Data Scientist

Remote work, Ukraine · $300 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Diseases test identification - тест який виявить хвороби юзера(naive-bayes) AI-checkers - розробка бота для максимально хорошої гри в шашки з адекватною продуктивністю Plant Diseases - визначення стану рослини за її фотографією(нейронна мережа)

Python, Pandas, sklearn, Keras


iOS Software Engineer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Historical experience shows that human is the most flexible resource. I could tell in more detail about my experience with iOS, watchOS, tvOS, programming on Objective-C, Swift, C/C++, neural networks design, etc., but it doesn't matter much. What do you know about millennials (except for the years of birth)? In short, the environment around them has changed incredibly rapidly, so millennials are characterized by mobility: they learn fast, do not put prestigious jobs and career advancements, prefer teamwork, are good communicators. And I am one of them.

Swift, iOS, Objective-C, UIKit, Xcode, REST API, Multithreading, Git, CoreData, CocoaPods, CoreLocation, Scrum, realm, Core Animation, SpriteKit, MapKit, Foundation, Cocoa Touch, MVVM, MVC, Alamofire, SOLID, Design Patterns, Push Notifications, Firebase

Worked in projects related to: - Warehouse management system (iOS, watchOS, tvOS) - Uber-like app (iOS, watchOS) - Delivery app (iOS) - Dating app (iOS) - 2D game (iOS, sprite kit) - Education/quiz app (iOS)


junior c++ developer

Lviv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Працював в основному у сфері фронтенду (Angular) створював графічні інтерфейси. Також працював на стороні бекенду (Python, Django). Вирішив розвиватись у c++ бо хочу створювати системні застосунки можливо ігри, хочу бути ближчим до апаратного забезпечення. Зі с++ проектів я розробив власний простий музичний програвач (Qt) і також розробляю проект на Qt i Arduino.

MongoDB, C++, OOP, STL, Git, Algorithms, Qt, Arduino, JavaScript

Професійний розвиток. Складні і цікаві проекти.


C++ Developer 🔥

Odesa, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- About 4 years C++ development experience - Experience with HMI development for automotive system - Experience with controller development for navigation automotive system - Experience Features business logic and interface implementation for HMI - Experience with Development of R&D Personal Information Manager for Automotive system

OOP, Git, C, Visual Studio, Qt, Design Patterns, Embedded, Jira, Linux, STL, Multithreading, Windows, GUI, Agile, Automotive, navigation, HMI, Scrum, C++ 11, Perforce, С++14, Algorithms, SAFE, JSON, Franka IDL, Enterprise Architect, SVN, HMI Development, Bamboo, XML, RPC, C/C++, С++, OOP/OOD

Looking for long term interesting project.

17 January

Software Engineer 🔥

Lviv · $2800 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Software Engineer with DevOps experience in Embedded Network Systems. • Experienced in coding using Python/C • Background in BASH scripts development • Strong background in Computer Networking • Linux configuration and deployment experience • Skilled in L2/L3 switches features configuration and testing • Developing infrastructure for automation framework(Python dev). • Experience in issues reporting and tracking • Strong background in troubleshooting and bug fixing • Project documentation support and maintenance Release activies management.

Python, Linux, Docker, JSON, Scrum, C/C++, Design Patterns, NumPy, numpy, asyncio, Networking, DevOps, Jenkins, Algorithms, embedded, Azure, Kubernetes, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Git, CI/CD, Machine Learning, Embedded

Worked alone on a project and also as a team player. Experience of hot-fixing (setup failures/ build failures/ etc) Training + interview preparation for newcomers

Interested in networking projects, firmware, embedded. Nice team + exiting job. Business trips would be a plus :)

16 January

Python Developer

Lviv · $700 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

From the very beginning of my professional career, I worked with Python applications. Part of them was about algorithms and machine learning, but the last year I had the commercial experients in developing chatbots. Some of them were created to help organize work inside companies. Others gathered needed information about clients and organized it properly. But the main work was the TravelMate startup. I was the only developer there. The main idea of a startup was to create a great recommendation system chatbot, who interacts with the user in a human-like way, like a buddy. During the months of hard work, I used many APIs and frameworks. To name a few of them: DialogFlow, Google Vision, Hubspot CRM, Messenger API. The bot was written on a Python/Django using PostgreSQL to store the data and Celery + RabbitMQ to execute asynchronous operations. I want to find a place where I can meet great people and grow up as a professional.

