Head of Sale, Senior Digital Advertising Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Ad Tech Team Lead

Киев · $3000 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- Managing ad operations processes in key strategic business functions and rollout of new products/sites; - Fully management traffic sales processes (SSP/DSP sides); - Contracting and operations with SSP/DSP platforms; - Managing Ad operations team to set up/optimize/track performance of ad campaigns according to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO); - Developing business strategies for monetization of web/in-app traffic.

Sales, Business development, CRM, B2B, Communication Skills, Lead generation, Account Management, It sales, Negotiations, Linkedin, Marketing, Team player, Key Account management, Presentation skills, Sales Development, sales pipeline and forecasting, English, International sales, Sales Management, Team management, B2B sales, Project Management, Business Developement, Networking, fluent English, Jira, International Deals, Analytical Skills, Customer relationship management, business negotiations, business development, Strategic Management, Communication skills, marketing, Email Outreach, Teamwork, People motivation

Project (Ad monetization area) launched from scratch and scaled-up to sustainable business for the Tier 1 market; - 9 consecutive months was achieving the highest level of sales, doing about 150-200% of a monthly sales plan, in a sales team of 14 people; - Led Ad operations team (3 people) to set up campaigns correctly, to ensure issues are communicated and troubleshoot in a timely manner.


Head of sales, business development

Киев · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

1) Продажи B2B от интернет порталов: - digital-рекламы - баннерка (CPM, CPC), PR, cпецпроекты; - организация сотрудничества по лидогенерации (СPL, CPA, CPS). Полный цикл от поиска клиента до заключения сделки и запуска РК. Accounting и upsell привлеченных клиентов. 2) Развитие канала продаж "интернет кредитования" в банке. Организация B2B сотрудничества с ТОП интернет-магазинами Украины. 3) Организация B2B сотрудничества с ключевыми клиентами в сфере потребительского кредитования в банке. Управление отделом по работе с ключевыми клиентами. 4) Участие в создании собственной программы потребительского кредитования от торговой сети бытовой техники и электроники. Организация B2B сотрудничества с банками партнерами. Результат – более чем двукратный рост доли кредитных продаж в структуре розничных продаж. Курсы: 1. Public speaking course 2. Digital marketing manager from DMI 3. Еffective negotiations 4. Master of team management 5. КАM Developement 6. Microsoft excel (extended) 7. corporate communications 8. Effective work with client

Sales, Business development, B2B, Communication Skills, English, Lead generation, It sales, Negotiations, Team management, Networking, Team player, Key Account management, Presentation skills, cold colling, Business Strategy

1) Собственный 4-х кратный рост продаж digital-рекламы за 3 года; 2) заключение ряда крупных контрактов с ТОП e-commerce online и offline магазинами (Rozetka, Comfy, Foxtrot, Fotos, Mobilluck, Epicentr и дриугие), которые позволили компании выполнить поставленные бизнес показатели; 3) Запуск собственной программы кредитования от крупной торговой сети бытовой техники и электроники, которая своим успехом, создала новый тренд на рынке потребительского кредитования.

Интересно развитие инновационных технологий, сфера digital-маркетинга. Создание digital стратегий по выводу продуктов на рынок. Продажа интеллектуальных продуктов. Важен положительный имидж компании, профессиональная команда, работающая совместно на достижением поставленной цели.


customer representative

Киев · $800 · 4 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

• As a presales manager, I made cold calls to potential clients to generate leads; As a manager, I kept accurate records of all ongoing and new projects; • I made negotiations with potential customers to convince them to work with our company; • I provided consultations to potential customers for the most suitable booths for their products during exhibitions; • I carried out follow-ups, and ensured receipt of payment prior to the exhibition. I passed on detailed customer descriptions to the architects and constructors; • Check the specifications of the exhibition centers with the organizers; • Track project progress; • Monitoring and ensuring timely completion of the project (booths) and project success.

support to customer , the Customer service, the Microsoft of Office , of CRM, Sales

• Due to the high level of productivity, I was promoted from a preview specialist to a project manager for one year; • I managed to acquire more than 40 clients for my company, who made deposits and worked with us consistently; • I had an extremely high level of customer retention due to my efficiency, good mutual understanding with clients and project management skills; • I managed to convince customers and get deposits from customers; • I received consistent monthly bonuses for outstanding results; • I always ensured timely completion of projects; • I guarantee that all customer requirements and specifications are always followed

Expecting to work for a fast-growing company, that will pave way for both company and employees benefits.


