Разработчик C/C++

Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa · $750 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Unit Factory (42 school) Kyiv. I am looking for a job for full-time contract cooperation. It is desirable in the of ice. I consider it my main advantage to be able to solve the tasks set without external control. I am actively engaged in self-learning and the study of new technologies. For me, it is important to realize my software development skills, learn new technologies. Libft — recreation standard lib functions. (C - language) Get_next_line — creation I/O function. (C - language) Fdf — a program that represents the mesh in "wire of a field" in 3D. (C - language) fractol — a program that represents the fractals. (C - language) Wolf3D — this project implements the technique of ray-casting. (C / SDL2lib) RTv1 — the fundamental principles of Raytracing. (C / SDL2lib) RT — is a group project based on RTv1, with reflections, textures, a large number of analytical figures and complex light sources. (C - language / SDL2lib / JSON) PHP Piscine — fast course with a rush project aimed to create a simple shop. (PHP) CPP Piscine — fast course with a rush project aimed to create simple Activity Monitor. (C++ - language)

C/C++, Multithreading, Algorithms, OOP, STL, bash, Linux, SQL

Interested in a good transport interchange, or the possibility of rental housing within walking distance from work.


C++ Developer (junior/intern)

Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro · $500 · Upper Intermediate

I'm practicing C++ programming on a regular basis for my projects. I've strong knowledge of C++11 standard and a good understanding of multithreading programming including such synchronization tools as mutex and conditional variables. I can work both Linux and Windows environment (MVS). My pet project is a parking emulator based on multithreading (using standard library sources). Also, I've experience with STL and understand the backstage of major containers and algorithms. I'm able to implement the basic data structures and related algorithms (list, queue, stack, binary search tree etc). I've tried unit testing using Google Tests for my own projects and investigate for memory leak using Valgrind tool. Currently, learning networking with Boost(asio). Among other things I have some experience with PostgreSQL(using libpq) and nlohmann library for JSON parsing. I have basic knowledge of Linux console and background processes, basic knowledge high math and physics. I do understand the development lifecycle and able to use Git for that purpose. My other skills: HTML/CSS, SQL, bash, Linux, PHP, QA Can consider any offer related to C++ dev position

C++, Git, OOP, STL, Multithreading, SQL, С++, Jira, Visual Studio, Algorithms, Boost

Написал проект емулирующий работу парковки,многопоточная эмуляция транзакций.


Senior Go Developer

Lviv · $4500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Microservice architecture applications for web with REST/gRPc architecture

Golang, Git, MySQL, Linux, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Docker, Redis, REST API, Nginx, Node.js, Performance optimization, Kafka, RabbitMQ, AWS, Multithreading, Microservices, SOA, Kubernetes

Algorithms for distributed systems Highload 4 cloud

Interesting projects


Java Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I was working with Java and Mulesoft for 2 years. I developed a project using Mulesoft CE 3.8.0 for automated contest system. I have implemented REST APIs in this project using RAML. Also I'm good in algorithms and was taking part in ACM ICPC NEERC. I was working using Mulesoft and good with following technologies: - Developing REST APIs using RAML; - Connectors: DataBase Connector, JMS Connector: integration using Active MQ (asyncronous processing of message), VM; - Transformers (XSLT, JSON-To-Object, XML-To-Object); - WebService Consumer; - Mule Domains; - MUnits; Also I familiar with: - DataWeave transformation; - Developing of the connectors; - Work with anypoint platform; - Salesforse integration; - Hibernate;

Spring, Java, Hibernate, Maven, REST API, JSON, JPA, REST, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Apache Camel

Development of a system for automatic programming competitions. Api development to provide reference data and solution verification algorithm. Tech Stack: Java, Mule ESB, Hibernate, Rest using RAML, Bootstrap, JSP. Development of a web application for displaying and editing data and schemes of pipeline systems. Tech Stack: Java, Javascript, Spring framework, Angular, Bootstrap


embedded developer

Ternopil, Lviv, Kyiv · $800 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

