Trainee/Junior Front-end Developer

Львов · $300 · Intermediate

I have completed a bunch of tasks, which are present in my Github repository. Happy to face challenges and learn new things. Resume Project - in this project, I created my own site with HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery. I've created a contact form using Telegram bot. Mini Site React - here I am trying to create my own social network using React, Redux, and React-Redux library. Used Restricted API for Http requests. There is a profile, users, redirect and login.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, React, Redux, CSS3, REST API, ES6+, SASS, CSS, HTML, Node.js, MongoDB, es6, Gulp, OOP


C# developer

Киев, Днепр, Харьков, Львов, Одесса · $1700 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

Integration ( 10 January 2017 - 01 March 2018 ) Designed and developed a web-based HR application Collaborate with the designer to create clean and simple interfaces Worked effectively to ensure design elevated client-side experience Developed Governmental level web application, which is used for fertilizer trade. Wrote extensible and maintainable backend code as a part of the team Participated in developing product management desktop application Supporting current web applications Maintaining existing web projects Participated in the migration of database Adopting application to the new database Information Technologies and Data Management Center ( State Committee on Property Issues ) ( 01 March 2018 - Present ) Maintaining existing web projects Suggesting and working on improvements in design and functionality Diagnosing and rectifying performance issues Designing and developing Geoportal of Azerbaijan using ArcGIS JS Api and ASP.NET MVC Designed and developed a web application for financial statement of big companies in Azerbaijan Took part in internal projects as a backend developer Skills: • C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, WCF • SQL Server, MySQL • JQuery, JS • Bootstrap

OOP/OOD, .NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, LINQ, MS SQL Server, WCF, AJAX, Bootstrap, CSS, Design Patterns, C#, REST API, asp.net mvc, Git, OOP

I am living and working in Azerbaijan right now. I want to relocate to improve my programming skills so I will need a work permit and visa support. Please consider this before sending any offer.


Golang developer/Node.js/Angular/React

Львов · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

Freelancer about 3+ years

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, C#, MongoDB, Node.js, Bootstrap, OOP, Python, Selenium WebDriver, Wordpress, XML, REST API, Git, CSS3, Web Development, Golang/Go, React, Docker, Microservices, gRPC, PostgreSQL, Angular, MySQL, TypeScript, Linux

Also I have experience as daytrader on USA stock market + algo trading development.

Freelancer style, startups. Most preferred remote positions for now.


frontend/full stack developer

Киев, Львов, Тернополь · $1500 · 1,5 года опыта · Intermediate

Hi! I’m self employed specialist with professional background in fields of: banks and corporate finance, project management, business consulting and development, with a degree - jurisprudence. I’m open-minded, proactive, clever and quickly learn anything new. I have excellent communication skills and professional approach. Since 2014 i felt in love with the web development and start to pump my skills and improve my knowledges in this new area. I completed several online course about: HTML, CSS, JS, investigated couple other frontend frameworks and libraries like: React JS, bootstrap, materialize.css etc. I discovered how to use preprocessors like: Sass, Less. This provided me an ability to find my first projects in the area of web development as a part time job. Since then, I created a couple of different landings and corporate web-sites for my clients (heat device factory, vehicle parts store, well known artist, law consulting company, etc.) My current primary job is the development of App for upwork clients. But i feel that i’m ready to move forward and want to do my best in full-time web development be doing more complicate projects and pump over experience by solving stronger tasks. Now I want to became a useful part of the great-skilled web dev team, starting from a junior/middle frontend web developer position with no turn over on my previous professional background outside of IT.

JavaScript, Git, React, HTML5, Redux, webpack, REST API, CSS3, AJAX, CSS, SASS, HTML, Node.js, Bootstrap, JSON, es6, MongoDB

I can up project from start to deploy him in hosting.

Looking a position as frontend/full stack developer where extensive experience will be further developed and utilized.


Front-end developer

Львов · $300 · Intermediate

Навчаюсь на Комп'ютерних науках в ЛНУ ім. Івана Франка, тому мала досвід в групових проектах для навчання, особистих проектах та лабораторних роботах по різних напрямках. Наприклад створила веб-додаток, що дозволяє користувачам замовляти товари з інтернет-магазину. Реалізована авторизація користувачів, адміністративна частина для редагування вмісту сторінки та інтерфейс клієнта.

JavaScript, Git, React, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, HTML, CSS, Redux, ES6+, HTTP, jQuery, Expess, OOP, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL

Поступлення на технічну професію, успішна здача усіх проектів в університеті, самостійне вивчення багатьох технологій.

Робота з хорошим ментором. Розмір компанії не надто важливий.


Python/Django Developer

Киев, Львов · $3000 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

Участие в разработке сервиса с 200к активных пользователей. Усовершенствование и рефакторинг распределенной очереди задач. Доработка системы проведения акций, а также реализация компонентов для взаимодействия с платежной системой.

Python, Django, Linux, Redis, asyncio, MySQL, Git, OOP, Celery, SQL, JSON, REST API, Aiohttp, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Terminal

Использование современного стека технологий где это применимо, приобретение опыта на этом основании.


Junior JavaScript developer

Львов · $400 · Intermediate

I don't have commercial experience yet, but have pet-projects. You can find them on my GitHub profile.

JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Node.js, Git, Express.js

I am capable to convert psd-templates to responsive pixel perfect HTML, to create a simple React app and make simple REST apis using Express and MongoDB.

I am novice in IT and expecting to find a job in company where I can learn and develop.


Front-end developer trainee

Львов · $300 · Intermediate

Developing web sites with html5 css3 JavaScript Angular v8 Nodemailer. I have no commercial experience in Frontend development, but I'm looking for it. I`m planning to start learning React

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, TypeScript, CSS, Angular, OOP, jQuery, Bootstrap, es6, HTML, JSON, ES6+, REST API, webpack, CSS3, SCSS, HTML/CSS, AJAX, Angular 4+, GitHub

I've completed Logos IT Academy Frontend Developer course, from May 2019 till October 2019 - 220 academic hours course on Programming Basics, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JavaScript Advanced

I'm looking for a position with interesting people and the ability to grow professionally. Receiving commercial experience in development of real projects . I admire the work of Frontend developing, it motivates me to learn


Junior front-end developer, HTML coder(верстальщик)

Львов · $450 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

I'm a junior frontend developer with about a year of experience, Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technologies. I always pay lots of attention to details, think about user-experience and the esthetical value of any website. I've used such technologies: HTML5/CSS3/SASS/JS ES2017/Git/Gulp. I have little experience with Angular 8, Vue.js, PHP. Also i'm a convient user of Graphical Editors (Avocode/Photoshop). Currently, I'm looking for a position of Junior Front-end Developer. Open for any opportunities. If you have a suggestion for me, just write to me here or on email.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, HTML, Bootstrap, webpack, SASS, AJAX, Gulp, ES6+, БЭМ, mobile first, jQuery, JSON, CSS3, Wordpress, React, Redux, Shopify

Продуктова або аутсорсингова компанія у Львові.


Trainee/Junior Javascipt developer

Львов · $250 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have Javascript (ES6 and asynchronous) knowledge, algorithms and data structure knowledge. I have developed projects with React, Redux (Saga), Express. Learning Typescript. I'm eager to learn new technologies. Looking for internship to work in team and grow professionally. Ready to make a test task.

JavaScript, HTML, SASS, Gulp, Git, Node.js, REST API, React, Redux, CSS3, es6, MySQL, TypeScript

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