CTO, System Architect, Solution Architect, VP of Engineering, Head of Engineering

Киев · $8000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Project Management, Team Management, Team building, Agile, Scrum; Design Patterns, UML, UI mockups; PHP (с 2001 года), PHPUnit, Phing; JavaScript, Node.js (с 2011 года), TypeScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON; MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite; Redis, MongoDB, Memcache, RabbitMQ, WebSockets, AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, XML, XSLT; GIT TeamCity;FreeBSD, Linux, Apache, Nginx; Разговорный английский.

Agile, AJAX, Project Management, Git, jQuery, Node.js, MongoDB, PHPUnit, Redmine, UML, PostgreSQL, Apache, Linux, REST API, Scrum, MySQL, Jira, JavaScript, AWS, PHP, SQL, Redis, Architecture, Leading teams, Docker

Поднимал с нуля офис разработки, формирование команды с нуля, определение технологического стека проекта и разработка архитектуры проекта с нуля, запуск проекта от бумажного концепта до продакшен решения с реальными клиентами. Поддержка проекта. Управление несколькими проектами и командами. Построение рабочих процессов либо оптимизация существующих.

Продуктовая компания, стартап


Senior System Engineer / IT infrastructure Engineer L 3-4-5-6 / Team Lead / Tech Lead / SRE / ...

Київ, Львів, Прага, Варшава · $4500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Windows, Active Directory, Group Policy, PowerShell, PKI, CS, Networking, Exchange Server, Lync/Skype Server, MS SQL Server, Windows Server, Clustering, Hyper-V, Azure, AWS, DevOps Lead, Tech Lead, IIS, VDI/TS, Virtualization, Docker, SMB/CIFS, DFS, DevOps, System Center, Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Git, Monitoring, Audit, Security, SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange Online, IT Infrastructure, Operation Support, ITIL, MOF, ITSM, Team Lead, LDAP, SMTP, DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, Agile, SCRUM, JIRA, SRE, MediaRoom, IPTV/VOD/OTT

Visual Basic, Manual Testing, Active Directory, Audit, Automation, Certificate Services, DNS, Exchange Online, Exchange Server, Group Policy, Hyper-V, IIS, Messaging, Microsoft Office, Monitoring, office 365, PKI, PowerShell, Scripting, SMB/CIFS/..., SMTP, SRE, System Center, Win32, WinAPI, Windows, Windows Server, wsus, Automated Testing, AutoTask, Azure, clustering, HTML, HTTP, ITIL / ITSM / MOF, Jira, Microsoft SQL Server, MS SQL Server, Networking, OSPF, RBL, SQL, TCP/IP, VDI/TS, Virtualization, .NET, Agile, ASP.NET, AWS, Confluence, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, DevOps, English, Intune, Lync/Skype Server, MediaRoom, prtg, SCCM, Scrum, Security, Unified Messaging, Visual Studio, VMware, VOD/OTT, WMI, Wordpress, C#, Git, IPTV, PHP, Product management, Project Management, SCOM, SharePoint, Team management, TFS, Artifactory, C++, CentOS, Docker, FreeBSD, Jenkins, PCI DSS, REST API, TeamCity, ElasticSearch, Linux, SAFe, SVN, Unix, MongoDB

More than 30 years IT-professional experience. Certifications: MCSA: Windows / Messaging / Security MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) MCTS, MCDST, ...

My primary specialization is IT infrastructures - from classical enterprise office infrastructures, up to highload cloud/hybrid internet services or corporate/enterprise IT infrastructures. From design and development, up to support and automation. Include DevOps processes. I'm interested in work where I can apply my knowledge and experience, and get new ones. I prefer the Microsoft platform with which I have a very high level of expertise, but I also operate various products for Unix/Linux platforms. I have a good practical experience of cloud and hybrid solutions with the use of Azure and AWS. I have a good experience of technical and team leadership. I prefer projects with a full set of tasks - design, deployment, integration and support for IT infrastructures.


IT Project / Program / Delivery / Release Manager ~ Head of PMO ~ Project Lead

Киев · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Over 15+ years in IT. Over 7+ years in Project Management area. Certified Scrum Master (Certificate #SM8160914). Started a career as a system/database administrator then worked in different roles as Program/Project/IT-Delivery Manager, Scrum Master, Project Analyst up to a regional IT-manager unit of a company and Head of PMO. Working knowledge of Agile and Waterfall models of SDLC, hands-on experience in SW development, Program and Project management. Experience of working/delivery the Blockchain technology-based projects (USA). Interaction with local (Ukraine) development companies, system integrators. Experience of working in companies with IT-Infrastructure, DevOps, CI/CD, SaaS/PaaS Deployment projects for foreign (France, Hungary, Austria, Romania). Successful experience in improving a company’s efficiency and productivity of teams using KPIs and input of motivation schemes. Staff mentoring and coaching. Team player. Communicative. Value-oriented.

