Kyiv, Berlin, London, EU, USA, Canada, Lviv · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

разработка программного обеспечения на С++ и Qt; разработка графических интерфейсов пользователя; разработка алгоритмов цифровой обработки сигналов; формализация задач обработки сигналов; разработка программной и технической документации; разработка программ и методик проведения испытаний; формализация задач и формирование технических требований, разработка технических заданий.

Git, C++, STL, Linux, OOP, Qt, Boost, Algorithms, Design Patterns, C++11/14, SQL, Multithreading

Разработка и реализация алгоритмов обнаружения и измерения параметров для сигналов с неизвестными характеристиками.

Разработка программного обеспечения под OS Linux. Система контроля версий - GIT. Желательно деятельность связанная с обработкой сигналов или информации. Не хочу заниматься играми. Не Embedded разработка.


Head of Support

Lviv · $1200 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• Setting goals to the team that are in line with the department and company goals, and ensuring the required performance targets and deadlines are met • Monitoring, assessment and feedback on team progress and performance; • Schedule creation and meetings planning • Communication to team and management on tasks completion and results • Effective conflict resolution

Support, English, Customer service, customer support, Customer care, Communication Skills, Customer Service Management, Customer Support Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Customer Service

• Hiring staff and Building a team for 24/7 Incident coverage • Staff recruitment and onboarding • Staff management and development

Working with an established team or hiring a new one from scratch to achieve the company goals


Product manager/Project manager/BA

Zaporizhzhya, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv, Kyiv, EU · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Product Management Experience: Product Management, People Management, Understanding the Customer, Product Development, Requirements Analysis, Pricing, Planning, Competitive Analysis, Sales Planning, Inventory Control, Financial Planning and Strategy Project Management Experience: Developing Budgets, Coaching, Supervision, Staffing, Project Management, Management Proficiency, Process Improvement, Tracking Budget Expenses, Self-Development, Planning, Performance Management, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication Business Analysis Experience: Written & Verbal Communication, Problem Solving, Researching, Solutions Development

Product management, Project Management, Business Analysis


CEO, COO, CPO, CSO | C - level

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhzhya, USA · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Creating, communicating, and implementing the organization's vision, mission, and overall direction. Leading the development and implementation of the overall organization's strategy. Leading, guiding, directing, and evaluating the work of other executive leaders. Soliciting advice and guidance, when appropriate, from a Board of Directors. Formulating and implementing the strategic plan that guides the direction of the business or organization. Assuring that the plan creation involves significant input from the organization so that there is little pushback regarding implementation. Overseeing the complete operation of an organization in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans. This includes the design of the organization in a manner that facilitates and supports the operations. Evaluating the success of the organization in reaching its goals. Making sure that each strategic goal is measurable or that the outcomes can be described in a way that an agreed upon picture is shared by the team. Looking at potential acquisitions or the sale of the company under circumstances that will enhance shareholder value. Creating a learning organization that will continue to grow and flourish and enhancing the skills and abilities of employees. Only if the significant players continue to learn and grow will the organization truly succeed.

CEO, COO, Chief Innovation Officer

Expert communicator, deal maker, and manager. Extrovert who is eager to go out on the road and tell my company's story. Individual who is able and willing to present a cohesive vision and strategy to employees. Individual who is decisive, adaptable and forward-looking.


3d artist, Визуализатор

Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Odesa · $1300 · 4 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Занимался визуализацией помещений, так же предметной визуализацией, моделированием мебели, автомобилей, разных предметов. На данный момент занимаюсь Virtual Staging. Хотелось бы найти работу связанную с визуализацией помещений, но так же рассматриваю любые варианты связанные с 3d.

3d Max, 3d modeling, visualisation

Интересная работа, с интересными проектами, не важно какие, большие, или маленькие.


Junior Project Manager

Lviv · $2300 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- project development, - development of goals, objectives - setting tasks for programmers, - worked out of automation of the processes of updating goods and prices, - control over the fulfillment of the assigned tasks by the terms, - testing the correct operation of robots and launching it, - recruitment, - setting tasks for staff, training and monitoring of the implementation of assigned tasks (currently in charge for this project 4 people in Ukraine and 2 in the US), - maintenance and analysis of advertising campaigns on the Internet (teaser, banner networks, ads, social networks), control of advertising budgets. - worked out of logistics automation, the formation of orders and spikes, - preparation of reports and analysis of profitability of the project, - monthly summary of the results for the period and drawing up a development plan for future periods.

Experience in implementing activities related to research, reporting, information management, marketing and business development: accurately and within budget.


Project coordinator

Lviv · $550 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

- Business communication, work with people. - Organizational, administrative and supervisory activity. - Providing documentary support (registration, distribution and storage of incoming and outgoing documents); - Developing a plan of activity for a certain period (month, year) - Creating bank statements in the warehouse program for the company's contractors; - Performing financial management - Preparing data for financial reporting - Performing process management (planning, monitoring and coordinating a business processes) Technical skills: Work in Windows, MS Office, 1 C, SQL (base level), knowledge of Agile methodology Languages Russian – enough to communicate and work with literature German – enough to communicate and work with literature English – pre-Intermediate (continue to study ) Ukrainian – native

Financial management, Process Management, Communication Skills, Management principles, Agile


Руководитель проекта 1с / Ведущий разработчик 1с

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

1с 8.*, управляемые формы, СКД. 1с 7.7, прямые запросы, t-sql. Разработка уникальных конфигураций, под нужды заказчика. Разработка высоконагруженных конфигураций. Интеграция разных приложений(интернет магазины, web приложения). Обмен данными между различными приложениями и сервисами. Использование api. Сопровождение и поддержка доработанных конфигураций, на базе (УТ, УНФ, Розница, ЕРП).

