Product manager 

Kyiv · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

ActiveChat (June 2019 - Dec 2019) Head of Product Growth ActiveChat is a platform for building virtual assistants that sell. It is #1 SaaS product in AppSumo’s history and scored $500K in sales in 2 weeks. As a Head of growth there, I: - Implemented new onboarding flow which increased conversion to paying customers by 40% - Translated business cases and feature requests into tasks (with requirement specification and acceptance criteria), created mockups and wireframes - Analyzed user behavior using event-based tracking tools, surveys and interviews to formulate hypotheses - Validated hypotheses using modeling, assumption and risk mapping, research and tests - Monitored the impact of new features and flows on users' life cycle and SaaS metrics (using Baremetrics & Amplitude) - Managed developers' team for the release of the MVP and subsequent iterations of the platform's v2 - Created documentation for accessing the platform's API - Completed market and competition research, identified beachhead and personas for outreach campaign. RetargetApp, Kyiv (April, 2019 - June 2019) Customer Growth Manager RetargetApp is an app that runs automated ads. As a customer growth manager there, I: - Created outbound and inbound sales funnels and sales deck - Built a semi-automated prospecting flow with lead scoring. Ganor Dominic (2017-2019) London-based e-commerce orienteered fashion brand. As a CCO at Ganor Dominic I: - Implemented e-commerce strategy which increased online sales by 3 times - Closed the deal with Selfridges shopping mall - Made a UX analysis of the previous website and launched a new website on Shopify e-commerce platform. ILF (2012-2017) I also have 5 years of work experience as an attorney at one of Ukraine's leading Law firms - ILF with IT team, was head of International Tax Planning department.

Demand generation, Product management, Business Analysis, Business Growth, Artificial Intelligence, User Flows, Product research, A/B testing, CRM, Preparing user stories for the new features, Creating user flow, UI mockups and wireframes, SaaS, Success Mapping and Metrics Management, Business Developement, Presentation skills, E-commerce, Sales

As a Head of growth at ActiveChat I: - Implemented new onboarding flow which increase conversion of user to paying customers by 40%. - Applied and got into Overkill ventures where I took part in accelerator program and helped company get initial investment. - increased activation rate by developing new UX for interacting with platform’s tools. As a CCO at Ganor Dominic, I: - Implemented e-commerce strategy which increased online sales by 3 times - Implemented new standards of communication for both B2B and B2C clients which resulted in increased Customer Lifetime Value and customer satisfaction. - Negotiated and closed the deal with the Selfridges shopping mall, London (one of the world's most famous luxury wares shopping malls). - Made a UX analysis of the previous website and launched a new website on Shopify e-commerce platform which shortened the average customer's journey. - Introduced Agile practices to project management. Shortened and decentralised the decision making cycle for PR and sales. As an Attorney at ILF (INYURPOLIS Law Firm), I founded international tax planning departments and handled large projects (e.g. Due Diligence and audit of the contract between IBM and one of Ukrainian banks).

I like my job to be challenging. I have a can-do attitude and enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do.


Senior SEO specialist

Kyiv · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Building SEO strategies for clients’ sites SEO audits and analysis Analysis of competitors and market needs Development & appliance of content and link building strategies for sites SEO experiments (A/B testing, etc.) Removal of Google Penguin/Google Panda/Manual sanctions/Yandex “АГС” filter/Affiliate filters Team management Tasks assignment inside the team (as a team lead) On-page SEO Link building Usage of Jira, Trello, local Bitrix CRM Methodologies: Scrum/Agile/Canban

Analytics, SEO, serm, SERP, Keyword Research, link building, Agile, canban, CSS, HTML, Scrum, Jira, English, Research and Analytics, Netpeak spider, Google Analytics, Team management, Similarweb, Screaming frog, Ahrefs, Majestic, Semrush, SMM, A/B testing

Successfull implementation of traffic growth strategies. Team management. Removing search engine filters penalties from websites Verticals experience: E-commerce Mobile apps (spy services) Healthcare Academic writing (essay) Nutra products Gambling (Scandinavian market)


