IT Recruiter

Львов · $800 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

- 3+ years of experience in IT sphere; - Searched on different platforms (LinkedIn, X-Ray, GitHub, Freelancehunt, Xing, Djinni, job sites, Boolean search) ; - Sought out in Google and Stackoveflow to find more information about candidates; - Provided feedbacks to candidates and making job offers; - Hired different level candidates (Senior/Middle/Junior); - Performed full-life cycle recruiting.

IT Recruitment, CV Screening, Boolean Search, X-Ray, Sourcing, Interviews, LinkedIn Search, Communication Skills, Multitasking


Senior recruiter

Киев, Львов, EU, USA, Berlin, Amsterdam · $3000 · 9 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I'm a fearless closer and an experienced talent acquisition specialist with the 9 years of hiring practice (4+ in technical and it recruitment projects mostly in the engineering field, with the Senior+ positions). Eventually using variety of sourcing, screening, interviewing and closing methods and strategies like Advanced Boolean Strings composing, Google Custom Search, different X-Ray searches, Github, Stack Overflow and other technology sites searches, other Social Media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook, job-boards (both international and local), recruiter's and technology referral networking, automated nurturing email campaigns, executive and direct searches, different interviewing technics (structured, behavioral, competence-based) hiring partner for both customers and been candidate's advocate.

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Interviewing, Boolean Search, LinkedIn Search, X-Ray, Sourcing, Executive Search, Talent acquisition, HR interviews, Recruitment Team Management, adaptation, headhunting

The list of closed position by the technology: Java, JavaScript, C#/.NET, Scala, Clojure, Mobile (Android, IOS), C++, Erlang, PHP, Ruby, Python, DevOps, AQA/QA, DBA/D).

currently based in Kyiv and considering contract/project work, relocation or onsite positions in Kyiv or Lviv.


HR manager

Львов · $750 · 2,5 года опыта · Intermediate

- Search, selection, experience with onboarding/offboarding, training; - Organization and maintance of adaptation processes for newcomers; - Оrganization of corporate events; - Organization of leissure for employees; - Analysis of market surveys; - Introduction of employee evaluation; - Development of bonus (motivational and non-motivational) part for staff; - Organization of training and development of personnel, individual and group consultations; - Individual and group counseling and training (teambuilding, emotional unloading, communication, resolving conflicts, resource training, etc.); - Psychodiagnostics, compilation of psychological portraits and recommendations for employee and team leads, chiefs. - Strong organization and communication skills; - Conducting surveys and analysing of data and feedback.

Поиск и подбор персонала, Recruiting, Human Resources, HR, CV Screening, Onboarding, Interviews, Interviewing, Research, Sourcing, Communication Skills, Candidate selection, Search Analysis, headhunting, Negotiating, Offboarding

розвиток корпоративної культури, що посприяла налагодженню комунікації між працівниками та посприяла підвищенню атмосфери в колективі. Виведення бренду роботодавця на якісно вищий рівень. Побудова бази даних кандидатів, розробка та впровадження скриптів для запрошення, відмови кандидатам, ентер-екзіт інтерв"ю, та ін. Підтримка контактів з потенційними кандидатами, колишніми працівниками (бренд роботодавця + закриття вакансій і аналіз ринку праці по матеріальній і нематеріальній частині). Швидкі темпи закриття вакансій.

Подобаються всі процеси ейчарства, особливо аспект підбору та розвитку персоналу. Не менш цікавою вважаю організацію корпоративних заходів і різного роду івентів, підтримку та розвиток бренду компанії.

