Junior Software Engineer

Киев · $500 · Intermediate

Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, Linux - Programming Languages: Oracle PL/SQL(1 year), SAP Sybase SQL (1 year) C/C++, Java, Android, Python, asm, PHP, JS - Some owasp hacking - fuzzing, xss - Database: Oracle SQL (design DB, stored procedures, views, window functions, SQL-query, injections), Sybase. - Understanding of OOP principles. - Version Control: Git.

SQL, Oracle, PL/SQL, Automated Testing (QA), Data Science, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Android, C++, C/C++, Java, JDBC, LAMP, Linux, OOP, OOP/OOD, PHP, Python, Unix, Git, JSON, JUnit, Matlab, Mockito, NoSQL, XML, AJAX, Assembler, C#, Maven, MVC, WinAPI, Hibernate, jQuery, JSP, REST API, Spring, Spring MVC, Swift

Робота в технічній команді, тихий офіс


iOS Developer

Киев · $600 · 1 год опыта · Intermediate

QA Engineer 03.2019 - p - Mobile testing (iOS, Android); - Creating and maintenance bug reports (Jira); - Test documentation writing (checklists, test cases, bug reports, etc.); - API testing (Postman); QA Engineer 12.2018 - 03.2019 - Mobile testing (iOS, Android); - Web testing; - Creating and maintenance bug reports (VSTS); - Test documentation writing (checklists, test cases, bug reports, etc.); iOS SKILLS: - Swift 4; - UIKit / Cocoa Touch; - Client-server communication concepts understanding; - Knowledge of OOP principles, design patterns; - Software development life cycle knowledge

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, UIKit, Jira, MySQL, MVC, JSON, Scrum, Firebase, Zeplin, TestFlight, SQL, C, Cocoa Touch, OOP

Like to work a lot and with pleasure, learn anything new and communicate with people that make me better, quickly join and adapt to the new team. I want to develop my skills as an iOS Developer in a friendly team, learn from teammates experience.

17 июля

Senior iOS Engineer 🔥

Киев · $4500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Been working in outsourcing companies as well as product companies. Developed many apps from scratch. Took part in every stage of product cycle from design discussions to implementation and AppStore deployment. I’ve been mentoring trainee and junior developers who successfully joined the team. Have an interest in projects that challenges with an interesting tasks and professional growth.

Foundation, iOS, Swift, UIKit, User Interface (UI), Xcode, CoreGraphics, MVC, MVVM, Networking, Objective-C, OOP/OOD, REST API, RxSwift, CoreAnimation, CoreData, Git, realm, SQL, SQLite, Java, CocoaPods, Multithreading, Autolayout, Jira, Source Tree, Design Patterns, Cocoa Touch, SOLID, Push Notifications, Firebase, GCD, JSON, Alamofire, REST, CoreLocation, Core Animation, Scrum

Producing apps from design mockups to release to the AppStore. Leading a team of up to 8 developers. Making key decisions in app architecture. Implementing app delivery automation using fastlane on various projects. Speaker on multiple meetups.

Interesting tasks and challenges. Professional growth. Friendly teammates. Adequate management.

17 июля

Junior Strong iOS Developer

Kiev · $1300 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

Swift/Objective-C OOD; POP; SOLID Frameworks: MapKit; UIKit; XCTest; Core Data; RealmDB; FireBase; RxSwift; MongoDB; Semantic UI, Gulp, MongoDB, Wordpress, Sass, Auto Layout and Adaptive Layout Notifications, UserDefaults Design Patterns: MVVM; MVC Version Control Systems: Git; Mercurial. Tools: SourceTree; CocoaPods; Carthage; Terminal

MVC, Objective C, Singleton, Auto Layout, CocaPods, Git, MVVM, OOP, UserDefaults, firebase, GCD, JSON, Protocol-Oriented-Programming, RealmDB, SOLID, Swift, UserNotifications, XCTests, Xib's, Storyboards, MapKit, RxSwift, CoreData

I would like to get a position of Junior Strong IOS Developer to use my software development skills.