Sales Manager

Dubai, Kyiv, Lviv · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Business development manager 2018 – Present HMY-GROUP, UAE (global supplier of equipment for retail) Designing and implementing a strategic business plan that expands company’s customer base and ensures its strong presence Area Sales Manager. 2018 2GIS online platform, PaaS, Dubai, UAE Business development manager 2017 – 2018 ALLAL GENERAL TRADING LLC, UAE (Racking systems for retail and logistic) Designing and implementing a strategic business plan that expands company’s customer base and ensures its strong presence Regional sales manager 2015 – 2017 MODERN EXPO GROUP, UAE (Professional display equipment for retail) Region sales manager 2014 – 2015 MODERN EXPO GROUP, BALTIC (Professional display equipment for retail) Product manager, retail division 2013 – 2014 MODERN EXPO GROUP, head office (Professional display equipment for retail) Project engineer NCV3, TZ department 2010 – 2013 KROMBERG & SCHUBERT, Lutsk, Ukraine (Electrical harnesses for cars)

Sales, It sales, English, B2B, International sales, Business development, Negotiations, Linkedin, Account Management, Business Developement, Team management, Team player, International Deals, Key Account management, B2C, Project Management, customer support, Sales Manager, Microsoft Office, Business Development Manager

Хочу заниматься Sales и/или Project management в IT компании с интересным продуктом. Не хочу заниматься холодными продажами.


Business Development Director | Sales Director

Kyiv · $3800 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Authentic expert for the advocacy of hi-tech projects and services. 18 years of experience in B2B covers sales management and enablement, sales transformation and product development. I have good practice in coaching teams, managing day-to-day activities, hire and fire people. Based on a deep marketing background and understanding of customer needs I have knowledge in creating an appropriate value proposition and Go-To-Market strategies. A strong technical background allows combining technology with the client’s values to create and provide the newest digital solutions, services, and offers. Recognized by world-class sales management consulting company as a sales management expert. I am certified as a Subject matter expert in several sales areas. Skilled in creating vision, strategy, and roadmaps with linkages to corporate priorities and a drive to action and delivery.

Presentation skills, Product management, Project Management, Technical background, Business Analysis, Team management, Marketing, Sales, B2B, Communication Skills, Negotiations, Account Management, Key Account management, Business Developement, Sales Management, B2B sales, Networking

· My expertise includes the whole cycle of transformation a sales organization from a classic into a digital one · Several times I have been boosting new services and getting over the chasm between an idea and the first client

· An international company · Everyday innovative and out-of-box mindset approach · Business trips and intercommunication


Sales Manager

Kyiv · $750 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

В мои задачи входило: 1) подготовка презентаций, обучение внутренней команды отдела продажи сейлов партнеров с целью дальнейшего продвижения продукта впартнерском канале. 2) коммуникация с менеджерами отдела продаж: помощь в подборенужной спецификации продукта для коммерческих предложений иконтроль продлений купленных ранее лицензий. 3) встречи и онлайн коммуникация с потенциальными и существующимипартнерами.4) коммуникация с вендором (разработчиком продукта). 5) работа в партнерском портале (закрепление сделок, актуализацияданных по партнерам, выписка тестовых лицензий) 6) постановка задач техническим специалистам в т.ч. составление иконтроль выполнения ТЗ по сайту 7) совместное решение задач с отделом

Account Management, Sales, Presentation skills, Negotiations, Key Account management, Business development, B2B sales, CRM

Достижения на предыдущих местах работы: разработка и запуск более 40 digital проектов. В результате сотрудничества у клиента увеличивалось количество конверсий на 50% и более и снижалась стоимость СРА до 30-50%. на последнем месте работы принимала активное участие во внедрении CRM, вносила настройки в функционал и помогала коллегам в ее освоении. Предлагала идеи по улучшению КП и принимала активное участие в корректировках базовых шаблонов коммерческий предложений. рентабельность продажи ПО увеличилась с 16% до 25% валовая прибыль увеличилась на 46% заключение договора с компанией, входящей в список ТОР-50 Forbes Украина.

Хочу развиваться и дальше в сфере маркетинга и продаж на рынке В2В а также получить новые скилы и опыт. Ищу интересную, динамичную работу с возможностью развития и получения нового опыта и навыков в профессиональной и дружной команде!


