Junior Front-end Developer

Львов · $500 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Закінчив факультет прикладної математики. Два онлайн курси: по веб-програмуванню і Ангуляру. Досвід: Верстка сайту, розробка функціонального калькулятора з датами, часовими поясами. Аналіз проекту що і як потрібно клієнту, пошук фрілансерів для додаткової роботи по сайту, спілкування на пряму. Був досвід з unity3d, розробка міні ігор (як тетріс) у власних інтересах.

JavaScript, Git, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular

Швидка робота над докручуванням тих чи інших елементів сайту

Цікавий проект, хороші умови праці, хороше розташування, гнучкий робочий графік, пофага до своїх працівників


Sales Manager

Львов · $900 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

• Provide technical support and world-class customer service via phone and chat; • Attract potential customers by answering product and service questions; • Offer company’s service and persuade potential customers to purchase it; • Handle and resolve customer complaints; • Troubleshooting in all types of Mac OS; • Identify and assess customers' needs to achieve satisfaction; • Provide accurate, valid and complete information by using the right methods; • Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies; • Using advanced CRM system to manage marketing campaign; • B2-C1-C2 Sales; • Retention sales; • Working with customers mostly from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Russia; providing customers with on-boarding (explaining and guiding through the product) - making full-circle hot/worm/cold sales ( reach out with emails and phone calls) - retention sales - making researches on new projects and areas to where the product can be offered - looking for potential clients - providing customers with tech support - researching prospects to identify new leads and potential new markets


iOS Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $800 · 1,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I am iOS developer with strong team and risk management skills, hardworking with international outlook, looking for a new, inspirational challenges. Quality is the main focus in my work and I'm always trying to do my best to meet clients expectations. In past, I worked as sales and project manager in various IT companies but decided to change my area of expertise and learned Swift programming language. It was a challenge that I accepted and successfully completed. Here's a brief overview of tools and techniques I have already worked with: - VIPER - as main architecture, MVC - as supplementary; - Working with photos - custom image pickers, cropping, drawing, adding new layers, etc; - Audio Media - fully customizable audio player that has all standard features working in background modes; - Working with databases: Realm, CoreData, Firebase. Setting up, filling in, removing specific data etc; - In app purchases - all kinds; - REST API - get, post, put, patch, delete, uploading and downloading files from server, updating app in background mode, etc;

Xcode, iOS, JSON, Swift, UIKit, Git, CoreData, REST API, OOP, MVC, CocoaPods, In-App Purchase, CoreGraphics, Product Development, Crashlitics

Cambridge FCE level B2

Currently looking for remote positions. Interesting projects to gain more xp in terms of development iOS app.

6 декабря

Sales Manager; Lead Generating Manager;

Львов · $700 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I working as a lead generation manager. My day to day routines is UpWork proposal preparation, LinkedIn outreach to potential clients and Maintaining leads into CRM. Also, I check other platforms where I can get projects or out staff solutions for my company.For example YouTeam or Kitrum. Once the client replied and showing interest I schedule a meeting with Business Dev or Project Manager and they closing a deal. If not, I'm following up from day to day until the client replies. A long time ago I had experience doing cold sales in Logistics and it was pretty interesting and of course successful, I found new leads, they showed some interest and I connected them to the CEO of the company and he closed a deal. Looking for a new workplace where I would be able to grow and learn new stuff.

It sales, Lead generation, B2B, Linkedin, CRM, UpWork

I'm a participant of the cultural exchange program "Camp America". So happy and thankful for this experience. Communication with native speakers - priceless.

A team with clear and structured processes. Regarding technologies, I'm always happy to learn new things.

