Data Analyst

Львов · $600 · 1 год опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Data mining and data analysis: Tools: MS Excel, Google Spreadsheets, LibreOffice Calc, RStudio. Databases: Firebase API, SQL (basic). Data visualization: Google Data Studio, Google Maps, ArcGis, QGIS. Languages: R (basic). Web-development: Languages: JavaScript (middle). Libraries: Bootstrap 4, CSS3 Grid layout (middle), Snap JS. API: Google Charts, Google Maps, Google Sheets, Firebase. VCS: Git, SourceTree (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket). Web: HTML5, CSS3, JSON, XML. Project management. Communication tools: Slack, MS Teams, Skype, etc. Management tools: Trello, Master Task. 2013 - 2016 - deputy director of the NGO "Medinfotech". 2012 - present - doctor-methodist organizational and methodological unit of the Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital. 2012 - till now - doctor-statistician Lviv Regional Information and Analytical Center. 2017 - till now regional technical expert in DRG (diagnostic related groups) implementation. 2017 - member of the group on development of the regional eHealth strategy. 2017 - 2018 - consultant in USAID and Abt Associates project (Healthcare cost accounting). 2018 - till now - technical consultant in World Bank project (geocoding, web-site development).

Data Mining, Excel, Google Data Studio, Google Spreadsheets, Google Charts, Linux, SQL, R, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

10 декабря

Intern/ Junior Data Scientist, Quant

Львов · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Working exp: - Trading algorithms development for stocks and crypto markets. Using Catalyst and KITE frameworks. Also used PyTorch for building "clever" trading system; - Kaggle competitions; - Development of web - scrapers, blogs on Flask;

Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, scikit-learn, pandas, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Deep Learning, Matplotlib, Tensorflow, NLP, Algorithms, Linux, Statistics, Problem-solving skills, Data analyst, statistical analysis, Artificial Intelligence, PyTorch, PostgreSQL

- Preparing scientific work on theme of 'Applying machine learning algorithms in prediction of currency movements'; - Developed highly intensive arbitrage bot; - I have got 2 little businesses; I have organized production in 3 days and got nice experience in a business processes; - Became the best on the course of 'Statistical modelling and prediction';

- Mentorship. I guess, this is the best variant for the companies to provide this opportunity for interns and juniors, as in the result, companies may get doubled profit in future. - I am proficient in a fields of Business, Investments, Production. Will be pretty happy to work in these ones, but I have never fear of new technologies and fields.

10 декабря

Senior Data scientist, R&D software engineer

Львов · $10000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I enable data-driven decision making by transforming the varied and vast into the meaningful and simple. I am passionate about data science. I operate using leading-edge technologies to unveil the full power of Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning in order to solve complex Data Science and Business Intelligence tasks across multiple domains and industry sectors. Deep background in mathematics, statistics symbiotically to a computer experience ('PhD in mathematical physics). Machine Learning experience: Time-Series, DSP, NLP, Anomaly detection, ASR, DL, RL... Programming skills: Python(pandas,numpy,scikit, spacy, nltk); Kaffka, Spark, MongoDB, OrientDB, Postgres; Lua, R..

Algorithms, DS , Math, AWS, Behavioral analysis, game analytics, Machine leaning, Python, Apache Spark, docker, Flask, Git, Jira, Kaffka, NLP, OrientDB, PostgreSQL, Ansible, Linux, Lua, Matlab, Project Management, R (language), MongoDB, SQL

Would be nice to work in R&D data science project.

9 декабря

GIS Specialist

Львов · $2000 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

• Generating offline maps for iOS and Android application • Cartographic production • GIS analysis • Geodatabase design and creation • Data creation, Data editing, Data conversion, Metadata implementation • Geoprocessing, Georeferencing • Converting maps and data files from one format to another • Creating and adding to the system products (map charts) • Improving the design, performance, and efficiency of existing products • Checking and testing products • Verified accuracy of data, compiled spreadsheet by combined data from various systems • Working in the agile software development of Scrum

7 декабря

Розробник C++ 🔥

Киев, Львов, Харьков, Одесса, Винница, Ивано-Франковск, Хмельницкий · $3500 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

Senior Software Engineer June 2019 - Present Research and development of algorithms for solving large scale mathematical optimization problems Research and development of computational geometry algorithms (c++, python, math, Linux) Software Engineer September 2018 - October 2019 Development and support CAD systems for solid objects modeling(c++, math, Linux) .NET developer October 2016 - September 2018 Development and support of graphics core for geologists CAD system (C#, C++/clr, OpenGL, math, Windows) Research and development of an algorithm for solving the problem of planning the most profitable open-pit (C#, C++/clr, math, Windows)

