Middle .NET Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Два три опыта работы c платформой .Net. Знаю потайные двери и некоторые тонкости работы с ней. Последние два года работал на одной из галер.

.NET, ASP.NET, mvc, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL, REST API, MVC, OOP, .NET Core

Знаком с матчастью типо Шилдта и постоянно изучаю новые подходы.

Самое главное - это интересный проект. В приоритете работа полный рабочий день удаленно. Последний год работал именно на удалёнке, так что имею хороший опыт такой кооперации с командой. Так же буду рад работать с идейными ребятатами в стартапе.


Senior/Lead Front-end/Full Stack Developer

Lviv, Remote · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

More than 10 years of solid experience in web and mobile development. Worked on different positions: Front-end Developer, Full Stack Developer, Team Lead, Sales Engineer. Experience in various areas - both front end (layout, animations, single page apps), and back end (Node.js, PHP), and mobile (PhoneGap, Ionic). Strong background in technical leadership and people management (Tech/Team Lead), starting projects from scratch, developing application architecture.

JavaScript, Node.js, React, Vue.js, Redux, Backbone.js, Jest, Cypress, PhoneGap, Ionic, Unit testing, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Yii, Git, Jira, Jenkins, ECMAScript 2015, Scrum, HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, REST API, TypeScript, GraphQL, Auth0, Apigee, Docker, Sencha, Ext.js, D3.js, Angular

- Created dozens of web-based e-detailing solutions (with lots of CSS animations and graphs) for mobile devices (mostly for iPad) and mobile applications for iOS and Android (PhoneGap). - Designed and developed a cross-platform mobile app for real-estate brokers. - Developed tools for printing large grids and SVG graphs to PDF on top of Node.js. - Designed and delivered scheduling and auto running framework for financial processes. - Delivered a grid configuration tool that applies formats to different grid regions based on grid data provided. - Took part in creating an architecture for project transition from Angular1 to Angular2 as well as creating an architecture for the mobile version of an application. - Made an incidents tracking system with React, Python and Google App Engine services, integration with PagerDuty. - Developed dozens of corporate websites for different customers working in real estate, engineering, internet trading, advertising, furniture production, international charity foundations, press. - Delivered questionnaire framework based on JavaScript and CSS3. - Development and maintenance of e-commerce solutions: business processes automation, e-payments integration, SMS/MMS gateways integration, Ubuntu Linux simple server maintenance. - Developed a call center web interface for the sales department (tickets booking), remote ticket printing tool, concert hall plan designing tool.

- React or Vue.js tech stack - Comfortable with both front-end and back-end

22 October

Разработчик Magento

Ternopil, Lviv · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Senior / Temlead Magento developer (experience on CTO position for 2 years) PHP Perl MySQL JavaScript (Prototype JS, some expirience with JQuery) PostgreSQL FireBird

Magento, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Linux

Люблю задачи по оптимизации magento performance. Могу решить 99% задач под magento без использования rewrites, если задача впринципе без них решаема. Большой опыт работы с FullPage Cache под EE magento Опыт на технических руководящих позициях (тимлид, CTO)

Интересные задачи Дружный коллектив В перспективе задачи по Magento 2 Конференции, командировки.

21 October

Team Lead

Lviv · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Senior Frontend Developer Innofis|CREALOGIX Apr 2019 – Present Location - Barcelona Area, Spain --- Senior Frontend Developer Accenture Apr 2017 – Apr 2019 Location - Riga, Latvia --- FullStack Web Developer KindGeek Oct 2015 – Apr 2017 --- Web developer Freelance Apr 2013 – Oct 2015

JavaScript, GIT, Algorithms, CSS, CSS3, HTML, WebServices

20 October

Head of R&D, CTO, Chief Architect, VP of Engineering, Project Manager, Tech Lead

Cherkasy, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv, Kyiv, EU · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

system architecture, Technical Leadership, Product management, Project Management, Architect, team lead, English, Team management, Requirement analysis, Agile, Jira, Git, Engineering management, MacOS, Redmine

I have experience in: Direct management of engineering & R&D teams (up to 10-15 people) in product organization.
 Bringing up the development process from R&D to production level. Management of PMs team in product company. 
Experience in Solutions Architecture and leading R&D initiatives.
 Creating, reviewing and improving system architecture. 
Products and services development from the scratch.
 Full management of projects through the full project lifecycle. 
Planning (team structure, delivery plan, vision, budgeting). Managing projects with local and foreign customers.
 Building the motivated team.
 Managing multiple teams.
 Work within an international team. 
Staff recruiting and training.
 Customer support service organization and management.

I'm always looking for new challenges and open for interesting projects and positions. Head of R&D, CTO, Project Manager, System Architect and Tech Lead positions are preferred.

