QA Engineer

Львов · $800 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Experienced working with development team as a QA Engineer, skilled in communication with customers in gathering and managing software project requirements, participated in project demonstrations, daily team meetings related to the project. As a QA Engineer performed different types of testing, created bug reports and worked on requirements verification.

Manual testing, Test Documentation, Black/Regression/Exploratory/Smoke/Confirmation testing, API testing with Postman, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, JavaScript/NodeJS, Git, HTML5/CSS3, YouTrack

Looking forward to being a part of a great team and contribute my knowledge, skills and best of experience into project team success as well as learning new technologies and getting new experience working with a company that promotes quality products and services.


Manual QA Engineer

Львов · $1700 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Avery Design & Print Online Project Description: Tool to create quality personalized products like cards, tickets, labels, name badges, GHS labels etc. Users select a product and template, then customize it and print themselves or order the printing from Avery (“Let us print for You” option) Customer: US company Involvement Duration: 2+ years Project Role: Intermediate QC Engineer Business Analyst Proxy Product Owner Responsibilities: Business Analyst Role:  Requirement elicitation / analysis / specification / validation / management  Communication with PO;  SRS management;  Project scope management;  Planning / Grooming meetings management;  Sprint and Release DEMO for customers;  Team lead of several sub-projects; QC Role:  Test Analysis;  Test case design;  Test case execution;  Defect reporting;  Defect tracking and verification;  Smoke and Regression Testing;  Manual API testing;  Gathering testing metrics Project Team Size: 20-28 team members Tools & Technologies: Jira / MS Office / GoToMeeting / Postman / Rally / Snagit / Confluence / Metric Collection Tool

Manual Testing, Scrum, Web Testing, Agile, Functional testing, Regression Testing, Quality Assurance, Jira, SQL, Windows, test design techniques, collection and clarification of requirements., Testing Documentation, JSON, XML, iOS, Test Design, API testing, Postman, bug life cycle, Android, Confluence


Junior QA Engineer

Львов · $300 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Remote QA Engineer at Sobi.Design studio July 2019 - Present GoWithTheGlow is a lifestyle blog with eCommerce components that contains various functionality and B2C services. The front-end part having an eye-catchy design and contains a responsive layout to display it properly on the main devices resolution stack. The back-end contains customized and enhanced content management system with various tools for content creation, CRM, eCommerce and email campaigns that need to have high-quality level, simplify business processes and provide easy to use and intuitive UI and UX. The project is currently on active development stage, our team is following SCRUM methodology and iterative delivery of features. I’m having the role of QA and doing some management as well. Also, I’m providing such services as: -Functional testing such as GUI testing and interoperability testing -Usability testing -Admin Area testing of UI/UX -Pixel perfect testing according to layout on various devices and browsers -Smoke, regression testing and re-testing -Bug reports -Scrum activities -Managing another QA trainee -Communication with developers and clients. Remote QA August 2018 - October 2018 Have been hired via friend referrals as a remote QA for testing http://reweave.enviu.org/ This is a small project for representation of what the company is doing and which services can be provided for clients. The website was tested in all resolutions stack and various devices as proper displaying of content was critical for the customer. I have provided such services as: -Tested Admin Area for usability and proper content creation -Conducted types of functional testing such as GUI testing and interoperability testing -Conducted usability testing -Pixel perfect testing according to layout -Conducted smoke, regression testing and re-testing -Reported bugs -Communicated with developer and client.

Manual Testing, Jira, SQL, Scrum, Web Testing, Functional testing, Agile, Quality Assurance, Regression Testing, HTML, Postman, CSS, Confluence, API testing, REST API, Test Design, TestRail, Selenium WebDriver, Mobile Testing, iOS, Linux, Automated Testing, Selenium, GITHub, Test planning, Tasks Assignment and Delegation, Selemiun WebDriver, Python, GUI testing, Git, Android, JSON, XML

Playing with Python, First Automation Tests written, passed Front-end, DB and Java courses

Want to learn and gain more knowledge and experience in Software Testing, also help to deliver high-quality products to the end users.


