Project Manager

Kyiv · $2300 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Management of technical departments at FMCG and Pharma companies, project work in numerous acquisitions and mergers, Compliance audit and preparation for them, construction of infrastructure, procurement, project and people management. Implementation of the technical part of the takeover projects of software companies.

Project Management, Agile, Team management, Jira, Confluence, Waterfall, Business Analysis, Budget Management, People management, project planning, Product management, Customer Success, customer support

1. The successful huge project of migration from local ERP 1C to corporate ERP SAP in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 2. Speed and smooth acquisitions of companies Beckon, Symphony Commerce and SchoolLoop. I was responsible for the migration of all IT systems, users (training, meetings, etc) and implementing corporate standards. 3. I organized and managed two big office movements (150 persons at 1200 square meters) in Teva Ukraine. It was included building new offices, communication with peoples and internal customers, coordination of different international teams. 4. I managed the migration of the Customer Support Center from Ukraine to Israel.

Prefer a big project in a big company


Project Manager

Kyiv · $2300 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- реализованные проекты в разных юрисдикциях (ЕС, США и др.) с дополнительной прибылью и в сжатые сроки - управление командами с созданием приятной рабочей атмосферы, нацеленной на выполнение проекта - теоретические и практические знания бизнес аналитики - знание нескольких иностранных языков - быстрая интеграция в незнакомой среде - постоянное желание делать эффективнее выполнение задач, применяя современные инструменты

Project Management, Business Analysis, Scrum, Team management, Product management, German / Deutsch, fluent English

очень интересует работа в командах, где возможно динамичное развитие вместе с компанией, и предпочитаю работать с теми, кто ориентированных на результат


Project Manager

Kharkiv, Kyiv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Business Development Manager at DLBK - Group Activities:Oct 2015 - Feb 2017 - Direct sales of company services through various channels; - Business trips to different Eastern-Europe destinations; - Participation in conferences; - Lead Generation; - Account management; - Customer support; ---------------------------------------- Founder and Owner at Noxitum Design Studio Feb 2017 - Sep 2017 Activities: - Designing and building company from scratch; - HR; - Direct sales and PR; - Strategic Planning; - Team management - Project management - Marketing; Tech team members: 3 Sales team: 2 Projects Delivered: 40+ Main sources: Upwork | Guru ------------------------------------------ Business Development Manager at SSA Group Activities:Dec 2017 - Mar 2018 - Direct sales of company services through various channels; - Business trips to different Western-Europe destinations; - Adjusting better marketing; - Customers research; - Account management; - Customer support; - Lead generation team management; --------------------------------------------------- Head of UX\UI Department at SSA Group Activities:Mar 2018 - Present days - Assist in management of all project phases, including strategy, content creation, design, development, and quality assurance for digital projects; - Partner with digital strategy and development leads to produce a technical approach, estimate and timeline for complex digital projects; - Gathering, definition, and documentation of project requirements; - Project management or partnership with project managers to develop, maintain, and manage project work plans and timelines; - Definition and tracking of tasks, dependencies, priorities, and milestones, and management of assigned internal and external resources to completion; - Ensure that team understand their assignments, due dates, priorities, and budget; - Participation in client status meetings and/or presents project plans; - Interfaces with external Brand and IT Managers to facilitate project needs; - Assist in developing best practices for digital processes and tools; - Team management and management of internal relationships; - Direct sales via Linkedin; - Business trips solo or with a team; Tech team members: 5 Sales team: 1

Project Management, Team management, Risk management, Agile, Scrum, Communication, Kanban, People management, Business Analysis, User Experience, Strong communication skills, recruiting employees to outsourcing proj


QA Lead | QA Manager | Agile Coach 

Kyiv · $4500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am a Certified Scrum Master (CSM @Scrum Alliance) with a solid experience in Software development business as Software Quality Assurance engineer (7 years). Experience in mentoring and coaching a dozen of QA engineers. Experience in successful elaboration and integration of internal processes improvements within the company which drove to significant increase of KPIs and motivation of colleagues. I'm convinced that timely detection of professional burn-down is one of the most important skills that true Servant leader has to possess, and I have a positive experience in this area as well. Excellent technical background and familiarity with wide list of technologies and experience of their application.

AGILE/SCRUM, Scrum, knowledge in SCRUM, Jira, Quality Assurance, Manual Testing, Mobile Testing, Agile, Regression Testing, SQL, Continuous Integration, Jenkins, Client-server, API Testing, Web Testing, SDLC, Team management, People motivation, English, german language

Preference to Startups., opportunity to build the team from scratch., opportunity for new skills development and professional growth., relocation opportunity



Kyiv · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

понад 30 років у ІТ понад 15 років Керування проектами ...довірче керування, бизнес-аналітика, бизнес-процеси ...впровадження систем каласу ERP | CRM | SCM ...розробка та впровадження EPM | КСУП (корпоративних систем управління проектами) ...на детальніше? У персональній розмові готовий відповісти на будь-які запитання

