Data Scientist

Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

DATA SCIENTIST March 2018 – present - Development, implementation, support and enhancement of forecasting systems for cryptos, metals and currencies basing on nonlinear dynamics models; creation of own nonlinear forecasting algorithms - Work on Adverts parsing and processing projects - Development of interactive 3D Globe for Economic Data Visualization - Work with R, C#, Elixir and JavaScript technologies, Microsoft SQL Server SENIOR MATHEMATICIAN, DATA SCIENTIST August 2016 – February 2018 - Development, implementation, support and enhancement of forecasting systems for sales indices - Creation of analytical and forecasting products basing on multi-dimensional nonlinear forecasting, multi-models forecasting systems, nearest neighbors, ridge regression, logistic regression, random forest, cluster analysis, factor analysis, principal component analysis - Preparing multiple decks on the project results for the clients - Work with R and Python, PostgreSQL PROJECT MANAGER, ECONOMIC PROCESSES MODELING EXPERT March 2008 – August 2016 - More than 30 successful industrial market research projects: market research and modelling, SWOT and COST analysis, market niches identification, market volumes and sales forecasting, etc. - Development and implementation of forecasting and classification systems for number of subscribers for information & analytical products - Development and implementation of nonlinear forecasting system for price forecasts - Construction of optimization models for industrial markets for deep analysis of structure and prospects of the markets - Development and implementation of the unique charts format (including Cost Curve and others) - Participation in international conferences

Python, Machine Learning, SQL, Data Science, Git, Math, Algorithms, Data Mining, R, Excel, Text Mining, English, Time Series, Predictive Models, Excel/VBA, C#, PostgreSQL, JavaScript


NLP engineer/Computational Linguist

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- developing and improving error-correction checks using rule-based and statistical methods in NLP - conducting research on a variety of NLP tasks - working with large corpora and different types of parsers - designing algorithms - feature engineering for GEC ML models - data extraction & clean up - error analysis for existing ML models

Python, Machine Learning, NLP, Jira, Git, scikit-learn

- possibility of mentoring & learning new skills - possibility of remote work from time to time - small and family-like team - product company



any city, Kyiv · $1500 · 1 year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Опыт преподавания более 10 лет, программные продукты SPSS, Statistica, SAS

Data Mining, Data Science


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $800 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

My technical skills include knowledge of python libraries for data science: numpy, scipy, matplotlib, pandas, scikit-learn, opencv etc; Also I have big experience with implementing object detection, image classification projects, using deep learning frameworks and classic computer vision techniques. A few of my projects you can see on my github page

Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, computer vision


Data Scientist

Kyiv · $950 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Vodafone Ukraine (Jun 2019 — Present) Trainee Data Scientist Generating samples; Feature engeneering, data preparation; Prediction classifiers; Model validation. SAS, Python. Raiffasien Bank Aval (Dec 2018 — May 2019) Trainee SQL developer Work with different SQL-based systems, developing procedures, complex queues; script optimization. Study projects in Python with different ML algorithms: classification, regression, analyzing data and it's vizualization.

Python, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, SQL, English, Math, Data Science, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Linear Algebra, supervised learning, Statistics., Matplotlib

Obtained masters degree in Applied Math at Taras Shevchenko National University. Have completed Yandex course "Introduction to Machine Learning" at coursera. Have worked with Python libraries: NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn. More over, I use in my work Jupyter Notebook. I have excellent understanding of OOP principles. queries in SQL ML algorithms Apart from that, I've had extracurricular and volunteer experience: • 8-months English course • Volunteer at Devoxx (2018) • Participation in Data Summer Conf in Odesa (2018) • Participation in the scientific seminars in the Austro-Ukrainian Institute for Science and Technology in Vienna on Category-theoretical Models in Topological Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Physics (2018) • Participation in the Fall 2017 School on Applied Mathematics and Statistics


Junior Python Developer

Kyiv · $500 · Intermediate

Python, Machine Learning, Numpy, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, basic HTML/CSS, basic C/C++, sqlite, knowledge of the basics of mathematical modeling, ability to work with figures and large data information, organizational skills, skill to work in team.