Digital Marketing Manager

Киев или другие города · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Highly efficient and results driven digital marketing professional with extensive experience in diffirent industries across various international contexts (USA, Western Europe, Carribean Islands, APAC). Successfully worked in developing and (or) transition countries and managed cross-cultural/functional teams. AREAS OF EXPERTISE - Digital Marketing - Marketing Management - e-Commerce - Program Management - Project Management - Team Management - Market entry and business growth strategies - New Business Development - Data Analysis DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERTISE: - Facebook Ads (primarily for ecommerce and info businesses) - Sales Funnel automation (based on Facebook Ads and Google Ads traffic sources) - Google Ads, Google Analytics (including Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics) - Generating business leads via LinkedIn Ads - Conversion rate optimization (on Shopify, Landing Pages Builders) - Email marketing (MailChimp, OmniSend, GetResponse) and marketing automation - Influencers Marketing (primarily on Instagram and Pinterest)

Project Management, Product management, Digital marketing, Marketing Strategy, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, PPC, google adwords, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, English, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Google analytics, E-mail marketing, Team management, Marketing

Here is some of my professional achievements: ● As a Digital Marketing Manager launched ecommerce private label brand in 6 months and achieved 20% MoM growth of revenue on Amazon ; ● Set up and automated Facebook Ads Sales funnel (including remarketing and email follow up for abandoned cart recovery) to achieve 3-4x ROAS for ecommerce store in USA; ● Launched Google AdWords campaigns for international customers (APAC region) and achieved 200% ROI within 6 months; ● Created and launched marketing plan in cooperation with Marketing department that led to 200% growth of customer’s base, 180% growth of depositor balances and 150% growth of transactions for rural banking within less than 12 months; ● Developed and launched marketing strategy that propelled growth of Digital Financial Services in Haiti; ● Launched Digital Financial services in less than 6 months from start; ● Won with the team US$2.5M First-to-Market award from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID as part of Haiti Mobile Money Initiative.

Looking for a senior Digital Marketing role that would allow me to help taking the business to the next level with a set of my skills and experiences, while further sharpening my skills as a Digital Marketer. Open for relocation opportunities abroad.


Business Development manager, head of sales

Киев · $2000 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Sales manager - 4 года. Head of sales - 3 года, команда из 15 человек, в трёх странах. Ищу биздев или хед оф сейлз.

Business development, Sales, B2B sales, English

Increased revenue of company in a few times. Brought company to the European market.

16 августа

Head of Sales/Business Development Manager/Director

Киев · $3000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Since 2010 I have been working in various IT companies as a Sales Director/Business Development Director. I have gained experience in e-commerce, marketplace, online auction, social networking, tracking application development, iGaming. a) Understanding ones products and services and how these relate to comparable products and services in terms of price, benefits to customers, short and long term sales potential and profitability. b) Communicating this knowledge to people within the organization and externally so that they can position the products and services relative to available alternatives. c) Support product development, sales, customer service and other business units to achieve overall goals and objectives. d) Strong understanding of software development process, technologies and methodologies; I've an experience working with Senior level business executives and CTO’s in enterprise software development; e) Leading 5 pre-sales engineers, budgeting for the Sales and Marketing Dept.

Business Development, sales, marketing, cold colling, cold emailing, Negotiations, Networking, content management, Linkedin, CRM, Team management, Communication Skills, English, B2B, Pre-sell, Confluence, Account Management, Leadgeneration, It sales, Europe and USA markets, Contract negotiations

minimum bureaucracy

16 августа

Media buyer

Киев · $1500 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

● Purchase Internet traffic for internal products from various networks, sites ● The conclusion of direct transactions with sites and partners, at the most profitable; conditions (that is, a reduction in the incoming price) ● Work with CPI, CPM, CPC, CPA, RevShare, Flate Rate ● Able to work with RTB / DSP ● Creation of creatives/texts/ translations, build tasks to a designer ● Using spy tools ● Stay aware of software industry trends in display advertising space ● Data Analytics ● Creating Affiliate PPC campaigns in Google Adwords ● Able to work with RTB / DSP ● Communication with partners and project teams’ member ● Testing hypotheses/bundles, building sales funnels Achievements ● Successfully launched and run ad campaigns ● Successfully Internet traffic for internal products ● Built successful advertising campaigns from zero ● Successful negotiations with advertisers/affiliate networks

media buyer, Digital marketing, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing

Looking for a company with an international project. The main direction of the project is bourgeois. With a strong and friendly team, striving to grow and develop.

