Java Developer 

Киев · $2500 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Досвід побудови продукта з нуля та поліпшення існуючої архітектури. Досвід роботи в SAFe-середовищі. Досвід безпосередньої роботи в англомовній команді.

Spring, Hibernate, Java, Git, REST


ArchiCAD/Revit BIM developer/engineer

Kiev · $1200 · Меньше года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Mathematical thinking. I am engaged in programming as a hobby.

Python, C#, PHP, VBA

May 2019 - June 2019 Tech Trend (TechTrend.fr) France Kyiv, TechTrend.fr Construction, real estate, operation, design Architecture, design BIM Designer (Revit) Building a BIM model of the building. Sections STR and AR project. Work in English - program, and project. Work on the BIM standard of the American company ROSSER for the government of Qatar November 2017 - March 2019 LLC "Sevan Glass" S. Kryukovschina, AMTT.com.ua Plant for the production of SPOK, glass November 2017 - March 2019 Design Engineer Development of projects of the AU, KM, KMD Interaction with the superintendent in the process of production and installation of building structures - coordination of changes with the customer, giving designs to production. The main constructions are all-glass partitions, visors, metal structures, SPOK. Achievements – I Created 2D BIM objects of the stained glass system of FA50K50. I Developed a system for importing BIM objects from Archicad into the 1C accounting program (together with 1C programmers). Direct import avoids data entry errors. E[ample - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lL1D9eCe74. In this example, I import the data on the glass of the glass partition from Arikad to 1C June 2015 - October 2016 LLC "Altura” Kiev, altura.com.ua/ Construction, real estate, operation, design ... Show more Engineer Development of formwork projects for rent. I developed 2D and 3D BIM facilities for several concrete formwork systems and scaffolding. I Brought the average performance of 1 million UAH / month. rented formwork for 1 engineer E[ample - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AguH23VSRi0. In this example, I show how to create 3D VIM objects formwork carrier. I created a 3D formwork model, built views in the drawings and brought out the number of all the necessary elements. 2006-2014 I was the owner of the company Donbass Prestige Stroy PE. I stopped my activities in connection with the occupation of Donbass by the Russian Federation January 1998 - January 2006 8 years 1 month LLC "Commerce and Industry Company" Ukraine, tpk.ua Engineer I developed 2B BIM objects for various TPK materials systems. I successfully applied this base in my work. I trained several engineers to work with this base. Knowledge of languages Russian - Native English - A1 - Beginner Ukrainian - C2 – Perfectly


Salesforce developer

Киев · $100 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

classes/triggers/Visualforce pages (with JavaScript, jQuery and CSS); adding/customizing standard/custom objects/fields/rules/workflows/processes Lightning components development Java, Junit, Maven, Selenium/Selenide, Jenkins, Python, Flask

APEX, Lightning, Selenide, Selenium, SOQL, Visualforce, JavaScript, Java, Flask, Python

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

I want to dive deep into salesforce ecosystem


Project Manager

Львов, Киев · $1000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Outsourcing project 08.2017 - 02.2019 General manager o Setting up a new Ukrainian business unit from scratch (office opening, infrastructure, facilities, team hiring and building etc.) o Recruit, retain, and manage 10-13 associates (directly or indirectly) o Document, establish, and improve policies and procedures to drive scalability and effectiveness in the business unit o Managing and building relationships with Polish procurement data provider, affiliate networks, and other departments

Project Management, Team management, Policies creation and implementation

Launched 3 projects from scratch

No matter outsourcing or product. Sales are not preferred.



Удаленная работа, Украина · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Customer Success Manager/Strategist - Develop well-informed strategic plans for clients - Getting to know clients' business and understand their objectives - Identifying potential problems and devising ways to rectify them - Liaising with team members (lead research and sdr teams) to receive feedback and create improvements to strategies -

Project Management, Team management, Product management, Communication, Risk management, English, project planning, Business Analysis, Lean Management, CRM, Business development, Business Processes Optimization, User Experience


CMO / Head of SEO

Киев, USA, Canada, London, Amsterdam, Berlin · $5000 · 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Why should you care? Résumes here are all the same: same skills, same tools, same cliché phrases. Blah-blah... Instead of stuffing my cv with those fancy words, here's one thing about me I want you to know: I am reliable. Anything else you can find below. I have a decade of IM experience with focus on SEO. Last eight years I'm working as in-house SEO Product Manager with US and UK markets. I have experience in education, software and travel niches with SaaS B2C and B2B projects. I frequently communicate with colleagues from different industries and analyze other niches to face new problems and widen the horizons. Responsibilities: ■ Marketing/SEO strategy planning and execution ■ Education, coordination and motivation of marketing team (10 employees) ■ Cooperation with freelance contractors ■ Budget planning ■ Responsibility for sales ■ Competitor analysis and market research ■ A/B tests, experiments, research and development I work closely with HR's, developers, copywriters and designers.