Business Development Manager

Lviv, EU, Canada, Kyiv, Vinnitsia · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I would like to present my resume for your review and consideration. Currently I’m Business Development manager of POSM department in Modern-Expo Group. With my present employer and team I have consistently exceeded all goals set for me, and am valued for my ability to deal with intractable situations by coming up with solutions that are acceptable to all parties. With more than 3 years’ experience as a Business Development Manager I am adept in user requirements gathering market research and forecasting. Moreover while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set including first-rate strategic planning and project management abilities I excel at: • Developing client proposals and presenting at stakeholder meetings. • Coordinating with other departments to best align company goals and strategies. • Working with product development teams to implement customer feedback. By leveraging product expertise and keen insight to implement strategic sales and marketing solutions, I connecting with key decision makers and quickly building profitable, lasting partnerships that sustain revenue growth. My accomplishments include: • A track record of consistent successful sales, sales management. • Proven ability to deliver predictable and consistent results. • Successfully realizing more than $10M in total annual sales and achieving consistent distinction as one of the nation’s top producers. • Putting together professional teams of people who are all pulling in the same direction. My dedication to creating solid and productive partnerships, along with my steadfast motivation to meet or exceed sales goals, characterizes my career accomplishments. Please go through my profile in order to check full resume. Thank you for your consideration. BR, Vadym

Project Management, Sales, Communication, project planning, English, Business Analysis, time-managment, B2B, International sales, Negotiations, Business development, Linkedin, Team management

- 2017 Singing the company’s biggest long term contract ($5 M) - 2016 opened door to MENA market, that brings now 3m usd per year

- I love to work with big projects, with new technologies, but with not big team (20-30 colleagues) - My expectations from new job are: new people, new knowledge's, new opportunity's, new chances to be useful and bring results...


Руководитель отдела продаж

Zhytomyr, Kyiv · $1500 · 8 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Относительно моего опыта работы: в целом я работаю в сфере продаж уже около 8 лет. Как Руководителю мне приходилось заниматься изучением конкурентной среды, организация и поддержание процессов на проектах/филиалах, оптимизация затрат ,управление и обучением персоналом и комплектацией отделов. Основные из достижений 1. Внедрение новых тренингов для сотрудников, которые позволили повысить эффективность продаж и внедрены на большинстве проектах. 2. Оптимизация скриптов для более эффективной работы сотрудников. 3. Сделал рекорд по коэффициенту продаж микрогруппы за всю историю существования проекта в компании, который до сих пор некто не может побить. 4. Запуск проектов в других городах/площадках

CRM, Project Management, Sales, Account Management, Team Leadership, Холодные продажи, Product management

Внедрение новых тренингов для операторов, которые позволили повысить эффективность продаж и внедрены на большинстве проектах компании. По итогу 3-го месяца работы вывел филиал на продажи в 109% впервые за последний год.

Открыт к предложениям

2 April

Sales Manager

Kyiv · $1500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Sales&Marketing professional with personal experience of active sales as well as construction and management of active sales for more than 10 years. Sales trainer, mentor. Actively interested in psychology, philosophy, sociology, and naturally apply these skills in work. Systemic, progressive with knowledge of sales techniques, and analytical thinking. I have highly developed communicative skills, an experienced negotiator with a talent to "overcome objections" and the gift of persuasion. I know what your client wants! I have a creative, non-standard thinking. I can see "beyond the tunnel". I am constantly developing as an expert in my field, mastering new modern technologies. What skills and professional experience do I have in my case ? *Successful promotion of various products and services in different business areas *Work in multitasking mode, control over almost all business processes of the company *Operating management of the company in the absence of an owner *" building sales teams from scratch, launching branch offices " continuous successful work for more than 5 years in the largest national vendor with a full production cycle - the leader of its segment with a team of 1200 people, and a globally known brand *Development of almost all existing sales channels: telemarketing, digital, retail, B2B, B2D, foreign trade, national and regional DIY networks, distribution *Successful negotiations at the top management level *Top-level consulting, customer service control * experience in managing a team of up to 50 people. *Sale of high quality product, which is 6 times more expensive than market analogues. * Launch and management of the contact center, development of working scripts that implement the strategy of cross sales. *Development of the program of material and non-material motivation of the personnel, development and implementation of KPI, sales funnels.

B2B, B2C, B2D, customer support, Distribution, Leads Generation, Networking, Sales, SMM, team lead, Bitrix, CRM, Marketing, Negotiations, Coaching, Jira, Project Management, Sales Management, Account Management, Team management, Business development, International sales, Pipedrive, Key Account management, B2B sales, Europe and USA markets, Linkedin, English, Team player, International Deals, Lead generation, Communication Skills, It sales, Espanol

For several years the client base from scratch ≥ 3500 regular clients Output of the product to European markets, CIS, export contracts to Africa. Development of national distribution, building profitable partnerships with major corporations B2B.

an international, stable growing company. Opportunity for personal development, training, career growth

2 April

Head of sales. Head of partner managing. Business development.

