Android Developer

Lviv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2+ years of experience with: Android Studio, Java Core, OOP, Material design, Android SDK, Facebook SDK, Parse SDK Git, Gradle, Picasso, Glide, Fresco, Butterknife, Otto Google JSON, XML, Retrofit, Okhttp Google Play Services, different ui libs

Android, Java, REST API, Android SDK, JSON, XML, Retrofit, Gradle, Git, animations

Challenging interesting projects, where I can learn something new and can use different technologies.


Senior iOS Developer (part-time)

Remote work, Ukraine · $1800 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hello everyone, I have over 7 years of experience in iOS and Android native apps development. In the past, I was working at product companies mostly so I'll beneficial for startups as know how to build scalable solutions and have product-oriented thinking. If summarize I was working at different type companies: • outsourcing • small startups • big product abroad Let's build the product of your dream together!

Swift, iOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Git, CoreData, MVVM, Multithreading, MVC, CocoaPods, UIKit, VIPER, MapKit, Push-notifications, In app purchases, Autolayout, Objective C, Android, Cocoa Touch, Jira, REST API, OOP, GCD, JSON, Design Patterns, SOLID, CoreLocation, Foundation, firebase, Cocoa Pods, Jenkins, Apple developer account, Java, Agile, Scrum, OOP/OOD, Firebase, Alamofire, Realm, Firestore, Push Notifications

I'm looking for a part-time job with a flexible schedule (preferably at a startup) Please note: that salary is mentioned for a part-time position and depends on how much work is done. I can work around 20h-30h per week, depends on the scope of your project.


Android developer (remote) 

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I'm android developer with 5 years experience. I was taking part in projects form healthcare, taxi and logistic industry. I have solid experience with java and kotlin. Also I'm proficient with latest android related technologies. (MVP,MVVM, Andriod architecture components , rxJava, Dagger2 and others). I prefer working remotely as a contractor.

Android SDK, SQLite, Java, Multithreading, C++, Dagger 2, WebRTC, WebSockets, Clean Architecture, RxJava, Retrofit, KotIin, MVP/MVVM, Android Architecture Components, Realm


Android developer

Lviv · $1200 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

I’m Android Developer with 1.5 years experience.

Android, Java, Retrofit, kotlin, Dagger 2, SQLite, Git, REST API, Kotlin, XML, MVP, JSON, OOP, Gradle, Firebase, Clean Architecture, Realm DB, RXJava 2, Mobile, firebase, Dagger2, Design Patterns, DI, Google Play Services


Senior/Lead Android Developer (feat. Xamarin.Android) 

Remote work, Ukraine · $4200 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Master degree in computer science - 10+ years of mobile Java development (J2ME since 2006, BlackBerry since 2010, Android since 2011, Xamarin since 2015) -Team and individual working for such clients as: *Petronas *Oxford University Press *DME (Excitor) *SOS Online Backup *Carbonite *Microsoft *Evry *Hitfox *AppLift *Panda AV *Similar Web *BBH Stockholm Main skills: Android SDK Xamarin.Android BlackBerry SDK Java2ME REST, JSON, SOAP, XML Dagger2, SQLite, Room, LiveData, RxAndroid, ReactiveUI (Xamarin) FFMPEG, OpenCV Gradle, Maven, Ant, Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio Git, SVN, Perforce JUnit, Robotium, Selenium, Robolectric, Espresso, Mockito Additional skills: *Mobile: Kotlin Xamarin (C#) Unity3D (C#) Objective-C (Basic) *Web: Java EE (JSP, Jersey, JDBC, JAX-RS, SQL)

Android, Android SDK, Java Core, Jira, JSON, MVC, MVVM, SQLite, Xamarin.Android, Eclipse, Git, JUnit, Mockito, Visual Studio, Gradle, ORM, REST API, Scrum, TeamCity, C#, kotlin, OpenCV, Selenium

Architecture designing and development in challenging cutting-edge projects.

8 December

Разработчик Android

Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

- Java , Android SDK - OOP, SOLID, Design Patterns, Clean Architecture, Architecture Patterns: MVP, MVVM - RxJava, Retrofit, Firebase (Cloud messaging, Data Storage, Dinamic Links), Google Services (Maps, Geolocation, Places, Crashlytics etc), Social API SDK (Facebook, Twitter, G+), Stripe - Custom UI widgets (drawing on Canvas) - SQL, SQLite - Git, Gradle - REST, HTTP, XML, JSON - Trello, Jira...

