20 июля

CTO/Project manager / Product manager/ Business Analyst

Киев · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- Web projects - Mobile projects - Enterprise level application General domains: - Finance/banking - Ticketing - E-commerce/retail - Statistic/research

CRM, Negotiating, Personnel hiring, Product management, Project Management, Prototyping, System Analysis, System Architect, time management, Android, DB architect, PHP, Win mobile, Java, Laravel

- more than 300 completed projects in mobile, e-commerce, retail, banking. - simultaneously management of up to 10 project

I'm looking for some managerial position like Project manager/ Product manager/ Delivery manager/ Business analyst in a friendly team. I'm interested in any amazing, difficult projects. I have strong technical background and ready to learn any new technology.

20 июля

Product manager | Project manager | CTO

Киев · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

+ PRODUCT | market analysis, requirements analysis, success metrics, product concept, business plans/proposals, technical strategy, uncertainty/risks mitigation, acceptance tests, product clinic, application architecture design, customer/business development, draft collateral material, presentations, fundraising, monetization, product R&D, PLCM, ALM, SDLC, CIP. + TEAM | personnel hiring, administration, retention, training, coaching, team building and structuring, SOP, KPI, organization management model, functional & cultural profile, international co-op, BSC, CMMI. + TECHNOLOGY | analysis for synthesis, signal analysis, data analysis, data modelling, process analysis, process modeling, meta-process modeling, fuzzy logic, cluster analysis, neural network, probabilistic analysis, systems analysis, systems integration, hardware & software, embedded, SCADA, BPMN, MML, BI, MVC, PLC, HMI, API. + R&D | first-principles-analysis (thermal, electrical, mechanical, medical, logistics, financial, stakeholder), deduction, induction, SSADM, road mapping, project charter draft, waterfall, TDD, V-model, RUP, MSDL, agile Kanban, Scrum, 6 Sigma, Lean, Lean Startup, DDD, MDE, MDA, MBT, VDD, method engineering, UI, mockups, prototype creation, IP. + DOMAINS | consumer goods, energy, automotive, smart-home, construction, fin-tech, med-tech, gov-tech, enterprise solutions, e-learning, web apps, SOA, SaaS. + BACKGROUND | automation, HMI, ICT management, English & German fluent.

Presentations, Product research, Market analysis, Performance team management, Product Development, Product management, Project Management, Big Data, Contracts, CRM, Embedded, IoT, Kanban, Personnel development, Requirements management, Startup, User Interface (UI), C/C++, CodeIgniter, CSS, Customer development , Hardware, HTML, Linux, Personnel administration, PHP, Windows, JavaScript, MySQL, Scrum, Jira, Visual Basic (VB), Python

+ finished more than 40 projects: > 2/3 of them for international customers, > 1/3 of them included a resolution for a wicked problem, > 50% were "hard", i.e. complex or with an innovation content. + created from scratch or improved both software and hardware products, as well as services: > average productivity improvement 3-15 times, > companies ushered into the market's top pack, > lasting results underpin comparative business advantage in the range up to x10 $millions p.a., > solution patterns inspired colleagues in the vertical and across industries, > tangential work deliverables have been awarded multiple times.

Product/service development. Technical management, regular product management setup or systematization. Innovation management. + Product ideation, product research, new product design, product development, product launch, diversification, revitalization. + Enterprise/Web/Mobile solutions, industrial tooling. + KPI development, success metrics research, management system implementation. + Business process improvement, automation, setup. + Complex, wicked, first-time-to-solve problems, no-less-than-the-best solutions.

20 июля

C++ Tech/Team Lead

Киев, Чернигов · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

C/C++ Embedded/Automotive(+Yocto, Linux/Fedora) Computer Vision(OpenCV, etc.), image/video processing, neural networks, even blockchain OpenCL, CUDA tech, Graphics(shaders, OpenGL), sometimes act as Product/Project Management (sometimes means 10+ years)

Algorithms, Assembler, C/C++, Multithreading, OpenCV, Product management, Agile, Boost, Linux, Matlab, OpenCL, Yocto, Machine Learning, Python, CUDA, Git, C, Embedded, Automotive, C++, Gstreamer

Short: delivery of large projects (game engine parts, graphics) for 500+ clients, 8+ years of team management, people coach, CTO/PM for startup projects C/C++ dev continuously last 20 years. R&D, SW development in Automotive/Computer Vision Area For precise info pls check my LinkedIn account.

