Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientyst

Киев, Киев, Киев · $1000 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Udata School, October 2018 – February 2019 (Student of education program) I studied at the first block of study in the Udata School. My team and I completed a few projects during the study. We have a project with Prozorro. Based on the data on tender purchases from the company, we produced the project. The project consisted of two parts BI and ML. The main goal of the project is to solve the problem on which company and the customer could earn money. DELTA-M, March 2019 – today (BA & SQL Developer) For the last six months I have been working at DeltaM, a business & data analyst, working on the development and automation of reports on the work of a certain sector in the company. I was involved in the implementation of the CRM system and automatic telephony in the company. I studied the work of the company and based on that I created a technical task for tuning the CRM system and automatic telephony according to the model of the company. Successfully implemented CRM and telephony in the company, which led to increased productivity. I also wrote tickets to the Developer Dept. describing the additional functionality that needed to be developed to improve the system. COBIT-SOLUTION, October 2019 – Today (Data Analyst & Data Scientist) Last month I have been working as a date analyst. My responsibilities include parsing data, data model building and visualization. 2-3 projects are assigned to each employee, the employee is obliged to develop and maintain dashboards, and the correctness of receiving data is also necessary. To get the data, use Python and ZennoPoster, to visualization use Power BI.

Tableau, Math, SQL, Discriminant analysis, Python, numpy, pandas, Data Science, Machine Learning, scikit-learn, Data Analytics, Git, MySQL, Jupyter

At the moment, I am a student of KPI, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Department of Data Analysis, I am one of the best students in my flow of students. Successfully completed a pedagogical training unit at uData School, following a competitive selection, was able to become their student, and for some time to become entangled in this company. When work in DeltaM, I successfully implemented CRM and telephony in the company, which led to increased productivity.

I would like to get experience in the field of data & business analysis, improve my skills in comunication with clients, visualization data, developing sql scripts,designing and constructing models. Take a cool time in a good team.

10 декабря

Junior Front-end Developer

Киев · $400 · Intermediate

По поводу учебных проектов: 1. Pop-up-menu, за основу было взято меню страници поисковой системы, основная идея была в том, чтобы сделать раскрывающийся список с использованием только HTML+CSS. 2. Memory-pair-game, для практики работы с JavaScript и DOM 3. To-do-list, был создан с процессе практики работы с библиотекой Vue.js 4. Demo-page изначально была практикой верстки, потом немного переделывалось и добавился Javascript, так же добавил несколько страница для дополнения общего вида.

JavaScript, Git, HTML, CSS, HTML5, DOM

Сейчас занимаюсь на курсах Kottans

9 декабря

QA engineer

Удаленная работа, Украина · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

QA testing and methodologies. PHP MS SQL Server Linux HTML CSS C#/.NET, C Computer architecture Browser DevTools Git knowledge VirtualBox Agile, Scrum Understanding of software development life cycle Structures and algorithms Strong organization skills and ability to work in team

Manual Testing (QA), MSSQL, VirtualBox, Agile, English, Scrum, C#, C/C++, CSS3, Git, HTML5, Linux, Oracle, PHP, Drupal

Водій категорії B.

Можливість кар'єрного росту, гнучкий графік, привітливий колектив.

9 декабря

Junior Project Manager

Kiev · $450 · Intermediate

I have massive experience in sales and educational projects. I was also leading a team of sales specialists as a team leader. Can build a working process to reach goals with high quality and on time. Also, I believe that a healthy team spirit is a vital part of any job and I always try to create it. I build comfortable and productive relationships with all business partners, keep them in touch with all important information, so - as a result - always have their support and partnership. Among my professional skills, I want to mark the experience of negotiations with different levels of business-partners, developing projects for customers and team members; I am a well-organized and result-oriented person. I am also good at recruitment.

Project Management, Business Analysis

-had built a Field Force team in the previous workplace -created a lot of processes in the Company -had strong product relations with different levels of Company's clients -I am an excellent negotiator -good in team's assessment and motivation

IT is a new direction in my professional life, so in the new workplace, I am going to develop new skills and upgrade existing ones. I want to learn in the right way in a strong professional environment.

