Middle PHP Developer

Киев, Житомир · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

C 2018 года занимаюсь разработкой сайтов на CMS Wordpress, также различных плагинов под Wordpress; также занимаюсь разработкой систем на фреймворке Laravel и Symphony; Есть опыт по восстановлению сайтов из веб-архива, настройке работы сайтов на хостинге, настройке CDN для сайтов.

PHP, MySQL, Laravel, WordPress, OOP, JavaScript, Symfony, GIT


Fullstack Software Engineer 

Киев · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I am an experienced full-stack developer with more than ten years of total experience. I'm able to build any project from scratch. I'm able to take care of complete web application development, from conceptualization to deployment, excluding visual design, but including UX considerations. I work thoroughly, reliably, at a great pace. Want to know about my experience (spoiler: it's good) Don't hesitate to share your job with me and I'll share all that sweet info about myself! During this time I have been working with JavaScript (ES6/7), React / Redux, Angular, Typescript, Canvas/WebGL, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, numerous third-party APIs, Ruby and Python, and all other cool stuff. I’ve developed a lot of back-end applications and services using Node.js, also being involved in projects powered by Ruby on Rails, Python (Flask) and .NET have given to me a solid understanding of client-server and server-server processes along with such role as DBA. My key qualities include: - Excellent knowledge of JavaScript - More than ten years in web development - Developed applications with a strong focus on performance and user experience - Delivered tested, reliable products ready for extensive consumption by a diverse user base - Able to deal with challenges of any scale for a project to make it into production - High-quality code with good documentation Also, I had built several projects from scratch, from big enterprise to small startups. I had some quality time mentoring and guiding other developers. Involved in architecture design as well as implementation CI/CD. Involved in building applications for business needs(infrastructure and non-infrastructure), always try to find a solution that will meet business and engineering goals.

User Experience, User Interface, Agile, AJAX, Bootstrap, CI, CSS3, Digital Ocean, ExpressJs, Heroku, HTML5, JavaScript, Jira, jQuery, JS, JSON, Linux, Scrum, telegram bot api, TypeScript, Unit tests, Visual Studio, WebSocket, Zeplin, CSS, Git, Jest, MVC, Node.js, OOP, React.js, SVN, Algorithms, AWS, Jenkins, MongoDB, MySQL, Kendo UI, AntD, Zapier, React, Redux, REST API, ES6+, Docker, NoSQL

- Able to deliver projects on time - Developed web applications with a strong focus on performance and user experience - Designed versatile and polished templates to display data and content beautifully and concisely - Delivered tested, solid products ready for wide consumption by a diverse user base - Able to deal with challenges of any scale for a project to make it into production - Coached and mentored interns and junior developers - Able to quickly take over new technology to get the job done no matter what

Prefer product-based company but open to other proposals as well. Interesting and challenging work. Plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and progress my career. Work in a friendly, truly inclusive team with a family-like feel.


Junior JavaScript developer

Киев, Львов, Одесса · $500 · Intermediate

Don`t have an experience in IT. have made a few training projects in courses. For them i used nativ js, teсhnology like ajax, json, framework angular. i want to evolve as JS- , Node.js developer

JavaScript, HTML5, ES6+, AJAX, Angular, JSON, CSS3

unfortunately I dont have any attainments in IT. Only projects from courses. But i cant attribute them to attainments.

i`m looking for a job related with JS and web development. And expect to get an experience.


Junior Front-end Developer

Киев · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Коммерческого опыта не имею, только саморазвитие. Всегда свои примеры работ выкладываю на Git. О себе: Стрессоустойчив, быстро осваиваю новую информацию, настойчивое желание учиться, способен выполнять работу в срок, опрятный, одинаково эффективно работаю как команде, так и самостоятельно.

HTML/HTML 5, CSS/Less/Sass, Jade/Pug, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Git, Gulp, Photoshop

Успешно пройден курс продвинутого JavaScript. Дата окончания: март 2020.

