QA Engineer 

l'vіv · $1800 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Extensive knowledge of software testing methodologies and approaches focused on Automation testing Automation testing experience using Selenium WebDriver with different frameworks and languages Technical knowledge of all phases of SDLC and software test management, test processes, techniques and methods including executing regression, smoke, acceptance, system integration and black-box testing Well-developed understanding of internet technologies and web application architecture, networking concepts

Automated Testing, Selenium, REST API testing, Python, Git, JIRA, Web Tesing, HTTP, XPath, Linux, Microsoft SQL Server, BDD

Professional growth Interesting project Flexible schedule Friendly atmosphere in the office


Python/Django developer 

l'vov, eu, usa, london · $2700 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Main (and favorite technologies): * Python * Django * JavaScript * vuejs

CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Django, Python, Git, JavaScript, Jira, jQuery, Angular.js, PostgreSQL, vuejs

I love my job!

- Interesting and challenging projects using Django (from scratch would be cool) - Work at office - Positive team and company in general - free coffee (really like it :) ) - different bonuses


Программист 1С, Python

rovno, kiev, l'vov · $1000 · 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Имею 8-летний стаж в системном администрировании/программировании 1С: - Сертифицирован: "1С:Професионал". - программирование на платформе 8.1,8.2,8.3 - программирование на конфигурациях УТ3.1, УТП, ЕРП, УНФ. - настройка/подключение торг. оборудования для 1С - Разработка моб. приложения для 1С. Создание обмена между мобильным приложением и 1С. junior Python Programmer

1С, Python


iOs Swift Developer 

odesa, lviv, kyiv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Expertise: iOs apps development using Swift (UIKit, SpriteKit, WKWebView, EventKit, Cocoapods); Backend development using Python (core, Django, Flask); Natural language processing and linguistic analysis (Python, NLTK); Product and knowledge owning (personal stroke, just can’t hold myself); Team leading. Tech Skills: Swift, XCode - <1 year; Python - 1 year; Perl - 1 year; MySQL, Postgres, SQLite - 3 years; Construct 2, Game Maker - 6 years; XML, YAML, JSON - 5 years; Git, Perforce - 4 years. Soft Skills: Managing teams and projects - 6 years; Project planning - 6 years; Public speaking - 3 years; Coaching, educating - 5 years; Analytics (web, app, projects) - 6 years. Previous work experience: DB integrator @ Luxoft. Achievements/Tasks: * Extending codebase using Perl; * Legacy review, documenting, upgrading and covering with tests; * Automated database integrations; * Team relations management. Game developer @ Toco Studios * Shipped ~8-12 games per year using Construct2 framework; * Had experience in different genres: time managers, hidden objects, match 3, educational, platformers, etc.; * Made games for Nickelodeon, MTV. Project lead @ Nevosoft * Achieved TOP-5 free apps in Apple App Store after release (games was featured by Apple); Formed a smooth-working team of * Managed a team of 3 authors, 2 artists and 2 developers. * Prototyped an intuitive UI\UX design; * Implemented and balanced in-game monetisation system; Project manager @ Amphibius & Oracles club * Pitched, described, managed and successfully released 3 games in 1 year; * Managed fast and productive iterative work of all-remote team; * Exceeded investor's expectations in both ARPU and ARPPU. Head of marketing department @ ARTW * Attracted key clients: Subway, Fujitsu, OZON, MTS; * Implemented new analytical services for clients; * Increased department's gross 3.5 times; * Implemented and followed strategic planning; * Took part in various conferences\meetups\master-classes as a guest speaker.

Jira, Project Management, Agile, Analytics, CSS, Django, HTML, OOP, Python, JSON, Perl, REST API, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite

I am a dedicated creator. As a developer i've started from game development years ago. With the passing of time i gained good understanding of complicated systems and detailed processes. I prefer deep special knowledge, mastering tools and languages, rather than picking the tops and scratching surfaces. Now i am at the "pivot" point, turning into full-time iOs developer and looking for the suiting environment (team, project, time scope) to grind my skills. I have great management background. I was a project manager in software development for years and definitely know how it works. Being a part of a team, keeping people motivated and busy, staying in touch with the client during the day, delivering great projects in tight cooperation - these were most important things for me. I am business-oriented. It is absolutely obvious, that writing code is a tool, not a goal. That is why i am interested in project, business goals and how can I help to achieve them with my skills and responsibilities. I've been a part of remote and on-site teams, worked with Austria, USA, India, Canada, Ireland, Russia and Latvia on projects in different stages. I have seen a lot and I definitely want to see more.