7 декабря

Business Analyst

Киев, Одесса · $700 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Разрабатывал и улучшал алгоритмы для более эффективного анализа данных. Финализировал результаты анализа для клиента, показывая ключевые выводы. Хочу больше развиваться в бизнес понимании, для лучшего предоставления продукта клиенту.

Business Analysis, English, Analytical Skills, Accounting, Excel, Data analysis

Участвовал во Всеукраинских олимпиадах по математике; Закончил бакалаврат и магистратуру в University College London; Вместе с Вьетнамской Ассоциацией Студентов в Соединенном Королевстве организовал футбольный турнир для вьетнамских студентов со всех университетов Великобритании; Участвовал в волонтерской программе, где преподавал математику школьникам; Был интерном в банке "Південний";

Надеюсь попасть в дружный коллектив профессионалов, у которых можно учиться. Буду рад поработать с ментором и улучшить свои навыки. Наличие обучающих программ или бонусы на образование - огромный плюс.

7 декабря

Business Analyst

Киев · $800 · Upper Intermediate

Работа в подразделении риск-менеджмента (банки) в качестве аналитика и руководителя подразделения (отдела).

Risk management, banking, Investments, Product Development, Managament, SQL, CSS, HTML

3 декабря

Business Analyst

Киев · $500 · Upper Intermediate

With technical background specialized in technology of constructions gained PhD diploma (2017). Worked at technical high schools for over 5 years. Taught students for 2 years.

Talent acquisition, Interviews, Organizational Development

1 декабря

Junior Project Manager/Business analysts

Киев · $600 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

I am an experienced hardware engineer with more than 2 years of hands-on background in creating systems on crystals and digital signal processing. Also, I have experience in leading a small team of developers. Currently, I'm studying some management courses at university in Sweden and I want to develop my skills in management. I don't have commercial experience working as a Project Manager, but I think I have a good theoretical base to start doing so. Also, I always try to improve my emotional intelligence, which I think is very important in management.

Software Development, Trello, Scrum, Agile, Lean methodology, Requirements Elicitation, Communication, Waterfall, Kanban, SDLC, Risk management, Project Management, Team management, Business Analysis, Business Analytics

1 декабря

Junior Business Analyst/Product Manager

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · Меньше года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Multilingual Junior IT Product Manager/Business Analyst, at my current job I have the following responsibilities: • Eliciting and analysing customer’s product requirements, • Acting as primary liaison, delivering instructions to design and development team, • Documenting product requirements on Confluence, writing user stories, • Creating mockups in Balsamiq and managing UI/UX design team work, • Managing product backlog in Jira, prioritizing it together with development team, • Evaluating product progress and bottlenecks. My strengths are: • Master in Business Administration and Engineering, • Knowledge of 5 languages, • Solid experience in business and technical communication, • Knowledge of Business Analysis techniques, • Understanding of IT technologies, SDLC, Agile and Waterfall methodologies, • Good computer skills (MS Office, Confluence, Jira, Balsamiq, Figma, AutoCAD, HTML, SQL), • Analytical, critical and abstract thinking, • Being naturally curious, and enjoying learning new business domains and technologies.

Business Analysis, English, Requirements analysis, Jira, Scrum, Agile, SQL, Microsoft Office, HTML, SDLC, trello, Business Process, Confluence, Waterfall, Prototyping, French, Polish, Communication With Client, Human Resources, Recruitment, Figma / Sketch, Balsamiq Mockups, User stories, Product management, Prototype, Requirements analysis/clarification

I have both Engineering and Business Administration education. This helps me using soft skills easily and feeling comfortable with learning technical details.

• Working remotely • International clients • Challenging enterprise projects • Using foreign languages on daily basis

26 ноября

Business Analyst

Киев · $1500 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

More then 10 years experience in financial analysis. Working experience as Chief Accountant with full responsibilities for accounting department. 10 months part time working experience as Junior Business Analyst in Ima Consulting Company. Out team created a block-chain platform with the implementation of the Bitcoin system for the Game Industry. Working duties in this project: communication with business users and Product owner business requirements gathering and analysis, building requirement documentation and user stories; prioritization of backlog for iteration with SCRUM team. verification and signing off test cases with QAs verification of implemented user stories on UAT environment.

Business Analysis, Scrum, Microsoft Office, Team management, BPMN, UML, English, Jira, Agile, Use cases, User stories, Requirements analysis

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