Git, Multithreading, Python, Boost, OpenGL, Linux, Design Patterns, Jira, bash, Windows, Machine Learning, Optimization, Math, C#/.NET, CMake, STL, GPU, Algorithms and Data Structures, C/C++, Computational Geometry, OOP/OOD, SOLID

Second place in the ACM-ICPC Central-Ukrainian regional programming contest 2017 Expert rank at Codeforces.com (algorithmic programming contests platform)

looking for tasks close to impossible :) Interested in algorithms and data structures, math, optimization, machine learning, 3d graphics

7 декабря

Junior Data Scientist

Львов · $700 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Finance Risk Modelling and Data Analytics Junior Specialist at PwC Lviv

Python, Data Science, English, Algorithms, R, Excel, Data Analytics, Matematics, SQL, Git, Math, OOP, Machine Learning, Jupyter Notebook, numpy, pandas, Jira, R-Studio, Matplotlib

Молода команда, цікавий проект, компанія, яка робить класний продукт, в якій я зможу навчатися на реальних проектах і розвиватися як спеціаліст.

7 декабря

SQL developer, BI analyst 🔥

Киев, Львов, Харьков · $2200 · 2,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

MS SQL Server, SQL, SSRS, SSIS, ETL, Tableau. Talend, Postgres, AWS Redshift, AWS S3, ITIL, SCRUM

SQL, MS SQL Server, SSRS, Tableau, ETL, SSIS, T-SQL, DWH, Git

Experienced in reporting for the large international company Developed ETL-process for company's local needs Worked closely with customers Experienced as team-player on the long-time project

professional growth challengable tasks work with foreign colleagues business trips friendly work environment

6 декабря

Python Developer

Львов · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

*** Creating and maintaining micro-services based on Flask framework and Docker containers. Creating pipelines with Celery for document processing, text recognition *** Creating and maintaining Django Web API ,working with statistics marketing data: storing data in MySQL DB, generating periodical data, advanced SQL-queries building *** Creating custom automation tools using Python3, creating new and maintaining existing automation tests with Selenium, technical validation of documentation. *** Developing automated processes using Python3 and Big data, Data Science, Machine Learning technologies. (data prediction with nlp, classification of efectivity imunotherapy ,text recognition)

OOP/OOD, Python, MySQL, Scrum, Django, JUnit, Maven, Selenium, Machine Learning, Data Science, sklearn, Pandas, Matplotlib, ElasticSearch, SQL, Git, Refactoring, Docker, Linux, Tornado, Flask, Celery, MongoDB, Artificial Intelligence, Microservices, Java, JSON, Jira, AWS

- March 2018, University of Information Technology and Management, Rzeszow, Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science (Programing) - “Internet Revolution”, Google, Sep 2017 - IT Academy, Delloite, Aug 2017 - “SQL”, Certified SQL Training SoloLearn, August 2017

challenging tasks, good communication

5 декабря

Junior Data Scientist

Львов · $750 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Junior Data Analyst PwC / 7 month Improving Big data Analytical Platform, refactoring and fastening code • Apache Spark with Python and Scala • SQL and it`s frameworks (Dremio, Hive) • R Shiny visualization Also, a lot of refactoring work, creating more readable and quicker pythonic code. Interaction remotely with lead team in English

Python, Machine Learning, SQL, scikit-learn, pandas, Git, NumPy, Jupyter Notebook, Math, Matplotlib, NLP, Pandas, English, Data Mining, numpy, Algorithms, Statistics, Excel, Data Engineering, Data Visualisation, Big Data, Apache Spark, Scala

I`m proud of my success in refactoring and debugging code (written on pyspark) that increased readability and made pipeline run 30% quicker.

I want to develop myself in data science. I can work remotely.

3 декабря

Middle Machine Learning Engineer

Киев, Львов · $2200 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I've worked on multiple different projects on Data Science and Machine Learning (multi-series forecasting for Time Series, object-detection, object-detection with OCR, ECG denoising with GAN and classification)

Machine Learning, Python, Data Science, Deep Learning, NumPy, Tensorflow, NLP, PyTorch, Statistics, Data Visualization, numpy, Pandas, English, Git

Presented a scientific poster at WiML workshop at NeurIPS 2019 (best conference on Artificial intelligence)

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