More than 30 years IT-professional experience. Certifications: MCSA: Windows / Messaging / Security MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) MCTS, MCDST, ...

My primary specialization is IT infrastructures - from classical enterprise office infrastructures, up to highload cloud/hybrid internet services or corporate/enterprise IT infrastructures. From design and development, up to support and automation. Main specializaton for last two years is DevOps & SRE processes. I love Azuree DevOps :) I'm interested in work where I can apply my knowledge and experience, and get new ones. I prefer the Microsoft platform with which I have a very high level of expertise, but I also operate various products for Unix/Linux platforms. I have a good practical experience of cloud and hybrid solutions with the use of Azure and AWS. I have a good experience of technical and team leadership. I prefer projects with a full set of tasks - design, deployment, integration and support for IT infrastructures.

16 October

Linux Administrator

Ivano-Frankovs'k, Lviv · $700 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

OS: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS Virtualization: OpenVZ, VMWare vSphere, Proxmox Network and protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP. Understanding of OSI, NAT, DNS, DHCP Monitoring: Nagios, Zabbix, Grafana Language: bash Webservers: Apache, Nginx VoIP: Asterisk Hosting: ISP-Config Backup services: backup-manager, rsync Security: fail2ban, iptables, clamav Configuration management: Ansible, Chef, Puppet Storage management: mdadm, lvm2 File servers: pure-ftpd, proftpd Software: MySQL, monit, knockd, Exim

bash, ISP-Config, Linux, Asterisk, fail2ban, vagrant, Ansible, Apache, Bitbucket, Chef, ClamAV, docker, Git, iptables, MySQL, Nagios, AWS, Berkshelf, docker-compose, ffmpeg, GitLab, Jenkins, Jira, Nginx, PHP-fpm, Prxmox, Python, Redmine, Zabbix, HAProxy, Memcahe, MongoDB, puppet, python-boto, Redis, Tomcat

- maintenance and support of web-hosting - designing, implementation and deployment of ISP-Config(Master / Slave servers) - scripts implementation for basic attacks protection of hosting servers - network equipment configuration (switches, routers), basic servers configuration - telephony server configuration based on Asterisk, Cisco IP phones configuration - creation of CloudFormation template for nodejs application deployment - chef roles development for installation and configuration webservers, databases + vagrant, chef-zero+berkshelf - preparation and maintenance of test, dev, stage and live environments - writing git hooks - project deployment using Jenkins, docker, docker-compose, AWS - UI tests automation using xvfb and chromedriver

Interesting job and good team

16 October

DevOps engineer 🔥

Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk · $3000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

3+ years in DevOps, create and improve infrastructure in the cloud (AWS), create/improve/support CI/CD process, customer support, Automation, scripting.

Linux, bash, TCP/IP, Networking, Ansible, Docker, AWS, Zabbix, DNS, Jenkins, Apache, CentOS, VMware, Terraform, CI/CD, Troubleshooting, MAC OS, Nginx, Ubuntu, Git, LAMP

Created from scratch local lab based on ESXi + CI (Jenkins) + Network ( Mikrotik ). Migrate the Docker-based ( Machine learning) project from Ubuntu to RHEL. Setup zero-downtime production deployment (AWS).

Linux/AWS/Docker. No overtimes, no on-call.

16 October

system administrator, DevOps engineer

Dnipro, Lviv, Vinnitsia, Khmelnytskiy, Uzhgorod · $700 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Freelancer (WEB, System Administration), Дніпро (IT - розробка та супровід програмного забезпечення), з 09.2014 по нині Розробка та технічний супровід сайтів (CMS: Wordpress, OpenCart; HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python, MySQL. Frameworks: Flask, Django. Системи контролю версій: Git). Налаштування хостингу, VPS (Debian, CentOS). Віддалений супровід серверів та клієнтських робочих місць. Налаштування мережі. Діагностика та блоковий ремонт комп'ютерів. Консультації з питань пов'язаних з інформаційними технологіями. Інспектор відділу інформатизації (системний адміністратор) з 06.2009 по 08.2010 (1 рік 2 місяці) Державна податкова інспекція, Дніпро (Державний сектор) Встановлення і адміністрування серверних продуктів і серверів на базі MS Windows (AD, DNS, DHCP, GPO, MS SQL) та клієнтських робочих місць (Windows XP, близько 200). Забезпечення інформаційної та антивірусної безпеки. Адміністрування баз даних. Діагностика і ремонт комп'ютерної техніки, впровадження і супровід програмного забезпечення, налаштування і адміністрування мережі та ін.