QA Engineer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

I work on the position of QA Engineer since March 5, 2015. I developing automated tests using Selenide + Java + Maven + Gitlab CI and perform manual testing of websites. Also : - analytical skills; - strong attention to details and ability organize information; - theoretical basis and terminology knowledge; - ability to effectively communicate on functional questions; - decision making and problem solving; - good familiarity with Mac OS X/ Window operating systems; - quick learner, positive attitude towards taking new challenges; - responsibility.

Manual Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), Redmine, Regression Testing, Selenium, Smoke testing, Web Testing, Bug Tracking, Checklists, Codeception, JMeter, Linux, Xcode, Automated Testing (QA), English, PHP, Selenium WebDriver, Java, Jenkins, CI, Git, API Testing / Postman, Ad Hoc testing, MySQL, HTML, CSS

I am engaged in automatic and manual testing of web sites, passed courses QATestLab software testing and received their certificate.

Manual testing, Automation testing.


Trainee Manual QA Engineer

Львов · $250 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Успішно завершила навчання на курсі "Основи тестування ПЗ" компанії QATestLab (є сертифікат), де навчилась: 1) Шукати баги та створювати баг-репорти в MantisBT; правильно робити скріншоти багів (Jing, Lightshot, Snagit); 2) Створювати чек-листи (верстка, функціонал, мобільні додатки, ігри); 3) Створювати тест-плани; 4) Створювати тест-кейси (TestLink); 5) Тестувати мобільні додатки; 6) Тестувати сайти; 7) Тестувати ігри. Також, на курсі ознайомилась з теорією тестування (види та техніки тестування, методології та моделі тощо). Успішно завершила навчання на курсі компанії Lviv IT School "Основи тестування програмного забезпечення" на Prometheus (сертифікат). Мала змогу тестувати мобільний додаток "Tinder" у компанії Quality Assurance Group. Прочитала "Тестирование DOT COM" Романа Савіна, а також переглянула кілька відео на тему "Тестування ПЗ" в інтернеті. Навички роботи з комп’ютером: 1. Офісні пакети: MS Word, Excel; 2. Браузери: Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari; 3. ОС: Windows XP/7, iOS. Проекти: Prestashop - тестування веб- та мобільного сайту (баг-репорти, чек-листи, тест-кейси, тест-план); Tinder - тестування додатку; FotoBOOK - тестування сайту; AliExpress - тестування сайту; Super Friends Party - тестування гри; Asphalt9 - тестування гри.

Manual Testing, Mobile Testing, Functional testing, Web Testing, Agile, Scrum, Bug report, - Cross browser testing, Test Plan, Test Case, Check list, Jira, MantisBT, Mantis, Testlink, Quality Assurance

Теоретичні знання та практика; сертифікати за успішне проходження курсів.

Дружній колектив, комфортні умови праці, можливість кар'єрного росту та саморозвитку. Я - цілеспрямована, відповідальна, уважна до деталей, швидко навчаюсь новому. Для себе чітко вирішила, що хочу пов'язати своє життя з тестуванням ПО. Розгляну всі пропозиції.


QA engineer 

Львов · $2300 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Worked as manual and automation QA engineer (JS) during last three years. I’m opened for opportunity to relocate to Wroclaw. Tested web, desktop, Android and iOS applications. I want to join good team with interesting projects and ability to professional growth.

REST API, Automated Testing, Manual Testing, Agile, JavaScript, Git, Regression Testing, Jira, CromeDevTools, Postman, MySQL, HTML, Scrum, API testing


Manual QA Engineer / Automation QA Engineer

Львов, Львов · $2100 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

Summary of Qualifications: Since the beginning of my career I have shown myself to be a responsible, hardworking and intelligent employee, a result and detail-oriented person with a good understanding of the fundamental testing principles, software development life cycle and design techniques. I have gained experience in creating several automated test frameworks – both extensive and from a scratch while working by SCRUM SDLC methodology. Able to learn new skills, to work within tight deadlines and to operate effectively both independently and as part of a Team. I have experience in position QA Engineer 5 years. Skills: Programming/Technologies C#/Java/Maven  HTML/CSS/XML/JSON  REST/SOAP Browser Development Tools  Visual Studio  Eclipse  IntelliJ – IDEA  Jmeter (for Performance testing) Automation Test Frameworks and Tools  Telerik/ Wpf /ArtOfTest  Selenium IDE  Selenium WebDriver  TestNG/Allure  PageObject Other Tools  TFS/SVN/GIT/Jenkins  JIRA/Confluence/Slack  Pivotal/Microsoft Teams RDBMS  MS SQL Server 2008/2014 Operation Systems  Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10  Ubuntu  MacOs Responsibilities: Requirements Analysis/Testing  Bug Finding, Reporting and Tracking  UI automated test scripts development and execution  Functional Testing, GUI Testing  Test framework maintenance along with the Application development  Manual/automation processes/workflow development Performance testing  Test results analysis  Test framework maintenance along with the Application development  UI/API automated test scripts development and execution

