Snr.Java Dev/Java Tech Lead/Java Architect

$3000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Program Optimization, Quality of Service, System and Program Analysis, Problems troubleshooting, Customers Support. CORBA, UML2 Back-end: Java 8, Camel, Karaf, Drools, Infinispan, Spring-4, SpringMCV, SpringData, SpringSecurity, SpringIntegration, Java EE (EJB 3.1), Akka, Oracle, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, SOAP, JSON, Maven, JUnit4, Mockito. Tomcat, JBoss Front-end HTML5, CSS3, ES5/6, Knockout, jQuery, Node.js CI TeamCity, Jenkins

Design Patterns, Java Core, Java SE, JDBC, JMS, JPA, JUnit, Memcached, Multithreading, OOP, ORM, REST, REST API, Spring, Spring Data, Spring MVC, UML, Agile, AJAX, EJB, Git, IntelliJ IDEA, Java EE, JSON, Maven, Mockito, MySQL, NoSQL, OOP/OOD, Patterns, Scrum, Servlets, SOAP, TCP/IP, TDD, Tomcat, XML, bash, BDD, C++, Hibernate, HTML5, Jira, jQuery, Kanban, Knockout.js, MongoDB, MVC, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SVN, TeamCity, Cucumber, DDD, Eclipse, PHP, XPath, CSS3, Node.js, User Interface (UI)

Certified as Enfinity Suite 6.4 developer by InterShop.

Interesting result oriented job in intelligent team, development on the edge of IT, pleased work team atmosphere, friendly competent and clever managers.


junior java developer

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Vinnitsia, Ivano-Frankivsk · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Mydutyfree LLC March 2019 - May 2019 Intership I have been adding new functionality to two applications under the supervision of a mentor. These applications used the MVP pattern and with Retrofit2 and RxJava2 worked with the REST API. I also developed autotests of the web-interface with Selenium Web Driver and Junit. International documentary film festival about human rights DOCUDAYS.UA February 2019 — march 2019 Android developer I developed and maintained a mobile application to check entry tickets. This application, using the Google Vision API, scanned the barcode on the ticket, then checked it with the REST API and displayed the result. With this application, more than 15,000 tickets have been checked. In the second version I added Butterknife, Retrofit2 and RxJava2.

Java, Spring, Maven, REST API, Git, SQL, OOP, JSON, REST, HTML, CSS, JUnit, Spring Data, Spring DI, Hibernate, JDBC, JPA, Restful Web Services, AOP, Lombok, HTML/CSS, Spring MVC, Spring Core, JavaScript, SpringBoot, HTTP, Java Reactive, Spring Framework

I am very glad that I was able to develop my own mobile application using the Google Vision API, which worked with the REST API

I'd like to work on an interesting project in a friendly, experienced team. I want to gain experience in working with Spring Core, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security. It would be ideal if I could get acquainted with Kotlin, Java 10, Spring WebFlux and any CI container.


Web Developer

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv · $500 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Programming skills: SQL(MySQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL(MongoDB) Java(Spring Boot(JPA, MVC, Data)) JavaScript(Angular2+, RxJS, NgRx), HTML5, CSS3 JWT, REST, Git, Docker Heroku, AWS, DigitalOcean Ubuntu(Desktop, Server), MacOS Idea, Atom Study: 2009 - 2014 - Electrical Engineering, bachelor, at SSU Experience: june 2018 - december 2019 - TimeCamp(frontend), freelance rankhigher 2016 - 2017 - web hosting - Web developer. Adding features to hosting panel and admin panel. Technologies PHP, JavaScript/HTML/CSS. 2009 - 2016 - Freelance exchanges:,,,,, PHP(Laravel), RoR, JavaScript(Angular, Angular2+, ReactJS)

Spring, Java, Git, REST API, SQL, OOP, JPA, Linux, Docker, Jira, NoSQL

Some of my projects: 1. Name of Employer: Dates of Employment: June - December 2018Job Title: Fullstack Developer Project description: Google Search Console API, CTR statistics Responsibilities: making backend, connecting to GSC, server administration Technologies: Spring Boot, REST, PostgreSQL, Docker, Angular2+, HTML5/CSS3/JS, Heroku 2. Name of Employer: CPCS Sumy Dates of Employment: October - December 2017 Job Title: Fullstack Developer Project description: Restaurant app(Test asignment). Group of people can make orders and edit order at realtime. Responsibilities: making backend and frontend Technologies: Spring Boot, REST, PostgreSQL, HTML5/CSS3/JS, Heroku, WebSocket 3. Name of Employer: Appdev Academy Sumy Dates of Employment: October - November 2016 Job Title: RoR/ReactJS Web Developer Project description: Blog app Responsibilities: making backend and frontend Technologies: RoR, REST, PostgreSQL, HTML5/CSS3/JS, ReactJS, Heroku

Working with good people.


