Team Lead / Tech Lead / Software architect / CTO

Киев · $4500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

Опыт менеджмента отделом разработки; внедрение и контроль выполнения KPI; квартальные/годовые планирования; оптимизация процессов; рефакторинг, code reviews; навыки проведения собеседований и набора людей; Хороший бекграунд с опытом 10+ лет в PHP 5/7, MySQL, MariaDB, RabbitMQ. Работа с Linux. Опыт работы в высоконагруженых проектах. GIT workflow, docker. Опыт работы с кластерами. Хорошее понимание процессов виртуализации и непрерывной интеграции

MySQL, PHP, Yii, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, RabbitMQ, Git, MVC, REST API, Docker, Jira, XML, PHP7.2, Highload, Nginx, OOP, AJAX, docker, Design Patterns


Senior PHP Developer

Киев · $5000 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, PHP5, Zend Framework (ZF), Linux, Memcache, Memcached, Redis, Sphinx

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Linux, Memcache, Memcached, MySQL, PHP, PHP5, Redis, Sphinx, Zend Framework (ZF), Symfony, Laravel, MVC, REST API, HTML5, php7, Jira, jQuery, OOP, Bootstrap, Git Flow, AJAX, JSON, Git, XAMPP, PHP5/7, Docker, SOLID, XML, CSS3, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Microservices, Design Patterns, MongoDB, Apache, SQL, Nginx, docker, PHP 7.0+, Postman, SSH


Senior Android (Lead/Architect/CTO)

Киев · $7000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

- Creation of the team from scratch. - Planning and creating a suitable architecture. - Evaluation of the complexity and labor costs. - Tuning and optimization to achieve maximum efficiency and speed. - Mentoring. - Organization and automation of the full development process. - Use of cutting edge technologies and approaches. - Technical and team-leading. Skills: Android core, Java core, OOP/OOD/SOLID, architectural patterns, Kotlin, TDD/BDD, rockstar developer from android:)

Android, Java, kotlin

Много успешных проектов, из них 3-4 с миллионным охватом. Люблю и участвовал во многих интересных стартапах) Полный цикл разработки. Создание/обучение команды. Архитектура. Тестирование.

Могу всё лишь бы было интересно)) Буду топить за технологии и развитие) Нативная разработка(не кросплатформа).


Solutions Architect

Одесса, Киев · $7000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Well, i'm hell of an engineer with over 17 years of professional experience and at the same time I know how to make money. Currently working mostly as technical expert and sales person two in one. I have an experience on making own product startups and I used to work as CTO. Thus have experience in all fields related to IT. I have experience on building and automating process within the company, making hard decisions, managing talents and budgets. At the same time have experience on engineering and building mission critical services and LOB solutions. Have a hands on experience on organizing Solution Life-cycle from idea to production. Long story short.

Sales, Presales, Customer Focus, Solution Design, Solution architecture, Product management, Project Management, Lead, Business Process Management, Engineering management, SaaS, Cloud Architecture, Hybrid Architecture, Azure, Consulting, DevOps, Solution Lifecycle Management, SLM, Company Management

I have many interesting public speeches on edge topics with fresh ideas, It's not like yet another re-tell story, like others do. Just check my youtube channel.

Make money together.


Delivery Manager / Program Manager / Delivery Supervisor / Head of Engineering

Киев · $7500 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I'm 7 years in IT, 4 years leading teams, 3 years managing projects. I participated in various projects, from video streaming to financial markets. Currently I'm Delivery Supervisor of 4 projects with 120 employees with various tech domains (Java, .Net, Mobile, etc) in capital markets. I have a pool of 60 engineers, managing their professional growth, motivation and engagement in company's practices. In 2019 I revolutionized staffing process in 250 ppl organization. Main technical domains: Front-End and hybrid mobile applications. Additional tech domains: Java, .Net. Skills: • Managing client expectations, risks, scope, etc. • Establishing SDLC • Defining quality gates • Establishing trustful relationship • Preventing/Resolving Conflicts, Motivating Teams and Managers • Refining Requirements, Managing Priorities and Time, • Interviewing Candidates • Certified Scrum Master

