junior/trainee QA engineer

Львов · $250 · Меньше года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

- 09. - 10. 2019 Manual sofrware testing practise at SkillUp - 02. - 06. 2019 Bioplast Zakhid Sales Manager - 2017 - 2018 Steko Sales Manager - 2011 - 2016 "Good Samaritan" Ministries - Rivne Head of Children's Aid - 2010 - 2011 School Teacher of Physics

SQL, HTML/CSS, HTTP, Jira, TestRail, Git, Web Testing


Manual QA Engineer

Львов, USA, Canada, London, EU · $1200 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Hi, I'm a Junior Strong manual tester. I have 1 year of web app testing experience. I have worked in compliance with SCRUM, performed requirements analysis and test design using dynamic test design techniques; created/updated test cases and checklists; performed peer reviews, test executions; reported bugs; collected and analyzed metrics to improve development and test processes on the project. My responsibilities included functional, UI/UX, API, regression and smoke testing, analytics collection and analysis. I know the basics of mobile testing, and performed ad-hoc testing of mobile app related to my web app. So, although I have no commercial experience in this field, I am sure I could grasp it in no time. I am interested in a position that would challenge me to improve my skills, master new tools, work with new technologies. If a project would allow my mastering automation testing, it would be a dream come true. I am a fast learner, and I am a very reliable person. I am eager to learn, and I am anxious to make my product-in-test the best it could be. I am sure, I can add value to the project I work on! So, if you have a manual QA position (web, desktop, or mobile) for a Junior specialist, who is aspiring to grow, let's see if I can fit it.

Manual Testing, Jira, Regression Testing, Scrum, Functional testing, Web Testing, Postman, API testing, Quality Assurance, Jenkins, JSON, REST API, Agile, Documentation writing, UI/UX testing, exploratory testing, Ability to learn quickly, ChromeDevTool, Test Execution, Slack, Fiddler, Charles, Analysis, HTML, CSS, Confluence, Test Design, Windows, Testing, SQL, bug reports, Smoke Testing

When I only entered the field a little less than a year ago, I had no idea about lots of things, and testing seemed as simple as comparing expected result to an actual one. On my third day on the project I barely yet knew, I found a major functional bug in an app that had already been tested, and was going to be released. It inspired me immensely. It may not seem that great an achievement, but at that time for me it was. Today I know there's a whole world behind testing. I got to know what API and automation testing are for, I learned to works with tools such as Jenkins, REST Client, Fiddler and Postman. I know the basics of collecting and analyzing data. I found out a lot about network requests and responses. Today not only do I see a bug, I will (with a little knowledge of the project) probably be able to tell you where and why it appeared. I still have a long way to go, yet I am very proud of what I've become after just a year of commercial activity.

I only worked with a relatively small team on a project that was written from scratch and was relatively small. It grew more complex while I was working, yet I believe the scale is still not that big. I would give advantage to a larger project with a bigger team to be able to compare the processes. It could be web, mobile, or desktop, I'm sure I can cope with any of that. Given I am still not that experienced I would like to be, I would prefer a project with a QC Lead, who could also be a mentor to me. However, right now I'm the only QC on my project, and I'm absolutely capable of getting the work done. I would just appreciate a mentor, who would agree to share their knowledge and experience with me. The only thing I wouldn't stand on a new job is a toxic environment with arrogant people who would not forgive smaller knowledge gaps or trivial mistakes. The mindset I would like to see in my team is a mindset of people working on the same goal - a better product. One thing you can be sure about me: if you do hire me, I would do the best of my best to not disappoint you. That being clear, I would appreciate an understanding of work-life balance from client/management side.


QA Engineer

Львов, Львов · $400 · Intermediate

З жовтня 2019р. наявний досвід тестування web-application на сайті для фрілансерів Digivante. Працювала фінансовим аналітиком у ПАТ "КРЕДОБАНКУ" 2 р. та 6 міс. Основні обов'язки: кредитний аналіз проектів сегменту малого та середнього бізнесу; аналіз фінансового-господарської діяльності позичальника та написання відповідних висновків щодо доцільності кредитування; перевірка комплектності та верифікація пакету документів по кредитних пропозиціях клієнтів малого та середнього бізнесу/ корпоративного бізнесу; перевірка клієнтів в базах даних та формування відповідних звітів; здійснення оцінки фінансового стану позичальника.

Manual Testing, Jira, Quality Assurance, Scrum, SQL, HTML, TestRail, API testing, Agile, Functional testing, Web Testing, Mobile Testing, Windows, Android, Knowledge of the life cycle of a bug, Regression Testing, Test documentation creation, test design techniques, Re-testing, Microsoft Office, Mentoring QA Jun-s, Check- lists, Risk analysis

- навчала нових колег відповідним активностям для здійснення кредитного аналізу

На сьогодні завершила навчання у компанії Skillup та знаходжусь у активному пошуку роботи за напрямком Engineer для практичного застосування отриманих знань та розвитку в ІТ сфері.


Middle QA Engineer

Ужгород, Львов · $600 · 1 год опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Work experience 1 year. Work in a team of 5 people. We are developing a scorebook for a US customer. I have experience API and Payments testing. I know how work with Linux OC.