Bud'-jakij, Kyiv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

CKT” company New direction manager • market research I analyzed the parameters price, guarantee, equipment class, top 20 Ukrainian companies. After analysis, I determined our advantages and differences. Used this information in a sales script • product creation Knowing the equipment that uses the market and its price, I selected the equipment with the highest accuracy and reliability in this price segment, this allowed me to have good arguments in negotiations with clients • website development I prepared the information text and images, how the site should look, it turned out well • negotiations with a partner Built a relationship with our main partner. We worked together to improve the product. I received several new requests from the market and we developed a product for customers and launched several pilot projects for customers. • sales funnel Held a series of negotiations, made first sales and created a sales funnel Kyivstar 08/2017 - 10/2019 Head of multi-channel sales division (New products, Partner channel, Direct sales) New products: • developed motivation • team leading • selected and trained sales team • built the process of interaction inside the company and outside • identified outcome criteria(goal) and the quality of deliverables(how) • manage the result responsible for the income from this direction • product and process development Partner channel: • created a team • project management • determined what to do and how • with the team explored niches and identified the verticals in which we get the result • built partners relationships • created motivation for partners • working on the creation of Place to market • introduced Kan Ban in the launch process of new partners. • I am working on launching a new vertical for the channel • manage the result. Direct sales: • funnel management • deals size • accuracy/win rate • responsible for the result • conceptual selling • coaching

Business development, Communication Skills, Negotiations, CRM, Team management, Business Developement, Product management, Sales Strategy, international business development, Customer relationship management, Kanban, helpdesk, ASUP, DMS, Siebel, Business Development Manager, Coaching, Creative thinking, Business communication, Customer Relations, Direct Sales, B2B sales, Sales Management, Partner relationships, Partner network management, Leadership & Team management

I consider myself to be a systematic and integral person. Being a structural person, I could be having myself presented using 3 key factors. - I am a team integrator, - I develop myself nonstop, - I consider myself to be an ultimate professional in sales management/partnership relation/team development. Teamwork, continuous development and professionalism help me not only to manage the team and results, but also to make sure that it works and helped my company, team, clients, managers and me to make my life integral, balanced and meaningful. I would prefer to work with increase quality of market service products in new tehnology domain. 12+ years in sales, telecom, partnership building, launch new sales, team development 8+ successful managed sales of different products 6+ years of managerial experience. Mostly on head of direct sales department and head of multi-channel sales departments Certified sales and coach by Miller Heiman sales methodology. Profound knowledge sales management, negotiations, leader ship. Managing several teams (up to 15 people in total). Engaging in pre-sales, negotiation, support discussions with Clients. Strong experience in Miller Heiman SalesSystem Strong commercial background. Sales management, building affiliate networks, launch of new products and their sales Hands on experience – DMS, Siebel, Help Desck, BIS, Virtual PBX, CRM, XP. Spoken English - Intermediate. Experience in working with European companies. I'm following trends and keep myself up to date within add market technology to increase the value of my work. I'm good with complex and interesting projects. It allows me being deeply engaged and highly motivated. As a hobby, I'm interested business literature (Richard Branson, Brendon Burchard, Michael Roach), sport (running, swimming, hiking), personal development programs.

2 April

Account Manager

Kyiv · $750 · Upper Intermediate

Последнее место работы- продуктовая IT- компания "Hubber". Работала здесь 3 года и 2 месяца. ( Ноя. 2016- Янв. 2020) на позициях сейлз-менеджера и аккаунт-менеджера. Основные задачи: Продажа продукта. Ведение клиента. Развитие топовых игроков украинского e-commerce ( Rozetka, Allo). Обучение клиента от момента входа на сайт регистрации. Работа с клиентов в CRM-мистеме. Построение стратегии развития клиента через систему Hubber. Обучение новых сотрудников продукту. Работа в команде по методологии Scrum.

customer support, Sales, Account Management, English, It sales, B2B, CRM

Тем, что я получила такие навыки: Умение работать в команде. Проактивность. Прекрасные коммуникативные навыки. Умение слышать и слушать. Умение работать а Agile среде. Общее знание этапов и структуры процесса разработки продукта. Знание техник продаж. Умение конструктивно выстраивать диалог с клиентом при встречах и через телефон.

Это может быть и большой проект и маленькая компания. Желательно- это сфера IT и чтобы это была продуктовая компания. Главное, чтобы была четко и понятно построена система мотивации сотрудников, чтобы была молодая и дружная команда и желательно, чтобы было обучение сотрудников внутри ( нюансы продукта, английский). Важнее всего для меня - это должность Customer success manager или Key Account Manager. Возможно рассмотрение должность Sales Manager.

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