Python, Algorithms, Mathematics, JSON, Machine Learning, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, C/C++

Student, flexible schedule


Data Analyst / Data Scientist

Kyiv · $1200 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Project “Stenosis Detection in Internal Carotid and Vertebral Arteries based on Lumen Diameters”. Input dataset contains records of evaluated diameters of internal carotid and vertebral arteries (each left and right pair) measured before and after some treatment procedures, together with the medical diagnosis. Wavelet-based approach for automatic stenosis detection was proposed. Prototype was coded in Matlab. Project "Detection of particular geo-signal". Processing and analyzing of geomagnetic signals for feature detection. Developing methods for signal processing and feature detection. Programming of proposed methods in Matlab.

Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Python, Data Visualization, Math, Matlab, Math Statistics, Probability Theory & Statistics


Program Manager | Engineering / R&D Head | Agile Evangelist

Kyiv · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Savvy Program Manager providing value while driving cost down leveraging best practices. 21 successfully completed projects as Project/Delivery Manager. 4 successfully completed programs as Program Manager. Coach and mentor for distributed and remote teams. Foster esrpit de corps. Sound understanding of modern engineering and architectural patterns, CI/CD, DevOps.

Agile, Data Science, Delivery management, Project Management, Scrum, Team management, Big Data, Machine Learning, MS SQL Server, Apache Hadoop, Java, PostgreSQL, Python, Spark, AWS, English, Waterfall, SAFe 4.0, 6Sigma, Business Processes Optimization, PMO, Account Management, Contract Negotiation, Presale, Oracle, Communication, Project Planning, People management, SDLC

Implemented Schedule management mobile (iOS) solution for CxO of Big4 company (5000 users around the Globe) (52 000 mh). Delivered cloud-based platform for managing media content for leading Telecom Fortune 100 companies (48 000 mh). Implemented migration of banking card services from legacy platform to AWS (30 000 mh). Successfully implemented leading Ukrainian bank network workload optimization resulting 25% FTE reduction.

I would prefer challenging assignments requiring strong communication and strategical decision making.

22 February

Data Scientist

Kyiv, EU, Canada · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Implemented demand forecast platform for a large manufacturing - Performed demand forecast model for retail - Improved churn prediction and analytics for HCM platform

Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, R, Git, SQL, pandas, Keras, numpy, MS Azure ML Studio

In data science, I like the diversity of areas of knowledge. I see myself in projects related to engineering or medicine, but I am open to any field if the tasks are interesting enough.

22 February

Business Analyst

Kyiv · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Commercial bank "TASCOMBANK" as Business Analyst(since 05.2019): 1. I take part in the creation of metrics to assess the performance of the bank’s retail structures 2. Creating dashboards with product analytics and building employee rating based on metrics (Oracle APEX) 3. Maintenance and optimization of the financial reporting ETL process 4. Description of business processes of the unit, as well as a description of the logic of ETL scripts in the knowledge base (Confluence) 5. Preparation of SQL scripts for an internal BI tool and further data transformation for building financial statements Insurance company “ASKA-LIFE” as Actruary Analyst(03.2018-05.2019): 1. Discussion, analysis and development of new insurance programs 2. Creating reports and presentations on company performance 3. Writing technical tasks for making changes to the unified database of the company's activities and their further testing 4. Making of stress-tests 5. Development proposals for optimizing the processes of the company 6. Checking the tariffs adequacy, calculation of insurance-reserves and making of distribution of investment income

MS Excel, Identification of business needs, Requirements formulation, Requirements analysis, Stakeholder management, Process modeling, UML, time management, R studio, Tableau, Oracle PL/SQL, Probability and statistics, Agile, Jira

In my work, for me, the most basic is the least possible amount of routine, I want to constantly see in front of me a new interesting tasks that are worth thinking about!

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