QA Automation Senior\Lead

Kyiv · $4500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Programming languages/Technologies: Java, C#, JavaScript, Typescript, Python, Powershell Software testing frameworks: JUnit, TestNG, REST-assured, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, Selenide, Jasmine, Karma, Mocha, Jest, Protractor, Pytest, Robot Framework, Ashot Software performance testing tools: JMeter, Gatling Databases: Oracle, mySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB Build automation tools: Maven, Ant, Gradle, TFS Continuous integration tools: Jenkins Clouds: Azure, AWS CD: Vagrant, Docker Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MAC Certifications: ISTQB certificates: Foundation level and advance Test Manager level

Git, Jira, Automated Testing, Jenkins, REST API, Selenium, Scrum, SQL, Java, Manual Testing, HTML, Agile, XPath, CSS, Maven, Regression Testing, Postman, Python, JSON, OOP, Linux, JUnit, Docker, IntelliJ IDEA, BDD, English, Page Object Pattern, Black Box testing, GUI testing, Grafana, SoapUI, Mocha, Selenide, Cross-browser testing, Code review, mocha, Performance testing, Angular.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Test managment, Selenoid

Experienced in implementing of the full cycle of automated testing in different types of projects, including strategies analysis, test framework implementation, CI set up and configuration, reduce time for regression tests, integration tests with third party components, bugs root cause analysis.

Not interested in gambling, trading, adult content projects, legacy fintech. Looking for interesting project, new technologies, friendly team, company which cares about quality and not only in delivered software.


Senior Software Engineer (Lead / Architect / CTO)

Kyiv · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Senior Software Engineer with 12+ years of experience in web and software development areas with deep system and architecture background, working in product companies and as freelancer. I am a fast learner, able to quickly understand new projects, sociable, attentive to details.

PHP, MySQL, Git, OOP, Symfony, Docker, Kubernetes, SOLID, GRASP, Yii2, RabbitMQ, Yii, KISS, Redis, Linux, GCP, AWS, RESTful API, REST, MongoDB, Memcached, Memcache, TCP/IP, WebSocket, Golang, Highload, MVC, PHP Storm, Nginx, Communication Skills, HTML, JSON, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node JS

Desire to be a part of a modern team that likes your project and job that they do. Open for new challenges and opportunities.


Python Developer 🔥 

Kyiv · $5000 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Python, Asyncio, Tornado, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Redis, Spark,

asyncio, Celery, PostgreSQL, Python, Redis, Tornado, Django, Flask, NoSQL, ReactJS, RX.js, Unix, Docker, AWS, ‎Kubernetes, GraphQL

Можливість запроваджувати архітектурні і технічні рішення.


CTO, R&D Manager, Tech/Team Lead 

Kyiv, San Francisco · $7000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am CTO with wide experience in managing and growing engineering teams. Having a background of back-end developer in the past, my area of expertise now also includes mobile development, DevOps and product management. Over the last three years, I've established a development team from 1 to 30engineers, that has built several highload products.

AWS, CI, MySQL, PHP, Symfony, Project Management, JavaScript, Python, REST API, Git, PostgreSQL, Agile, Scrum, Docker, Linux, SQL, OOP, Redis, Flask, CI/CD, GitLab CI, Product management, Highload, Nginx, Microservices, Design Patterns, CTO, React, React-native

- Built big engineering team - Launched several products as developer, CTO, product manager

I'm looking for a job in startups/product companies only. Happy to work with motivated team that loves to solve extremely hard challenges.


CTO, VP R&D, VP of Engineering 

Kyiv · $12000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Seasoned professional with over 10 years of managerial experience from Israeli, American and Ukrainian companies. Right now I am working as director of R&D department and I am managing team of R&D and Delivery Managers. I am looking for senior managerial position in Ukraine. Thank you! Best Regards

Algorithms, C++, CI, Gradle, Java, Jira, Leadership, Management, Maven, OOP/OOD, Perl, Python, Scala, Rust

I delivered large scale and high performing distributed systems that is being used by millions of users worldwide. I was the driving force behind a large amount of product features and initiatives that has been used by internal and external customers. I led and managed a development of the product from market analysis, through design, into production, monitoring and support.