DevOps engineer 

lviv, Ukraine · $5000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

AWS (EC2, ECS, RDS, S3, IAM, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CloudFront, Lambda, SNS, SQS, EMR, Route53, CloudTrail, TrustedAdvisor), MongoDB (Mongo Atlas), Redis (RedisLabs), SQL, Git, Jenkins (DSL), Vault, Vertica, Airflow, Ansible, Docker, Python, Bash, Git (GitHub), Fastly, Akamai. GCP (GCE, GKE, Cloud SQL, Cloud Store)

Monitoring, Amazon, Automation, Linux, Python, Security, Azure, Windows Server, CSS, HTML, MySQL, Jira, Nginx, Ruby, GCP

AWS Certified Developer - Associate AWS Certified SysOps - Associate

Профессиональный рост.

22 May

Web Developer

zaporozh'e, kiev, har'kov, dnepr, l'vov · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Стеки mean, mern, mongodb(mongoose), mysql. Redux, rest API, spa. Опыт работы с бекэнд языком python. Крепкие знание с+. Опыт работы имееться. В обязаности входило. Разроботка веб приложений. Как spa так и больших приложений(онлайн магазин обуви). Разработка на стеке mearn а так же сочетание next js и python

Участие в олимпиаде по программированию ICPC

Работа над интересными проэктами с перспиктивой личного развития

22 May

Data science

lviv, Ukraine · $500 · Intermediate

Python, BeautifulSoup, urlopen, psycopg2, pygeocoder, numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, django OO Basic, PostgreSQL (PostGIS)

pygeocoder, psycopg2, PostgreSQL (PostGIS), urlopen, Matplotlib, numpy, pandas, matplotlib, numpy, Pandas, psycopg2, pygeocoder, scikit-learn); OO Basic, urlopen, Machine Learning, Keras, scikit-learn, Python, Data Science, Deep Learning, Django

My projects: - system of automated preparation of property valuation reports (OO Basic, OO Writer, OO Calc); - system of collecting and processing proposals for the sale of real estate in Ukraine (PostgreSQL (PostGIS), Python).

21 May

Full Stack Web Developer 🔥

kiїv, l'vіv · $1200 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Протягом 1.5 року працював на 6-ти outsource проектах різної важкості. Досвід роботи у React, angular, AWS, GCP. Прекрасне розуміння REST API. Непогані скіли у алгоритмізації. Весь цей час паралельно працював у стартапі.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Node.js, HTML, React, SASS, REST API, webpack, TypeScript, JSON, SCSS, LESS, Angular, MySQL, C/C++, GIT, Software Development, MacOS, Jira, Gulp, OOP, CSS

Пишаюсь тим, що на деякий час дуже швидко зміг перекваліфікуватись на MicroPython і прекрасно справився зі своїми тасками. Навчився швидко опановувати нові технології.

Цікавлять всі пропозиції, хочу та вмію швидко розвиватись в багатьох напрямках.

21 May

Python Developer

l'vіv · $300 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- MyMoneyApp - додаток. для моніторингу витрат. Flask, OpenCV, Google API, SQL Lite - UCUAPP- аплікація, для оптимізації навчального процесу шляхом інтеграції усіх джерел комунікації. Flas, HTML/CSS, Google Calendar API, JavaScript - EatMe - веб-сайт, щоб пропонує рецепти, за ключовими параметрами. Flask, HTML/CSS, Javascript - Saturday Sun - веб-сайт, для замовлення їжі людям з обмеженням в харчуванні. Flask, Beautiful Soup, SQLAlchemy, HTML/CSS , Javascript - Класифікація кредитних ризиків за допомогою SVM Flask, sklearn, HTML/CSS

Python, JavaScript, MySQL, Flask, HTML, CSS, OOP, Algorithms, DataStructures, Git, sklearn

Класифікація кредитних ризиків за допомогою SVM, яка має 76% точність. Участь та призові місця у хакатонах.

Очікую освоїти нові технології, зараз зацікавилась Machine Learning і хотіла б розвиватися в цьому напрямку.

21 May

Junior Python Developer

l'vіv · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Закінчив курси від softserv academy, є досвід розробки різних телеграм ботів, таких як музикальні боти, боти пошуковики, інтернет магазини. є досвід роботи з парсерами, вмію працювати з базами даних sql, є досвід роботи з html та з css, бистро навчаюсь, готовий розглянути всі пропозиції!

Python, SQL, Git, HTML

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