20 October

Supply Department Director

Lviv · $700 · 7 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

7+ years of experiance working in IT companies. Previously Executive Director of Building Materials production company, working at international delivery of spare parts, also organizing work in Trade Unions and Sport Activities. Temporary working in Italy and Poland. Languages: Italian - Intermediate, Basic English - currently learning.

Delivery, Repair, Supply, Support

Got strong and important relations with valuable people across the IT sphere and around the city as well.

Clear tasks and a full time load ;)

20 October

Senior Java Developer/Java Team Lead

Lviv · $5500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Java, Spring, RDBMS, NoSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Hadoop/MapReduce, Spark, HBase, Hive, Linux, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Hibernate, EJB, JMS, J2EE/GRASP Patterns, SVN/Git, JIRA/Confluence, Jenkins, Bamboo, Eclipse, JBoss, Tomcat, JUnit/TestNG, JSP/Servlet, JSTL, JMX, Struts, JSF, Ajax, JQuery, REST, Jersey, Swagger, SOAP, Amazon AWS, ActiveMQ, Kafka, Docker/Kubernetes.

Java, Spring, REST, Jersey, Swagger, SOAP, RDBMS, NoSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Hadoop/MapReduce, Spark, HBase, Hive, Linux, MacOS, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Hibernate, EJB, JMS, J2EE/GoF/GRASP Patterns, SVN/Git, JIRA/Confluence, Jenkins, Bamboo, Eclipse, JBoss, Tomcat, JUnit/TestNG, JSP/Servlet, JSTL, JMX, Struts, JSF, Ajax, JQuery, Swing, Amazon AWS(EC2, S3, EMR), ActiveMQ, Kafka, Docker

Have 16+ years of experience in developing Web/Desktop Applications. I have experience working with international customers, experience as a technical leader around 10 years with a teams up to 5 developers. Delivered several projects as a system architect and team leader.

I would like to work on project where I could apply my skills in architecture. With a modern technology stack. Working in a friendly team.

20 October

QA Engineer, Lead, PM 

Kyiv, Lviv, Remote, World · $4300 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

10 years in IT: • 6 years in Quality Assurance and Testing (manual, automation) (testing cross-platform/browser, desktop, mobile, client-server and web apps, industry-standard hardware and software) • 2+ years in System Administration and DevOps (designing networks, setting up cisco devices, working environments, servers and help-desk, Amazon AWS support) • 2 years of experience in Web development and Design (taking designer duties, creating websites with HTML/CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, PHP, SQL, Python, few Rubies) • Cryptocurrency integration, financial payments testing experience Enjoy diving into design problematics and keep optimizing every micro bit of the development process. Adore using new tools and catching issues as a part of the unique testing style I developed through the years of my IT experience. Strong creative team player.

Agile, HTML, Jenkins, Jira, MacOS, Manual Testing (QA), Regression Testing, TCP/IP, VMware, Adobe Photoshop, CMS, CSS, Frontend, Git, iOS, Selenium, SQL, XML, Angular.js, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Linux, Python, RSpec, Ruby, Xcode, Java, jQuery, PHP, Postman, Selenium WebDriver, REST API, Confluence, Quality Assurance, Acceptance Testing, TestRail, Scrum, Mobile application testing, Requirement analysis, Web Testing, Cross-browser testing, Cross-mobile platform testing, Test Design, Google Chrome DevTools, Front-End Testing, API testing, UI/UX testing, MySQL, JMeter, Automated Testing, API Testing, QA management

Ideas guy (c) Participated in >25 projects. Worked closely with customers from the globe (USA, Europe, Australia, and UK) Have successful relocation and freelance experience, worked in remote teams as well as in-office full-time. QA Team Lead experience.

Find a creative team of good specialists where everyone can do their work responsibly without much help of a strong management.

19 October

Tech/Dev Operation Engineer, system/network administrator, team lead 🔥

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Engineer with more than 13 years of experience. Experience in team management as a Team Lead. Fanatic of linux systems with realy big experience. I can program on different languages and I have understanding of development process. I have interest in automation, high-load systems tuning, clusters and cloud systems, CI/CD processes and close work with programmers,QA. Wide area of knowledge in different IT technologies, solutions, programs, services. Technology stack based on: Java, Python, Ruby (RoR), JavaScript (NodeJS), PHP. Knowledge in public clouds: like AWS (also AWS cli, api, ansible), GCP, Azure. Source code investigation and troubleshooting. I supported own private cloud (openVZ, LXC, Docker, XEN, KVM) and Kubernetes. I supported web hosting systems and dedicated servers. Investigation in complex projects. Gambling systems. --- Research, new ideas, solutions, approaches, task automation. Product installation, upgrade, management, deployment, troubleshooting. Support Java applications and Java Application Servers. Support Game application servers. Development of project infrastructure, project auto-deployment, infrastructure as code, continuous integration, continuous delivery, maintenance. Work with hight load projects. Performance optimization. Deploy a some database clusters. Replication, load balansing, sharding, for big data solutions. Deploy own private cloud solutions based on the Docker, Openwswitch and Kubernetes. Design virtual networks for cloud. And other.

