16 августа

Middle JavaScript Full Stack Developer (Node.js/Angular)

Львов · $2500 · 2,5 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

JavaScript (ES6): Server side: Node.js(express) Frameworks and libraries: Angular(2/4), jQuery MySQL, MongoDB HTML5, CSS3 nginx GIT Linux gulp, grunt, webpack Jira Looking for remote, part-time job (10-20 hours/week)

AJAX, Angular, HTML5, Node.js, AWS, Bootstrap, CSS3, Git, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, Sequelize, AngularJS, OOP, RabbitMQ, REST API, Redux, Jira, SASS, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, JSON, Angular 2+, webpack, Gulp, es6, Linux, GraphQL

All my achievements you can see in my resume

16 августа

Python/Node.js developer 

Львов · $2900 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have worked with various technology stacks during last 4 years, including: - Python (Django, Flask) - Node.js (Express) - React.js, Next.js - Vue.js - MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch - RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka During this stint I have several interesting projects, such as: - Automation platform for b2b market with similar approach as ifttt.com - High-load system for cryptocurrencies trading which should be able to serve real-time data about coins' prices and short term prediction for it. During this project I have used Node.js, Python (TensorFlow), Golang. As a database we have used master-master replicated PostgreSQL. - Game tool, created with Unity (compiled into WebGL), Python(Flask), React.js (for the rest of front-end) for LoL gamers to improve their skills - Blockchain based platform for data sharing, using ERC-223 smart contract (Solidity), Node.js and React.js - Social sales automation platform (which helps to automate sales via social networks using custom ML algorithms and reverse engineering of social networks APIs) and others

Flask, JavaScript, Python, Redis, Django, MongoDB, Node.js, React.js, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, Unity3D, apache kafka

On all my positions I was highly involved into communication with customers, so I was able to manage the team's track. I have been a speaker at LvivJS 2018 conference with presentation about WebAssembly. I have rich experience in pre-sale processes as I was highly involved into them previously. I have started a small outsource agency which now works, however, I would like to grow in the technical domain, so this was not a best path for me. However, I have some experience and understanding of business and processes.

I am seeking for interesting projects in the domain of high-available solutions, information security, distributed services and so on. Also, I would like to grow into architect position in future, as this part of the development is really interesting for me, but yet I fill like I need more experience to be effective in this role. I would like to work either remotely or at least with flexible schedule.

16 августа

Web (JS + React.js) Developer + team lead + (Node.js & SQL) 🔥

Львов, Одесса, западная Україна, удаленно, релокейт за границу · $2700 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

1) landing page 2) Admin panel 3) webstore with admin panel 4) Web application ( front end team lead ) 5) micro service Node.js + PostgreSQL

JavaScript, Git, Jira, Bootstrap, REST API, React.js, webpack, JSON, SCSS, Redux Saga, React, Node.js, jQuery, AJAX, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Functional programming, WebSocket, UX/UI, OOP, PostgreSQL, es6, React / Redux, Redux, redux-thunk, Zeplin

pin-pong master XD

An interesting project, career growth, decent payment

14 августа

Middle+ front-end developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

Have great experience in modern latest front-end development for almost 5 years. Here are simple FAQ about who I am. I am an expert in these areas: - JavaScript (ES5/ES6, React.js/Redux). - Fully Responsive Web development, PSD to HTML / PSD to Wordpress conversion. - CMS (Wordpress, custom CMS). - HTML5, CSS3, LESS/SASS/SCSS - Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation framework. - Woocommerce - Webpack

JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, webpack, ES6/ES2015, Babel, Jest, Chai, Bootstrap, SASS, HTML5, MongoDB

Front-end developer with overall 5 years of experience in programming, a good technical background and desire to learn new technologies. I’m a well organized and highly motivated person with excellent communication skills, totally ready and have an immense desire to implement and advance my professional skills. I’m able to reach high results in a short period of time. I achieve every new challenge with a great enthusiasm and I want to be a helpful part of creative development team

I am looking for part time remote work Ready to work on the project 10-15 hours a week My rate is 25 $ per hour

14 августа

React developer 🔥 

Львов · $5000 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

3+ commercial experience with React projects, 1 of them started from scratch. Experienced with backend technologies: relational dbs, java and nodejs (prefer node).

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React, Node.js, SASS, Redux, HTML, webpack, es6, CSS, Git, TypeScript, GitHub

- Saved commercial project and for about half a year I was developing it alone. - Implemented snapshot testing on another project.