Linux, bash, Git, TCP/IP, Networking, Docker, AWS, Ubuntu, Python, CentOS, VirtualBox, DNS, DHCP

14 October

DevOps engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Supports more than 50 servers; Monitoring, installing, configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting and fixing Unix / Linux server errors; Working with version control systems: git; Setting up HTTP and reverse proxy server (Apache, Nginx); Use of control systems by the configuration Ansible, Puppet; CI/CD settings Jenkins, TeamCity, GoCD; Monitoring system Zabbix, Prometheus; Experience with Docker; Experience with Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean; Experience with blockchain technology: Ethereum, Bitcoin; Swarm, IPFS; Worked with an open instrument for simplifying the formation, installation and management of images of virtual machines Vagrant; Setting up HTTP and reverse proxy server (Apache, Nginx); Use of control systems by the configuration Ansible, Puppet; CI/CD settings Jenkins, TeamCity, GoCD;

IPFS, Linux, Ansible, MySQL, Docker, Nginx, Ubuntu, Zabbix, Git, AWS, Postfix, Dovecot, Prometheus+Grafana

Experience with blockchain technology: ethereum, bitcoin; swarm, ipfs.

13 October

DevOps engineer 🔥

Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Berlin, USA, EU, Canada · $1000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

1) jenkins: freestyle projects(build git code, testing, deploy to AWS Elastic Beanstalk), slaves. 2) docker: build, pull, push containers; docker compose; docker swarm scaling; Portaine Web UI. 3) linux: basic comands for troubleshooting, setup nginx+apache+php+mysql+phpmyadmin+wordpress. 4) windows: ad, dns, hyper-v, npas. 5) ansible: deploy docker-compose file on EC2, docker swarm init and scale. 6) network: setup Mikrotik (capsman+radius+ad, vpn+ad, vlan, netwatch); HP l2+l3 switch. 7) VMware ESXI setup. 8) AWS: EC2, S3, RDS, Beanstalk, VPC, IAM, load balancer, auto scaling groups, cloud front. 9) Terraform(create network infrastructure on AWS, 3 EC2 instances in different aviability zones) 10) Nginx as Proxy/Revers Proxy/Load balancer 11) Git

Networking, Git, Docker, TCP/IP, Nginx, Ubuntu, Windows, Ansible, MySQL, AWS, Jenkins, DNS, Apache, VMware, DHCP, SQL, docker, load balancing, routing, Linux, bash, CI/CD, GitHub, Terraform

12 October

System administrator/DevOps 🔥

Lviv · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

More than 13 years experience in IT. DevOps, Linux/Unix/Network Administrator Stack - Monitoring - Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, Solarwinds - Databases - Mysql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB - Automation - Ansible - Hypervisors - KVM, VMware, VirtualBox - Virtualization - Proxmox, Vmmanager - Load balancers - HAProxy, Nginx - Containers - LXD, Kubernetes, Docker - Network - Cisco, Dell, D-Link, Juniper, Zyxel - Bare metal server: Dell, HP - Storage - CEPH, NFS, ZFS, NetAPP, QNAP

Linux, bash, Networking, TCP/IP, Ubuntu, Ansible, MySQL, Zabbix, DNS, Python, Apache, DHCP, CentOS, Cisco, VirtualBox, MongoDB, Mikrotik, Monitoring, Proxmox, LAMP, KVM virtualization, VLANs, Docker

Created from scratch high-availability virtualization KVM cluster Created from scratch high-availability CEPH storage cluster Created from scratch private high-available Kubernetes-based cluster

10 October

DevOps engineer

Lviv · $1800 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 2 years experience as DevOps enginner which focused on monitoring and opsinf areas. Experience: Scripting: Bash , Python , Groovy OS: CentOS , Ubuntu , FreeBSD Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL Clouds: AWS , Openstack Containerization: Docker, basic experience with Kubernetes Virtualization: KVM , Xen Continuous code quality: SonarQube VCS: Git Monitoring: Nagios , Icinga , Monit, Telegraf , Influxdb , Grafana Configuration management: Chef , Ansible Other: ELK stack , Terraform, Gerrit

Ansible, Linux, Git, bash, Networking, MySQL, TCP/IP, AWS, Python, Ubuntu, Nginx, Docker, Jenkins, DNS, Apache, DHCP, VMware, CentOS, Jira, docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, SQL, openssl, Linux virtualization, load balancing

Without oncall duties

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