Project Manager

Kyiv, EU, Amsterdam, Canada, USA · $3500 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

-Determining, negotiating and agreeing quality procedures, standards and specifications; - Assessing customer requirements and ensuring that these are met; - Active communication with users and customers, with developers; - Analyse requirements; - Creating test plans; - Creating test cases and use cases; - Review test cases and use cases; - Preparation test environments, test data creation; - Tests execution and analysis of results; - Defect detecting and tracking; - Create application manuals; - Maintenance application in all phases of development; - Recording, analysing and distributing statistical information; - Monitoring performance; - Demo organization; - UAT organization, E2E testing; - Meetings and negotiations with customers; - Testing web and desktop applications for internal and external using of company; - Reports creation; - Team activities managing.

Project Management, Agile, Jira, Team management, Confluence


Project Manager | PMO Manager | Development Manager | Technical Product Manager

Bud'-jakij, Kyiv, EU, USA, Canada · $3000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experienced 6+y manager with solid technical experience starting from frontend UI/UX domain, game design and programming, telemetry, statistical analysis to server and operating systems, sub-systems, networks and technologies. Deep knowledge of tracking and documentation and knowledge systems for design and incorporation workflows, automations, analytical planning, scheduling, monitoring, reporting systems and team management. Currently focused on computer networks services in organizational and security contexts. Looking for opportunities as a manager for product development.

Product management, Project Management, Jira, Scrum, Agile, Team management, Kanban, Confluence, Product Development, Product Roadmap, Business development, SDLC, English, project planning, People management, Communication, Requirements management, Microsoft Office, User Experience, Requirements analysis, Gantt Chart, backlog management

Alexander Loktionov has worked for LLC CRYTEK UKRAINE for more than 9 years since 05.07.2010. He started as a contractor on the position of User Interface Programmer, after was moved to Project Manager for Statistics Team position, then has been promoted to the Project Management Office Manager position and finally was switched to manage Network Security Operations Team.He quickly became one of our most valued employees, the person everyone went to with questions and special projects. His dedication and willingness to work long hours to get the job done have made him a favorite team member for everyone on staff. His main duties were: Establish and periodically review the security policy of the organization and organization’s computer network. Update knowledge of the standards and best practices of perimeter security and different kinds of vulnerabilities. Apply the most suitable techniques and systems for organization’s security. Establish the processes and take the most suitable decisions in the event of any violation of the organization’s security and the organization’s computer network. Analyze data from different monitoring, control and network management tools. Create and maintain the register of security incidents to document the cases that occurred, as well as the corrective and preventive actions taken. Form management strategic vision with team leads, managers and producers. Define and maintain development standards. Mentor evolution teams and monitor active projects. Seek to enhance the practices with common and custom automation tools. Access network security, identify risks and implement policies and controls for hardening operations and infrastructure. We highly recommend Alexander, as he has shown that he has the technical, organization, and interpersonal skills that make a truly exceptional manager.

Innovative product, full of interesting research and discoveries. Form management strategic vision with team leads, managers and producers. Define and maintain development standards. Mentor evolution teams and monitor active projects. Seek to enhance the practices with common and custom automation tools.


Project Manager 🔥

Kyiv · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Software development process management and implementation Monitoring project progress, team performance and satisfaction Work with requirements and prioritizing Regular communication and customer feedback Eliminating interference Risk management: identification, analysis, communication, monitoring and control Conflict resolution

Negotiations, Project Management, Team management, Kanban, Scrum, SDLC, Problem Solving, Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, Jira / Basecamp / Trello, Presentation skills, comprehensive project support, InVision/Moqups, Risk Mgmt, Financial reporting

- Manage several projects simultaneously - Setup efficient communication with stakeholders and team - Manage schedule and resources - Conflict and risk resolving

- Challenging projects - Comfortable office


Junior Project Manager

Kyiv · $500 · Intermediate

I don’t have experience in IT project management. Graduated from the course Project Management. I am decided to develop managerial skills in IT. - read specialized literature - 4 years experience as a manager in the restaurant business. - know the basics of the work Cynefin model, KANBAN, Scrum. - Team management - Time management

Project Management, Jira, Team management, Waterfall, People management, Marketing, project planning, Risk management

- Сourse in Project management - сourse of creating and managing events - course of restaurant business management

My dream is to work in a company with interesting projects in the field of UX design, Front-end, JavaScript , HTML. In a company in which you can develop, be in a friendly, coordinated and professional team.