Java Trainee

Kyiv · $150 · Intermediate

Projects: HTTP server using Java core, JDBC, MySql Online store using Java EE(Servlets, JSP, Session, JDBC Mysql, Filtres) Library management system: C++, Qt, Sqlite Online library: Nodejs, MongoDB, VueJs Electroskate with wireless control(Embeded): Arduino, C++

Java, Git, JUnit, SQL, OOP, JDBC, JSON, Design Patterns, HTML, Tomcat, REST, CSS, XML, JSP, MongoDB

Participating in a GHW18 hackathon, in 48 hours, a team of 4 people developed a Application for creating unique interfaces, forms. It combines a convenient form designer, file storage, chat. And also, received good reviews from mentors.

I hope for a job where they will help me, maybe sometimes they will teach something.


Junior iOS Developer

Kyiv · $500 · Intermediate

Разрабатывал стартовое меню для приложения по продаже вещей, курсовой и дипломный проект и большое количество проектов по библиотекам. Дипломный проект по нахождению маршрутов до интересующих объектов. Хочу найти коллектив для разработки новых и интересных приложений

Swift, iOS, Xcode, UIKit, Autolayout, Cocoa Touch, MapKit, JSON, Objective-C, Git

Дипломным проектом

Главное интересная задача и сплоченная команда


Senior Java Developer 

Kyiv · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Spring stack: Boot, Core, MVC, Data (JPA, Redis), Security(standart spring security, Oauth2), Cloud (zuul, config server, eureka, zookeeper, open feign, sleuth) ORM frameworks: Hibernate, Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL Cache technologies: ehcache, redis. Database migration tools: Flyway. Message brokers: RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka. Build tools: Maven. Reporting: Jasper report Container technologies and tools: docker/portainer. Logging: generally ELK stack with/without message broker. Api documentation tools: Swagger/ (springfox) Testing tools: Spring test, Junit, mockito, rest assured, test containers. Tools for design or analytics: Visual paradigm.

Hibernate, Java, JPA, JUnit, PostgreSQL, REST API, Spring, Git, Mockito, Maven, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Eureka

throughout my experience I had a lot of interesting challenges, for example (adapt netflix zuul for websockets, contribute to model mapper for reusing present mappers, write adapters for better understanding (spring data specification feature( I using it for dynamic filter etc..), adapt spring oauth for digital sign, rewrite a few projects from outsource companies to normal clean code for give more possibility to grow, rewrite some parts of netflix config server for give it more posibility... and I can tell more than I can write it on djinni)).

adequate management, be a part in team of professionals, project with boot stack and spring cloud desirable, company with product thinking (without outstaff).


Software Engineer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $7000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Java, Python, AWS, Highload, Docker, Spring, Design Patterns, OOP/OOD


Android developer

Kyiv, Canada, USA, EU, Amsterdam, London, Berlin · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Got experience in maintaining, integration new features and refactoring projects. Client side API implementation based on java, php, js backends. Developing apps using kotlin, firebase, maps sdk, sqlite, realm, Facebook sdk, various libraries (okhttp, retrofit, glide, rxjava), real-time communication (websockets, socket-io), etc.

Android, Android SDK, Java, JavaScript, Git, REST API, Retrofit, SQLite, Dagger 2, Gradle, MVVM, Room, kotlin, Jira, Firebase, Clean Architecture, Dagger2, firebase, JSON

Fast development cycle, stable architecture.

Interesting tasks, steady employment.


Java Developer

Kyiv · $600 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Developed CRUD applications using Java technologies

Java, Hibernate, Spring, Git, Maven, JUnit, OOP, SQL, JDBC, JPA, Tomcat, Design Patterns, JSON, XML, Servlets, REST, Oracle


Java Developer

Bud'-jakij, Kyiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I am a motivated back-end developer with a commercial experience of about a few month in EPAM and non-commercial experience for a year. I was responsible for implementing a particular application with Java 8, Spring Boot and Security. Participated in hackaton Global Hack Weekend. 3rd year student of KPI at the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Technology.

Spring, Maven, Git, REST API, JUnit, SQL, OOP, JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, Design Patterns, Java Core, REST, IntelliJ IDEA, Jira, Mockito, Tomcat, Spring Boot, Spring Security, JSP, MySQL, Java 8, Servlets

Flexible schedule

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