HR manager

Киев, Киев · $1500 · 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I have more than 15 years of experience in HR Management Head of HR Department of IT Integration company, HR BP of Pharma company, Head of Recruiting . Besides that, I had internships in USA end England, where I worked for different companies and projects and at the same time, studied economy, human resources and business administration. Human Resources, Onboarding, Talent acquisition, People management, learning&development, Team Building, 1:1 meetings, Exit Interview, Employer Branding, English, HR business processes , Automation HR processes, HR policies and procedures

HR Management


Head of HR

Киев · $3000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Over 10 years in HR in different industries including IT. Hands-on and pro-active approach. Experience in: - building of Hr structure from scratch (all processes) - implementation of recruitment process (competency-based interviewing process; -Searching for candidates by using all sources: referrals, networking, internal databases, contact lists and research; - Performance appraisal and MBO, 360 Feedback; Management Survey etc. - Career advising; Development and implementation of training and development programs for managers; - Excellent knowledge of labor and tax law; - C&B: monetary and non-monetary compensation; - Coaching and development.

360 Feedback, Career Advising, Coaching, Communications, Compensation and Benefits, Developent of Employer Brand, HR budgeting, HR policies and procedures, Mangement experience, Performance appriasal, Recruitment (competency based), Strategy development, Talent Development, Team Building, Organization development, budgeting

International IT company


IT Recruiter

Киев · $900 · 1,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- Вміння працювати з пошуковими ресурсами та внутрішньою базою. - Пошук кандидатів під відкриті вакансії. - Досвід роботи з європейським, американським і APAC ринками. - Закриття вакансій різного типу (фінансова та IT сфери) - Full cycle recruitment process

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Research, LinkedIn Search, X-Ray, recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Jira, Interviewing, Interviews, Screening Resumes, CV Screening, English, Linkedin, Talent acquisition, Human Resources, Full Recruitment Process Creation, HR interviews, Boolean Search, HR, Communication Skills, Sourcing, Recruitment


Lead / Senior Technical Recruiter / HR Generalist

Харьков, Киев, Львов, Europe · $1500 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Maybe, the last recruiter profile you`ll ever need. Accelerating Candidate Experience, Amplifying Customer Service, Boosting Employer Branding. I offer: 4+ years of solid recruiting experience: — US- & EU-based startups and big companies; — Full recruiting lifecycle: from initial customer welcome & requirements gathering to the candidate`s onboarding & adaptation process; — Wide tech stack and business domains array: from fintech & entertainment to neurobiological projects; — Tight and proactive cooperation with customer (customer-oriented as hell), direct communication (Account Manager duties); — Collaboration with top-management; — Tons of tools, resources, services, technologies and approaches tested, implemented, improved & created; — Consultancy and Troubleshooting experience: able to spot the bottlenecks of the processes` flow and figure out the best way to optimize & grow (or to stay silent about them); — Team leading and mentoring experience; — Experience in setting up the processess turn-key, creating work instructions & documentation etc.; — Technical background in engineering as a key to the deeper understanding of Customer`s needs and Candidate`s profile. Able to make technical pre-screen and aware of what the Garbage Collector in .NET is. Ability to balance the needs of Business and Candidates` Experience staying both humane & business-profitable. "Strong interpersonal communication skills", as they often tell in JD. I never say something is "bad" but rather offer various options to make it awesome. ...And many other great things may arise. You better do what you love — and do your best, or... ;^)

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Communication, Onboarding, Executive Search, Jira, Employee Relations, Full-cycle recruitment, Communication with foreign customers, Customer service, Service design, Account Management, Negotiations, Mentoring, Public Speaking, Creation of all HR documentation, Processes optimization & setup, Team Building, Recruitment Team Management, Recruitment consulting, headhunting, Research, Conflict Management and Problem Solving, Adaptation and motivation, Sales, Requirements gathering & analysis, Recruiting, X-Ray, Sourcing, Human Resources

