HR manager, HR Generalist

Kyiv · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Total experiance: 3y+ Closed vacancies of any complexity: from junior to technical lead. Conducted 500+ interviews Started working with rescherch and grew to HR during 2 years. I had experience in organizing and conducting events I am not afraid of difficult tasks and short deadlines

IT Recruitment, Communication, Research, CV Screening, HR, X-Ray, Employee Relations, Sourcing, Screening Resumes, Interviewing, LinkedIn Search

Organized an office with 0 in another city. Partially designed the office and company staff.

I prefer to work in a large outsourcing company or in a product company. I also prefer to work with clearly defined tasks, but be able to have a personal opinion.


HR-manager / Recruiter

Kyiv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

HR experience in e-commerce company 2 years. • Search and selection candidates for different position: Digital marketing, production, customer service, finance, legal, logistics. • Staff adaptation procedures (introduction to the company and position control during a probation period) • Team climate assessment • 1:1 • Staff retention • HR department budgeting • Optimization of business processes in conjunction with the heads of departments • Supervised the project on filling the site with content. • Supervised the project of outsourcing staff for the logistics complex. (Created a base of more than 1.500 people, miscalculation of the budget, reporting, performance monitoring) • Collaboration with recruitment agencies and job sites.

Interviewing, Recruiting, CV Screening, Human Resources, Boolean Search, X-Ray, Communication, HR, IT Recruitment, LinkedIn Search, Employee Relations, Team Building, Organisation skills, Poeple manager, Onboarding and adaptation, Teamplayer, Employer branding, Retention and engagement, 1:1 meetings, Multitasking

Successfully completed the course "HR and recruiting in IT".

Work in the field of HR is my passion. I want to develop in this direction. I want to try a new area for me, and work as a HR manager in an IT company. I am always happy and inspiring to see the results of my work and its impact on the business. As a person, I am goal-oriented, I easily find contacts with people, I am kind and with a positive attitude towards life. I’m looking for a company in which I can constantly grow professionally, for me this is a priority.


IT Recruiter / Talent Acquisition Manager

Kyiv · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I`ve been working in IT recruitment for more than 3 yrs and nowadays I deal with completely different clients (companies) in such sectors as: IT, Telecom, Media. In general as for my responsibilities for today: identifying of Clients needs and prepare a search map, determine the search strategy, looking for candidates by all sources; discussion of the proposal for work with the candidate, its adjustment, prevention of the counter-offer; mentoring for Junior recruiters; finding new search sources and introduction to work; regular teaching of searching and recruitment within the team. Examples of vacancies I`ve worked on: Front-end developer (Angular.js; React; Vue.js); Back-end developer (Python, PHP, C#); FullStack developer (PHP+JS; AngularJS & Angular.js+Node.js; Ruby+Vue.js); iOS Developer; Tech Team Lead (AngularJS & Angular.js + Node.js); QA Auto Engineer; DevOps Engineer; Information Security Lead; Support Engineers (1st-3rd levels); System Administrators (from Junior to Team Lead levels), Product Manager. Programs: Experium HR, CleverStaff, Bitrix24. Search sources: Linkedin, Boolean search, TurboHiring, Amazing Hiring, GitHub, GitLab, Stackoverflow, Meetup, Facebook, Skype, Upwork, Weblancer, Djinny, HeadHunter,,, Telegram etc. Skills: development of recruitment strategy, client management, analytical & commercial thinking.

Boolean search, client management, LinkedIn Search, Communication, Analytical Skills

mentoring for Junior Recruiters and Researchers; closed different positions with extraordinary requirements to candidacies; internal speaker of the Company.

I`m fully agree with Mark`s (CEO of Salesforce) phrase: “The secret of successful recruitment is this: search for people who want to change the world”. I would like to cooperate with company in which management is focused on quality rather than quantity. Preferably a product company (exept gambling project). Highly interested in AI projects. Not interested in offers from recruitment agencies. I would like to develop myself in the following areas: - recruitment; - analytics; - management.


Head of HR, HR Expert

Kyiv · $3000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Practical, proactive and progressive HR Manager. Highly dedicated, people and performance oriented. Good expertise in all HR areas with focus on best practices and business impact. Extensive hands-on experience, mostly in dynamic environments of IT and FMCG. Also have agency experience. Fluent English. Successful Deputy Head and Head of HR management experience. Focus on systemic HR that helps business by providing relevant tools and instruments to support high people management standards and organizational effectiveness. High professional standard. Experience in bringing best HR practices of managing internal resources to IT outsourcing.