T-SQL, English

Есть ряд кейсов, в которых прослеживается влияние выполненных проектов на прибыль предприятия. Примеры начиная от АРМов менеджеров по продажам до высоко нагруженных систем ценообразования с сложной системой расчета региональных цен. Пример: 1. Автоматизация отдела разработки ПО. Дано: 5 разработчиков 1с работают над 3мя учетными системами на базе платформы 7.7. Общего репозитория разработки нет. Один разработчик тратит половину своего рабочего времени, для объединения всех наработок в рабочий билд. Проблема: Периодически возникают проблемы с объединением наработок разных разработчиков. «Затирание» наработок предыдущих исполнителей, некорректное объединение. Потери наработок, при таком формате работы составляют ~10%. То есть 10% всего нового функционала, разработанного за месяц, возвращается на доработку или полное восстановление. Решение: Создана отдельная конфигурация, на базе платформы 1с 8.3, с функционалом схожим с хранилищем конфигурации и репозиторием. Введен регламент работы с файлами рабочих конфигураций. В этой же конфигурации разработан функционал для контроля производительности отдела разработки. Результат: Полностью решена проблема с потерями наработок. Выгода для предприятия 10% стоимости работы всего отдела разработчиков 1с в месяц + 0,5 ставки одного разработчика в месяц, так как теперь не нужна отдельная должность для формирования рабочих билдов конфигураций. Менеджмент получил инструмент контроля за разработкой, что позволяет на ранних этапах выявлять проблемы, минимизируя затраты на разработку.

Проекты под Архитектора / Ведущего разработчика с максимальной глубиной погружения в бизнес клиента.


Product Owner/Product manager/Business Analysis 

Lviv · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Product Owner and Product Management Experience: Product Strategy, Product Management, People Management, Understanding the Customer, Product Development, Requirements Analysis, Pricing, Planning, Competitive Analysis, Sales Planning, Inventory Control, Financial Planning and Strategy Project Management Experience: Developing Budgets, Coaching, Supervision, Staffing, Project Management, Management Proficiency, Process Improvement, Tracking Budget Expenses, Self-Development, Planning, Performance Management, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication Business Analysis Experience: Communicating with stakeholders (internal and external) to facilitate business needs and requirements, analysing, verifying and documenting business and non-business requirements, modelling business processes by using BPMN notation. Managing product backlog. Domains: logistics and freight, e-commerce, politics, culture, online media, agriculture, tourism, due diligence. Technologies: Understanding of a technology stack, modules interactions, architectures, interfaces, DBs hierarchy, main programming languages, Machine Learning, BigData. - Ability to analyze complex technical information, analyze technical requirements and assess impact with an existing architecture - Capability seeking and learning new technologies - Enhance the functional and technical aspects of products - Understand software engineering best practices Tech Skills: - UML, BPMN, SQL, JSON, XML, Databases

Product management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile, Use cases, UML, User stories, BPMN, Requirements management, Scrum, Confluence, English, Waterfall, Requirements analysis, Risk management, Team management, Kanban, CRM, SDLC, REST API, JSON, Marketing Strategy & Research, Affilate marketing, Brand Marketing, Problem Solving, BigData, Scrum Product Owner, Business Strategy, Go-to-market Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Problem research, Market research

- Realized discovery phase of AI projects - built and launched 2 MVP products - 500 000 euro biggest budget. - max. 250 people managing; - hired and managed different types of product teams As a Business Analyst and Product Manager, I have participated in a list of software development projects in the startup project and local government structures.

I have a need to realise social impact projects. I'm looking for an interesting position in outstaffing / outsourcing or product company. I like to collaborate with clients and team to find solutions which work best to achieve business goals. Passionate about technology, I'm constantly learning new tech and skills. Ability to work remotely is a big plus for me.


IT Project manager

Lviv, Uzhgorod, Kyiv · $3500 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Agile, Product Management, Project Management Establishing and maintaining engineering processes, Agile/Scrum. Solving communication problems. Hire, train, and mentor other engineers and supporting staff. Maintaining the scrum process. Leading projects, teams Manage development. Writing User Stories. Review estimates. Review, approve or modify product designs. Make detailed plans roadmap. Implementing and releasing high loaded distributed IT products.

Agile, Git, Jira, Project Management, SVN, ASP.NET, C#, OOP, Android, iOS, Product management, react.js, Scrum, Team management, English, Communication, project planning, People management, HTML/CSS

Proposed an idea which gave 30% increase of last company revenue. Established AGILE process in more than 10 teams.

Professional growing. Challenging and hard tasks.

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