Для меня самое главное это развитие! Хочу работать в интересных и сложных проектах, ведь чем сложнее задачи, тем быстрее и качественнее учишься.


Senior Front End Engineer 🔥

Киев · $4500 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Professional front-end developer with 5 years of experience and a proven track record in software engineering, comfortable with both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. Able to show both individual progress and resultative team work, committed to meeting deadlines. Driven individual with the ability to adapt to any situation and proven potential for self-development and professional growth of others.

JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6+, React, Redux, Node.js, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JSS, SASS, LESS, webpack, Babel, Storybook, Material-UI, Bootstrap, Gulp, Grunt, Jest, mocha, Chai, npm, Git

• Demonstrated leadership, mentorship, and management skills interviewing candidates, mentoring Engineering Residents, leading internal trainings and student labs across different cities; received outstanding feedback on my leadership, management, and mentorship effort • Handled 5 projects, helped different teams to launch and run their projects • Contributed to Material-UI open source library, participated in 3 hackathons, and successfully completed trainer courses


Junior Front-end Developer

Киев · $700 · 1 год опыта · Beginner/Elementary

I'm a frontend developer with 1 year experience creating outstanding modern fast applications.React, JavaScript, es6, CSS, Bootstrap, Redux, SASS, AJAX, Git A little bit of Node.js. I love my job! I'm very positive person, communicative, team player :)

CSS, HTML, SASS, Bootstrap, ES6+, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Git, React.js, Redux, REST API, Material-UI, Adobe Photoshop, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB

- interesting projects - friendly team - convenient office location - possibility to work sometimes from home I'm also interested in part-time work from office. I don't want a remote work.


Frontend developer

Киев, Киев · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Strong Junior React Developer BSG (6 mounth) - worked in a product development team focused on telecommunication solutions - worked with payment systems and their integration - worked with localisation tasks - implemented solutions for reporting Technology: TypeScript, React, MobX, Styled-Components, React Hooks, Ant-Design, i18n, Axios, Git. Junior React Developer in Fyutura (1,2 year) - developed web tools using cutting-edge technologies - worked with technical documentation - provided estimates for tasks based on customers’ requirements Technology: JavaScript, React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, Axios, Git.

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Redux Thunk, Redux Saga, AJAX, Axios, Git, HTML, CSS, ES06-10, React Hooks, REST API, Jira, AntDesign, Styled Components, i18n

Exact execution of tasks, use different react-libraries and implement them in the project.

I want to proceed and develop more and more in IT sphere, I want to work on new interesting projects. I have a great desire to work and study and implement new techs to create cool and high-quality products. I want to be valuable to the company and help in its development and become part of a big team. I don't want work with Vue and Angular.


Front-End Developer

Киев · $2500 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

React, Redux, Typescript, Html/Html5, css/css3, sass/scss, javascript, jQuerry, bootstrap, gulp, git, ajax, bem, NodeJS, npm, bower, grunt, SailsJS, ExpressJS, VueJS, mysql, webpack, postgress, php, laravel

Bootstrap, CSS3, Git, HTML5, AJAX, Grunt, Gulp, Photoshop, vuejs, JavaScript, ExpressJs, Node.js, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, React, Redux, ES6+, Jira, webpack, Highcharts, SASS

Профессиональный рост

10 февраля

Strong Junior Front-end Developer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $650 · 1 год опыта · Intermediate

1.5-year experience working remotely for a small American startup. During that period I've been developing UI components for internal issue app tracker built on MeteorJS platform using React JS as a view layer and Redux as a state management library. Also, I've been developing Chrome extension app for linting documents in Quip web app, which is used internally by the company.

CSS3, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, React

Less html more js. Modern technologies and tools. Professional growth. Friendly coworkers. Have a strong preference to work remotely.


Junior Node.js JavaScript developer

Киев · $400 · 1 год опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Node.js, JavaScript, Express.js, Git, MongoDB, Mongoose, REST API, OOP, JSON, Unix, HTML/CSS, Angular 2+, Type Script

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