IT Recruiter

Remote work, Ukraine · $250 · Intermediate

Concept skills: • Time management • Strong communication skills • Teamwork • Conducting Tender • Sourcing skills, knowledge of current trends in social sourcing • IT market knowledge • Interviewing skills • Responsibility Education: Kiev National Linguistic University, Kiev 2008 — 2013 Faculty of "Romance Languages Philologist of Spanish and Foreign Literature" Languages: - English B2 - Spanish B2 - Russian-native - Ukrainian-native Experience: • Political party « The Civic Position » Head of the department for work with commissions November 2018 - September 2019 - I have experience in election campaigns for Presidential and Parliamentary companies; - organizing and conducting various events and trainings; - analysis of indicators of current activity; - reporting; - preparation of reference and information materials; - control of the implementation of the orders of the Central Staff at the regional level. • LLC “StudyWell” Kiev, “StudywellUkraine” Executive Assistant to CEO November 2017 - October 2018 - Providing administrative assistance to CEO, scheduling and coordinating meetings, interviews, appointments, events and other similar activities, taking minutes in meetings where required, setting follow-up tasks to the team and controlling their implementation. Completing a broad variety of administrative tasks that include but not limited to completing expense reports, agendas and compiling documents for meetings; - сommunicating with the general staff on the CEO's behalf and coordinating logistics with high-level meetings both internally and externally, communicating directly and on behalf of the CEO, representing the President in designated meetings as required;etc.

IT Recruitment, Research, Boolean Search, X-Ray, Linkedin, LinkedIn Search, Communication, English, Human Resources, Sourcing, headhunting, Executive Search


HR, Recruter, Resource manager

Kyiv · $2500 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Responsibilities: • development and implementation of HR strategy; • HR budgeting and administration; • onboarding, adaptation, rotations, retention; • corporate culture and HR brand development; • internal communication (english: written, verbal), communication with foreign Сlients; • analytics and reporting. Managed Team of 10 people.

English, HR, Recruiting, Resourcing Strategies, risks, Strategy development, career, mentoring

Not applicable for companies with gambling, casino. I’ll not consider company with office located on the Left bank of Kyiv. Thanks.



Kyiv · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

15+ лет опыта работы в IT компаниях (продуктовая, аутсорс, аутстаф, mix model) Создание и реализация HR стратегии; Создание с "0" и управление HR проектами/программами и процессами под бизнес-запрос; Организационное развитие; HR аналитика, прогнозирование, HR бизнес-метрики; Управление трансформационными изменениями компании; Оценка идей/проектов/программ с точки зрения HR плюсы, минусы/риски; Умение самостоятельно "работать руками", так и вдохновлять команду; Управление эффективностью и талантами.

Annual appraisals, Compensation & Benefits, HR budget, HR policies, HR strategy, Management experience, motivation and retention, Personnel management, Recruiting, Retention, Talent acquisition, Team Building, Employer branding

- Established and developed all major HR functions in the company from scratch.Transforming start-ups into the companies with well-structured business-processes (focus areas included, but were not limited to HR areas). - Reduction of the HR budget,staff turnover. - Development and implementation of the culture based on coaching and feedback; - Development Individual Plans based on OKR system, identify HiPo employees; - Strategic planning and business development activities in several locations in Ukraine and abroad. I am good business leader and performance oriented, accepting responsibility for helping an organization's workforce contribute directly to the overall financial performance of the enterprise. I like modern HR technologies and approaches, international practices.


Senior IT Recruiter / Recruitment Team Lead

Kyiv · $1800 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Team Lead / Senior IT Recruiter Responsibilities: • Managing recruitment and process in the company; • Headhunting TOP positions; • Tracking of recruiting metrics (ERcR - external recruitment rate, CPH -cost per hire, TTA - time to accept, ect.); • Definition the most efficient and appropriate recruiting channels and methods; • Creation and optimization of the budget for recruiting; • Coordinate with department managers to forecast future hiring needs; • Creation of standards in the selection department (for example, message templates of 1st, 2nd, 3rd messages, search map, marketing map, scorecards, question sheet on the STAR system); • Definition KPIs, OKRs; • Creating training manuals for recruiters; • Advise hiring managers on interviewing techniques; • Participance in company employer branding (partnership in a conference, internal branding etc.).