3Com, Android, Apache, AutoIt, Backuping, bacula, bash, Bitbucket, Clusters, Confluence, CSS, CVS, D-Link, Database Replication, DevOps, DHCP, DirectAdmin, DNS, Docker, Dump/Restore, ElasticSearch, ELK, Exim, Fail Overs, Firewalls, FreeBSD, FTP, Git, GitLab, Highload, HP, HTML, HTTP, https, IMAP, ipfw, IPsec, iptables, ISPmanager, Jails, Jenkins, Jira, JSON, JVM, kvm, Linux, load balancing, log-agregation, logstash, LXC, MacOS, mailservices, Memcache, MIcrotik, MySQL, Nagios, NAS4Free, NAT, Networking, Nginx, Node.js, OOP/OOD, OpenVPN, openvz, ownCloud, pfsense, PHP-fpm, Port-Forwarding, Postfix, PowerShell, pptp, Proxmox VE, Redis, Redmine, routing, rsync, Sar, Security, SMTP, SolusVM, Sphinx, SQLite, SSL, SVN, System administration, TCP/IP, Tomcat, vagrant, VirtualBox, Visual Basic (VB), VLANs, VoIP, VoIP Phones, VPNs, WebServices, WHM/cPanel, Windows, WMvare, Xen, XML, ActiveMQ , Asterisk, ESXi, ISPConfig, JavaScript, JBoss, Kibana, Monitoring, MQServices, Postgres-XL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, RAIDs, TeamCity, Wildfly, amazon aws, Ansible, Ant, bitcoin-qt, Bitcoind, Blockchain, C/C++, Design Patterns, Django, graylog, IIS, iOS, Java, Kubernetes, make, MS SQL Server, PHP, QEMU, Ruby on Rails, Varnish, Zabix, Cisco, Junipper, Maven, MongoDB, OpenStack, Oracle, pf, Prometheus, puppet, Python, Ruby, sensu, WebRTC, AWS, Ubuntu, Zabbix, CentOS, VMware, SQL, docker, Terraform, Grafana, Virtualization, Shell, MS Windows Family, CI/CD, Linux/Unix, Mikrotik, Memcached, VPN, LAMP, Helm, JUNOS, Unix, Debian, SIP, Active Directory, Jenkins Pipelines, Swarm, Continuous Integration, GCP, Scrum, Github, MAC OS, ProFTPd, VirtualBOX, Linux Engineer, VLAN, openssl, English, CI/CD/CT, Windows Server, ESXi virtualization, Perl, Agile, Proxmox, Linux administrator, DigitalOcean, Vault, RedHat, Gafana, Consul, AWS ECS, AD, GitLab CI, KVM virtualization, AWS S3, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, CI, Docker/Docker Compose, AWS., Backup Solutions, ssh, Kanban, Troubleshooting, Prxmox, yaml, wsus, NoSQL, PowerShell scripting, Docker Swarm, AWS RDS, HAProxy, GrayLog, Windows Server 2000-2012, EC2, TeamViewer, docker compose, Ubiquiti

I interested to work with: -------------------------------- 1. Kubernetes 2. CI/CD 3. Authomation, scripting, Ansible 4. Clouds (AWS, GCP, etc...) 5. High-load systems

18 October

Delivery Director, Head of BAO/PMO

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv · $5300 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

15+ years in IT and software development 10+ years of team leading and people management 6+ years of product/project management and business analysis - Forming and managing dev and ba teams from scratch - Creation product: concepts, roadmap, ROI, RFP, budgeting, development, delivering - Company processes and SDLC creation, implementation, and adaptation; defining and achievement KPIs - Technologies: web, domains, hosting, mobile, VR/AR, Unity, OOP, Billing systems, JIRA, Confluence, Smartsheet, MS TFS, MS Project, Kanban boards, Redmine, SVN/CVS, Github/Gitlab; Visual Studio, Perl, BPMN, UML, C\С++, PHP, SQL.

Product management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile, Scrum, English, BPMN, User stories, SQL, Requirements analysis, UML, Use cases, Requirements management, Risk analysis, Requirement Elicitation, API documentation, Business Process Development, Business Processes, JIRA/Confluence, Business analisys, Negotiating, Agile & Scrum Master, Change Management,, Team management, Linux, PHP, OOP, Git, HTML, Jira, Python

- Increased up to 500% per year of gross revenue in a product company unit - Increased conversion rate up to 60% of pre-sales funnel in an outsourcing company - Management of 40+ employees and up to 16+ projects simultaneously - Defining and achievement strategy goals and KPIs of development and business analytics teams and departments

Product or outsource company with US\Europe clients and real challenges

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