Senior iOS Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $4250 · 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

For the last two years I has been taking part in developing a massive scalable widget application (the app that shows different metrics/KPI/Revenue for a large business company). I was focused on delivering new and supporting old features and enhancing scalability for business needs on mobile side. Although I like my current job and what I do, I am looking for a company with a better organised development process.

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, MVVM, Clean Architecture, RxSwift, CocoaPods, Dependency Injection

I had made a small code contribution to RxSwift community.

I would like to take part in development of a large complex app being in a big team sharing my knowledges and learning new awesome practices and edge technologies. No old legacy code base, not micromanagement, please.

16 августа

Scala dev - remote preferable 🔥 

Киев · $4500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

lang: JS (React), Java, Scala frameworks: Spring Boot (+ MVC, Security, JDBC template, AOP), Play, Akka, Vert.x, Axon db: JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, SQL, Postgres, Oracle, Cassandra, MongoDB build: Maven, sbt test: Mockito, Junit vcs: git, Perforce ci: Jenkins, TeamCity other: Netty, Zookeeper, Avro, Docker, web sockets sсript/frontend: bash, React, Redux, redux-form, JS, HTML5/CSS3

SQL, OOP, Spring, Multithreading, Scala, Maven, Git, REST API, JPA, GraphQL, Java, React.js, Play Framework, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka, Lagom Framework, JavaScript, Redux, React, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON, NPM

Worked with different Scala and Java projects. Low level (platform that communicates via network with small devices, detectors and so on) and high level web apps. With synchronous and reactive behaviours. REST and messaging based commucation. Etc... Latest experience: casino platform with Scala, Lagom, Play, Akka, Kubernetes, Cassandra, Kafka, ElasticSearch, GraphQL.

Full time or part time, preferably remote. Or if office - preferably flexible with possibility to take some day-offs (1+ days non office work). I prefer Scala projects. Would be a plus to have ownership over the code: not only code, but be tester and devops for it. So, having tasks to work with infrastucture also. Woud be be a plus if there is need to work with frontend (React for example). Would be great if you need 2 Scala devs. I have a colleguage with who we want apply to same project.

12 августа


Удаленная работа, Украина · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Play framework, akka, akka streams, akka-http, scala, sbt, elasticsearch, cqrs, mongodb, kafka, neo4j, docker, hazelcast, cassandra, lagom, sangria, http4s, cats

http4s, Scala, Akka, MongoDB, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Git, Sbt

6 августа

Scala / Big data developer 🔥

Киев, Remote · $3500 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I'm an enthusiastic Scala/java developer with 2.5 years of experience in a product company (3 years overall). Have hands-on experience in Scala, Java, React, Play, REST, Akka Actors, Slick, Sbt, Postgres, Linux, Docker, Jira, Scrum. Currently my main responsibilities are: maintaining a product suite, implementing new features and bugfixes, closely participating in the release process and deployment. Also I'm in charge of a team being responsible of developing core features for the product suite. Being passionate with functional programming I've been focusing on developing my skills as Scala engineer. I'm interested in Big Data and scalable, high throughput distributed data processing systems, so I'm learning Apache Spark and Kafka.

Scala, Java, Play Framework, Slick, Linux, Docker, PostgreSQL, REST, MVC, Functional programming, OOP, TDD, SQL, Maven, JavaScript, React, JIRA, Git, Scrum, Akka Actors

* developed a prototype of a product version allowing to parallelize / accelerate core processes up to 3 times, using Akka Actors * Certified Scala developer (Functional Programming in Scala Specialization by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne on Coursera)

I'm looking for a challenging Scala developer role in a company, which ideally offers an opportunity to grow up as a Big data engineer. I have a habit of constant learning new technologies and expanding skills. So my main expectations are: * backend development on Scala using modern technologies and frameworks such as Apache Spark, Kafka, Akka * enthusiastic, friendly and open-minded team liking sharing knowledge * a company which encourages mastering new technologies, provides opportunities to attend dedicated events and conferences, pass courses. * people-oriented management

5 августа

Scala Developer

Харьков, Киев, Remote · $4000 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Java, Spring, AWS(SQS, S3), Scala, Play, Akka, Spark

Java, Scala, Spark, OOP

Интересный проект и хорошая команда.