Angular.io, Angular.js, Cordova, ExtJS, Git, ionic, JavaScript, OOP, Scrum, SOLID, TypeScript, CSS, Gulp, HTML, Project Management, Redux, rxjs, SASS, webpack, CSS3, Design Patterns, SCSS, Bootstrap, HTML5, Grunt, RequireJS

Built trustful relationship with major client stakeholders. Overseeing 4 successful projects with 120+ employees. Successfully established and formed effective Project Team 20+ members (3 scrum teams). Managed it to meet client goals and deadlines and releases application to production on time on buget. Technical achievements: • designed architecture of Hybrid Mobile application (Ionic 3) with offline support • designed 2 successful Front-End Architectures from scratch • designed successful Anguar2 application when ng2 was in beta

I'm looking for managing organizations from 100+ employees to meet company financial goals.


Product manager

Киев · $3500 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

User Research, UX Design, Wireframing & Prototyping, Customer Journey Mapping, Product and Competitors Analysis, Data Analysis, Roadmapping

Like a… Lead, built and facilitated 6 teams in product companies Product Owner, had more 9 years commercial experience Project manager, had more 20 successful project and couple of fail Product manager, designed and launched 7 products and consulted a lot Business analytic, explored clients with a combined turnover of more than $ 2.5B ARR Data analytic, created created department and dashboards with a variety of metrics Engineer, had an amusing extreme programming experience Father,...you know


CTO, Project Manager, Business Analyst,

Киев · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

All technical part of company's business: - Communication with partners, clients, subcontractors. Estimates and costs review. Employee Interviews. - Monitoring, Analytics technical and sale indicators - New technologies and cool things (research, testing, mvp, developing) - Internal workflow: technical and user documentation, task mamagement, monitoring technical workflow, deadlines, costs. - Equipment (servers (frontend, backend, databases, ballancers, Cisco routers), telephony, software) - communications (optical links, internet, PRI, VoIP), Integrating with cell operator's network, - building High load projects (bulk sms (SMPP, internal operator protocols), MMS (MM1/MM7), WAP, Internet projects, Video-streaming) - developing and deploy high load web projects, mobile projects, system integration, SAAS and many many cool other things for last 15 years Soft skills: Positive, very communicative, elegant sense of humor, simple. In everything that surrounds us, you can always find something good. Responsible, honest. Hobbies and interests: Photography, Sales, Google.ads (Adwords), SEO, e-commerce, PPC/CPA/CPC

Apache, Highload, Nginx, OOP/OOD, Product management, Project Management, Agile, FreeBSD, Linux, MySQL, PHP, VoIP, Marketing, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop, Python, PMBOK, Agile / Scrum / Kanban, E-commerce, Google Ads, affiliate marketing, PPC, Team management, Communication, People management, Requirements analysis, People/processes coordination, Risk management

15+ years exp in IT, Telecom (SMS/VAS/MMS/WAP/OTA/etc..), Mobile, Web-services (9+ years CTO) Many projects that goes live, see details in CV

Interesting people, projects and money


Solutions Architect | Engineering Manager

Киев · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Well-organized tech leader with a 12 years track record in Team Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Software Architecture, and Cloud Computing. Made a cloud-native webshop with sales in 152 countries and 70% year to year growth. Technical background comes from Lead Developer roles (Node.js, PHP, SQL, Python), there is an experience in SRE and Cloud Computing (AWS, CI/CD, IaC, Highly Available infrastructure, incident management) and in Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, AB testing, email marketing, affiliate networks)

PHP, MySQL, AWS, Symfony, Scrum, ecommerce, Node.js, CI/CD, Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, Cloud computing, Incident Management, Test Automation Frameworks, Jira, JavaScript, REST API, Python, Stakeholder Management, Engineering management, Mentoring, Jenkins, Serverless, Scalable Web Applications, PHPUnit, Magento, Terraform