Agile, Communication, Daily Stand-Up, Jira, Jira agile, Kanban, KPI systems, MS Project, Networking, Planning & Scheduling, Process optimisation, Project Management, Release Management, Retrospectives, Scrum master, SDLC, Sprint management, TCP/IP, Team management, Backlogs grooming, KAIZEN, Team velocity, Redmine, SharePoint

Most projects under NDA. Ensured successful delivery for numerous projects including reporting (Oracle/PL SQL/Java), etc... More than 20 successfully delivered mid-term IT projects in the scope of small projects (7±2 team members) - up to 5 projects in parallel. 3 large programs (more than 5 projects in each program) managed. Reorganized BI and IT-DWH divisions use Agile methodologies in company with separate Product Owners. Improved company’s efficiency using KPIs, management dashboards, ITIL, SDLC, Agile reorganization. The managed team in Program size up to 70 people.

I'm interested in long-term engagement and professional development, growth in/with outsource or development company. My professional interest in participation in projects: • Building efficient teams; • IT development and delivery as the business; • Deployment/delivery SaaS/PaaS for business products, also BI; • Creation of innovative and quality products. Ready for challenging tasks & business trips. Ability to maintain contacts with clients located in various time zones (Australia/Europe/USA), also to work independently and formalize the process around.


Team Lead 

Киев · $5000 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Senior APL and C# application developer. Different Desktop GUI frameworks, asp.net core, EntityFramework, message queues, docker etc... Feature refinement , technical leadership. Establishment of XP practices in team. Fine crafting of development processes in team and department. Running of “communities of practice”. Design of product integration APIs. Strong leadership skills. Solid understanding of efficient product development and delivery.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, OOP, SOLID, Docker, SQL

Technical leadership of multiple complex projects. Transformation and enhancement of daily work tools for developers to adopt to agile development process. Development of cloud transformation strategy for large scale legacy fin tech product.

Modern tech stack (. Net core) and architecture design. Chance to establish a modern and efficient product development and delivery process. Do not want to support another legacy bank project.


Sinior iOS Developer

Киев · $5000 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

iOS Development: swift, Objective-C, RxSwift, Cocoa Touch,WebSockets, Custom UI,Multithreading, integration with 3rd party and more... Backend development: Scala, Play Framework, RESTful service, AWS I was responsible for managing team of mobile developers, help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization, creating new modules, designing software components according to business and functional requirements, designing and implementing new solution, API integration, assisted in the design and development UI/UX.

Objective-C, Swift, MongoDB, SQL, SQLite, Java, Scala, iOS, Multithreading, Git, FRP


Front-end developer, Team Lead, Web UI Solutions Architect

Киев, Харьков · $6000 · 8 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have over 8 years of experience in front-end technologies, always working on solutions and having passion for building-up really useful products. I love breaking down complex ideas and turning them into simple and creative solutions. Over the course of my career, I've worked in amount of companies and this experience gave me an opportunity to explore new technologies and work with brilliant human beings.

JavaScript, Git, HTML5, CSS3, React, Redux, Vue.js, Jira, AJAX, SASS, HTML, jQuery, CSS, REST API, es6, ES6+, trello, Material, Angular.js, OOP, JSON, Gulp, LESS

I was involved to the company with a view to implement a new tech UI stack over legacy solution. All further process was based on analyzing, developing of new solutions, integration into design system, working on standards in the app, intense communication with management.


CIO, IT Director, CTO, System Architect, Head of PMO

Киев · $3300 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Over 15 years of experience in commercial software development as a Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Project Manager, System Architect, CIO - 5 years of successful practice in general management of IT company (8 employees) - Over 10 years’ experience in Oracle database management and building solutions based on Oracle - Strong knowledge of OEM, PL/SQL Developer, Oracle RMAN, Oracle SQL Developer, Golden Gate, Exadata - Specialised in development of CRM systems, building DWH, ETL processes - Over 5 years' experience with re-organization of IT departments (according to ITIL, Lean IT)