5 августа

Tech Lead Scala/Java 🔥

Киев · $5000 · 7 лет опыта · Intermediate

Have experience in: • Design and development of high throughput distributed data processing systems • Algorithmization and optimization • Functional approach • Software deployment • Horizontal and vertical scaling of systems • Development of mobile solutions • Teamwork

Java, Kafka, Python, SQL, Akka, C/C++, Cassandra, Dropwizard, Linux, Play Framework, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sbt, Scala, Android, C#, Spark, Spring, Golang, Rust, Docker

Behind these are some highly loaded scalable distributed systems. In the telecommunications and marketing sectors. I tried myself in front-end, game development, mobile development and in the back-end.

Expect to work with highload & big data. I wish for new non-trivial tasks. I would like to work with a friendly team of professionals. I prefer Java or Scala but if it need I can write in any language in a short time. I expect from the work a lot of cookies and coffee, it is obligatory!!!

31 июля

Data Engineer (Python/Scala)

Киев · $4000 · 4 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I'm a software engineer with a strong mathematical background and a solid working experience. I have a deep AWS knowledge and I'm fine with DevOps principle. I can use multiple programming languages, but Python and Scala are the preferred ones. I worked on AWS-based BigData/HighLoad and was responsible for the solution's reliability. I'm familiar with Machine Learning and I'm looking for Engineering positions on AI/Mathematics-related projects.

AWS, Python, Scala, Mathematics, Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Spark, Storm, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Grafana, Linux, SQL, Git, sklearn, Keras

Ph.D. student (neural memory modeling); AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Looking for a data engineer position on Machine Learning/Data Science project

23 июля


Киев · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Java, Scala, Python, Kotlin, Golang, SQL, Groovy, Haskell, Clojure BigData: HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, ElasticSearch Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform

BigData, AWS, AWS Lambda, Hadoop/MapReduce, Scala, Git, MongoDB, REST, Google Cloud Platform, go, SQL, JUnit, OOP, Spring Core, Amazon S3, JPA, Redux, Spring, Hibernate, Java, REST API, Tomcat, JDBC, Linux, Maven, Google Cloud, Performance Testing, XML, JIRA/Confluence, Windows, Kafka, Confluent, Hadoop, Hive, Apache Spark, Spring Data JPA, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch

many certificates, many years of experienec

Financial/banking subject area with Amazon Web Services , or/and Google Cloud Platform, or/and BigData.

13 июля

Big Data Software Engineer

Киев · $2400 · 2 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Programming languages: Java, Scala, bash, Go Environment: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services Big Data: Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Hive, YARN, Hbase Web: Spring, Play Framework, jQuery Testing: JUnit, scalatest, Mockito, Cucumber, Selenium, REST, Tools: Jenkins, Jira, Sonar, GitHub, GitLab, Maven, Ant, sbt

English, Java, Scala, bash, Hadoop, Kubernetes, Apache Spark, BigData, Algorithms, Data Structures, Git, Maven, Linux, Openshift, AWS, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, HBase, Golang, Big Data, ElasticSearch

- Contribute to custom BigData (Hadoop and Spark) distribution with Scala, Go and Java - Kubernetes enthusiast, including Operator API, experience with Google Cloud Platform and Openshift - Enterprise experience in shell scripting, passionate UNIX-like OSs user - Practically applied modern software testing approaches: Unit, Integration and UI - Obsessed with best software development practices (TDD, clean code, SOLID) - Work experience with Java web apps (Servlets, Spring) and Client-server architectures (REST) - Production experience with e-commerce platforms (Hybris) - Advanced English (Cambridge English Assessment: CAE - C1)

IMPORTANT: I can start only from October 2019.

12 июля

Junior/Trainee Java/Scala Developer

Запорожье, Киев, Львов, Днепр · $400 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Have some non-commercial experience with Scala/Akka/Spark. I have some experience with Golang and Java. Currently, i work as python/django developer and have more than 3 years of experience. During my work carrier I developed different projects: system for medical recommendations; sports betting platform; cybersports events aggregator; rest api for app like Uber; rest api for dating app; etc.

Python, Django, Git, PostgreSQL, Linux, JavaScript, MySQL, REST API, Docker, Flask, Redis, Celery, SQL, MongoDB, HTML, AWS, Aiohttp, Django-Rest-Framework, Django Channels, Scala, Akka, Java, HTTP, Scrapy, Slick, Sanic, Cassandra, Django REST Framework, RabbitMQ, Nginx, Apache Spark, Spark, Akka-http, Akka streaming, Play framework

Create a realtime map with indicators of current meetups in the world. For that project, i use Spark and Spark streaming, for web socket connetions - Akka-http. All data are storing in Cassandra with some processing.

Interesting projects with a professional team without frontends tasks.

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