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, HR, Recruiting, Research, English, Communication, CV Screening, Sourcing, headhunting, Interviewing, Onboarding, X-Ray, Executive Search, Team Building, Negotiating, Screening Resumes, event management, Boolean Search, Interviews, Coaching, Screening, Microsoft Office, talent management, Linkedin, adaptation, recruitment, Talent acquisition, Angellist, Creating policies, Developing Report for HrDepartment, recruitem, People/Talent Partner, Adaptation, HR strategy, Отбор кандидатов по компетенциям, Communication Skills, Teamwork, Adaptation and motivation, HR Management, Talent Management


IT Recruiter, HR assistant

Kyiv · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Human Resources Recruiter Product company. 0.5 year Project work. Development a hiring flow of candidates different levels and positions: - Chief Marketing Officer; - Junior, Middle, Senior, Team lead Frontend and Full Stack Developers (ReactJs and NodeJS Stack); - Product UX Designers; - Web / UI Designers; - QA Engineers. Conducting HR interviews with such techniques as: Interviews on metaprograms, interviews on competencies. A full cycle of hiring candidates from analysis and writing vacancies to onboarding of specialists. Help in organizing events for employees. Product company 1.5 year. Human Resources Recruiter Recruitment of IT specialists of different level (Junior/Middle/Senior, Team/Tech Lead, Architect, Manager). Recruitment of PHP Developers, System Engineers/DevOps, Frontend developers, HTML/CSS Coders, Wordpress developers, System Administrators, Technical Marketing Writers, Technical Writers, Integration Engineer/Architect, Project Manager, QA Engineers. Full cycle of recruitment. HR interview(metaprograms, competencies). Monitoring of the labor market and conducting the database of candidates. Interaction with the company executives, communicate with managers and developers, software technical specialists. Preparing weekly reports. MeetUps organization. Formation of company values. Mentoring beginner. Creating website content on a regular basis. Events organization. Human Resources Recruiter IT recrutment agency 1 year and 3 month. Technical Recruitment; Headhunting; Preparation of contracts and other documents; Interviews with the developers; Forming teams for training; Human Resources Manager

IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Communication, Research, CV Screening, Boolean Search, X-Ray, Sourcing, Team Building, Talent acquisition, Teamplayer, time management, Hiring, Onbording, Human Resources Management, event management, Screening, HR interviews, работа с командой, Interviewing, Ability to learn quickly, Employer Branding, adaptation, Onboarding, Employee Engagement, create job descriptions, Learning, Headhanting, Coaching, Executive Search, Communication Skills, Training & Development

I am proud of all my activities and their results.


IT Recruiter

Kyiv, Dnipro · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

- Search for specialists in different positions; - Providing all stages of the recruitment process; - Onboarding, offboarding; - Establishing HR processes from scratch and their improvement; - Creation of questionnaires for employees and analysis of results; - Work with the talent base; - Training new recruiters.

IT Recruiting, Interviews, Recruiting, Research, Screening Resumes, CV Screening, LinkedIn Search, Communication, Human Resources, Agile, Recruiting strategy



Kiev · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have more than 10 years of experience in People Management. I’m a certified Coach & Business Trainer. I have 100+ successful clients cases of HR changes and L&D implementations. Established IT-team and develop mob application. I am ready to fundamentally assist in the organization’s success, by coaching and developing its people. B2B training programs: Author of the program “Self-motivation as a skill” The author of the program "Increasing the level of employee involvement in the face of change" Leading the game "Goal makers" - a game on goal setting. B2C training programs: Co-author of the Course "Leader of Change" The author of the training programs "Conscious Leadership" and "Turn on the leader in your self" Co-author of the course "How to create a career compatible with life" (work-life balance)

interpersonal skills, analytical skills, problem-solving and negotiation skills, resource management, learning management, project coordination, project management, coaching, training and development, team development, facilitation skills, training coordination, adaptin and motivation , написание ТЗ для интернет приложения

Experience: 500 + participants in master classes, training programs, courses. 200 + hours of individual work. Records: Business processes for a new division of the company with a staff of 2,000 employees were created within 2 months only and approved by the general director completely.