Manual Testing, Jira, Quality Assurance, Regression Testing, SQL, HTML, Functional testing, Web Testing, Scrum, Agile, CSS, Postman, Slack, Docker, Linux, TestRail, Android, API testing, Git

Technical education

Friendly team. I am not interested in testing of desktop apps


QA Engineer

Львов · $300 · Intermediate

Jira, Manual Testing, Regression Testing, Scrum, SQL, HTML, Agile, Quality Assurance, CSS, Postman, Test Documentation, SDLC process understanding, API testing, Chrome Dev Tools, Checklist, Agile Methodologies, Test Case, Windows, TestRail, Manual Testing , Functional testing, Bug report, Cross-browser testing, Design and developing of bug reports, Web Testing, Test Planning & Documentation, JMeter, Selenium IDE, Oracle VM Virtual Box, Linux

Interesting projects and friendly team. My priority is a promising work with the possibility of career development. Areas of Interest: Software testing, Web Performance Testing and any interesting testing.


Junior Automation QA Engineer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $700 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Retail UK Customer

Automated Testing, Java, Jenkins, Maven, Postman, TestNG, Allure, Selenium, REST API, Scrum, Linux, Manual Testing, Jira, JavaScript, webdriver.io, TypeScript

I have experience in the manual (Jira, Qtest), automation testing (Cucumber, Webdriverio, TestNG, Newman), REST API testing (Telerik, Postman)

I'm looking for part-time project\startup which will I be able to test after the main work


Junior QA Engineer

Львов · $300 · Intermediate

I have no experience at QA, graduated training courses: The Fundaments of software testing, and: GameDev Testing in the end of 2019. Work with MySQL/Ms SQL, Postman/Jmeter, and bug trekking system Jira. Creation of test documentation test plan, test case, checklist, bug repor. Automated testing using Selenium IDE. Game Testing experience ( test cases/feedback writing).

Quality Assurance, Jira, SQL, Postman, API testing, Selenium WebDriver, Manual Testing

I want to nd my rst job as a trainee test engineer, gain experience and new knowledge which would help me to grow as a professional.


Automation QA Engineer (JS)

Ивано-Франковск, Тернополь, Черновцы, Львов · $550 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Пишу автотести на проекті до 2 місяців, паралельно з мануальним тестуванням. Досвід ручного тестування 1.5 роки. Працював на декількох міжнародних проектах. Тестував веб/мобайл. Хочу і можу розвиватися в автоматизації, фреймворк не має значення, готовий наполегливо вчитися.

Git, Automated Testing, Jira, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium, Scrum, SQL, XPath, HTML, CSS, Postman, OOP, Regression Testing, Mobile Testng, Quality Assurance, Linux, JSON, Agile, Manual Testing, NodeJS, Protractor JS, Protractor, MochaJS, JS, Mobile Tesing, Web Testing, Selemiun WebDriver, Allure reports, Jasmine, Jenkins

Успішність проектів, на яких працював. Проходження курсів по автоматизації JS(protractor) + декілька курсів по manual testing. Приймав участь в олімпіаді ACM(півфіналі).

Дружній колектив. Готовий до праці віддалено. Головне розвиватися в автоматизації.


Manual QA Engineer

Львов, EU · $2400 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Overall 3 years of work experience in software testing; 3,5 years of work experience as a Support Analyst and a Technical Consultant; Experience in functional, ad-hoc, regression, sanity, smoke, performance testing; Bug tracking, test case creation, and execution; Technical skills: basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, MySQL, XML, Charles, Live HTTP Headers, soapUI, Postman, IETester, VMWare; Testing tools: JIRA, Zephyr, Google Sheets; Personal characteristics and strong points: attention to details, responsibility, analytical capabilities, creativity, presentation skills, communicability, accuracy, well-organized, flexible, adaptable, a quick learner, able to work in team as well as independently, understanding QA role in product development, able to stay calm in stressful situations, artistic taste.

Regression Testing, Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Functional testing, Web Testing, Test Design, Confluence, Mobile Testing, TestRail, Creation of test documentation


QA Engineer 🔥

Львов, Киев, Remote, Relocate · $2500 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

- 6.5+ years of QA experience in software testing (manual + automation) - 2.5+ years (of 6.5 years) of experience in Automation (Python + Unittest + Selenium WebDriver + Pytest (short period of time)) - Skills in writing: Test Cases, Check Lists, Bug Reports, Feature Requests, Test Plans - Experience with different testing types, methodologies and processes - Some experience in creating test framework from scratch - ISTQB Certified Tester, Foundation Level - Networking background and some related experience The last 2.5 years I am engaged in automation testing, but if necessary I do manual testing. I'm trying to test everything that is possible. Testing for me is not only work, but also life.

Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, exploratory testing, Functional testing, Regression Testing, Jira, Test Case, Test Design, Python, Scrum, UnitTest, Automated Testing, Firebug, Git, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins, pytest, Selenium IDE, Ubuntu, XPath, Mind map, Mobile testing, Networking, SQL, JMeter, TestRail

- Friendly atmosphere !!! - Comfortable working place !!! - Professional growth !!! - KYIV + 500$ (AND ONLY COMPLEX AND EXCITED PROJECT) !!!!!!!!!!

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