CRM, ITIL, Oracle Database, PL/SQL, RMAN, Scrum, BI, DWH, Extenda, Golden Gate, Lean IT, MySQL, OEM, ActiveMQ , DB2, Java Message Service, Talend Exchange Platform, VMware, Gravitee Access Management, Gravitee API management, Kibana, OpenAS2

Achievements: 2003-2012 Opening of 26 hypermarkets in Ukraine with all scope of IT infrastructure services 2008 - Foundation of IT company with geographically distributed engineers. Realized partnership with biggest HW & SW vendors and Telecom providers (HP, CISCO, Wincor Nixdorf, Siemens, Motorola, EMC, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware, MTS, Golden Telecom (KyivStar), DataGroup, etc.). Realized IT Service Management (Service Strategy, Delivery and Operation) 2010-2011 Development and successful implementation of DWH (Datawarehouse System) base on Oracle solutions. 2014-2015 Reorganization of IT Support. Building of 3 levels support organization according to the ITSM. Optimization of IT support costs. Transfer of expertise from foreign experts to local competency center. 2015 - Optimization of Oracle infrastructure. Management of ULA (unlimited license agreement). Movement of non-Oracle applications to Oracle database. 2016 - Start an e-commerce business. Development of Customer Order Management System. 2017 - Development of CRM system, integration with Adobe Campaign 2018 - Development of Sales Provision system based on historical data 2018 - Start of Lean Management in IT Projects 2018 - Transformation and unification of ETL processes to Talend platfotm


iOS/MacOS Developer

Киев · $4000 · 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

5 years in the development and architecture of image processing applications for MacOS with previous experience in the development of client-server apps for iOS.

iOS, Git, Xcode, Objective-C, OOP, MVC, Jira, Multithreading, GCD, MVVM, Cocoa Touch, Design Patterns, SOLID, Foundation, Objective C, Cocoa, Soft skills, OOP/OOD, Architecture, MacOS

I've lead the macOS dev team which released the app that was awarded Mac App of the Year 2017 by Apple.

I’m looking for a company with an interesting product. Remote would be a plus.


Tech Lead, Senior JavaScript backend developer 

Kiev · $5500 · 6 лет опыта · Intermediate

Job interviews. Create a multi jurisdiction platform (architecture, lead the process, documentation, and development). Creating MVP of a startup project TOP 1 Steam skins sells - Design and development of complex solution on microservice architecture, which includes SPA user frontend, a couple of REST backend services and trading NodeJS bots.

Git, HTML, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Docker, JavaScript, Jira, Laravel, Linux, NodeJS, React, Redux, Steam bots, Express, MongoDB, vuejs, RabbitMQ

Integrate code style, git-flow, create and maintain architecture and design system. Integration to work process git, jira, Diagrama Gantt. Improvement of quality of products that have reduced the number of addresses to technical support. Transfer of the existing projects to Dockers that has simplified deploying.

JavaScript backend. Work on the interesting project. Be a plus: career prospects, new languages/technologies.


Team lead, Technical project manager

Київ · $5500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

-підбір кандидатів, формування команди -вистроювання робочих процесів -планування спрінтів, задання пріорітетів, контроль завантаженості людей -створення гарної атмосфери та мотивація людей -вміння вирішувати проблеми проекту -контроль технічних рішень, синхронізація зі строками, ресурсами і потребами замовника -вмію настроювати комунікацію з дуже різними людьми -можу створювати стабілізуючий вплив на ситуацію в умовах кризи. маю велики досвід роботи розробником C#, .NET, MSSQL, Azure

ASP.NET, asp.net mvc, C#, MSSQL, Azure, Angular.js, React

1 Запустив проект з нуля, зібрав команду, випустив у продакшен за нереально короткий строк (4 місяці) що дозволило замовнику успішно стартувати бізнес. 2 Я взявся за найгірший проект у компанії, на який вже всі махнули рукою (як у самій компанії, так і з боку замовника) Я відновив роботу розробників, добився щоб запрацював бізнес аналіз, вистроїв внутрішню роботу... Кількість багів пішла в низ, новий функціонал почав реалізовуватися вчасно,... врешті решт довіра почала рости... Замовник передумав переводити проект у Індію. Мені вдалося привести проект до успішного виходу на UAT і тесової експлуатації незважаючи на неймовірну кількість труднощів (як технічних так і організаційних) з різних боків.

Шукаю компанію, якій потрібен результативний, чесний, живий, ініціативний керівник. Хочу бачити довгострокову перспективу росту (як в плані ролі-досвіду так і фінансово) Потрібне місце для паркування велосипеду і можливість прийняти душ :)

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