16 августа

Head of sales, Head of Business development

Киев · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

My sales track record is more than 10 years. I am an expert in B2B sales, with a key competence in building effectively managed sales systems. Since 2015th I manage sales teams. Among my personal achievements – signed contracts with the world's largest companies (BAT, Pepsi, etc.), increased revenue by 54% in terms of year to year, built sales departments from scratch.

Sales, Business development, It sales, Communication Skills, Lead generation, International sales, Negotiations, Team management, B2B sales, Europe and USA markets, Presentation skills

Achievements: Year-to-year revenue increased by 54%; Launch of sales department from "0"; Sales process automation.

16 августа

Head of Sales

Киев · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Core skills & capacities: • Stable KPI's outperformance; • Managing a team of 70 FTE; Team building and team development skills; Leadership skills; • Work with key VIP clients: B2C sales; B2B sales; • Development and implementation of new products; • Development of loyalty programs; • Development motivation schemes & career maps; • Presentation skills; • Project management skills; • Negotiation skills; • Trouble shooting skills. I'm looking for a managing position in IT which will allow to use all my skills and capacities in order to maximise company pfofit.

B2B sales, B2C sales, Direct Sales, Full-cycle sales, Internalional sales, Employee Training

IT project implementation (smart research stage of foreign exchange online): - Project team building; - Negotiations with the key stakeholders; - Action as a charterer; - Active cooperation with PMO and vendors; - Smart research stage full implementation; - Cooperation with NBU representatives; - Further transition of the project to IT and other responsible for UI and UX development.

Key expectations: - Interesting projects; - Strong team; - Adequate management; - Fairful compensation.

16 августа

Country manager, CEO, CCO, Head of Sales

Киев · $10000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Experienced manager with a demonstrated history of working in local and global companies mainly with B2B sectors for financial and computer games industries. Strong business development professional skilled in Organizational Management, Negotiation, Marketing Management, Analytical Skills, International Business, Strategy, Account and Sales Management, PR, GR, and Marketing Strategy. A strong communicator with native-speaker level English, public speaking skill (both in front of large crowds and TV crews) and a successful track record of managing teams, organizations and processes both for local and global players. Experience: Bachoo Design Studio - Partner, CCO; 01.19 - present. A C-level position responsible for managing the studio's global sales processes, commercial policy, and the sales team. My functions as a partner also include the studio's growth strategy, corporate structuring, and financial plans development and execution. Room 8 Studio - Business Development Director; 07.18-01.19 A senior managerial role that is meant to develop and structure global sales and account management processes within a young and fast-growing game outsourcing company. Thomson Reuters - Account Director, Ukraine; 02.2014 - 07.2018 A senior managerial role which requires proactive engagement with state companies, largest banks, and financial institutions, understanding core requirements, communicating and showcasing Thomson Reuters services and capabilities in financial and non-financial sectors, working with relevant internal and external stakeholders to develop applicable propositions, and winning business with targeted institutions. In short, the person at this position is Thomson Reuter's ambassador to the region.

Sales, Business development, English, Negotiations, CRM, Account Management, Jira, Team management, Linkedin, Networking, Communication Skills, Negotiation skills, organizational leadership, Business Development Manager, Management, Business Strategy, Startups, Sales Management, Business Growth, Business Planning, international business development

- Room 8 Studio - grew into a completely new industry and delivered the first contract within the first 2 months of being in position; suggested and implemented a new scalable structure for BD Department; hired and trained new BD Associates that started generating their first leads within first month of being on-staff; doubled the number of sales staff and developed BD department development plan (including operational processes, position profiles and motivation system); successfully presented the company at a number of large international conferences (including GamesCom 2018 and XDS 2018). Unfortunately, due to NDA restrictions, I cannot be talking of the actual titles and studios that were successfully engaged. - Thomson Reuters, Ukraine - took over the region in times of raging financial crisis and managed to compensate the lost revenue (95% of revenue generating clients were banks, 50% of which ceased to exist over the course of 2014-2016) by entering new markets; modified global product to meet local market requirements, which allowed to successfully penetrate into agro and oil/gas sectors; successfully operated across the scope of the company's products including IP& Science, Tax&Accounting, Legal and Finance&risks generating over $1mio of new sales both in commercial and government sectors while operating an over $10mio revenue from existent clients; successfully developed the team that doubled in numbers and proficiency in 4 years; engaged in country-wide government and government institutions' programs; was a recognized expert with a number of talks before major audiences.

Looking for a C-level position (General or Business Development Management) in the game, general IT, financial or hi-tech (eg drones production) industries.

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