3 декабря

IT Recruiter

Львов · $1300 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

I'm a seasoned recruiter with more than 2 years of headhunting background for candidates in Ukrainian market. I was involved in closing Full cycle recruiting from sourcing to onboarding. Looking for candidates of different levels: Java Developer, FullStack/Frontend JS Developer, Node.js Developer, System Administrator, + IT market research

IT Recruitment, CV Screening, Boolean Search, Research, X-Ray, Interviews, Sourcing, Screening Resumes, Communication Skills, Talent acquisition, Organisation skills, recruitment, Recruitment, recruiter, Recruitment Sources, Interviewing, Linkedin, Recruiting, Communication, Screening, HR interviews, Headhanting, different types of interviews, LinkedIn Search

2 декабря

HR manager

Львов · $600 · 1,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I am currently working as HR Assistant for Eurosoftware UA. and also completed Logos courses "HR and Recruitment in IT". I have experience with the following processes: - Recruitment (Screening of CVs, Interviewing of candidates, coordination of technical interviews) - registration of staff employees and PEs - Adaptation and onboarding - Working with HR brand (Social media, working with feedbacks, ordering corporate products, etc.) - Motivation (creating surveys, analytics, 1:1-Interviews) - Evaluation, effective Feedback - Exit-Interview - Creating, maintaining and updating Company Policies and HR Processes - Communication with colleagues from other locations abroad - Working with Tools (Bitrix24, Infoniqa, Jira, Confluence, Trello, Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Office) - Event management - Organizing of the health insurance process - Help with the organizing of business trips

Interviewing, CV Screening, Human Resources, HR, Communication, Screening Resumes, Onboarding, Interviews, Organisation skills, Talent acquisition, Team Building, Employee Relations, Jira, Microsoft Office, Excel, Multitasking, Negotiation, Compensation & Benefits, adaptation, Analytical Skills, DOU, HR policies and procedures, German, event planning, Competencies evaluation, Slack, SMM, Exit interviews, Motivation & retention, English, 1:1 meetings, Budget, Building HR process, HR Management

I'm always happy to see, that my work is changing something to the best. For example, I'm proud, that I created a Guide for our Recruitment Team, so every new team member can the main info about the recruitment and onboarding process in our company. I'm also glad, that I can precisely analyze the event and invest plan for the common year. But the most interesting processes for me are Onboarding, Adaptation and HR Brand and I'm working hard on those three factors.

I'm looking forward to bigger HR-Team, with open-minded people, professionals, who could help me to improve. I like when the company really supports the self-improvement of its employees.

2 декабря

HR Analyst

Киев, Харьков, EU, Canada, Львов, USA · $1200 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

“Sigma Software”, 04.2019 – present HR Analyst “Dev-Pro”, 02.2018 – 03.2019 HR Manager - Managing 3 team members: Performance Review, Core HR, Reporting; - HR Automation project coordination and process driver; - Maintaining employee records and personal files; - Creation of process maps and standard operation procedures; - Policies and guidelines creation; - Coordination of corporate web-site implementation (Wordpress); - Creation ad support of HR internal education portal; - Regular and Ad-hoc reporting. “ABInBev”, 10.2016 – 09.2017 Target Setting and Cascading Team Lead - Managing, training and developing team members; - Support of target cascading and bonus system process (more than 3000 employees); - Ensure compliance of company policies and local legislation; - Development and implementation of annual HR cycle - part of TSC; - Coordination with IT partners on HR SAP enhancements; - Project Participation (Taleo – testing part, Target Setting portal – customization, testing, roll out, training); - On-boarding internal trainings for newcomers, TSC Overview training for directors; - Delivering KPIs and SLAs of People Business Services Team; “ABInBev” 11.2014 – 09.2016 Target Setting and Cascading Specialist - Support of target setting cycle; - Zone, local KPI reporting; - Movement/new hires modifications in SAP; - Testing new enhancements of bonus systems; - Preparation of training materials and instructions for end-users; - Solving conflict and non-standard situations associated with support of clients; - Training and developing junior colleagues;

Human Resources, HR, Communication, Onboarding, Compensation & Benefits, CV Screening, English, Communication Skills