Embedded/Automotive, Computer Vision, Image/Video processing Sometimes HW development Preferable office + remote

19 июля

UI/UX designer

Киев · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am a UI/UX designer with an experience level of 2 years in this area. For the last year I am working in a design studio and my everyday tasks are as following: - to produce interface designs ranging from wire-frames to high fidelity mock-ups - to describe user stories with acceptance criteria that are consistent with our application, style and guidelines - to develop prototypes quickly and resourcefully that are presented to stakeholders and teammates for feedback and directions - to research UX features and maintain a complete understanding of a product - to create and manage the application's UI and UX Library -t o produce graphic materials of the application roadmap for marketing purposes I've participated in more than 17 projects, both desktop and mobile websites and apps, from large CRM systems for different kind of management to mobile apps like fitness trackers, dial apps, as well as sport games simulators, websites for real estate market, IT startups, eCommerce, task managers etc. I want to grow my team managing skills, as well as find more new interesting projects to design.

User Experience, User Interface, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Wireframes, Prototype, Prototyping, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Product Design, UI/UX, mobile design, Design apps, Component Libraries, Mockup, Responsive Design, Zeplin, Slack, Adobe XD, English

19 июля

solution architect 

Одесса, Киев · $6000 · 9 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

kotlin go Java 8 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Git reactjs nodejs spring cloud Spring Framework JavaScript jQuery MySQL OOP Oracle Maven Spring MVC Spring Boot Hazelcast JPA HTML

Java, MySQL, Spring, Linux, Hibernate, JavaScript, Oracle, Maven, REST API, Micro services, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Kotlin

i have security certificate from ubs bank. previous position was architect and lead dev

19 июля

CTO, Chief Solution Architect, VP R&D, VP of Engineering

Киев · $15000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Deputy CTO Dates Employed: Sep 2018 – Present Employment Duration: 11 mos Location: Kiev Responsibilities: Processes definition and implementation, Architecture design, Application Design, Team Leading, Tech Leading, Requirements Definition, Software Development, Developers technical vitality management, Conflict resolution Achievements: Built operation consisting of 45 engineers, organized communication flows between two offices, established processes in problematic teams, became a part of architectural chapter Architectural approaches: Micro-Service oriented Architecture, Event-Driven Architecture, CQRS Programming Languages: Golang, Javascript, Java Platforms: Linux, MacOS Frameworks: GoKit, React/ReactNative Databases: PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis Search Engines: ElasticSearch Messaging: Kafka, RabbitMQ Caching: NGINX Service Discovery: Linkerd, Istio, Envoy Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes Clouds: AWS CI/CD: Jenkins, Concourse Repositories: Quay, Git Technical Lead/Staff Engineer Dates Employed: Feb 2014 – Aug 2018 Employment Duration: 4 yrs 7m Responsibilities: Architecture design, Application Design, Team Leading, Tech Leading, Pre-Sales, Requirements Definition, Educational Programs Development, Software Development Architectural approaches: Service-oriented Architecture(SoA), Event-Driven Architecture Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, PHP Platforms: Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android Frameworks: Spring, React, Angular, NativeScript, Symfony, Laravel Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Cassandra, Couchbase, Redis Messaging: Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ Caching: NGINX, Apache Traffic Server, Varnish Service Discovery: Consul, Zookeeper, Eureka Containerization: Docker, Docker Swarm, Docker Swarm Mode, Kubernetes Clouds: AWS CI/CD: Jenkins, Ansible, AnsibleTower Repositories: Artifactory, Nexus, Git VP R&D/Architect Dates Employed: Feb 2011 – Dec 2013 Created of multi-server search engine platform Managed team of 7 members.