6 декабря

Sales rep

Львов · $1200 · 2 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I've been working in sales for IT outsourcing companies for 2 years. It means I know about their cash cows and real dogs in terms of services and development. I master my craft based on continues self-development in proactive lead generation and calls with the customers. I have a proven work record in closing clients up to 10k per month with a duration for 1 year. I have been working in customer relations field for 5 years. Therefore, I have unique negotiation skills with an immersive focus on developing a long-lasting partnership with my clients. My solid knowledge of Lviv IT market helps me to leapfrog my competitors since I'm aware of hot trends that IT companies want to take over. For the last year, I have worked with only the USA market and the company's representative in the USA. Thus, I know how to pencil in calls, plan roadshow on time and could manage high-stress situations. With me on the board, your sales team receives a pat on the back since I'm going to leverage your sales team as well as dream up business. My current daily responsibilities: - Active IT sales on USA market - Lead generation through online research and/or personal networking - Communication with clients, active participation in the full sales cycle - Identification of clients' business needs in software products and services - Checking and help with proposals - Building and promoting strong, long-lasting client relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs - Negotiations and nurturing USA clients - Active use of CRM system My current company has a big volume requests from inbound, so I how to make a perfect impression on client either technical or non-technical. In other words, I have everyday communication with someone who needs some custom software development which means I'm honing my hone skills.

Sales, Business development, It sales, Lead generation, Account Management, Business Developement

- successful land a client using a lead generation for 1.5 years of development (1Scala, 2 Android, 1 QA, 2 .NET, 1 PM) - MVP development 6 months 3 people - startup development 3 people ongoing - startup development 5 people

Preferred location: Cихів, Угорська, Центр Yes, I'm looking for a small team with head of sales department who could lead the team and close my huge clients. I don't want to work with fast-followers who proceed everything through CEO. I don't want CEO to be responsible for married of duties from Lead qualification to Initial project specifications drafting. I don't want CEO to be head of sales dep since it's not gonna work well in sales. My future head of sales will be on the same wavelength with me and would understand me in terms of bettering our sales funnels, and trial and error with new tools and metrics. Please don't waste your time if you young team who looking for someone who pans out building your sales team from scratch and you will lie on the beach. However, if you are a strong young company, for instance, keen ethics. Would like to talk to you and see what happens next.

3 декабря

Key account manager, Project manager, Business Development Manager

Киев, Львов, Warsaw, EU, USA · $2000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

На текущем месте работы я уже более 5 лет. Начинал ассистентом, потом вырос до менеджера по работе с ключевыми клиентами по всему миру (все страны Европы, ближний восток, СНГ и даже Монголия). Сегодня я уже Business Development Manager. Отвечаю за глобальное сотрудничество с компанией Coca-Cola. На старте было 5 активных рынков, теперь я веду переговоры о сотрудничестве на 140 рынках мира. 90% работы - проектный менеджмент 10% - продажи. Нет опыта в IT но уверен что смогу быстро обучиться и стать хорошим менеджером в новой команде.

Sales, Business development, English, Negotiations, B2B, Team management, Project Management, Account Management, Team player, International sales, Communication Skills, B2B sales, MS Office, B2C sales, Linkedin, Sales Management, Key Account management, Product management, Negotiation, Client oriented, Lead generation

Развитие клиента с локального уровня на глобальный.

Хочу заниматься серьезными, предпочтительно международными, проектами. Желаю работать исключительно в дружном и сплоченном коллективе, так как считаю это основным залогом успеха любого проекта.

2 декабря


Удаленная работа, Украина · $800 · 1,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- Blog posts writing; - Content writing for IT company; - Landing pages; - Essays writing on various topics: business, philosophy, biography, how-to and tips, sport, social networks; - Email messaging; - Working in team; - Experience working with Asana/Jira - Experience working as a lead generator. - Experience working with CRM.

Content marketing, SMM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Blog posting, Landing Pages, blog posts, Proofreading, Content writing

Розглядаю пропозиції тільки на посаду Copywriter’а :) Очікую цікавих проектів, легкого спілкування з командою.