Python, Git, Django, PostgreSQL, REST API, JavaScript, MySQL, Celery, CSS, HTML, Django-Rest-Framework

I was the only developer in a startup that won the selection stage and was presented at the IT Arena Conference 2019.

I am looking for new opportunities to grow up as a professional. I am interested in studying new technologies and approaches. I want to find and implement interesting solutions. The great and friendly collective is a huge plus because I am a social person and I need some people around to share my thoughts and to listen to their responses.

13 January

Software Engineer: Programming C, Python. Software Architecture. 🔥 

Lviv · $5600 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

15+ years of application programming in C and Python for Linux and BSD platforms. Development of components for a CDN provider's data processing platform. Development of web services for an enterprise security product. Continuous integration/deployment, automation of software testing and maintenance tasks.

C/C++, Networking, POSIX, Python, Shell, Unix, CSS, FreeBSD, HTML, Linux, OOP/OOD, PostgreSQL, WebServices, Ansible, SQLite, AWS, CFEngine, JavaScript, Angular.js, Video streaming

Technical support and consultancy for an enterprise conferencing product. Issue troubleshooting, development of solutions, engineering assistance for customer support services. Development of online service "connectors" (MS Office365, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc) for a unified security management platform: design, implementation, testing, deployment, coordination with RelEng/DevOps. An agent for collecting and primary aggregation of network traffic data for a CDN provider's in-house data processing platform. Architecture, design, implementation, support of QA/DevOps. A module of filter rules and enhanced network traffic processing for a CDN provider's web-proxy server. Design, implementation, documentation, support of QA/RelEng. Software components of a Web/E-Mail Security Appliance: DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), SPF (Sender Profile Framework), external authentication, Spam and AntiVirus Quarantine, integration of cryptographic devices. Technological upgrade: transition of the appliance from 32-bit to 64-bit architecture.

7 January

[REMOTE/PARTTIME] C++/Math/Algorithms/Color

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Main stack: Algorithms/Math С++/С++11/С++14/С++17; Python & its ecosystem; MATLAB GoogleTest Multi-threading Boost, Qt Visual Studio/CMake/Make OS: Windows/Linux Additional: Java, C#, HTML5/JavaScript, ... Specializations: Advanced in Color Science, Image Processing, Computer Vision Advanced in BitLocker Device Encryption technology Intermediate in Deep Learning Linux kernel

C++, Multithreading, STL, Algorithms, CMake, Visual Studio, Git, Linux, Python, C, Boost, Windows, Qt, Design Patterns

I have 30-40 hours *per month*, do a quality work and am interested in establishing a long term cooperation. The projects themselves could be both small and large.

6 January

Software Engineer

Lviv · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Languages: C++(strong), C#(middle), Java(basic) Technologies: .Net(middle), Android(middle) Languages: Ukrainian (native), English (pre-intermediate), Russian (fluent)


10 years of experience in software development. Expertise in C++ development. Experience in development of the desktop and mobile applications. Experience in worked on many complex projects with different technologies. Experience in SCRUM team. Experience in Waterfall metodology. Basic experience in Java(Android) and C#(WinForms). Worked with GUI and Backend. I like new technologies and challenging.

I would like to obtain a position where I can fully apply my knowledge, skills and experience and which will allow me to grow professionally. I am looking for interesting project with real development involved (not support project).

29 December

Software Engineer

$3500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Commercial experience development - 8 years Team lead - 2 year C++/Qt, Scrum, Redmine

Git, STL, C++, Linux, OOP, Qt, С++, Python, SQL, Design Patterns, Windows

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