17 May

Python Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have more than 3 years of experience in software development as a Backend Engineer. I had been involved in several projects on different stages of development, including application design from scratch. My primary responsibilities were to work on requirements analysis and functionality implementation, performance analysis and provide system design solutions. I have strong knowledge in software and system architecture design principles. I am experienced in database design with relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. I have substantial experience in using Python and Go. I have extensive knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals in algorithms design, concurrency models, programming paradigms and operational systems. I am a self-organized, responsible and pragmatic person. I like to work in a team and find a common language with others. I spend much time improving my project design, data organizing, and problem-solving skills.

Git, Golang, Python, SQL, Flask, MySQL, OOP, PostgreSQL, Redis, Linux, RabbitMQ, Nginx, REST API

17 May

Python/Go developer 🔥

odessa, kiev · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

3+ years of commercial experience. Keen on optimizing applications, working closely with client and with team.

Automated Testing (QA), Python, React, Aiohttp, Design Patterns, Django, ElasticSearch, Linux, Node.js, JavaScript, REST API, SQL, Tornado, GoLang, Git, OOP, Docker

Friendly and polite person, fun to work with. I always have my own opinion and willing to push to good code. I'm very good at finding bugs and fixing them. Also, I have a little open-source contribution experience.

Preferably python/django projects, friendly atmosphere, code reviews, performance evaluations. Golang projects would be huge plus.

17 May

Разработчик PHP + GO

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Большой опыт разработки разнообразных решений в области электронной коммерции / автоматизации бизнес процессов (CRM , Accounting system, Production Management, MLM). Умею работать с PHP / JavaScript без фреймворков и CMS. Имею хороший опыт в следующих направлениях: - PHP / Golang - CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Laravel 5 - Drupal 7 / 8 , WordPress, Bitrix - MySql, PostgreSql, MS SQL - оптимизация запросов, нормализация / денормализация, хранимые процедуры, проектирование БД. - Настройка серверов на CentOS / Ubuntu - LAMP / LNMP - Настройка и использование Sphinx для поиска и денормализации. Также есть опыт с React Native.

PHP, MySQL, Git, JavaScript, OOP, MVC, Laravel, Apache, Wordpress, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, AJAX, jQuery, Linux, Golang, CodeIgniter, MS SQL Server, Sphinx, React-native, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Bitrix, Nginx, Redis, KISS, JSON, REST API, Jira

Ищу постоянную удаленную или проектную удаленную работу.

17 May

Backend Developer

zaporozh'e, dnepr, kiev · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I'm web developer. Backend skills : Go, SQL, NoSQL, PHP/Python/Bash, GIT Teamwork experience in a big project. Experience with Agile methodology. Some experience of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery (but I don't want to work with)

AJAX, bash, CSS, Git, Golang, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Linux, MVC, NoSQL, OOP, PHP, Python, SQL, XML

Backend only. Go only.

16 May

Golang Developer 

kyiv, Ukraine · $3500 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Programming languages and technologies: • Go • Java • Scala • Python • C# • VBA • Delphi • XML/JSON/Protobuf • XSLT/XPath • SQL • JavaScript/TypeScript • HTML5 • CSS Databases: • MySQL • PostgreSQL • Oracle • HBase • MemSQL • Mongo DB • Neo4j - DynamoDB - Amazon S3 Application/Web Servers: • Tomcat • Jetty - Envoy - Nginx Operating Systems: • Linux • Windows Others: • Blockchain, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) Source control, merge tools: • Git/Subversion Tracking, reporting: • Jira/Redmine/Confluence Frameworks: • Spring • Hibernate • Swing • Netty • JMS • JMX • RxJava • REST • AJAX • JUnit/Mockito/ScalaTest • Lucene • JavaFX • Apache Camel • Servlets/JSPs • jQuery/AngularJS/Node.js • Bootstrap Big Data: • HBase/MemSQL • Hadoop/YARN • MapReduce • Spark • Kafka • Zookeper • Hive • Sqoop • Hue/Ambari - Consul - Nomad - Envoy Development environment, tools: • Eclipse/IntelliJ IDEA/NetBeans • Maven/Ant/Gradle/Sbt • bash • TeamCity/Jenkins • JProfiler/VisualVM • Quarz • Docker

Java, Golang, Scala, Docker, GCP/AWS, Microservices, Consul, Nomad

I have about 7 years of commercial software development experience. Through my professional career I was involved in development of a wide variety of business and scientific applications (both web based and traditional desktop) as full stack developer while focusing on backend layers, high-performance and time sensitive systems, BI/Big Data solutions. Strong team player, result oriented, excellent research skills and approaches.

16 May

Junior Golang Engineer

kiev, kyiv · $500 · Intermediate

Student, have been learning python for 1.5 year, golang for 1 year. Familiar with REST, SOLID principles, clean architecture, design patterns. Currently working on IOT-project (monitoring temperature, humidity, percentage of gases in the air and other parameters), responsible for back-end part, particularly server, which: 1. Receives request from sensors and dumps data into PostgreSQL database. 2. Receives request and returns either last sensor's value or one of average values for day, week, month or year. Besides writing back-end I have deployed it on AWS in Docker container + setup grafana and monitor sensor values with its help. Also there is a telegram-bot, deployed on Heroku, which can send get-request to server and return last value of sensor or picture with graph, which shows statistic for fixed period like day or week. Bot is not finished yet as project as well, but beta source code might be found on the links below. From literature I have read "Go in Action" by W.Kennedy and now reading "Hands-On Software Architecture with Golang" by J. Raiturkar.

