IT Recruiter

Львов · $700 · 1 год опыта · Intermediate

Працюю Рекрутером у Рекрутинговому агентстві. У мої обов’язки входить: -активний пошук кандидатів; -первинний відбір кандидатів на інтернет порталах,джоб сайтах та соц мережах; -дзвінки до кандидатів ; -проведення співбесід (телефонні,скайп-вайбер інтерв’ю); -презентація кандидатів компанії; -скринінг резюме. Шукаю роботу у IT, а саме рекрутинг. Пройшла курси по IT рекрутингу та HR. Швидко навчаюсь,відповідальна та творчо підходжу до виконання своєї роботи.

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Research, Human Resources, Interviewing, Team Building, Talent acquisition, Executive Search, Networking, Onboarding, English

-влаштувала на роботу кандидатів із різних сфер роботи; -знайшла кандидатів яких важко знайти; -налагодила зв’язки із багатьма міжнародними компаніями.

-дружній колектив -якісна організація роботи -гнучкий графік


COO, Talent Operations Manager, HR Business Partner, Resource Manager

Львов · $2500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

5 years experience in IT sphere Used to lead - Offices' operations - Recruiters - HR manager

IT Recruitment, HR Management, Organisation skills, Communication Skills, Employee Relations, 1:1 meetings, adaptation, Team Building, Onboarding, Recruitment&HR Strategies Implementation, Business Processes, People Management, Performance Management, Negotiating, Operation Management, budgeting

- Reorganized and led the HR/Recruitment and Office's operations directions to achieve the company's goals as quickly as possible - Decrease in staff turnover and increase employee tenure - My team has managed to achieve and maintain an average engineering vacancy age - 28 business days

I would like to have the authority to do my job without micromanagement.


IT Recruiter

Львов, Львов, Киев, Днепр · $600 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

IT Recruiter and Researcher with more than 3 years of experience, skilled in sourcing and analytics. I'm working with all phases of full-cycle recruiting, from initial sourcing and screening through offer negotiations, placements, and onboarding. Filled around 20 positions of different levels (from Trainee/Junior to Architect) and also working with various technologies stack (Embedded, C/C++, Python QA Automation with Networking, Java, PHP, Front-end and Backend).

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Interviewing, Research, Communication, LinkedIn Search, Screening Resumes, Employee Relations


Hr marketing

Львов · $600 · 1,5 года опыта · Intermediate

Event manager, HR marketing 1+ year

event management, Organisation skills, Team Building, Human Resources



Львов · $800 · 5 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

2019 Full-service IT company "SEVEN" HR manager - Monitor of recruitment and hiring process. - Conduction of employee onboarding process. - Support in the resolution of employee questions or concerns. - Evaluation and improvement of HR processes in the company. - Support of development and educations programs. - Employee relations coordination, one-to-one meetings. - Events and internal communication management. - Collaboration with heads of departments. - Conduction of exit interview process. 2017-2019 PJSC "VF Ukraine" Human Resources and Corporate Communications Expert - Event organization and staff development. - Creation, promotion and organizational support of personal and team development programs. - Preparation of staff reserve pool. - Transformation of the value platform. - Creating a positive HR brand for the company. - Development of strategic initiatives to promote the corporate network. - Promotion and popularization of the social network inside the company. 2014-2017 PJSC "MTS Ukraine" Expert on recruitment and training of staff at the customer service center - Creating requirements for candidates and identifying the most effective sources for finding candidates for vacant positions. - Participation in vacancies fairs, career days and other mass events aimed at attracting potential candidates for vacant positions. - Conducting interviews, selecting candidates in accordance with qualification requirements and competencies. - Development and conducting of training programs of general corporate and highly specialized orientation. - Provide support for training programs in a state of the art that meets current business requirements. - Development and implementation of internal testing of knowledge. - Monitoring compliance with service standards. - Creation and support of motivational programs for employees.

HR, Human Resources, Communication, adaptation, event management, Onboarding

IT компанії.