Solution architecture, Software Architecture, Micro-service architecture, DevOps, Development Cycle, Research and Development, Golang, Java, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Requirement analysis, Continuous Integration, Agile, Scrum, TDD, Design Patterns, OOP, Jenkins, Redis, Git, SVN, ElasticSearch, ELK, HTML5, GraphQL, gRPC, Linux, MacOS, Docker, Kubernetes, Code Review, Oracle, Engineering management, AWS, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Zookeeper, Consul, TeamCity, Event Driven Architecture, PHP, Highload

Created multiple operations from scratch, sizing from 10 to 45 members. Created complex micro-service architectures. Led complex projects that changed the industry Established processes and SRE/DevOps culture

I'm looking for VP/C level position that could challenge my skills. Most interesting is a building a new engineering operation from the ground, however changing the existing company is also interesting. I can provide expertise in most of technical domains and where my expertise is not enough I can provide people who have a better one.

19 июля

Senior / Lead QA 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2500 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Experience: 5+ years of QA in globally distributed teams across multiple platforms. For the past 2 years I've been working at New York based financial startup. - Online SaaS platform in CI/CD process with complex solutions for billing, payments, CRM, cloud storage, automatic email notifications, available via any kind of devices - Coordinating and planning test activities within team - Business analysis, managing product requirements - Designing test documentation, administering project in TestRail, reviewing automated and manual Test Cases - Performing tests, reporting and tracking defects - Managing tasks in JIRA, grooming and refining backlog - Scrum events, communicating actively with PO and other stakeholders - Interviewing QA team candidates, mentoring other QA engineers, sharing knowledge within the team Skills: Excellent communication, ability to lead and take responsibility, strong attention to details, analytical and decision-making skills, QA best practices and quality guidelines, all types of testing; understanding of GIT, REST API, databases, test automation

Jira, TestRail, REST API, Jenkins, Docker, VirtualBox, Functional testing, Regression Testing, UI/UX testing, cross platform testing, Mobile application testing, Test Automation, Scrum, Agile, Ruby, React, CI/CD, AWS, Git, Test Design, Requirements analysis/clarification, Test Documentation, Business Analysis

Improved user experience for more than 10 projects by eliminating defects on early stages. Assisted in onboarding new QA team members and mentored them successfully. Assisted in release of the SaaS platform, and Windows application at my current project. Covered up to 90% of the product functionality with Test Cases.

- Opportunity to drive the delivery of high quality product - Growth opportunities

18 июля


Киев · $8000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Skills: - Web Development - Architecture Design - CI/CD integration - Leading and Motivating people - Facilitation of conflicts and holywars - Line management - Understanding Business and Client needs and values - Providing visibility of process. - Experience with highload/highperformance apps - Recruitment (tech interviews)

Ansible, Behat, docker, Elastic Search, Kahlan, Memcached, MVC, Nginx, Phalcon, PHP, PHPUnit, Redis, Regular Expressions, REST API, Symfony, TDD, VIM, Yii, Algorithms, BDD, Benstalk, Highload, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, Patterns, PostgreSQL, Selenium, Gearman, JavaScript, jQuery, RabbitMQ, Semantic Technologies, Vertica DB, C#, C/C++, Python, Assembler

- Настраивал процессы разработки с нуля в ограниченных ресурсах, балансируя между маленьким бюджетом, требованиям бизнеса, стоимостью разработки, комфортом разработчиков и девопсов. - Вырастил много мидлов из джунов - Вырастил Тех Лидов из разработчиков - Сформировал дочернюю команду - Разработал архитектуру полного CI/CD процесса (после ревью, происходит тестирование, создание динамического тестового окружения, автоматический деплой на это окружение, передвижение задачи в статус "готово к тестированию" после автодеплоя, удаление тестового окружения по статусу задачи "закрыта") - Участвовал в процессе найма, разработки и проверки тех задания - Разработал общую и индивидуальную схему Personal Development Plan на длительный период для разработчиков и тех лидов. - Разработал схему развертывания группы проектов как единое целое, а также создал схему развертывания которая работает локально, на тестовом окружении и проде. - участвовал в разработке двухуровневой архитектуры модульного фреймворка/платформы для создания новых и перевода старых проектов, что сокращает расходы на разработку и поддержку. - разработал систему интеграции магазина одновременно с многими платежными агрегаторами как avangate, payproglobal, stripe, paypal, etc. - разработал систему партнерской программы, для одновременной работы с несколькими сетями как Hasoffers & CJ. Участвовал в проектировании/интегрировании/поддержке таких процессов как: - TDD/BDD, - В контексте интеграции тестов, за год в неспешном режиме, без значительных потерь по времени покрыли все проекты на 70% тестами с нуля. - миграция из kanban на scrum, - создание и поддержка локального окружения, которое имитирует структуру продакшн серверов - наступал на грабли, знаю как делать не нужно. - контрибьютил в опенсорс проекты - пишу блог - изучаю различные языки