1 декабря

Sales Manager

Запорожье, Киев, Львов, Днепр, Харьков, Одесса · $2500 · Upper Intermediate

Sales of services and spares parts, repair of power transformers on the market of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America Sales of services and spares parts, repair of power transformers, different substation equipment (GIS, circuit breakers, instrument transformers, bus-ducts and so on), monitoring of substations on the market of Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan Interesting job in IT market with high profit.

Sales, International sales, Communication Skills, Business development, It sales, English, Negotiations, CRM, Product management

Building of strong and long partnerships with key clients.

City with good ecology.

30 ноября

Support Specialist

Львов · $700 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

International project manager assistant 07.2018 - 07.2019 Tickets Travel Network, Львів (Travelling) •Business management assurance for existing markets; •Help with new market launch and development: timing, budgeting and planning; •Presentations, proposals and business letters composition; •Research on business trends, new services and products; •Products and services opportunities identification; •Help with planning and implementation of new initiatives and projects; •Market research and analysis; •Work with development office and external experts in order to assure market needs; •Trouble-shooting; Customer Support Specialist 07.2017-05.2018 WEBXLOO, Львів (IT-software Manufacturing) - Provide product/service information by answering questions, offering assistance - Follow up with prospective customers and return email/voicemail - Follow up with existing customers to confirm their satisfaction and generate leads - Responsibility for researching and resolving complaints to ensure customers' retention and satisfaction - Provide troubleshooting assistance for customers' orders, account statuses and relevant problems - Answer all incoming calls in a professional and timely manner - Attract potential customers by answering the questions about products and services; offer information about other Web-based researcher in the area "Life Sciences" and "Pharma" 12.2015-08.2016 Veeva Systems, (medical science) Translator, researcher 02.2015- up till now Freelancer Translator, Львів (English - Arabic translation) - IT translation - Medical translation - General translation Sales Representative (English/Arabic Department) 01.2015-01.2017 ZoomSupport, Lviv (remote customer support (Windows and Apple)) •provide technical support and world-class customer service via phone; •attract potential customers by answering product and service questions; •offer company’s service and persuade potential customers to purchase it; •handle and resolve customer complaints; •identify and assess customers' needs to achieve satisfaction; •provide accurate, valid and complete information by using the right methods/tools; •follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies. Stock controller and customer service 11.2004-02.2014 “Medical Environment Centre (Orthodontics (Ormco) and sutures(Unimed))”, Damascus, Syria (Medical materials,instruments, orthodontics, etc.) - dealing with hospitals, private clinics and doctors.

customer support, Customer service, Support, English, Customer care, Microsoft Office, CRM, Good communication skills, Ability to learn quickly, CSS, HTML, Translation, Communication Skills, Jira, Windows, Confluence

Operation systems: Windows 8/7/XP, MAC OS X Mobile operation systems: iOS, Android Programming languages: good knowledge of SQL, basic knowledge of T-SQL General RDBMS knowledge: database, normalization, database objects, data integrity CRM softwear Browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Firefox Other software: MS Office Typing skills: Excellent speed and accuracy

30 ноября

Marketing Manager, Business Development

Львов · $4000 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Damn, couldn't fit all the stuff here, so had to make a google doc: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MHGjYrUuOz14ms2mTBetqeyEBs-lEdhLuuUKKDOUY6w Let me know if anything, in advance sorry If not answering quick but as they say: "good things come to those who wait" ...and one more thing, you have a great day today ;)

AdWords, Business Analysis, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Google Analytics, English, SMM, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking, Media strategy, Google Ads, Outreach Marketing, Marketing, Analytics, Excel, Google Data Studio, Fluent English, Marketing Communications, outreach, Product Marketing, It sales, Email Marketing, A/B testing, Business Strategy, Content strategy, Digital marketing strategy development, Digital Marketing, Lead generation, PPC, copywriting, E-mail marketing, Web Analytics, PR, Wordpress, IT outsource marketing, google adwords, Hotjar

Not a lot :) We'll discuss it on a call.

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