-firmware під esp8266 для моніторингу екосистеми компанії, з підтримкою різних датчиків температури, вологості, якості повітря, co2 та ін., відправкою даних по HTTP/MQTT на хмарні сховища для подальшої обробки та аналізу. -R&D проект в місцевій ІТ-компанії, метою була розробка колісної бази для автономної навігації в приміщенні. Під час роботи з цим проектом працював з ROS Час від часу розробляв прошивки для систем домашньої автоматизації, смарт-теплиць для вирощування мікрозелені. Працював з різних протоколами: I2C, OneWire, SPI, UART та ін. Мікроконтролер для розробок переважно використовую ESP8266 або ESP32. IDE використовую Arduino(для невеличких проектів) або VSCode для масштабніших проектів. Цікаво було б займатись проектам в сфері IoT. SmartHome, інтеграцією hardware з Google Home, smart home.

Embedded, IoT, Robotics, arduino, esp8266, smarthome

найцікавішим був досвід розробки автономної колісної бази з лідаром та інших датчиками для навігації. Також останній проект смарт-теплиці для вирощування мікрозелені. Приймав участь в ArduinoDay 2019 в Тернополі в якості лектора, розповідав про концепцію IoT.

віддаю перевагу маленькій команді, можливо R&D проект. Цікавлять розробка рішеннь для IoT. Не цікавлять програмування ЧПУ-станків і тому подібні процеси на виробництвах.

13 October

Junior Python Developer

Lviv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hi) I'm looking for an interesting and challenging job. Have the experience on big enterprise project as a trainee. Ended SoftServe Academy Python course.

Python, Git, Linux, REST API, Flask, HTML, CSS, Docker, OOP, SQL, Cassandra, Ubuntu, Django, PostgreSQL, JSON, RabbitMQ, Redis

Git tracker on multi-services architecture for tracking progress of contributors and building a heatmap on it.

Sharpening of my skills. Linux as a development environment. No old technologies, no front-end only.

12 October

Senior Android Developer, Full Stack Developer

Dnipro, Lviv · $5600 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hello, I'm an professional developer with 10+ years of experience in Software Development under various technologies. During the last 5 years I’ve been developing Android applications using top libraries and technologies. Android SDK, NDK, Java, C/C++, Python, Django, SQL.

Android, Android SDK, Java, Django, C/C++, Parse

I'm an expert software developer with over 10 years of experience.

Prefer to join a professional team rather than work as a single developer.

10 October

junior c++/QT/Java developer

Lviv · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

C++, Git, STL, OOP, Qt, C/C++, Visual Studio, Java, Boost, C, Jira

interested in learning new technologies

9 October


Kyiv, Berlin, London, EU, USA, Canada, Lviv · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

разработка программного обеспечения на С++ и Qt; разработка графических интерфейсов пользователя; разработка алгоритмов цифровой обработки сигналов; формализация задач обработки сигналов; разработка программной и технической документации; разработка программ и методик проведения испытаний; формализация задач и формирование технических требований, разработка технических заданий.

Git, C++, STL, Linux, OOP, Qt, Boost, Algorithms, Design Patterns, C++11/14, SQL, Multithreading

Разработка и реализация алгоритмов обнаружения и измерения параметров для сигналов с неизвестными характеристиками.

Разработка программного обеспечения под OS Linux. Система контроля версий - GIT. Желательно деятельность связанная с обработкой сигналов или информации. Не хочу заниматься играми. Не Embedded разработка.

8 October

C/C++/Qt Developer 🔥 

Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

5 years of experience with C++ C++11, STL, Linux, Qt, Networking, Google Test Experience in embedded (OpenWrt) and multithreading programming Experience in debugging. Remote work experience. Education: - Master's degree

C/C++, Embedded, Linux, Openwrt, STL, OOP/OOD, MySQL, Qt, Git, Multithreading, Networking, TCP/IP

Over 5 years of experience in C/C++ development, server and client side related tasks. Designed and coded application functionality. Implemented API for Smart Home Controller.

Long term interesting project.

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