— More than 50 months of successful full-stack technical recruiting for Silicon Valley projects, EU-based startups etc.; — Experience in foreign (western) markets recruiting; — Engineering and technical background; — Best closing record in recruiting — 3 hours for a TL position; — Proven Sales/BDM and Account Management experience; — Fluent English (но и по-русски хорошо умею); — Successfuly trained & mentored more than 10 people (from zero to hero) using my own educational program. Students now employed as recruiters in EPAM Kyiv, Microsoft Partners etc.; — Personalised approach: candidates & customers turn into buddies (borders & rules respected though); — Handled all the company`s communication with customers (from sales and recruiting to PM and support); — My LinkedIn "Job" posts gain ~20k views; — Aimed at bringing neural science in working process; — As a person who strives to diversity and changes, participated in a bunch of tasks outside from recruiting (hardware, events, zero-wasting, HR, branding, fun management etc.); — Public speaking experience & passion, volunteering experience in- and outside of IT; — Been to two oceans in one day and got slightly drunk in Harlem ghetto bus with locals; — Got over the burnout and as a phoenix now I`m optimistic and stress-resistant come hell or high water; — I play drums and electric guitar; — I use LinkedIn profile as a CV; — I don’t think of any of the above mentioned achievements as my own as they couldn’t happen without people surrounding me; — I can be less wordy then here or even more — depends on your needs, expectations and outcome. #adaptive

— Opportunities in- and outside of Recruiting; — Challenge; — Close cooperation with Customer & C-Level; — Ability to learn & grow; — No bullshit please (recruiting is similar to sales but NOT sales per se if done the right way). If your brand or project don`t speak for itself you should at least have a desire or be eager to make it (together for sure). — Happy to build & lead a team — it`s time to share but even more to learn; — Open for "troubleshooting" opportunities in relieving your company/department`s pain and/or helping to thrive; — Room for initiative and creativity, public events; — Competitive compensation, possibility to be flexible, mobile, agile etc., stable oxygen inflow. — Product/Startup or small company is a great option. Direct long-term proposition from the Founder is a dream-like. — Routine is good for an adequate timespan, but you can hire "average" people for average tasks. I can help you with this. I need to be inspired about what I do and can`t resist to inspire & light up others around. I adore to see people smiling & laughing — and the smile of an "introverted" person is a greater achievement sometimes. Plants start flowering and accounts growing when you bring love in what you do. p.s. It would be awesome if I`ll be able to get some new tech skills with you as well (some technologies out there I`d like to obtain). Open for any relocation opportunities — it`s not a question of WHERE you do, it`s rather WHAT. Feel free to reach out on any occasions though — I`m open for communication. Thank you for your attention, and good luck!


HR manager

Будь-який, Киев · $1600 · 1,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

1- Leadership and negotiation abilities 2- Excellent oral and written communication skills 3- Ability to multi-task and manage conflicting demand 4- Analytical skills, self-motivated & able to work independently and focus on the result 5- Ability to produce consistently accurate work even whilst under pressure 6- Time management 7- Sourcing skills, knowledge of current trends in social sourcing 8- IT market knowledge 9- Interviewing skills 10- Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with a wide range of people

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Human Resources, Communication, HR, CV Screening, Onboarding, LinkedIn Search, X-Ray, English, Linkedin, Employee Relations, adaptation, Recruiting, Organisation skills, Talent acquisition, Team Building, Screening Resumes, Constructive feedback, Управление персоналом, Full-cycle recruitment, event planning, Happiness manager, Talent Acquistion, Boolean Search, headhunting, HR Management, HR interviews, Screening, People Management, Onboarding and adaptation, Communication Skills, JavaScript, recruitment

1- Hired more than 30 IT specialist starting from January 2019 2- Development and implementation of the recruitment process 3- 5 team buildings 4- learning courses organization for more than 40 employees

18 января

Desired position: HR

Киев · $1300 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

3 years experience in huge international game dev company Working closely with my teams, align the People team’s strategy with company business plan to help achieve strategic and operational goals. Partner with stakeholders to ensure employee and business needs are met, focusing on organizational design, change leadership, and talent management in a rapidly growing company. Recommend, develop, and implement new HR solutions as required to grow the business. Influence business and talent initiatives that support our short and long-term business goals, including driving practices that enable high performance and operational excellence. Provide counsel and guidance on complex employee matters.

Human Resources, adaptation, Jira, HR interviews, Organisation skills, Interviews, HR, Onboarding, Building HR process, Employee Relations, Talent Management, Assessment, IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Interviewing, Communication, CV Screening, Processes, Employer Branding, HR managment

Implementing new OKR system from scratch. Took part in creation succession planning for the team, and further its implementation on the department level.

Has 3 years experience in huge international company with high standards and company culture. I want to contribute to company's success with skills that I already possess. I am as well ready to learn new and explore suggested opportunities in a new and dynamic business environment.