Development of professional career. Interesting challenges. Serious and professional work atmosphere in dynamic company.


Project Manager

Kyiv · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

- составление плана проекта; согласование сроков; анализ возможных рисков; - участие в подборе и утверждении проектной команды; разбивка продукта на компоненты и раздача их исполнителям; постановка рабочего процесса в команде (разработка, тестирование, работа с требованиями); - определение приоритетности задач; организация работы команды вокруг требуемой задачи; отслеживание состояния проекта, хода выполнения задач; отслеживание должной приоритетности выполнения задач; отслеживание сроков выполнения задач; - решение всевозможных конфликтных ситуаций внутри команды и в связке заказчик-команда; презентация заказчику готовых решений, демо-версий, прототипов; - интервьюирование новых членов команды. - WEB developer (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, REST API) - Интеграция с CRM, автоматизация работы менеджеров и кастомизация

REST API, MySQL, PHP, HTML, SQL, Решение задач, Web Development, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap, JSON, AJAX, Bitrix, Bitrix24, CRM, XML, Project Management, Kanban, Business Analysis, Google Docs, Adobe Photoshop, Team leading, Meeting Facilitation

- знание предметной области бизнеса, аналитическое мышление; - лидерские качества, опыт работы с людьми; - навыки презентаций и убеждения, умение договариваться и учитывать интересы разных групп людей, способность вежливо и понятно излагать мысли, стрессоустойчивость; - умение выполнять административные задачи и создавать команду; - опыт в разработке и тестировании (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, REST API);

Работа связана с интересным проектом


CEO CTO Project Product Innovation Startup Manager Coach Head of R&D VP of Engineering

Kyiv · $12000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Hello my dear friend, I am happy to see you here. Let me say few sentences about myself to form your understanding how I can be helpful. I have over 15+ years of commercial experience in software development and 8+ years of Managerial experience. I have strong knowledge in solutions design, development, quality assurance, implementation of best engineering engineering practices and methodologies. I have been involved in managerial activities and have substantial experience working as a team leader. I have experience doing direct management and leadership of engineering & R&D teams in different types of organizations (startup, product, outsourcing, outstaffing) and business domains (healthcare, financial, gambling, telecommunication and electronic). I have experience bringing up the product development process from POC and MVP to scaled up product level as well as provide software development process as a service. I am Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and diplomed of Project Management Institute (PMI). As a passionate professional practitioner of Agile, I have theoretical knowledge and practice experience of implementation Agile practices such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, SAFe. I have degree in electronics technology which help me to have a perfect system thinking to understand large and complex system as well as understand in deep each element of such system. I would love to be helpful to implement exciting cutting edge idea.

Agile, Scrum, Jira, Kanban, Team management, Project Management, Risk management, SAFe, Product management, marketing analysis, Quality Assurance, English, trello, Business Analysis, Software development life cycle, Web Development, SDLC, Risk Assessment, Waterfall, Confluence, Git, Communication, Research and Development, Solution Design, Integrations, Improvements, Building the team from scratch, DevOps, Problem Solving, technical documentation, SOA, TDD, BDD, IoT, Big Data, BigData, Microservices, Virtualization, WEB Solutions, CI/CD

In recent 3 years Successfully led complex solution in eHealth with low budget, junior/middle developer level Scale up engineering team from 5 to 40 people without lack of performance Transformed departments interaction, company structure, defince area of responsibilities. Managed portfolio, projects and products Coached teams, c-level, investors, clients Developed technical, product and resource strategy based on risks Different business domains and technologies stack Distributed team as well as on site teams

I am problem solving person. You have to know the problem or have to have your wish to find it. And I will help you. Examples: "I want launch new product within budget of $50k" "I think I spend too much money for the team. I want reduce expenses on half" "It is needed to launch solution of 4 products" "We need to build/optimize a team" "It is needed to implement Agile here" Creating, reviewing, improving business/technical strategy and implementation Planning team structure, delivery plan, vision, roadmap, budget Building a team from the scratch Building a product from the scratch Building a project from the scratch Motivation and goals set up for the team members Nice to have something from below list: Complex solution Decision-Making Problem Solving Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, SAFe TDD, BDD Top level of qualty assurance High Load Solutions Cutting edge technologies Machine Learning Solutions IoT Solutions VR Solutions AI Solutions Blockchain Solutions Big Data Solutions Microservices Virtualization Web Solutions Mobile Solutions (Android, iOS) CI/CD Solutions Saas PaaS DaaS FaaS Any kind of relationship available. Lets discuss it and find the best.