Manual Testing, Regression Testing, Jira, Quality Assurance, Confluence, Git, Selenium WebDriver, Web Testing, Scrum, Functional testing, TestRail, Automated Testing, .NET, Selenium IDE, Test Execution, Jenkins, HTML, Continuous Integration, Test Design, Agile, Smoke testing

За маленький проміжок часу навчився користуватися тулзою Jmeter для Performance testing, що допомогло знайти на етапі розробки велику кількість не очікуваних помилок та підвищило швидкість оперцій.

Цікавить - Довготривалий проект, щоб був С# автомейшн, з хорошою автомейшн командою та існуючим вже фреймворком, де можна підтягнути свій рівень та розвивати далі свої навики по автоматизації.


Trainee QA/QC

Львов · $250 · Intermediate

I passed the online training course "Fundamentals of Software Testing" by QATestLab and online course "QC" from Prometheus. I have a base knowledge and practical experience of manual web testing. On course "Fundamentals of Software Testing" I was writing bug report in bug tracker MantisBT. I was writing Test Case using TestLink.

Manual Testing, Functional testing, Web Testing, Regression Testing, Quality Assurance, HTML, Test Case Design, TestRail, Function Testing, Android Testing, iOS Testing, Android/iOS functional testing, Bug Reporting, Bug report, Test Case, Ad Hoc testing, Mantis, JIRA, Testlink, CSS, SQL, Jira, Functional and non-functional testing

SKILLS Programming Languages/Technologies/Specialized knowledge: C/C# HTML/CSS RDBMS: SQL – basic skills. System and Bug Tracking Tools: Mantis. Test Link Jira Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ XP/ 2003 Server/ Vista /7/8/10 iOS/Android PERSONAL SKILL Experienced Quality Assurance Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Mantis, English, Russian, and HTML. Strong quality assurance professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Cybersecurity from Lviv Polytechnic National University. Fast learning, good communication skills, highly organized and detail-oriented, teamwork (as member), interest in new technologies. Responsible, punctual, and professional. EXPIRIENCE GO&DO Recruiting Agency March 2018 – December 2018 Recruiter/Research specialist

Looking for new opportunities as Trainee QA/QC Engineer where I can develop and use all my best skills, experience and practice. I have a knowledge and practical experience of manual web, IOS and Android testing; have practice experience of writing bug reports, checklists and test cases.

21 августа

QA engineer

Ивано-Франковск, Львов · $350 · Меньше года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

I have received my knowledge and practice of manual testing during Manual QC Course at Skillup IT Academy, it allowed to get high-quality skills of software testing and strong theoretical basics. I have good understanding of QA processes, approaches, methodologies, an ability to develop and execute test-cases, defect tracking and reporting. Close work with Jira. I have good problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Also I'm attentive to details and opened to put my knowledge into practise, able to work as part of a team.

Manual Testing, Agile, Scrum, TestRail, Quality Assurance, HTML, CSS, SQL, Jira, Functional testing, Regression Testing, Web Testing, Postman, Test Design, write test cases

Для мене важливо знайти роботу в великій компанії.

21 августа

Senior QA Engineer

Львов · $2500 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have about 4 year of experience in IT industry as a QA. My expertise includes analyzing the requirements, creating Test Plans and Test Cases, using bug tracking and test management systems, research and analyze Product Features being tested, research new tools, technologies, and testing processes. I have understanding of QA Testing Environments, of Software Development Life Cycles.

Quality Assurance, SQL, Scrum, Manual Testing, Postman, Agile, API testing, REST API, Git, Checklist, Test Design, Regression Testing, Swagger UI, Web Testing, Functional testing, TFS, knowledge in SCRUM, Testing fundamentals, Test Case, Creation of test documentation, bug life cycle

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