Business Analysis, Scrum, Agile, Jira, Use cases, User stories, BPMN, UML, SQL, Confluence, Project Management, Requirements analysis, Requirements management, Waterfall, Analytical Skills, CRM, SDLC, Product management, Microsoft Office, Kanban, User Interface, JSON, Team management, HTML, Prototype, REST API, MS Excel, XML, Regression Testing, Написание документации, test cases, Bugzilla, Problem Solving, Functional testing, Linux, Adobe Photoshop, Requirements Gathering, 1C, Mockups, Testing Documentation, MS SharePoint, WBS, ERP , Business Process Analysis, Analysis and research, Communication With Client, Requirement analysis, Technical Writing, Data-driven decision making, Network Building and ISP, Quality Assurance , B2C, Functional Requirements, LAMP, Investment analysis, emotional intelligence, Interviews, Analytics, Domain-Driven Approach, API Documenting, Python, MS Word, Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring, enterprise sales, MS Visio, trello, IDEF0, User's Guide, budgeting, PMBOK


Project Manager

Kyiv, Chicago, Odesa, Berlin, Munich · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project Management, Jira, Risk management, Product management, SDLC, Scrum, User Experience , CRM, Team management, CSS, Waterfall, Team Leadership, SQL, HTML, English, Sales, JavaScript, IT Project Management, Confluence


Project Manager

Remote work, Russia · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I was the Project Manager at the projects using machine learning and OCR systems. I was the Product owner and managed a bunch of software developers using Agile / Scrum. I am highly skilled in the following list: - Agile Scrum, Agile Kanban - SDLC - Risk Management / Business Analytics - Jira / Confluence documentation / Asana - GitFlow - Release management - Backend/Frontend. Architecture of web-application - AWS - CI / CD - TDD / BDD / BRD - Business Intelligence

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Product management, SDLC, People management, project planning, Kanban, Waterfall, Business Analysis, Team management, English, Risk management, Confluence, Git

I was the Head of Development in one of the biggest software development company in Kyrgyzstan. I managed 20 software developers and lead several projects. My key activities were: - Sales and management: searching customers, negotiations, revealed the needs of clients by phone and in person with small and medium-sized businesses. - Planning strategy for short and long term. - Managing team of developers and remote team of designers - Negotiation with the clients from the USA - Product Owner - Processing project proposals with different regions all around the world


Project Manager / Junior Project Manager

Kyiv, USA, EU, Canada, Kyiv · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Management of the development process of closed-loop marketing presentations, applications and websites for pharmaceutical industry and healthcare system, workload management, securing quality of outcomes, process documentation, negotiation with customers, partners and support teams, certification process management, multiple tasks management, resolution of emerging issues, development process optimization, facilitation transparency in the Team

Project Management, Kanban, Jira, Team management, Risk management, HTML, CSS, SDLC, Confluence, Communication, Trello, Redmine, Microsoft Office, Web Development, Git, Presentation, SVN, Delivery Management, Microsoft Project, QAing all project deliverables, Waterfall, Time management, Google Documents, Delivery management, Resource management, Negotiations with customers and partners, Project coordination and leadership, Clearing roadblocks, Team Building/Training, Product Roadmap, App development, Closed-loop marketing (CLM), Tasks management, Bitrix, Bug Reporting, Quality Control, Requirement prioritization, Process documentation, Customer support, Mind Mapping, Agile, Scrum, CRM&CMS Salesforce, Veeva Vault, Hiring developers, Process optimization, lean, project planning

Experienced a career growth in three months from QA Engineer to Junior Project Manager, then in one year to Project Manager performing the Head of Development functions. Created the team that still exists even though most of us left the company. Together with the development team carried out an important certification for the company in an extremely short time when it turned out that the responsible partner failed us.

As highly organized, meticulous, and strongly desiring to grow, I would be excited to apply my experience and knowledge working on an outstanding Team, following the Great Mission, and contributing to Company’s and Customer’s prosperity Offers for game development except for educational ones are not considered.


Scrum Master

Kyiv · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Managing Agile/Waterfall projects (Web and Mobile) - simultaneously up to 5. Implemented Scrum in IT & non-IT. Teams with 10+ members. PM experience - 3 years. Scrum Master experience - 2 years. Product Owner and Business Analytic experience. Master of Management. Upper-Intermediate/Advanced English. Projects with foreign Stakeholders (Europe and USA) ICAgile Certified Professional.

Communication, Leadership, Microsoft Office, Agile, Tableau, Jira, ROI analysis/Financial analysis, Scrum, Waterfall, Adobe Photoshop, SEO, CSS, HTML, Quality Assurance (QA), Agile Kanban, Project Management, Business Analysis, SDLC, Confluence

In CV by Request.

ICAgile Certified Professional, Scrum Master, who knows how to work autonomously and to make things done, want to develop and grow teams and organizations. Implemented Agile methodology both in IT and non-IT environment.

23 August

Product and Project Management/Creation

Kyiv · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Serial startup creator from scratch. Operational Management, Budgeting and Finance control, Team Assembly, Product Creation/Management (web, mobile), Digital Marketing (AdWords, SEO, SMM), Scrum.

Scrum, Project Management, Jira, Agile, English, Product management, Team management, Business Analysis, SEO, Marketing Strategy, People management, Web Development, Remote team management, Agile Project Management, SDLC, Redmine, Market and competitor research

Creating one of the niche's stiffest competitors from scratch. Product Manager/Owner, Project Manager, Operational Director. Assembling the team; creating/managing/owning several Products; acting COO and acting CMO (including black-hat PPC and SEO). Seven-digit revenue for the first year of marketing functioning

Looking for complex IT projects aimed at foreign markets. Would like to expand my operational management skills as well as apply my versatile expertise in digital marketing.

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