HR, People partner

Киев · $1000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

HR-manager in IT English Upper-Intermediate (spoken and written) Formation of internal and external personnel reserve coordination of the full recruitment life cycle newcomers onboarding follow-up and report on the end of Trial period determining of the level of employee satisfaction conducting an exit interviews building the corporate culture development of the strategy for the employee's training candidate's personal data processing working with security departments and vetting companies for some checks working with accounting team and in 1C сonsult employees on company policies Advanced user of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Jira etc.



Киев, EU, Canada · $2000 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

OBJECTIVE: to obtain a position of HRM / HRD / HRBP in IT company (preferably product) SUMMARY: 9+ years of hands-on experience in HR: a full cycle of recruiting (sourcing, interviewing, preboarding / onboarding), assessment, retention, total rewards, HR-branding, internal communications. Experience in developing HR process from scratch. Hiring staff from junior to senior and C-Level positions in different fields, e.g. IT, marketing, legal, pharm, logistic and warehouse. Good understanding of IT labour market - 4 years-experience of hiring IT-staff: Front-end developers (JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue), Back-end developers (Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Yii, Python, Django, Java, C#, .NET, Magento), Android & iOS developers, QA, AQA, UI/UX designers, PMs, ABAP developers, SAP consultants, system administrators, DevOps, Business analysts and so on. I am a manager with strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Human Resources, Onboarding, Employee Relations, adaptation, HR Management, IT Recruitment, X-Ray, Linkedin, Recruiting, Retention, Motivation, Executive Search, Interviews

I can work in fast-changing conditions, find the most suitable solving. I developed and implement HR processes from scratch in a few companies.

I am looking for a full-time job as HRM, HRD or HRBP in IT company, preferably product. I can develop a recruiting procedure from scratch in the company, but I am not ready to work as a recruiter for a long. Other HR functions are more attractive to me, e.g. onboarding, rewards, motivation, engagement, retention. And an essential thing - I am looking for a managers team, who understand why they need an HR Manager in their team. What problems they want to solve with HRM help or which goals a company should gain hiring HRM.


HR, Marketing, Copywriter

Киев, Киев · $500 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

Два роки роботи на посаді архітектора у проектному інституті містобудування (ДП "УКРНДПІЦивільбуд"), напрямок будівництво. Два роки на посаді головного спеціаліста розвитку транспотної інфраструктури КМДА.

Digital marketing, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing, SMM, copywriting

Успішно пройшла курси з копірайтингу, сторітелінгу і контенту для брендів, SMM та PR просування бізнесу з допомогою створення рекламного контенту, а також курс "Copywriting intensive" у Bazilik school. Володію навичками роботи в Word, Exel, AutoCAD, Photoshop.

Відкрита для цікавих проектів, швидко навчаюсь новому. Хочу спробувати себе та свої сили в маркетингу, копірайтингу та HR


HR Lead, HR Manager , HRD, Head of HR

Киев, USA, EU, Canada · $3000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Profound knowledge and hand-on experience with all of the HR topics ( onboarding, performance management, development, retention, compensation&benefits management). Looking for Senior position of HRD (HRM), HR Lead, Head of HR.

Human Resources, HR, Onboarding, Communication Skills, Employee Relations, Retention of the staff, analytical skils, Development methodology, Interviewing, Team Building, Coaching, Team management, Creating job description

As an HR Operations Senior specialist in a large multinational company I have gained solid HR experience in all HR-related spheres. As a C&B expert in a large multinational company I have gained solid budget management skills. As a People partner for up to 10 project I have managed to successfully apply the above mentioned skills to cooperate successfully with international Clients and teams.

Applying all of my skills in one product company to foster its growth and business development with help of HR approaches. Support management with building HR processes. Have the opportunity to cooperate with international colleagues and exchange knowledge.



Киев · $1000 · 3 года опыта · Beginner/Elementary

• Поиск и подбор персонала • Администрирование платежей по рекрутинговому агенству • Адаптация персонала • Мониторинг, анализ рынка труда • Организация тимбилдинга для команд • Ведение кадрового делопроизводства • Администрирование платежей по стаховой, учет застрахованых лиц • Разработка системы материальной, нематериальной мотивации • Администрирование платежей и контроль процесса обучения персонала • Сопровождение процесса выплаты материальной помощи • Закупка велкам паков для новых сотрудников, закупка подарков на день рождение • Учет и выдача подарков сотрудникам • Администрирование запросов на расходование средств, внесение заявок в 1С • Формирование зарплатной ведомости (расчет овертаймов, дежурств) • Контроль изменений по ФОТ и внесение в 1С ЗУП