Golang, Git, Linux, PostgreSQL, Docker, REST API, SQL, docker, CI, Travis, Gin-gonic, GORM, Grafana

New experience and interesting project are more valuable for me now than salary :)

16 May

Go (Golang) Engineer / DevOps Engineer 

kyiv, Ukraine · $5000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

8 years experience in the industry 3 of which experience with Go (Golang) Passionate engineer with a strong background in DevOps and Quality Assurance fields. Go, Python, Java programming skills. Strong knowledge of microservice architecture patterns and best practices. Experience in building large-scale high availability distributed systems. Strong understanding of DevOps processes. Hands-on experience with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Digitalocean. Experience with Docker, rkt and modern container orchestration platform like Kubernetes, Nomad, Swarm. Experience in building CI/CD process from scratch. Experience in providing real-time monitoring, observability, distributed tracing, alerting and incident management. Experience in migration huge monolithic application to microservices. Huge experience in Automation testing.

Test Driven Development, AWS, CI, CI/CD, DevOps, Docker, go, Google Cloud Platform, infrastructure as a code, Selenium, TeamCity, Terraform, Ansible, Golang, Java, Linux, Python, Rust, Scala, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Algorithms, OOP, MongoDB, Redis

Rewrote almost all services from Python / PHP to Go. Migration from monolith architecture to the service-oriented architecture. Migrate infrastructure from AWS to Google Cloud Platform in Kubernetes Engine. Reduced monthly infrastructure costs by more than 30%

NO BLOCKCHAIN PLEASE! Searching product company with a start-up atmosphere. With highly motivated professionals absolutely involved in the product lifecycle. Go/Rust stack is preferable.

14 May

Software Engineer (Python/GoLang) 🔥

kyiv, Ukraine · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Проектирование и разработка программного обеспечения сервиса лояльности покупателей магазинов и торговых сетей на базе Python, Django, RestFramework, Celery, GoLang, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, ReactJS/Redux Разрабатывал площадку для организации государственных и коммерческих закупок c интеграцией электронной систмы публичных закупок ProZorro (https://prozorro.gov.ua). Реализовал все виды процедур закупок, систему ставок, планов закупок, контрактов, системы обжалования, мониторинга, систему билинга и клиенткую часть (Python, Django, Celery, GoLang, Redis, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, AngularJS). Реализовал CI на базе Jenkins, Docker. Проектирование высоко-нагруженного веб сервиса на базе Google Application Engine с использованием технологий NoSQL, Datastore, RPC API, Tipfy, Bottle, Jinja. Разработал систему учёта передвижения городского транспорта, технологический контороль производственного транспорта на базе gcc, Qt, MySql, Python. Администрировал ОС на базе систем FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, а так же сетевые сервисы. Разработал и внедрил проект подключения крупных клиентов к интернет с резервированием канала. Настроил и сопровождал автономную систему на базе протокола BGP.

Python, Django, Flask, Celery, GoLang, API, REST, RPC, Microservices, SQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, AWS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, ReactJS, Redux, Webpack, AngularJS, Git, Mercurial, Docker, Bash, Nginx, CI, Jenkins, Pootle, Linux, FreeBSD

Работал от мастера по обслуживанию производственных автоматизированных комплексов до ведущего разработчика систем. Это позволило улучшить свой уровень знаний от базовых алгоритмов до оптимальных архитектурных решений и расширить кругозор используемых технологий.

Интересный проект с возможностью повышать свой уровень знаний.

14 May

Software Developer 🔥 

kyiv, Ukraine · $4500 · 9 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

MySQL, Linux, GoLang, ProtoBuf, go-restfull, swagger, PHP, Symfony, Zend Framework (ZF), Doctrine, Git, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, Jira, Nginx, Angular.js, jQuery, Smarty, Twig, Twitter Bootstrap, Angular Material, Material-UI, Twig, Confluence, nats

AJAX, jQuery, JSON, PHP, Twig, XML, CSS, Doctrine, Git, Golang, HTML, Jira, Memcached, MySQL, Protobuf, Zend Framework (ZF), Angular Material, JavaScript, Linux, Nginx, Redis, Docker, REST API, Symfony 4, symfony 3, Laravel, OOP, go, Angular

Участвовал в разработке проектов с микросервисной архитектурой, с разными вариантами интеграций микросервисов (rest api, protobuf, очереди). Работал над медицинской платформой сбора и анализа данных о пациентах. Учавствовал в подготовке к прохождению сертификации pci dss. Реализовывал систему для автоматизации внутренних процессов компании (бухгалтерия, отпуски, больничные, развитие сотрудника, история в компании и т.д.). Есть опыт разработки проектов с нуля. Есть опыт набора команды/фильтрации/формирования команды.

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Налаженные процессы.

13 May

Senior Go (Golang) Developer / Software Engineer / Technical Team Lead / Architect (Principal Engineer) 🔥

kyiv, Ukraine · $5500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Golang, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Redis, GCP/AWS, Docker, bash

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