17 June

System Architect | Technical Consultant | Tech Lead

Kyiv · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Had over ten-year development experience working with web technologies, cloud computing & infrastructure, system design. Top competencies in programming, technology consulting, system architecture. Methodologies evangelizing: extreme programming, Dev/Ops, CI/CD, 12 factor-apps, BDD Business domains include, but not limited to, automotive, government services, e- commerce, gambling, media-services, video-on-demand, streaming, analytics, enterprise systems. - Technical consulting 3 years was working as onshore / nearshore independent contractor & consultant with US/ EU enterprises. Participated both in long-term (up to 3 months) engagements and short- term (2 weeks) workshops. Was working on full-cycle activities - pre-sales, workshop, implementation supervision, team support, development / operations. - Pre-Sales Working in Ciklum UA/US, was involved as technical consultant in pre-sales & up-sales activities. Was supporting on new projects bootstrap or team extension in ongoing projects. Taking control over technical part of proposal documents, facilitating workshops / solution architecture presentations. - Software Architecture Have 5+ years experience as a software architect - was involved across all levels: enterprise (Ciklum), system (my current company and previous ones) and solution (technical consulting engagements with up to 3 weeks involvement as solution architect). Last 3 years working in (or with) microservice environments. Have experience in project migrations from different architecture styles, technologies, team setups.

Agile, DevOps, Linux, MySQL, PHP, REST API, SQL, GraphQL, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Algorithms, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Python, AWS, Java, Docker, Spring Boot, Cloud Architecture, Gradle, Hibernate, Ansible, GCP, TypeScript, Node.js, Design Patterns

- As software engineer, had vast experience in web applications development - backend, frontend, test automation, deployment, performance optimization etc. - As software architect, had 5+ years numerous engagements, both short term (2 weeks and component design delivery) and long term (3 month, enterprise level architecture with full set of technology specs provision) - As technology consultant, worked on hourly-rate basis, preparing assessments, suggestions, technical risk mitigation plans, code and design review, engineering practices evaluation - As a coach, developed educational programs and led classes, reviewed home works, supervised production teams

- pure idea, which requires design and bootstrap: I could provide solution architecture and map business requirements to it; - web application, which can not handle performance or scalability challenges, has technical debt and requires renovation: I could help to improve it; - team, which experience lack of knowledge, training, supervision or another point of view on routine tasks: I could drive them and coach; - product, whose deployment is unpredicted, bumpy and unreliable: I could inject continuous delivery and align development process; - executive board, who wants to get more value from software development activities: I could optimize activities, reduct time efforts and establish sustainable growth through the products' portfolio;

17 June

QA Lead

Kyiv · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Working with scrum team as QA lead. Managing 4 manual QA's + 1 QA automation. Experience with BDD (Cucumber), API testing (Postman, Swagger), Experience with JMeter and Gatling. Some experience with Jenkins configuration and Docker.

Git, Scrum, REST API, Jira, Docker, JSON, C#, Jenkins, MongoDB, Agile

Creating API testing process, interviews on QA position for different teams, learned Docker methedology

Company with big ambition, fast growing, with important project for million of peoples


Product owner/Project Lead

Kyiv · $5000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Занимаюсь развитием крупного продукта (США и другие англоязычные рынки), 70+ человек в подчинении, отвечаю за ключевые показатели - объемы продаж (оборот в миллионах долларов) и требуемую рентабельность. Кратный ежегодный рост достигается за счет улучшения работы с воронкой, улучшением существующего продукта, новыми источниками трафика и новым функционалом. Степень MBA по менеджменту. Ищу C-level позицию

Product management, Team management, Product Development, Business development, Digital marketing, Problem-solving skills, Communication, Product Roadmap, Project Management, Product research, English, A/B testing, Google Analytics, SQL, User Experience, product strategy, International sales, Product strategic planning and formation of requirements, Customer Support, Категорийный менеджмент, Budget Management, Analyses and Quantitative Skills, Business tools automation, CRM, User Interface, Requirements management, Agile, Jira, Kanban, Work with software and with accounting systems, Strategic Planning and Execution, People management, KPI, Technical background, Marketing