17 июля

Senior iOS Developer

Киев · $6000 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Creative and versatile software developer specialized in Agile Software Development and Software Design. Over 5 years of working experience in the Information Technologies industry. The experience of developing in business, start-up and real-time environments. Rich experience in Mobile and Front-end technologies. Highly experienced in developing for front-end and mobile utilizing native technologies. Have solid experience in developing using Objective-C, JavaScript and Swift in the production environment. Good verbal and writing English skills. Strong team player with good communication and interpersonal skills.

Git, iOS, JavaScript, Jira, MacOS, Objective-C, Project Management, Swift, React Native, Reactive Programming

I am looking for an exciting role as iOS developer/Co-Founder. Opened for any propositions. Feel free to contact me!

17 июля

Lead iOS Engineer

Киев · $5000 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Multiple iOS applications released into AppStore, support of applications in production, iOS framework development experience. Audio/Video stack, tons of custom UI, network communication with the mind of security. Team management and product ownership.

Swift, Objective-C

Startup/product company is preferable. Challenging tasks, product decision making and full responsibility.

16 июля

iOS/OSX Developer 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2500 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

- 6 years of professional expertise in the Information Technologies (IT) industry; - OOP/OOD skills and experience in C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Python; - Experience in design & development of mobile solutions (iPhone, iPad) and desktop solutions (macOS), server-based solutions; - Experience with different methodologies: Waterfall (yes, for hardware drivers), Scrum, Kanban; - Experience working with international teams; - Experience with team management; Expertise & development highlights: - Complicated algorithm design; - Object-oriented patterns, UI patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER); - Development of network, multithreaded, multi processes applications; - Implement Inter Process Communication (Socket, XPC) for daemons/user agents; - Prototyping/UI/UX; - Server-side API design and implementing; - Image/Video processing; - CI, Continues delivery, AWS services;

iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Git, SQLite, Python, UIKit, SOLID, CoreData, OOP, VIPER, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, macOS

Implemented 3 OSX and over 20 iOS applications. Good knowledge of CI/CD and processes. UT/UIT tests. Managing team experience. Full cycle app implementation from scratch to publishing.


16 июля

Junior iOS Developer

Киев, Черкассы · $500 · Intermediate

Create my 2D game on framework SpriteKit and an application to it, as my first project. (Swift programming language) Experience of work with CMS: WordPress and OpenCard; Experience of work with programming languages: Java, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Swift; Experience of work with hypertext markup languages HTML, CSS and structured query language SQL; Experience of work in creating websites and connecting to them database; Experience of work with WAMP/WNMP servers and frameworks – bootstrap, jQuery; Experience of work with MongoDB database;

Swift, iOS, Xcode, UIKit, REST API, OOP, CocoaPods, REST, Firebase, Foundation, Git

16 июля

Senior iOS Developer 

Киев · $6000 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

7+ years of professional software engineering experience. 5+ years of experience in mobile development. Experience in: • full app development lifecycle • debugging and profiling, code analysis and improvement • working in a distributed team with 10+ developers • mentoring and interviewing team members • development from scratch and maintaining large-scale enterprise apps

Swift, RxSwift, Objective-C, Core* frameworks, Realm, Third-party Libraries, Custom UI, Multithreading, CI/CD, Mobile app architecture, Unit Testing, Design Patterns

The great working atmosphere, influence on product, the professional and friendly team whom wanna drink beer with, flexible schedule, professional growth, active product development

16 июля

Senior iOS Developer

Одесса, Київ (remote) · $4500 · 6 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Senior Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience, deep knowledge of iOS apps development, proficient in Objective-C & Swift. Worked in teams and independently, in startups, product, out-staffing companies. Excellent English communication skills, both verbal & written.

Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, UIKit, Autolayout, CoreData, Multithreading, GCD, Networking, Alamofire, Realm, MVC, MVVM, VIPER, Git, CocoaPods, Crashlytics, Amplitude, Push Notifications, In-App Purchase

Developed and released 5 apps from idea to App Store submission, worked on 9 apps in total, 2 of them are quite successful Led cross-functional team Worked in startup with 50+ people from all over the world

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