React/Node related work, TDD style, good compensation

13 августа

Junior Python Developer

Львов · $950 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Git, MySQL, Linux, MongoDB, REST API, SQL, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, Jira, Bootstrap, Django-REST, REST Framework, OOP, Node.js, Express, TypeScript

11 августа

Junior JavaScript Software Developer

Львов · $300 · Pre-Intermediate

У мене є кілька невеличких тренувальних проектів, де я застосовував \ застосовую на практиці отримані знання. Коротко опишу їх, а якщо Вам буде цікаво, то сам код Ви зможете переглянути на мому GitHub. 1. Сайт візитка (просто верстка) https://z347.github.io/ Технології: HTML5, CSS3, B.E.M. 2. Сайт поліклініки (Back-End + Front-End) Технології: Node.js, NPM, Express, Mongoose, Angular 3. Список справ (Back-End) Технології: Node.js, NPM, Express, Express-Session, Mongoose, Passport, Passport-Local, Pug 4. Рецепти хот-догів (Back-End) https://elif-tech-task.herokuapp.com/ Технології: Node.js, NPM, Express, Mongoose, Path, Pug, Bootstrap

JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML/HTML 5, CSS, Node.js, Angular 4+, MySQL, MongoDB, JSON, Windows, Linux, Bootstrap, Git

Закінчив курси “JavaScript Complex” від OktenWeb University Дружелюбний та добрий Хороший навик спілкування Уважний до деталей

Хороша команда та добрий ментор :D Цікаві завдання, які вимагають постійного професійного розвитку.

11 августа

JavaScript Developer / FrontEnd Developer 🔥

Винница, Одесса, Киев, Львов, EU, Canada, USA · $1000 · 1,5 года опыта · Intermediate

Developer with a great passion for front-end design and web application development. I have a good knowledge of HTML5/CSS3. Well familiar with CSS stack, Bootstrap, Photoshop. Keep improving in JavaScript programming. I am goal-oriented, plan my time efficiently and strive for professional development. More interested in big project and :hearts: passionate team) Additional knowledge: • PHP • Search Engine Optimization • Google Analytics & Tag Manager, Yandex Metrica, RoiStat, CallTracking • Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yandex Direct, Vk Targeting • Copywriting • Marketing

HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, React / Redux, SCSS, JSON, AJAX, Bootstrap 4, Google Analitycs, Adobe Photoshop, BEM, SQL, Asynchronous JavaScript, Git, ES6, ES7, SASS

► https://batikschool.com/ - creating web pages on GetCourse, setting up business processes, analytics, development of product sales logic ► http://gipsometal2000.ru/ - creating web pages using Adobe Muse, integration between landing page - bitrix24 - IP telephony Mango office - RoiStat/LPTracker - mailing services, setting up automatic mailing for new leads (sputnic mail.ru, getresponse.com, sendpulse.com), ► https://pyatko.ru/ - senior specialist at semantic core collection for SEO, Yandex Direct and Google Ads, website structure development for online shops ► https://wilgood.ru/ - creating and supporting ads on Yandex Direct for 12 auto repair shops

No gambling, online-casino or betting projects.

7 августа

Javascript / Angular 2+ 🔥

Киев, Львов · $2000 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

Мій перший досвід був в інтернатурі в BIONIC University, де я працював віддалено в команді ( 3 FE, 2 BE, BA, PM, QA , Team Lead) так як я один закінчив курси - та знав краще Angular - тому в основному задачі по Angular - були на мені. Описував форми, валідації, роути, обзервбл і тд Деколи доводилося використовувати Node.js для різних під-задач З 1.04.2018 по сьогодні - працюю в компанії Codiv UA на позиції Front end developer, почав я як Junior developer, та вже через 4-5 місяців інший FE developer звільнився, та мені довелося більше ніж пів року вести проект самому Від недавна з"явився новий FE developer Проект аналог http://offers.advendor.net/ В проеткі багато логіки, залежностей в залежності від ролі юзера, статистики, методи виплат, форм і багато чого іншого

JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Material

7 августа

Frontend Developer (React/React-Native)

Удаленная работа, Беларусь · $1300 · 1,5 года опыта · Intermediate

JavaScript developer with experience in complex Front-end projects. Worked on scoring project, marketplace, mobile banking application (used React Native) and another projects. Used Stripe payment, social sign-in, Google Firebase. Worked as fullstack developer on complex project with Nodejs/Express/Docker and React/Redux. Developed React-Native projects with Firebase, Redux and another projects.

MongoDB, React, React Native, Redux, Node.js, Mobx, TypeScript, JavaScript, Linux, Git, HTML5, Flux, SASS, Stripe, Figma, Google FireBase

I want to be a member of a great team with a complex and interested project as Front-end or FullStack JavaScript developer.

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