Кратным ростом продаж на очень высококонкурентном рынке, формированием одной из самых сильных продуктовых команд на рынке, сильный упор на внедрение data driven подходов в управлении развитием продукта, формирование сильной data sciense команды

Большая продуктовая компания на западные рынки


QA Lead / Senior QA Engineer / Automation QA 

Kyiv · $4450 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

Automation testing, Selenium WebDriver (Java), Maven, JUnit, Allure Report, Intellij Idea, PageObject, Postman, SDLC, Jira/Confluence/Wiki, TestRail, Postman, GitLab, WEB testing, Desktop testing, Agile/SCRUM, MSSQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, creation test cases, check lists, bug-reports, test plans, test summary reports, traceability matrixs.

Agile, Confluence/Wiki, Jira, Scrum, TestRail, Integration testing, MS SQL, MySQL, GitLab, MongoDB, PageObject, PostgreSQL, Postman, SVN, Allure report, Automated Testing (QA), IntelliJ IDEA, JUnit, Maven, Selenium WebDriver, TestComplete


Senior Fullstack Developer (Laravel + Vue.js) 🔥

Kyiv · $3700 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Docker, Linux, ClickHouse, Redis, ElasticSearch, JavaScript, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, Team management, Product management, Project Management

Могу практически из любой бизнес-идеи создать продукт. Более 5 лет разрабатываю высоконагруженные проекты. Многие из них я проектировал с нуля, некоторые брал на улучшение архитектуры. Из основных проектов были: - тизерная сеть; - рекламная сеть мобильной рекламы; - wap-click партнерская сеть; - cpa сеть. Последний год управлял outsource командой из 5 разработчиков, где настроил все бизнес-процессы, внедрил систему мотивации сотрудников. Пол года с командой успешно вели параллельно 5 проектов.

- Желаю работать в команде, которая любит качественный код. - С менеджерами, которые уважают труд разработчиков, и поощряют инициативы. - С владельцами бизнеса, которые знают и любят свое дело.


CIO/CTO, Lead/Senior Architect/Engineer (IT Infrastructure + Networks + Cyber Security), Cisco Engineer CCIE

Kyiv · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Analysis and construction/optimization of corporate IT infrastructure. Infrastructure, Security and Telecommunication projects of any level up to the Enterprise-level, SLA-based geographically distributed Tech support. Expert-level knowledge of: IT management (MBA), Project management, Personnel management: ITIL / ITSM, COBIT, PMBoK IT Architecture and infrastructure Virtualization (VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V), Public and Private Clouds, SDN (Software Defined Networking), High-availability HA-clustering, Hi-Load systems, Load Balancers, SAN (Storage Area Networks) Fault-tolerant storages, Backup/Restore of business-critical data, Disaster Recovery Planning, SNMP Monitoring systems, Inventorying systems, etc… Engineering systems of Datacenters uninterrupted power supply, structured cabling systems (Optical and Copper), monitoring systems, access control systems, video surveillance, air conditioning, ventilation, firefighting systems, illumination, etc… Networks, Telecommunications, Datacenter networking, Unified Communications Software Defined Networks, IP, IPv6, Integrated Services Routers (dynamic routing protocols BGP, OSPF, ISIS, etc), VRF, Layer2 and Layer3 Switches, Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN), MPLS, FrameRelay, MetroEthernet, WiFi Wireless Controllers + Access Points, Quality of Service, Multicasts, IP-telephony, Audio+Video conferences, Video surveillance, etc… Cyber Security Email Security systems, WEB Security systems, HAproxy, Balancers, Endpoint Protection Systems, Antivirus systems, Network Security Systems, Cloud antiDDoS Filtering Systems, Adaptive Security Appliances, NextGeneration Firewalls and NextGeneration Intrusion Detection/Protection systems IDS/IPS (HA-clusters), all types of VPNs, IPSec, Tunneling, Access Control Systems, Authentication Authorization Accounting (AAA) systems, Public Key Infrastructure PKI, Certificate Authority, Microsoft Windows Server Enterprise CA, Microsoft Active Directory, etc…