Enabled and delivered the business goal of building a cloud-native solution for an existing on-premise e-commerce platform. Migration was done without interruption in sales in 152 countries. Was promoted 4 times to higher position(s) within same company. Introduced tech guilds - an internal community where 40 engineers from 7 different teams drive technology innovation in areas of best engineering practices, test automation, and software architecture. Has shown 20+ demos to customers (C-level management of shopping malls). Prepared 10+ delivery plans for tenders with timeline 1..3 years and total sales value €1..€2M each. Was a point of contact for P1 incidents. Incidents management, solving, and communication to all employee levels. Scaled cloud infrastructure from single region setup to globally available solution with high performance on all continents. Speaker on 7+ conferences and meetups, about PHP, Symfony. Certifications: PHP (Zend), Zend Framework, Symfony, MySQL, AWS Solutions Architect. Lived and worked in Ukraine, Netherlands, UAE.

I'd like to: - Grow tech teams by attracting and retaining new talents - Define technical strategy together with other stakeholders - Lead projects and work on them with other engineers - Improve velocity of tech teams by bringing innovations, fine-tuning development cycle, making sure engineers feel secure, engaged and valued.


Team/Tech Lead, Solution Architect, Senior Software Engineer 

Удаленная работа, Украина · $7000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I'm a technical lead with more than 11 years of experience in web development, 5 years of which I managed teams of 3-7 people. I like Open Source, reading books, writing tech articles and skating, hate laziness and uncontrolled chaos. Have a dog.

Angular 2+, GraphQL, Ionic Framework 2+, JavaScript, Node.js, protractor.js, REST API, Vue.js, Design Patterns, feathersjs, Git, Leadership, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, Scrum, Terraform, webpack, AWS, bash, Docker, Fastlane, Jenkins, Redis, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Leaflet, Swift, GitLab, SOLID/YAGNI/KISS/DRY

- author of Open Source CASL.js (popular ACL library) - pull requests to ionic, ionic-native, cordova plugins, protractor.js - was speaker on JSFest Autumn 2019 - conducted Protractor.js training for customer’s team in Israel - 2 of my past mentored team members currently work on leading positions - successfully released product in environment without QA team (everything was automated and tested by developers) - developed an architecture of several SPA and Node.js APIs, including REST and GraphQL - built Continuous Delivery for ionic app based on fastlane tools and Jenkins - learn a new technical thing quite quickly (e.g., new language, library, framework)

I'm looking for friendly environment with people who want to grow and possibility to create the next state of the art application. I'd like to move into Solution Architect role. Don't consider gambling related projects. Preference to remote positions


Tech Lead | Architect | Software engineer

Киев · $5500 · 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

More than 10 years in software development (mostly in FinTech domain). Lately on Team Lead and Architect positions. In recent years I've been working on cloud based scalable microservices platform which was build from scratches and used for different projects in company. Strong experience with Java stack, Spring framework and reactive stack specifically (Reactor, Spring WebFlux). Worked on payment processing, payment systems integration, user compliance and user management. I have deep knowledge and understanding of blockchain technologies. Also have experience with front end development with React.

Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Agile, Scrum, OOP, Blockchain, GCP, React / Redux, Microservices, Kafka, WebFlux, Reactor, Redis, Bitcoin, Ethereum, REST API, TypeScript

Designed and leaded development of payment processing system for crypto currencies. It was successfully launched in pretty short term and used for different projects like ICO, trading platform. Took a lead over problematic domain for new project before launch. With the team we re-designed existing solution which helped to go live in time.

Looking for new interesting project with professional growth opportunities for a long run. Not necessary on lead position but with challenging tasks. Open to new technologies, would like to work on some ML based project. Focus on back end or possibly full stack positions, not pure front end.

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