18 января


Киев · $500 · Intermediate

Accountant Oct 2018 - till now AT MT Trade •Reconciliation with customers; •Creating documents (invoices) in "1C"; •Working with online banking; •Making reports and analytics by requests of senior management; •Doing monthly procedures for closing the month Financial Controller Apr 2017 - Sep 2018 Nustay.com •Maintenance of Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR); •Reconciliation with suppliers;•Introduction of primary documents (invoices) in E-conomic; •management of private enterpreneur (reports, declarations, calculation and payment of taxes etc.); •Working with such payment system as Wirecard, Quickpay (Pansopay) (checking availability of chargebacks, making refunds), etc; •Working with online banking; •Making reports and analytics by requests of senior management; •Doing monthly procedures for closing the month.

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Research, Interviewing, CV Screening, HR, Communication, Interviews, Onboarding, recruitment, adaptation, Hiring, Подбор персонала

I want to change the line of business from accounting to what I really like - HR management. I took courses on IT recruitment, next will be HR management courses, and I do not plan to stop there. There is experience in recruiting accountants, assistants, office managers. Several times was a mentor.

18 января

HR assistant / Junior IT Recruiter

Киев · $450 · Меньше года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

CEO Malva Jewelry | 2016-present I create and sell jewelry on foreign online sites. Brand Manager OnCosmetics | 2014-2016  - I came to the position of call center operator and in two years I advanced to the brand manager. - Organized more than 60 training seminars and one international conference for cosmetologists - Picked up junior staff in a new office (administrators, operators, managers) - Conflict management

IT Recruitment, Research, Boolean Search, CV Screening, LinkedIn Search, Onboarding, Interviews, Organisation skills, Jira, X-Ray, adaptation, HR, Communication Skills

HILLEL IT SCHOOL HR and recruiting in IT, (September - December 2019) Laba Кадры решают всё (HR), (August 2019) - Basic IT technical knowledge - Jira, Microsoft Office, Excel/Numbers, Pages - Know how to hire, adapt and motivate employees - I like people, effective listening and hearing skills - Time management skills, analytical thinking - Strong organizational skills - Multitasking

Mentor for the adaptation period, a clear statement of tasks, professional growth, sociable and friendly team :)

18 января

Agile Coach

Киев · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

МОИ КОМПЕТЕНЦИИ: •18-летний опыт работы в сфере HR, Talent&Development, Training&Coaching •Создание и запуск Корпоративного учебного центра. •Разработка и внедрение систем мотивации (BSC, BPM, MBO, KPI). •Построение HR - бренда •Внутренний тренер и коуч по личностному росту и развитию soft skills •Фасилитатор команд, организационных изменений •Agile коуч •Глубокие знания по EQ.

Agile, Coaching, Team management, Teamwork, Communication Skills, Management, facilitation, Human Resources, HR, Training, HR policies and procedures, Agile/Scrum/Kanban

На последнем месте работы занимался Agile трансформацией в рамках всей компании Достижения: •Проведение тренингов по Agile - принципам •Запуск команд •Трекинг команд после обучения для успешного внедрения Agile практик, и формирования индивидуального процесса •Стратегическое планирование и управление изменениями •Коучинг команд и менеджеров проекта •Управление процессами декомпозиции и оценки задач, •Взаимодействие с другим командам и компанией в целом в выстраивании эффективного процесса коммуникаций и взаимодействий с командой. •Внедрение и развитие методик дизайн-мышления в компании; •Фасилитация стратегических, командных, креативных и сессий дизайн-мышления •Обучение сотрудников компании инструментам дизайн-мышления; Запустил 30 команд , численностью от 5 до 9 человек

Компания где есть возможность создавать, помогать командам рости, внедрять изменения.

17 января

IT Recruiter

Киев · $2000 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Hi, colleagues! Thank you for the interest in my profile. I'm an Senior IT-Recruiter with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry(starting from 2013 year). Skilled in Recruiting, Consulting, Executive Search, Sales Management. I have 5 years of experience in full cycle recruitment both in IT outsourcing companies and in the recruitment agency. Also I have experience as a Team Lead of recruitment team. -ascertaining clients needs in recruiting; - determining professional and personal requirements to a candidate; - searching candidates for the open positions, including direct search; - carrying out interviews, testing; - supporting clients and candidates during a trial period; - business development; - resume screening; - conducting telephone interviews; - conducting a database of candidates; - communicate with the hiring manager and technical experts in the company to ensure; -provide information and reports on performance to management team. Tools for search : - linkedin boolen logic; - github; - x-ray; - djinni; - stackoverflow; - Dou; - facebook; - Rabota.ua. Work.ua, hh.ua; - references

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Human Resources, Boolean Search, X-Ray, Talent acquisition, Interviews, HR interviews, Interviewing, Research, Executive Search, Negotiation, Sourcing

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