HR process automation, Assessment centers, Competency models, Employee Evaluation, HR Business parrtnering, Performance and underperformance managem, Reward systems and stimulation schemes, Onboarding, Organizational Development, Recognition programmes, Employee development, recruitment, Satisfaction and retention management, Employment branding (online)

Effectively transforming HR functions in 2 companies (all aspects - recruitment, development, performance management, reward, satisfaction&retention management, etc.). Helped one group of companies to go through major crisis. Implementation of various HR projects and instruments: - satisfaction measurement - assessment and evaluation practices - management-by-objectives - competency models - development planning - HR KPIs and metrics - stimulation schemes and reward systems, grading - HR processes automation - standardization of recruitment processes - onboarding process - retention instruments and programmes - online employer branding

Expect: being truly business partner, practical HR, helping business through supporting quality people management and organizational effectiveness, driving HR agenda, driving complex efforts to reach people engagement. Don't expect: most of the time chatting with people ("Bla-bla HR", "Happiness manager", etc), mostly organizing events and supporting other admin processes,.which is far from bringing HR value.

12 November

HR manager

Kyiv · $1300 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3 years of HR experience in IT: 2 years in HR Management, 1year as an HR Brand manager. I organized conferences, meetups, corporate events, were responsible for internal communications, participation in external events. Good in the onboarding process, 1on1s, employees surveys. Experience inadaptation period support and exit interviews. I have good communication skills and am very sympathetic.

Human Resources, HR branding, HR Management, HR Marketing, hr brand, HR Processes, People/Talent Partner, Onboarding, event management, English, HR, Employee referral program, Competencies evaluation, One to one meetings, One-to-one meeting, HR Metrics, BambooHR, Jira, time management, 1:1 meetings, Corporate Event Organization, Interviewing, Communication, Exit interviews, Internal communications, Internal communications management, SMM, Strategic thinking, Analytical Skills, Scrum, Exit Interview, HR interviews, Employee Relations

Organized the whole-day open professional conference and meetups in IT company. Increasing eNPS by 20%. The company I worked for entered 2 popular ratings on the 1st and 2nd position in its category. Excellent task management skills and good cooperation with design teams.

An ambitious project, great, friendly team and opportunities for the professional development.

12 November

HR Partner

Kyiv · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

HR manager with full stack experience. Have experience with both startup and global companies. I have been working in IT nearly 7 years. Don't afraid of difficulties. Have experience in building HR processes(from recruitment to offboarding), leading a team.

HR, Building HR process, HR Management, Performance review, Onboarding and adaptation of newcomers, IT Recruitment, Communication, Team Building, Employee Relations, Coaching

HR BP role more preferable. Don't interested in recruiter position.

12 November

IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $1150 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт работы в продуктовой компании, агентстве, проектная работа. Закрытие вакансий разной сложности. Переговоры с внешними заказчиками и внутренними hiring managers. Построение долгосрочных взаимоотношений с кандидатами. Опыт работы: - массовый подбор; - административный персонал; - IT - JavaScript/Angular/React, PHP/ Yi2/Laravel/Symfony, Python,смQA, Android/iOS, PM, Tech/Team lead, Designer UI/UX, Copywriter Sysadmin / DevOps, Gamedev. Полное формирование команд разработки.

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Human Resources, HR, Talent acquisition, recruitment, Sourcing, Interviews, Screening Resumes, adaptation, Recognition programmes, Resourcing Strategies, Linkedin, X-Ray

Ищу для себя: - рекрутинг; - важно позиция фуллтайм; - совпадение по ценностям. - команда.

12 November

HR manager

Kyiv · $1700 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Проекты по запуску команд и процессов на производстве и fmcg Компаниях:функция hr. Работа по развитию и формированию команды ТОПов.

HR Management, Executive Search, Talent acquisition, Onboarding, Interviews, Human Resources

Сервисный центр по обслуживанию теплотехники Запуск завода по производству запорной арматуры Завод по производству сыра Развитая Команда ТОПов в дистрибуторском бизнесе

Здоровая бизнес и рабочая среда.Не семейный бизнес. Ориентация на результат и профессионализм

12 November

Recruitment Team Lead, Talent Acquisition Manager

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Talent Acquisition Manager with a background in both international and local (Ukraine) recruitment and experience in working on a variety of roles for IT outsourcing and product businesses.

IT Recruitment, English, Sourcing, Executive Search, headhunting, Organisation skills, Gathering requirements, Employer branding, Interviewing, Recruiting, Team Building, Talent acquisition

In the current company, I am successfully managing the recruitment function. Key achievements: - Closing 2 times more vacancies every month in comparison with other business units of the company. - Recruitment CRM implementation for 5 business units - Internal Referrals process automated

Looking for a Leadership position in a company where I can set up the recruitment process from scratch or successfully improve the existing one.

12 November

HR manager

Kyiv · $2700 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Strong experience as HR generalist; - Experience in building HR processes from scratch (recruiting, pre-boarding, onboarding, performance review process, etc.); - Regular 1*1 meetings with employees; - EVP research; - Loyalty and engagement management; - Other HR activities. - Excellent negotiation skills; - Deep understanding of IT Ukrainian market and trends; - Upper-intermediate level of English - Experience in direct communication with customers and owners of business.

English, HR, Human Resources, Onboarding, Corporate culture, Communication

- Office location near metro station (blue line is preferable) - Remote work (several days per month) - Flexible schedule - Friendly team