HR manager

Львов · $1700 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

I am a result-oriented professional who has been consistently praised as proactive by my co-workers and management. Over the course of my 4-year career, I’ve developed a skill set directly relevant to the HR manager role. Overall, I have consistently demonstrated communication, capacity planning, and problem-solving abilities in every aspect of my HR manager role at previously company. Responsibilities at my previous job: • Building all HR processes (Employee Life Cycle); • Building productive, collaborative relationships with employees and stakeholders; • Management&Development of HR team (HR , Recruiters (2), Office manager); • Meeting new employees and arranging induction programs for them (informing of job duties, responsibilities, schedules, working conditions, promotion opportunities, etc.); • Planning, organizing and tracking outcomes of Performance Appraisals for employees; • Implementing HR metrics; • Escalating employee issues to appropriate stakeholders to ensure its efficient solving; • Advising employees and helping them make informed decisions about their careers; • Assisting with interviews where necessary.

Human Resources, Onboarding, adaptation, Employee retention, Change managment, Talent management, HR strategy, HR metrics, on/offboarding, one-to-one meetings

I`m most proud of the way I composed and introduced all internal HR processes from 0, making it possible for us to bring more benefits than had ever been brought. Also, I've organized an education club for company managers.

I am a progress enthusiast and always look for new ways to improve my self and my team’s skills and productivity. Thus, I want to be a partner with a business in delivering the best HR services in harmony with business goals and values. Ready for new challenges, interesting tasks and professional growth. Don`t like to work with recruiting and office management.


IT Recruiter

Львов · $700 · 1,5 года опыта · Intermediate

- Search for technical and non-technical positions - General understanding of technologies in the IT Industry - Full cycle recruitment - Active sourcing of candidates using a variety of channels

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Recruiting, Linkedin


Content creator, Copywriter, SMM, PR specialist, Junior marketing specialist

Львов · $650 · 1,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Working in Kromtech (computer software company) as a Customer Support Representative. Communicate with native speakers from the USA, and Great Britain. Providing customer with billing information according to CRM. Dealing with unsatisfied customers/hard cases. Working with Salesforce and Vindicia.

Digital marketing, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, SMM, SEO, Content marketing, English, Google Ads, PR, Brand Marketing, copywriting, Marketing Strategy

Finished courses in SMM, Content marketing, Marketing strategy, Basics of SEO and Copywriting. Have a couple of cases.


HR manager

Львов · $750 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

I have experience as an office manager for over 3 years. I'm organizing various events (teambuilding, tech talk, meetings, corporate, demo day, etc.), experienced in organizing corporate events for 300+ people. I am planning / maintaining a budget for the life of the company, organize corporate branding, manage the staff. Also involved in the organization and repair of office work. Fully support the office life cycle.

HR, IT Recruitment, Communication, Team Building, Onboarding, bamboohr, Microsoft Office, Multitasking, Conflict Management and Problem Solving, Teamplayer, Event management, event planning, HR budgeting, Organisation skills, Time Management., Administrative services, Jira, SMM, Adobe Photoshop, HR branding, HR Management

First of all, I look forward to a cool team where I can apply my skills, the opportunity to show my creativity, guidance that is open to suggestions and new ideas.


HR Director, HR Lead, HR Business Partner, People Lead

Харьков, Киев, Львов · $2000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Мой опыт работы в HR-сфере составляет более 10 лет. Прошла все этапы становления как HR-руководитель, занимала позиции HR BP, HRD. В данный момент нахожусь на пике профессиональной формы, и мне хочется найти место, где я имела бы возможность реализовать в полной мере свои навыки. Успешный опыт: • выстраивания ключевых процессов с «0», оптимизации после проведения аудита; • разработки HR стратегии, управления HR-командой (до 5 человек); • самостоятельного закрытия вакансий любого уровня; • внедрения KPI, OKR; • разработки EVP (ценностного предложения работодателя); • выстраивания работы с ВУЗами по привлечению талантов, системы обучения необходимых специалистов внутри компании; • проведения регулярных «one-on-one»-встреч, консультирования в вопросах личного и профессионального развития, решения и предотвращения конфликтов; • ведения проектов по: - HR-аналитике; - оптимизации организационной структуры компании, реинжинирингу бизнес-процессов; - вовлечённости сотрудников; - адаптации; - мотивации; - формированию и поддержке HR-брендинга и корпоративной культуры; - оценке персонала, комплексной структурной диагностике, проведению performance review. Вообще на данном этапе карьеры темы HR-аналитики, HR-маркетинга, интерференции личного бренда и бренда работодателя мне наиболее близки и интересны.

Team Building, Recruiting, Interviewing, Human Resources, Communication, HR, Onboarding, Organisation skills, adaptation, Talent acquisition, People management

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