Junior Project Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $700 · 2.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have been working in IT, since 2017. At first, I worked as a technical writer / content writer. One of the main responsibilities were: - Writing casestudies and success stories for the company's projects - Providing high-quality content - Standardizing content across platforms and media as well as managing the blog For half a year, I had been taking a Project Management course, which was carried out by our company. Having successfully passed the exam, I started working as a PM. Since December I've worked on a few projects. The first one was a landing page development. My team consisted of a designer, a developer, and a content writer. It was a basic Scrum-based project that included a few sprints. On the second project, I helped a Chief Project Manager and took some of his responsibilities. Among them were: holding out a daily stand up meeting, report work, keeping the Kanban board up to date, participating in a meeting with a client (USA), synchronizing the team work with the client's expectations and so on. This project combined several methodologies (mostly Scrum and Extreme Programming). From XP we took continuous integration, pair programming, and open access to codebase. I have a solid grasp of Waterfall and Agile methodologies, including Scrum and Kanban. I am a responsible, results-oriented person with great communication skills, who's not afraid of getting out of his comfort zone.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Team management, Kanban, English, Jira, project planning, Waterfall, Confluence, Product Backlog, People management, Communication, trello, Sprint Backlog, Team Management


Project Manager

Kyiv, EU, USA, Canada, Amsterdam, Bangkok · $2500 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Looking for Project Manager / Scrum Master position Currently performing dutes of Project Manager assistant / Scrum Master. My responsiblities include: - Supporting SAFE approach - Responsible for Program level releases - Responsible for setting up and coordinating module and program integration project - Responsible for setting up and coordinating scalability and performance project - Responsible for documentation of program configuration - Writing project plan - Creating and managing road maps - Creating goals and milestone plans for the team - Writing release documentation (release protocol, release plan, design transfer protocol, development plan, traceability matrix, risk report, etc.) - Coordination between teams - Managing team roles and organization - Managing team page in JIRA and Confluence - Assisting other departments such as Sales, Product Owners, Tech Consultants, etc. - Managing project DHF documentation necessary for FDA approval - Assisting Project Managers and Product Owners with release procedures

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Jira, Team management, English, project planning, SAFe, Communication, Confluence

Team organization. I like to organize teams to be comfortable and efficient with their work - I changed department team structure to scalable one: introduced module level and program level teams, technology and integration teams - Setup program level release procedures - Created integration and auto test teams - Setup project procedures that allow people to have predictable releases and ability to take vacation when desired - Started continuous deployment procedures - Introduced SAFE structure - Received Scrum master certificate

Would like: - team/project where it is desirable to set up procedures that allow transparent, efficient and comfortable work


Project Manager

Kyiv · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Працював на посаді Project manager групи з розвитку історико-культурного та курортно-туристичного напрямку проектк міжнародної співпраці в рамках проекту "Регіональне врядування та розвиток" Канадійської Міжнародної агенції з розвитку (CIDA). В рамках цього проекту очолював групу з розробки концепції тривалого розвитку курортно-туристичної галузі Запорізької області та південної частини України загалом. Розробляли та впроваджували проект "Туристична мапа Запорізької області" завдяки цьому напрямок „Запоріжжя - історико-культурний, курортний і туристичний регіон" визнаний пріоритетним у діяльності облдержадміністрації. Хочу надалі працювати в галузі управління проектами та розвиватися в даному напрямку.