2 декабря

HR manager

Львов · $600 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

A commited human resources professional with more than 3 years experience managing employee hiring and onboarding processes. Dependable and organized team player with the ability to communicate efϑiciently. Flexible and adaptable performer. I am eager to maximize my skills and experience in HR to contribute to success of the organization. Communication is my passion which, I am ϑirmly convinced, is essential in HR sphere. Dealt with HR processes at Linguistic center, pre-screening interviews, in-person interviews, onboarding process, events organisation, active search for clients of the organization

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Communication, HR, English, Interviewing, Sourcing, Onboarding, Recruiting

2 декабря

IT Recruiter

Львов · $600 · Меньше года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, English, Sourcing, Research, CV Screening, Boolean Search, X-Ray, LinkedIn Search, Communication Skills, Interviewing, Talent acquisition, Screening Resumes, Linkedin, Communication

1 декабря

HR manager, Researcher, Recruiter

Киев, Львов · $600 · Pre-Intermediate

Досвід роботи в рекрутингу 3 роки. Навички: підготовка до пошуку кандидата: заявка на підбір, зустріч з керівником, складання профілю, розробка стратегії пошуку, публікація вакансій; ведення повного циклу рекрутингу: скринінг резюме, телефонне інтерв'ю, тестове завдання, проведення інтерв'ю, перевірка рекомендацій з минулих місць роботи, презентація кандидата замовнику, фінальне інтерв'ю, вручення job-offer; співпраця з ВНЗ (Київ, Одеса, Львів), публічні виступи, проведення презентацій компанії, участь в ярмарках вакансій; onboarding нових співробітників (забезпечення подарунком на перший робочий день, проведення Welcome, супровід стажування, проходження випробовувального терміну); розробка нового індивідуального плану робіт на період випробувального терміну, впровадження індивідуального плану розвитку співробітників; ведення бази кандидатів в програмі E-Staff; проведення exit-інтерв'ю; ведення аналітики по каналах пошуку; складання бюджету; моніторинг та аналіз тенденцій ринку праці (аналіз заробітних плат); організація тімбілдінгів івентів, робота з підрядниками; проведення зустрічей one to one зі співробітниками компанії; проведення досліджень думки співробітників. 2 роки працюю в інженерінговій компанії, веду 12 вакансій в місяць. Дуже хочу почати свою кар'єру в IT, готова до переїзду, відрядженнь, великого об'єму роботи. Проходжу онлайн курси hr-менеджера, англійської мови.

IT Recruitment, Research, Recruiting, Human Resources

За 2 роки стала ведучим hr-менеджером компанії, втілюю свої ідеї і проекти, закриваю складні вакансії.

Я бажаю працювати в команді професіоналів. Штат компаніїї бажано від 90 чоловік. Повинен бути професійний і кар'єрний ріст.

1 декабря

HR manager, Recruiter

Львов · $550 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Effective and competent HR Generalist with 2-year experience in HR Management and Recruitment on IT field. Highly motivated, result-oriented, with strong interpersonal skills. Troubleshooter. • working with internal teams and hiring managers to assist with recruitment efforts; • active search and headhunting; • managing the full recruitment process including sourcing strategy, interviews, reference check, job offers extension, driving and delivering induction training; • conducting HR interviews and maintaining accurate and up-to-date candidate information; • adaptation, motivation and retention of employees; • proving support to employees in all HR related matters and resolving different interpersonal issues; • monitoring social climate inside the company to identify areas that require improvement and prevent risks; • developing and maintaining corporate culture; • developing and maintaining Company’s benefits package. Also, I took part in marketing projects coordination (Marketing Strategy, Content marketing, SMM, Cooperation with designers). Woul be happy to consider all offers.

IT Recruitment, Research, Interviewing, Human Resources, CV Screening, HR, Communication, LinkedIn Search, Boolean Search, Onboarding, X-Ray, Interviews, Organisation skills, Talent acquisition, Executive Search, Screening Resumes, English, People management, Creating job description, Employee Relations, Team Building, Sourcing

Looking for a team work without huge amounf of bureaucracy. Would love to gain more and more experience and of cource less rutine job if it will be possible.

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