8 December

Android developer

Lviv · $800 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Projects i worked with: A modern language learning app designed for faster learning, platform where aspiring athletes can showcase their skills to scouts, sponsors and fans. Libraries and technologies that I have implemented while working on projects: Google Cloud Speech, Android UI, Retrofit 2, Speech Recognizer, Showcase(for onboarding), Notifications, Alarm manager, Firebase.

Android, Git, SQLite, REST API, Java, Retrofit, JSON, MVP, OOP, Multithreading, MySQL, Java Core, Android SDK, XML, Room, Room Persistence Library, Picasso, SQL, firebase, Gradle, kotlin, Picasso/Glide, Retrofit 2, Firebase, Google Play, OOP/OOD, Java/Kotlin, Design Patterns, Android Architecture Components, Bitbucket, MVP/MVVM, MVVM, Crashlytics, Dagger2, RXJava 2, Kotlin, AndroidX, Retrofit2, ButterKnife, Dagger 2, JSON/XML, Navigation Architecture Component, Google Maps


7 December

Junior Android developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $700 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Удалённая фриланс-работа над проектом для онлайн казино. Серверная часть работы с клиент-приложением, работа с базой данных. Программирование математики слот-игр. Опыт работы в разработке мобильных приложений с помощью Xamarin. В разработке десктопных приложений WPF. Разработка игр в Unity3D или в Unreal Engine 4.

C++, C#, Windows, SQL, Git, STL, OOP, Visual Studio, Kotlin, AndroidStudio, Android

Разработка Мобильного парсера сайтов со статистикой, Участие в Game-Jam`e. Разработка кастомного календаря в WPF с разной функциональностью: запись заданий, важность заданий, отметка дней и тд.

Хочу попробовать все, но пока что предпочитаю меньше заниматься играми и пойти в более широкую специальность: разработка мобильных проложений, десктопных или вэб-приложений.

6 December

Android Lead/Developer 

Lviv · $3400 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Languages: Java, Kotlin, C++(NDK) Database: RealmDB, SQLite (used on real projects but without any complex solutions) Libraries and frameworks: Coroutines, RXJava, Retrofit, most of Google SDKs as maps or subscription, Payments using Stripe/Google Pay/Google subscriptions SDK of most popular social networks. Firebase, Dagger, ButterKnife, Cicerone, Jenkins, Fabric, Crashlytics, OpenCV, OpenGL and a lot more. Experience of being android office lead among up to 10 developers, improvement of development process that best fits to current/future needs Experience with Agile/Scrum methodologies and being Scrum master

Android, Kotlin, Android SDK, Dagger , Image processing, Retrofit, NDK, RXJava 2, JAVA, Custom Views

Experience in Android office team management up to 10 developers. Own few simple android apps in Google Play and was responsible for publishing apps from company projects. Experience with implementation difficult custom UI strict to design and requirements. Working with image processing. Passed project management course. Volunteering in IT conferences. Seen and participated in company grow from 40 to approximately 130 employees. Passed challenging projects and tasks Being in role of lead, moved 90% projects from Java to Kotlin, implemented CI system, improved library on GitHub for company needs, and more.

Challenging projects, professional team, opportunities to improve myself. Not interested in usual client-server apps with simple UI and HTTP requests, difficult tasks is must have in every project I work on

5 December

Android Software Engineer 

Lviv · $2800 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Around 4 years of working experience in Android Software development. Main technical skills: Programming languages: Java, Kotlin Design Architecture: MVVM, MVP, Clean Architecture Networking: OkHttp, Retrofit Dependency injection: Koin, Dagger 2 Databases: Room, SQLite Unit Testing: JUnit Libraries: Android Jetpack, RxJava, GSON, Glide/Picasso, ButterKnife, Android Billing, Social SDKs (Google Sign In, Facebook, Twitter), Crashlytics, Firebase Analytics, Mixpanel. Mentoring experience. Code review processes. Experience in task management and Sprint planning.

Android, Clean Architecture, Gradle, Java, Jira, kotlin, MVP Architecture, Networking, Retrofit, Third Party services, Android Library, Architecture Components, Custom Views, Dependency Injection, Git, Testing, UI, SQLite, Koin, MVVM, Room

Development of commercial Android projects. Development and deployment of the SDK library. Have volunteering experience in the development of the application for the Ministry for Veterans Affairs (Ukraine). Successfully developed a few apps from scratch, helped in developing and improving existing applications.

Interested in: friendly team; management-related position; long-term cooperation with professional growth; new project; or project at the very beginning development phase; Not interested in: legacy; React Native; game development.

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