CEO, Account Management, Business Development Manager

Mykolaiv, Kyiv, Odesa, USA, EU · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Experience : CEO and co-founder of web development studio 8+ years with more than 70 employees. Created company from 0. Сompany done more than 300 projects includes : websites, web applications and CRM systems , casino , forex , e-commerce sites , mobile dev. , e-payments products, blockchain e.t.c i Have a professioanl team ( CTO, HR , Head of Marketing, Head of sales.... ) Strong business development professional skilled in Organizational Management, Negotiation, Marketing Management, Analytical Skills, International Business, Strategy, Account and Sales Management, PR, GR, and Marketing Strategy. My passion is to invent and bring new products, researching of user's needs and make their problems to be solved. I have an experience in project management, user experience and product design.

Project Management, Business Process Management, Team Leadership, Product management

My main activities and strong sides are the following: - Project Management (management of customer expectations, control of task execution and the time of their implementation, team processes optimization); - Team management (setting goals and tasks for the team and following them up, checking results of the tasks, holding 1-to-1 meetings with team members, establishing team motivation); - Backlog management (creating stories for backlog, estimating stories with dev-team, setting priorities); - Project planning (planning sprints, demo with customers, retrospective); - Communication with customers and business owners (organization and holding meetings with customers, updating the scope of work, presenting results of work performed for a sprint/iteration/cycle); - Risk and time management on the projects; - Plan and schedule project timelines and milestones, track the deliverables; - Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project; - Prioritization of tasks, projects, and all important issues related to the product or service; Personal skills : - I have the ability to take action when necessary, perfectly controlling emotions; - Easy to get in touch with employees, I cause trust and I understand who can be trusted; - Able to take the risk; - I organized in my approach to solving problems within the business; - Exceptional analytical and organizational skills with a understanding economic part of projects; - Realistic Optimism :)


PM/BA/QA Lead 

Kyiv · $3500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Business analysis Task management Team communication and management Manual black-box and grey-box testing of desktop client-server applications Mobile apps testing and debugging

client-server applications; Mobile apps testing and debugging;, Manual black-box and grey-box testing of desktop, Business analysis; Task management; Team communication and management; , Quality Assurance (QA), client-server applications; Mobile apps testing and debugging;

QA Coach, Dev Challenge Judge

Профессиональный рост. Неформальная обстановка. Возможность удаленной работы. Интересный проект.


Software Engineer/Team Lead 

Kyiv · $6000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

During my career, I've worked with a different stack, but last ~3 years, I'm mostly working with: - TypeScript; - React; - TypeScript, JavaScript; - React, AngularJs, Knockout; - HTML5, Jade, Smarty2, JSP, Swig; - CSSModules, Stylable, Sass, Less, Stylus; - REST, GraphQL; - Jest, Jasmine, ava, sinon, mocha, karma; - svg, d3(a little bit); - grunt, gulp; - webpack, rollup; - git; Experimenting with - Node.js, Express.js - ReactNative; - MongoDB;

HTML, Angular.js, CSS3, Grunt, HTML5, JavaScript, LESS, React, SASS, Stylus, webpack, REST API, Git, SVG, JSP, Node.js, ReactNative, MongoDB, TypeScript, Redux, rxjs, NodeJS

My background includes: Technical leading of small teams; Starting projects from scratch(MVP and POC); Conducting technical interviews; Mentoring junior/middle developers, newcomers, and students in labs;

Hi there! I'm looking for Senior, Team/Tech Lead position, 1-time project, etc.. I can lead a team, write a project from scratch, creating POC. Looking mostly for a product, do not interested in outsourcing/outstaffing. Would be nice: - flexible working hours; - unpaid extra vacation days; - work out of office;

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