My goal is to be involved in the creation and implementation of a career development system for employees in a company that already has such a need. Coming to the company for several months, it is impossible to fully implement all that planned, so it is interesting to work for a long-term perspective.


HR BP, HR manager, Trainer, Coach

Kyiv · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Built HR strategy in alignment with business needs and drive the results. - Supervised and suggested improvements for all HR processes. - Organized a system of effective managers development. - Suggested ways for corporate culture implementation. - Integrated coaching into HR services. - Facilitated strategic and PDP sessions. - Gave consultations about employee relations. - Advised about setting goals and OKRs. - Conducted training courses ("Effective interviewing", "EQ", "People management basics", "Communication skills", "Feedback" etc.)

HR consulting, Strategic Planning, Coaching, ERR, Organizational design, Career Advising, People management, Employer branding, Employee Relations, HR metrics and analysis, Training & Development, Performance Management

- Established coaching service for a managerial staff. - Designed EVP and developed a plan for its implementation. - Implemented basic HR analytics system (ERR, NPS, EER, Turnover, Salary vs Revenue increase, HIPOs etc.) - Adjusted a system of internal communication.

Mutual values: integrity, personal growth, transparency. More strategic, less operational work. Complex analytical challenges. I'm not good sourcer or event manager.

20 February

IT Recruiter

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

4+ years in cross-border recruitment BPO for Fortune 500: Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Work as B2B – acquire talents for corporate clients 30.0000 IT specialists in my DB from the US, EU, Canada, Ukraine Fluent English: conducted f2f 2000 interviews Organize International Seminars / Job Fairs / Relocation Events Networking in IT HUBs, International conferences, topical events, etc. Profiling: MBTI, SDS, Matrix-22, Gallup StrengthsFinder

IT Recruitment, Research, CV Screening, LinkedIn Search, Communication, Boolean Search, Human Resources, English, Linkedin, Interviews, Interviewing skills, Collaboration, Employee Relations, Job Descriptions, Screening Resumes, Interviewing, Sourcing, Organisation skills, Talent acquisition, headhunting, Executive Search, Excellent communication skills, Recruiting, learning&development, organizational skills

- Over 200 placements in the last 4 years - Work as B2B, helping BPO clients to acquire talents across the Globe - 30K of IT specialists in LinkedIn Big Network: 5000 of English+French/German-speaking specialists - Fluent English: more than 50 workshops conducted - Coaching job seekers to get a job that fits their strengths and talents - Profiling: MBTI, SDS, Matrix-22, Gallup StrengthsFinder - I'm resourceful, reliable, responsible, enthusiastic, and customer-centric

20 February

IT Recruiter, HR, HR People Partner

Kyiv · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

I am a recruiter with almost 3 years of experience (1,5 years in IT company). Work with marketing (linkbuilder/SEO, etc) technical and administrative positions. Selecting candidates (prescreening, interviewing); Work closely with managers/TL to understand deeply the roles, write job descriptions; Use various sources like: X-Ray, LinkedIn, Djinni, Telegram, job sites etc.; Conduct and organize interviews with PMs/technical interviewers; Provide feedback to candidates. Taking part on the development of Performance Review, on/off boarding

Recruiting, CV Screening, Human Resources, Jira, BamboHR, Performance review, on/offboarding, Team Building, Research

Продуктовая компания, молодой коллектив, развитие, обучение специалистов. Готова рассмотреть вакансии и рекрутера и HR

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