Project Management, English, Agile, Scrum, Team management


Project Manager

Kharkiv, Kyiv · $900 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

15.02. 2017 - по настоящее время Agile project manager / Scrum master / Team lead Обязанности: Участие в демо и планировании разработки продукта по scrum (платформа веб порталов) Использование kanban в jira для работы с запросами на разработку и багами поступающими от support отдела Использование waterfall для приоритезации задач поступающих от других stakeholders (отдел маркетинга, seo, smm, etc.) Написание документации и обучающих материалов по продукту Оптимизация процесса разработки модели монетизации продукта через добавление в процесс scrum практик (planning, estimate, daily standup, retrospective) Сопровождение проектов (Открытие офиса, найм сотрудников, получение сайта и обучение использованию разработанного функционала Решение конфликтных ситуаций между клиентом и компанией в случае разногласий по предоставляемым услугам и договору сотрудничества Разработка метрик для рейтинга лучших / худших франчайзи с целью улучшения ROI проекта SWOT analysis продукта (сравнительный анализ сильных и слабых сторон продукта, риски и возможности) Персональные консультации VIP клиентов компании Постановка ТЗ программистам по вопросам клиентов сопровождаемых лично (разработка нового функционала, баги) и отслеживание выполнения тикетов, согласование сроков и объема задач Коммуникации между клиентом и исполнителями компании (seo, программисты, hr, маркетологи, smm) Использование Mantis, Jira, Sluck в коммуникации с разработчиками Подбор и собеседование кандидатов на должность customer support Обучение сотрудников отдела Оптимизация процесса работы с клиентами, внедрение стандарта обращений (баги, запросы на разработку доп. функционала) в jira по шаблону понятному для программистов и тестировщиков QA (quality assurance) разработка должностных инструкций, регламента и стандартов общения с клиентами для повышения эффективности работы support отдела Разработка и создание онлайн базы знаний для клиентов и сотрудников компании на платформе сервиса

Project Management, Jira, Scrum, Agile, HTML, Business Analysis, CRM, Microsoft Office, Teamwork, Waterfall, Communication, Kanban, Team management, SDLC, trello, project planning, Web Development, Redmine, Risk management, People management

Hard skills: Опыт работы с jira, sluck, redmine, mantis Опыт работы по scrum (Team Lead, Scrum master в команде из 5 человек) Опыт работы с тестированием ПО (веб проекты) Опыт работы с CMS (wordpress, joomla, drupal, opencart, bitrix) Базовые знания HTML/CSS Знание основ SEO продвижения Знание основ SMM Опыт администрирования доменов Опыт написания новостей IT тематики Soft skills: Критическое мышление Аналитическое мышление Внимательность Стрессоустойчивость Коммуникабельность Навыки разрешения конфликтов Умение работать в команде Самостоятельность в поиске необходимой информации для решения проблем Пунктуальность Ответственность Целеустремленность Стремление к профессиональному росту и самообучение Этичность


Project Manager

Kyiv · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I've been working as a PM for over three years, during that period I've been responsible for the design, implementation, and progress of turnkey projects (Banking, E-commerce, Online store, Travel blog). I've managed projects to a successful outcome in terms of meeting deadlines, keeping costs within budget and ensuring the products are acceptable to the customer. • I've organized efficient work of the team and built respectful and transparent atmosphere. • Knowledge of SDLC process, PM BoK, HTML and Web-design basis. • Agille (Scrum/Kanban) implementation • Good communication and negotiation skills • Team Management & Product Management. • I've used different platforms and tools such as: GitLab, Jira, Confluence, PS Project, Mantis, Bitrix24, MailChimp, Google Analytics & Adwards, Yandex.Metrika, Wordpress, Opencart, Magento.

Agile, Bitrix, Confluence, Jira, Scrum, Wordpress, GitLab, HTML, Waterfall, Project Management, Risk management, English, Kanban, Product management, SDLC, trello

I'm looking for challenging and rewarding position where I would have opportunity to extend my skills and expiriance.


Project Manager / Product Manager

Kiev · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Jira, Confluence, PMBOK 4+ years of experience as a project manager in e-commerce Experience as a product manager Experience with large projects and customers Strong knowledge of Agile/Scrum process Excellent knowledge in software development lifecycle Risk management Resource management Project budget management Development of technical specifications, use-case

Agile, Jira, Scrum, Confluence, Kanban, Product management, Project Management, Waterfall, Android, Bitrix, iOS, Laravel, User Interface (UI), Yii, Jenkins, UML, Business Analysis, Redmine

Introduction of business processes (production, sales, SEO) PMBOK

Large and interesting projects

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