Не хочу заниматься с устаревшими технологиями. В принципе не имеет разницы с чем работать, главное в этом всем - стоимость разработки, поддеркжи и минимальное количество боли разработчиков при работе с этим. Было бы неплохо поработать с проектами на Go Но пока сталкивался с ними чисто ради очень маленьких однозадачных сервисов для очень высоконагруженных систем. Не хочу заниматься проектами, основанными на коробочных "быстрых" решениях, такие как magento, wordpress и любые другие подобные cms, cmf и т.д. Т.к. в конечном счете придется это переписывать и это будет очень дорого и больно.

17 июля

Product Owner/Business Analyst

Киев, Amsterdam, USA, EU, Canada, London, Berlin · $4500 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

8+ years with many projects (finance, retail, customer service domains), experience with solution architecture design for complex enterprise projects (with successful go live), SCRUM, team management. Looking to challenging tasks, professional development and great team)

Business Analysis, REST API, SDLC, English, Requirements management, Scrum, Agile, BPMN, SQL, Confluence, Product management

Helped many businesses to optimize their processes or automate parts of their business. Gathered and trained strong BA team

Enterprise level customers, development of new product or interesting project, mature team, decent compensation package.

17 июля

Middle PHP Developer (Laravel)

Киев · $2000 · 2,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Працюю бекенд розробником більше 2 років. Розробляв модульну CMS на Laravel, виконуючи функції Team Lead/Architect. Чудово орієнтуюся у Laravel (queues, jobs, broadcasting etc.), маю досвід створення real-time chat на web sockets. Використовую TDD. Маю досвід налаштування LAMP, створення дроплетів на Digital Ocean. Також маю досвід роботи з Docker та Circle CI. Моя ключова перевага - вміння підбирати архітектурані рішення, ґрунтуючись на потребах бізнесу, а не на тому, що "технологія класна, давайте на ній писати" чи "давайте зробимо рефакотринг, щоб код був крутіший/ідеальний". Я обираю оптимальні для проекту рішення з погляду дохідності та вигоди як для компанії, так і для клієнта. Наразі працюю як Middle Laravel Developer, поєднуючи функції Team Lead. Бажаю і надалі розвиватися у цьому напрямку. Відповідальність мене не лякає, а лише стимулює на ефективнішу роботу. Дуже швидко навчаюся та швидко працюю.

PHP, Git, Laravel, Linux, OOP, MVC, MySQL, Docker/Docker Compose, CI/CD, Test driven development , LAMP, Jira, Trello, WordPress

Швидко та продуктивно навчаюся: - не відвідував жодних курсів з програмування, вчив самотушки; - зайняв 3 місце на Всеукраїнській олімпіаді з англійської мови у 2011 році, знову таки, без жодних курсів\репетиторів; - навчився грати на гітарі на високому рівні, писати музику, зібрав гурт; Загалом, якщо є завдання, є віддача від виконання цього завдання - переді мною немає перешкод.

Очікую продуктивну співпрацю: я ефективно працюю над збільшенням доходу компанії, виконуючи проекти максимально ефективно та швидко, що виражається у збільшенні моєї З/П. - Гнучкий графік, можливість працювати з дому час від часу; - Наявність Seniror'а буде плюсом; - Перегляд заробітної плати раз на 3 місяці або частіше (я дуже швидко здобуваю нові навички і хочу використовувати їх на користь компанії за відповідну оплату) - Хочу працювати над різносторонніми проектами, щоб прокачувати свої навички - Організований work-flow або можливість спільно створити такий flow

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