CCIE, ccnp, Cisco, Cyber Security, Engineering systems of Datacenters, Firewalls/IDS/IPS, Highload, ip, IP-Telephony, IT Infrastructure, Networks, Personnel management, Product management, Project Management, Public and Private Clouds, routing, switching, Virtualization, WiFi

CISCO certifications: CCIE Routing&Switching #19571 CCNP SECURITY CCNP VOICE HUAWEI certifications: HUAWEI Certified Routing and Switching Solutions Specialist SAGEM certifications: SAGEM Expert

Any forms of cooperation are possible: Full-time, Part-time, Relocation, Outsourcing, Remote work, etc…

15 August

Head of Design, Product Designer

Kyiv · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I’m a product designer from Kiev, Ukraine. A concept of products, user involvement strategies, interfaces, user experience, interaction and visual design - is what I can and love to do.

App design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Product Design, Prototype, User scenarios and flows, UX consultant, UX/UI design

Over 10 years of design experience with mobile, web and enterprise projects. Passion for highly-organized, pixel-perfect source files. Experience working with Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum.

Product company. Prefer to work on complex projects. Work closely with front-end developers, software engineers. Friendly design team, good management, comfortable office, flexible working hours.

15 August

PHP Developer Teamlead 

Kyiv · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

PHP developer science 2005. Currently I'm Playing-Teamlead and head of Kyiv office of German company, onsite: Kyiv, Ukraine. I have over 5 years experience as a Teamlead in small teams. And over 14 years experience in web-dev overall.

Yii, Yii2, CSS, Git, HTML, Linux, MySQL, PHP, REST API, JavaScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Angular.js, Vue

Участие в стартап-проектах, работа в крупных компаниях. Более 14 лет опыта. Легко обучаюсь новому. Более подробный опыт с описаниями проектов на LinkedIn

Профессиональный рост. Хороший офис. Дружная команда. Предпочтение большим компаниям, но это не точно. Релокейт: США, Канада.

15 August

Team Lead

Kyiv · $5000 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Gambling/betting - высоконагруженный проект, архитектура фронтендовой части, оптимизация и уменьшение bundle. Организация работы команды (до 7 человек), код-ревью

JavaScript, Redux, React, Git, JSON, es6

Тем, что то, что построил - работает вот уже много лет - без "выключения" системы. Обновления вживую.

отсутствие легаси и возможность использовать новые технологии и эксперименты (без фанатизма) хороший климат в коллективе, офис с парковкой (ну или около метро) ориентированность на результат, а не на "40 часов в неделю" и красивые графики в отчетах

15 August

Database Architect / Senior Database Developer

Kyiv · $3700 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Microsoft SQL Server (all versions and the whole stack), SQL Azure; Проектирование сложных решений OLTP, BI (OLAP), Data Warehouse, ETL, сценарии интеграции; Планирование и реализация всего жизненного цикла продукта, работа с командой; Глубокая оптимизация, в т.ч. аппаратная. Git, TFS, .NET, PowerShell, VBA, vbs, js, xml; Сетевой стек: Hyper-V, AD, GP, DNS, IIS, .. MSF, ITIL, SCRAM; Увлечения: linux, docker, kubernetes;

Автор ERP системы из более чем тридцати модулей; Хранилища с более 1 млрд. сток; Опыт автоматизации: бух учет, розничная, оптовая торговля, WMS, кадры, CRM, работа с оборудованием, тендерная площадка, автоматизация транспортного и агробизнеса на основе геолокации и телеметрии, и ещё целый ряд решений для бизнесов не имеющих лаконичных названий.

Ожидаю сложных и ответственных задач;

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