Sales Manager

Львов · $700 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

SMM I have been doing email-marketing to give our potential investors some additional info about our product. Also I have been writing posts for different social media platforms. Support Specialist/ SEO For a beginning, my work was to create a product catalog to our marketplace. Then our goal was to provide customer support in a live chat. But suddenly our PM decided to give us some new kind of work. We started to do marketing specialist's job. I have conducted some researches to decide which countries are the best to set up our marketing campaign. I also did some analytics and made the project’s website SEO friendly. My position has flexible responsibilities, as I am involved in hiring and managing freelance copywriters to write SEO articles for our websites. Sales Manager - Working with CRM; - Analysis of effectiveness and strategy adjustment; - Searching for new sales channels; - Work out the workflow documentation & reports; - Negotiations and collaborations with clients; - Identification of a target audience; - Writing targeted messages; - Identify client’s project demands according to our services and experience; - Writing target letters; Business Development Manager - working mostly with Upwork, AngelList, LinkedIn - always looking for new sales channels - writing/upgrading scripts - developing the business strategy for the company - assisting with content marketing

Sales, English, CRM, Lead generation, Linkedin, International sales, Sales and Lead Generation automation, Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, Team player, Project Management, Account Management, Negotiations, B2B, Business development, Communication Skills, Business Developement


Junior Front-end Developer

Киев, Львов, London, Berlin, USA, EU, Canada · $200 · Beginner/Elementary

Hakaton HTML/CSS(прошел) and Hakaton по JavaScript(будет в феврале), еще буду проходить курс- React JS

JavaScript, Git, CSS, HTML5, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS3

В декабре 21 будет hakaton по JavaScript и заканчиваю учиться в школе GoIТ-Киев. В школе летом проходил hakaton по HTML/CSS. Задача которого была написать весь сайт по шаблону. С командой в четыре человека решили писать через флексы. Готов приступить к работе)

Хочу попасть в первую компанию с которой будет возможность расти, развиваться мне. Повышать свой soft skill Готов приступить к работе будь то компания которая существует давно или стартап компани)


Project Coordinator, Engagement Manager

Ивано-Франковск, Львов, EU · $400 · 1,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Have 1 year experience working as a customer support representative, sales representative in b2c company 1 year of experience in IT sales including lead generation, pre-sales process, sales closing. Communication with stakeholders, team leads. Deep knowledge of top technologies from the business side Fluent English, Intermediate Spanish Participation in a cultural exchange program W&T USA

Sales, Communication Skills, It sales, B2B, English, Business development, International sales, Negotiations, CRM, Presentation skills, Business Developement, B2C, Networking, customer support, UpWork, Pre-sales, Google Drive, fluent Spanish, Business Strategies, Russian, Negotiation skills, Strategic planning, Self-motivated, fluent English, Business Process Development, strategy, Team player, International Deals, Project Management, Team management, Scrum, Agile, Jira, Communication, SDLC, project planning, Requirements analysis, Kanban

Establishment of long-term cooperation with European startup which brought a new challenging complex project. As a result, this experience was of great importance for each team member as they upgraded their skills, provided us great expertise to show in the future cooperations.

New challenging tasks which I can turn into 100% useful experience both for me and the company. New skills to gain Change career vector to project management New people to interact with. New strategies and approaches. Less Upwork type work, less monkey job.

18 января

Business Development Manager

Львов · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

B2B Sales, B2C Sales, Presentation skills, Negotiation Skills, Business Development, Analytic Skills, Personnel management skills etc.

Setting up the system of supply and sales from the "scratch". Increased average sales value of product twice. Increased distribution of company brands on the territory from 90 to 100%.

I want to work in a company that is open for new ideas, is able to satisfy "live-work" balance and the main thing is trying to be "home" for every employee.

18 января

Sales and/or Marketing (!!!Consulting Only!!!)

Львов, Remote · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Sales and marketing professional with15+ years’ in sales and marketing (including 6+in IT) with a proven and successful track record of sales and marketing consultancy can provide you with the next service: - building sales and marketing process and teams from scratch and in developing the current process. - Build sales department from scratch( for example hire and study lead generator or/and sales manager in several months); - Choose target markets and help with ICP (ideal customer portrait development) - create USP (unique selling proposal) - Develop Sales and Marketing Strategy - Build Processes, Procedures, Sales Scenarios (including mail sequence, LinkedIn and Email lead generation automation) - Develop sales funnel and establish CRM process - Arrange marketing positioning - Establish a social media environment - Help with SEO analysis and plan - LinkedIn account Growth Hack tools - I help companies to earn money All the abovementioned information can be proven by at least 3 current CEOs.

Business development, Creative, Innovation, Sales, Product management, Project Management, Negotiation, B2B sales, Sales Planning, Sales and Marketing strategy

- Company's growth from 8 to 30 people (can be confirmed by CEO). - Sales (lead generation on LinkedIn and freelance platforms, pre-sales/engagement, sales and account management were organized from scratch in 6 month). - Marketing (new website, company positioning, vision establishment, PPC, e-mail marketing and social environment were organized from scratch)

- Interesting challenges - Worldwide customers - Remote work (if possible)

18 января

Program Manager

Львов, Relocation to Europe or USA · $5100 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

PMI, Agile: Scrum, Kanban, XP. Python / Flask / Anaconda JIRA, TFS, Trello

Project Management, Jira, Open Source, Python, Program Management, Communication, Risk management, Team management, Motivation and engagement, Pre-sales

Leading teams of 40+ professionals, Founded and managed own small software development company for more than year. PMP certified, CSPO. Constantly educating myself in management, data science, trending technologies.