IT Recruitment, HR, CV Screening, Linkedin, Sourcing, Recruiting



Киев · $1800 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Key Functions and activity: Designing and implementing training program:“Leadership Development Program”; Develop the corporate culture strategy and internal communications; Develop, implement and administrate of the 360 degree leadership assessment ; Conducting facilitation for board members; Conducting coaching session for managers; Manage existing recruiting program; Lead HR team of 2 employees (Agile planing for HR team) Conducting coaching session for managers (Requests- prioritisation, self-development (PDP), team development and motivation, conflict solving, communication, managerial functions, vision, strategy, professional burnout) Develop and implement people strategy, identify and manage HR needs of the Account ; Implement HR policies and procedures on Account (Participation on KPMG audit) ; Implementation of Employee Retention, Attrition Management and Recognition programs ; Provide HR advice on day-to-day basis to the senior managers Activities: Spot interviews with team members on a need basis One-on-Ones TL's to identify specific project initiatives required Detection of personnel employee`s motivation and provide recommendations for RMs on a need basis Handling Attrition: Conducting Exit Interviews and Retention Attrition Analysis and sharing data with Management for actions Work with ERR system Make attrition analysis and forecast Adaptation of newcomers: First Day and Probation Period Support Assimilation Interviews for gaining early feedback Corporate Culture & Internal PR: Employee Engagement & other People Partner Initiatives: Soft Skills & Behavioral Trainings Team buildings organization Anonymous Feedback Surveys

Human Resources, HR, Coaching, Employee Engagement, HR branding, Retention, adaptation, Communication Skills, Onboarding, Problem Solving, Building HR activities

My last projects: 1. Designing and implementing training program:“Leadership Development Program”; 2.Develop, implement and administrate of the 360 degree leadership assessment .

- Have a possibility to make impact: change or improve what is necessary for company growth and team development - Work in dynamic, transparency, creative and supportive environment


Head of Recruitment / HR Generalist / HR & Operations Head

Kyiv (or another in Ukraine) · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

2018 - present HR & Operations Head at the art & dev outsource studio. 2013 - 2018 Executive Search & Performance Management Consultant at the top-tier consulting company (top#2 in Europe). 2008 - 2013 Trainer and Project Manager at All-Ukrainian NGO (volunteer experience).

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, CV Screening, Recruiting, Human Resources, Research, Linkedin, Onboarding, Communication, Interviews, English, Coaching, Business Planing, Organisation skills, HR, Employee Engagement, Agile/Scrum/Kanban

Some of the results on COO position: 1) Decreased turnover of staff and strengthen the team by recruiting new key players (now they’re top performers). 2) Initiated, approved and implemented: − KPI system for Project Managers, − performance appraisal system (for all the employees), − responsibility matrix, − real-time team workload visualization system, − knowledge sharing system and various policies of the studio. 3) Upgraded process methodology (daily scrum-meetings, risk-management system, sprint retrospectives).

I can contribute the maximum value for a business on a managerial position (Head of Recruitment, HRD or COO). My key strengths are process optimization and building outstanding teams.


Head of HR/ HR BP

Киев · $1800 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

- Performance management (goals cascading from the company strategic goals to individual goals, goal-setting, definition of assessment performance criteria, feedback providing) - People management (work with employee engagement, motivation and loyalty, career advising) - Coaching (Develop, coach and support managers on all people related processes and issues) - Retention (Identifying new HR-practices that could be introduced or suggesting modifications to existing practices that could reduce retention risks and increase employees’ motivation) - Organizational development (business processes analysis and optimization, planning and implementation of business processes changes, communication of changes, company HR policies and procedures creation)

Human Resources, Communication, Performance Management, English, Onboarding, Employee risk reduction and retention, Career Development, Employees Rotation, HR Business parrtnering, Communication Skills

Human Resources Manager with over 4 years of demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Talent Management, Personnel Management, Employee Engagement, Management Consulting, Retention and For the last 2 years I'm covering a full scope of HR services for 11 teams (about 100 employees).


Head of HR, HR BP

Киев · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

13 years in HR. True HR business partner. 5 years in IT\telecom industry (tech recruiter => head of recruitment => head of HR for a few countries. 8+ years in one of the biggest multinational company (150 k employees - non IT\telecom) with responsibilities for HR\Admin function for 11 countries(2 legal entities, headcount = 300) - last one experience. HR strategy development and inter nation policies adaptation and implementation. Team management: up to 6; remote team management experience. Generalist expertise with special focus on recruitment, succession planing, C&B (Mercer, Towers Watson). Strategic sessions, developing programs on leadership, 360 feedback. Budgeting and controlling. Thomas DISC certificated professional.

Human Resources

High performer (5 of 8 year - apprising B (exceed obj)). New office opening (across CIS). Succession planing results - 28% of vacancies closed within internal promotion (in 2018). Updated compensation schemes for different types of employees according business needs and strategy Recruitment personal record - new joiners in one month (more than half of them with strong technical background) - in 2007 holding tech recruiter position. Passion to everything I do.

Interesting in growing as international HR Head\BP ideally with interesting products\services for humanity.

13 сентября

HR/Корпоративний психолог

Киев · $1000 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Працювала в міжнародній організаціЇ на посаді Асистента Операційного Директора протягом 3х років, де тісно співпрацювала з HR відділом, організовуючи поіздки, стратегічні сесії, брала участь в процесі відбору персоналу, організовувала корпоративні заходи високого рівня. По закінченню контракту, почала навчатись на спеціалізації Організаційна терапія та консультування в гештальт-підході, здобула навички та інструменти для роботи з командою/організацією. Маю дві вищих освіти - лінгвістика та зовнішня політика. Працюючи в міжнародній організаці, зрозуміла, що найкраще в мене виходить працювати з командою, займаючись їхньою інтеграцією, формуючи людей в єдине ціле, "живий організм", де кожен виконує свою роль, та добре співпрацює з іншим.

Human Resources, Employee Relations, Team Building

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