SEO, Marketing, Content Marketing, UX, Web Analytics, SEM, CRO, Product Management, Good communication skills, HTML, CSS, JS, Ubuntu, Cloud Hosting, Team managemant, Wordpress, Jira

■ Brought 20K+ new customers from 100+ countries ■ Developed and owned the SEO strategy for 20+ properties. ■ Put up, trained and expanded a team of 10 employees Some of the employees became best-in-class specialists (no jokes, I've got proofs)

I'm looking for a growth-oriented company with a strong demand to accelerate organic exposure and sales. I want to apply my creative thinking to solve the diverse problems. Friendly atmosphere is extremely important for me. I'd like to avoid: - Teams who never laugh and never have beer on Friday - Sluggish companies sinking in formalism. - Businesses who want to conquer the world with a cheese sandwich budget. - 'Nine to five' companies.


Business Development Manager

Киев, Canada, USA, EU, Amsterdam, London, Berlin · $1200 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

From May 2018 I have been working as a business development manager at Mydutyfree — an international startup (a pre-order service in duty-free stores, 7 countries, 35 locations). I was engaged in: - building business development models - searching for new partnerships (participation in international exhibitions, working with local community) - negations with partners - drafting of business proposals - managing the development team (setting business tasks and controlling the fulfilment) While working at the company, I have developed a company’s financial model (with respect to the sources of income, costs, unit economy). The company didn’t have such calculations before. The model was useful for adjusting marketing costs and diversifying the market strategy risks. Before that, I had experience in working as a Java developer (MVC web development), writing Selenium auto tests, QA management (supervised developers in maintaining product quality). Superpower: understanding how all parts of a company work and link to each other, from product development to financial management, marketing and operations. English: currently strengthening my B2 level. I am going to get C1+/fluent level until summer 2020. Education: I have an honours Master degree in Business Administration / Business Economics (KNEU) Completed courses: Java, English.

Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile, Jira, Use cases, English, Product management, Microsoft Office, Analytical Skills, Team management, Communication, Business Planning, Road Map, Negotiations, Fintech

Would be interested in joining a company that aims to capture the international markets.


Junior Front-end Developer 

Киев · $300 · 1,5 года опыта · Intermediate

JS, CSS, HTML, AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, HTML5, Angular.js, JSON -10 months junior Front-end developer -4 months junior Full-Stack developer (asp.net, c#, sql) -2 months WordPress developer

Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, Angular.js, LESS

Есть множество учебных проектов (которые были выполнены при обучении на курсах) с использованием таких технологий как CSS, CSS Grid, HTML, Less, JS, JSON, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, юнит-тестирования AngularJS с Karma и Jasmine. Прошла курс Front-end в CyberBionic Systematics: http://testprovider.com/ru/Certificate/Search/TP73372294

Возможность удаленной работы или работа в офисе на не полный день. Много интересных задач. Возможность развиваться и идти в ногу со временем.


Junior Front-end Developer

Киев · $1000 · Intermediate

Закончил курсы: - Курс "Графический дизайн для web разработки" Длительность курса: 2 месяца (45 часов) - Frontend разработчик в Infopulse Univer HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, BEM, SASS/SCSS/LESS, Photoshop, SEO, Chrome devtools. Длительность курса: 2 месяца (45 часов) - Frontend разработчик JavaScript в Infopulse Univer Программирование для фронтенда JavaScrit Длительность курса: 3 месяца (67,5 часов) - Frontend разработчик JavaScript практикум в Infopulse Univer. Длительность курса: 2 месяца (45 часов) В данный момент работаю в компании ретушером съемочной команды. Захотел поменять специализацию. Для этого на протяжении года посещал курсы английского языка. В результате повысил уровень с Elementary до Intermediate. После этого пошел на курсы по изучению html, сss и JavaScript. Активно изучаю данные технологии больше полугода. Реальных проектов не было. Выполнял только учебные задания. Делал верстку одностраничных сайтов, подключал и работал со стилями. С помощью js создавал меню, галерею, проверочную форму, генерировал html элементы. ajax запросы. В дальнейшем я хочу изучить фреймворк Angular, Node.js. Я хочу найти работу и получить должность Junior front-end developer в подходящей для себя команде, с которой хотелось бы работать, профессионально развиваться, проводить пятничные вечера, тимбилдинги. Хочу выполнять реальные проекты, в которых я мог бы применить все знания, которые я приобрел.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, HTML, jQuery, es6, JSON

1)Закончил курс Web-дизайн. 2)Закончил курс Frontend разработчик (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, BEM, SASS/SCSS/LESS, Photoshop, SEO, Chrome devtools.) 3)Закончил курс Frontend разработчик JavaScript. 4)Поднял уровень английского языка c Elementary до Intermediate 5) Пробежал 2 раза марафон

1)Хочу работать в команде, где есть более опытные люди. 2)Больше работать с js, es6 3)Комфортное рабочее место и монитор с качественным экраном 4)Гибкий рабочий график(по возможности). 5)Официальное трудоустройство. 6)Зарплата 900-1000$


travel manager, mobility manager, executive assistant

Киев · $1000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Проработала 5 лет офис-менеджером в айти, hr, event менеджер. Стрессоустойчива, коммуникабельна и все еще обучаема. Хочу найти рабоут в Киеве, переезжаю жить.

English, Sales

Размеры компании не важны, а вот атмосфера внутри + интересные проекты- это всегда здорово и всегда приветствуется! Для меня в идеале это работа с людьми и заграничными командировками. Английским владею свободно.

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