Challenges, Mature team, Education opportunities, Insurance

18 января

Sales Manager

Львов · $450 · 1,5 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Sales, Communication Skills, B2B, Business development, It sales, International sales, Lead generation, Linkedin, Key Account management, Business Developement, Account Management, Selenium WebDriver, Team player, Networking, Presentation skills, Team management, Negotiations, Internet search, Client relations management, Analytical Skills, customer support, Consulting, Social Selling

Успішними продажами та задоволеними клієнтами.

Підвищувати рівень своїх скілів. Працювати в команді та безпосередньо брати участь у розвитку компанії.

18 января

Sales Manager / Business Development manager

Львов · $800 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have 3 years of overall sales experience in different roles, including managerial ( 1 year of a sales representative). I used to work in a product company, support department for English speaking market. Among daily responsibilities of sales representative role were: -B2C sales -reports on relevant sales metrics ( Jira, Salesforce, Tableau knowledge); -cold calling; working with warm leads; -troubleshoot issues related to clients' purchases; -KPI's achievement; -market research; -taking part in A/B testing marketing programs; Right now I'm planning to switch to B2B sales and I believe that I have proper understanding of sales psychology as I've worked with different psychotypes over the phone ( and it is even more difficult to sale, as human being perceives most information from non-verbal communication, which doesn't exist over the phone). I used to work as a recruiter as well, so I know how to use Linkedin, boolean search and other tools for candidates pipeline generation. I am familiar with technologies, frameworks and libraries. Other: - familiarity with SDLC; - basics of project management; - finished marketing in IT course; - German (B1), Russian(B1), Ukrainian( native), English(C1)

Sales, B2B, Business development, It sales, English, Negotiations, CRM, Lead generation, Account Management, Presentation skills, B2C, Marketing, UpWork, Product management, Business Developement, Customer satisfaction, Negotiation, customer support, Networking, Team management, Linkedin, International sales, Communication Skills, cold calling, Lead Qualification, Project Management

I love working in a team, where trust and transparency is a prior value. Opportunities for personal growth are essential as well. I'd like to become experienced B2B sales manager eventually, so if you expect your employee to just work on lead generation all the time, I'm not sure we'll be able to cooperate for long. BUT when you decide to cooperate with me, provide opportunity to develop and exceed, you'll get an ambitious, energetic and loyal teammate that will help you boost your sales tremendously ;).

18 января

IT Sales Manager/ Sales Director/ Sales Team Lead/ Head of Sales/ COO

Львов · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am a strong believer that success in the business world is only driven by a combination of great services and solutions. Every day I realize what it takes to do business with the human face and provide the best of service. While I'm an intense competitor, I love collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds, providing guidance to less qualified and learning from senior ones. Having more than a decade of professional experience in client-facing roles in sales, marketing, and business development internationally, being focused on the individual relationship, I’ve managed to grow my network and master a skill set that allows me to help my clients reach their software development business goals. Innovation & creativity have been two cornerstones of my business approach that have aided me in being a quick learner and an out-of-the-box thinker. I am ALWAYS doing my best to: * be prepared and helpful * be accountable and accessible * be creative and comfortable & make things simple for you! Below are some more extras about my expertise: * cooperation both with startups and established businesses; * user-friendly and multi-functional Web and Mobile Applications from scratch; * development of complex SaaS; * B2B products and financial applications; * business automation and CRM; * unique and tailored IT solutions; * software marketing and IT business development; * managing international projects in foreign companies and countries; * foreign affairs.

- publications in the foreign press - government/business awards & honors - sales and marketing department in IT outsourcing company from the ground

Emm.. I guess it should ideally be a company/team where my professional skills and background could be well-applied and totally relevant. I would like to be useful and not over-qualified for some tasks. Make the company grow is a good thing to do. I would appreciate if I learn something new with/ from you :) Would love to work with truly progressive people, those who really move the business globally and do not follow but influence. Managing a hard-working team of those who are in love with sales and related stuff would be great. If not a leading position, then would love to have a boss who is absolutely a high-class professional in sales or bizdev. No lead generation. No freelance platforms.

17 января

Marketing Manager

Львов · $400 · 1,5 года опыта · Intermediate

08/2013 – 10/2018, Head of the internet department in internet-shop “Ganok’’ Lviv, Ukraine. • Search, involvement and check SEO-company. • Search, involvement and check programmer for decided technical tasks. • Search, involvement and check PPC specialists. • Organization work internet department. 06/2013 – 07/2019, Work with marketplaces: Prom, Ibud, Budnet, Rozetka, Olx, Lviv, Ukraine. • Adding, expanding, and improving product cards. • Set up analytics and goals. • Work with customers. 03/2013 – 10/2018, Sale-manager in internet-shop “Ganok’’, Lviv, Ukraine. • Work with B2B and B2C customers. • Improve knowledge about product. • Search new clients.

Digital marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Google Ads, AdWords

• Excellent time management skills, strong work ethic and the ability to take on multiple roles. • Good understanding the Google Ads, Google Analytics. • Excellent problem solving and decision-making skills.

Looking for interesting projects with nice friendly team, training and self-development opportunities. Also looking for the job which would satisfy my curiosity and would help me to develop my skills working for the benefit of the company.

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